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Follow Ryan Lampers @sthealthyhunter and his wife, Dr. Hillary Lampers, on the Hunt Harvest Health podcast. With more than 20 years together, they share their life as a modern family living a simpler lifestyle through hunting, backcountry travel, natural medicine, gardening, exercise, and relationships. They also interview people in the hunting, gardening, food, health, and relationship realms. Ryan hunts, Hillary doesn't, but together they have worked to combine their love for healthy food, nature, and fitness.

Health & Fitness
#171: Why and How to Read a Food Label with Ch...
68 min
#170: Simplify Your Life: Dr. Hillary speaks o...
158 min
#169: Part 2 - Your Mule Deer Questions Answer...
46 min
#168: Your Mule Deer Questions Answered with R...
59 min
#167: Be Prepared - Backcountry Medical Essent...
102 min
#166: The Holy Trinity of Flavor and Reaching t...
87 min
#165: Community, Gratitude, and No Cell Phones...
53 min
#164: Western Hunting Summit Family Camp / Com...
117 min
#163: The Limbic System, Metabolic Flexibility...
59 min
#162: F*@! Your Feelings, Top Down, Bottom Up,...
74 min
#161: Western Hunting Summit Mule Deer 2022 Q ...
95 min
#160: Western Hunting Summit Archery Elk 2022 ...
88 min
#159: Getting Real with Dave Brinker from The A...
82 min
#158: Let Gardening Calm Your Busy Mind with Do...
44 min
#157: Gardening 101: Good Pest, Bad Pest with ...
61 min
#156: Gardening 101: Transplant. Water. Fertil...
123 min
#155: Gardening 101: Seeds with Sean McCoy
77 min
#154: Gardening 101: Planning Your Garden with...
69 min
#153: Spring Bear: Ryan's Top Logistics Part 2
31 min
#152: Spring Bear: Ryan's Top Logistics Part 1
32 min
#151: Getting Ready for the Garden with Urban ...
74 min
#150: Change Lives with David Pham- Afghan Fami...
88 min
#149: StHealthy Hunting Stories: Wet Westside...
39 min
#148: Our Corona Holiday
37 min
#147: New Year, New List with Iris Gardener
96 min
#146: The Culture of Sauna- Creating Health th...
111 min
#145: Ryan Survives Giardia - Lessons Learned
Ryan and Dr. Hillary discuss Ryan's recent Giardia experience.
55 min
#144: What's Ryan Eating This Hunting Season?
43 min
#143: Find the Motivation to Reach Your Nutrit...
Dr. Hillary and Ryan have a fun conversation with Kyle Kamp RD.
103 min
#142: The Rabbit Hole: Random Thoughts from th...
88 min
#141: Overwhelmed with Abundance: Fighting Fe...
52 min
#140: What WE (Not Politicians) Do Now Will De...
Vietnam War refugee descendant and career Marine David Pham talks about his role in helping 3 refugee families attain freedom.
85 min
#139: When Your Life Flashes Before Your Eyes ...
108 min
#138: Why Are You So Tired? Iron Deficiency A...
Dr. Hillary Lampers shares her insight and clinical experience with anemia and thyroid dysfunction.
75 min
#137: Living in the Joy of Others Success, 75 H...
Dr. Hillary goes deep into a multitude of current topics and catches up with Bear Taylor.
140 min
#136: Being A Good Person Creates Good Busines...
Dr. Hillary talks building trust, integrity, and mentors in business with The Founder Series creator Heather Kelly.
97 min
#135: The Art of Cooking Wild Foods with Chef ...
Chef Dennis Newman becomes a contributor with Hunt Harvest Health to help us cook wild foods!
79 min
#134: Ryan Answers Your Bear Questions
Dr. Hillary fires off your bear questions and Ryan answers them.
60 min
#133: The Craziest Headache Treatment You've N...
Doc Hillary and Ryan sit down with Ryan and Tanya Avery to hear their own personal stories about how Doc Hillary helped them with their headaches.
85 min
#132: AutoImmunity, Allergies, and Adult Onset ...
Hillary and Ryan talk about some recent decisions around the V word, and Dr. Hillary discusses autoimmunity and allergies with Kristen Eppell of @huntingholistic
115 min
#131: Sunday Night IG Live Q&A #2
Ryan and Dr.Hillary answer your Instagram questions on Instagram live.
69 min
#130: Old Timers and Lessons on Living to the...
Ryan and Dr. Hillary talk with Dr. Michael Gaddini about the aging hunter, what to prepare for as we age, and why it's so important to live life to the fullest.
104 min
#129: Sunday Night IG Live Q and A
Ryan and Dr.Hillary answer your Instagram questions on Instagram live.
95 min
#128: Marriage, Men, and Loving Our Difference...
Dr. Hillary chats with Johnathan West of the Being Husband Podcast.
131 min
#127: The Liver Revolution: The Easier Way to...
Ryan and Dr. Hillary share why they started making their own liver pills, and how to easily do it yourself.
47 min
#126: Hunting Philanthropy with Robby Kroger o...
Dr. Hillary and Robby Kroger of Blood Origins catch up on the many new projects he's been a part of this year.
58 min
#125: The Firefighters Wife: Real Life and Lo...
Dr. Hillary Zooms with Melissa Morgado, wife of a California firefighter.
74 min
#124: 2020 Gear Dump with Ryan and Sly Slyvester
Ryan and James Sylvester discuss what's in their packs for their upcoming Elk Hunt 2020
56 min
#123: StHealthy - Hunting Big Game and Grassho...
Ryan and Doc talk hunting tips, tactics, and a bunch more to help you get ready for the season!
59 min
#122: StHealthy Nutrition CBD: Ryan and Doc An...
Our new product line StHealthy Nutrition has launched and we answer your questions on our CBD products.
62 min
#121: Mentorship is Conservation with Soulful H...
Ryan and Hillary interview Johny Mack of the Soulful Hunter Podcast.
60 min
#120: The Meat Industry, PRIME Act, and More Mu...
Dr. Hillary and Matt Skoglund of North Bridger Bison talk about the current=state of meat and food in COVID times.
71 min
#119: Common Myths about TRT in Men with Dr...
Dr. Hillary talks with Dr. Sam Madeira, male hormone specialist, about testosterone and male health. This is Part 2 of 2.
56 min
#118: Testosterone and TRT with Dr. Sam Madeir...
Dr. Hillary talks with Dr. Sam Madeira, male hormone specialist, about testosterone and male health. This is Part 1 of 2.
100 min
#117: Don't Miss Your Chance with Elk E-Scouti...
Ryan and Hillary interview Mark Livesay of Treeline Academy about his new E-Scouting tool for making your elk hunts more successful .
114 min
#116: Live Wild Hunt Hard with Remi Warren
67 min
#115: Food Friday- Slow Down and Make Sourdoug...
38 min
#114: Under Muscled and Over Fat - Protein fo...
68 min
#113: Get Prepared and Start a Garden NOW with...
77 min
#112: Stress, Fear, and Corona Quarantined
Dr. Hillary dives in to stress, ways in which it affects us, and how to manage it, especially in this time of the Corona Pandemic
66 min
#111: Life is Meant to Be Lived with Dave Beronio
104 min
#110: Immune Health, Nutrient Dense Food, Sup...
47 min
#109: Hunting Mentorship and the Relationships ...
2020 Montana Wild Sheep Show Presentation by Ryan Lampers
68 min
#108: Bridger Bison and Holistic Land Manageme...
105 min
#107: Concussion Rescue and Healing Brain Traum...
107 min
#106: No More Excuses with Bear Taylor - Chang...
103 min
#105: StHealthy Q & A - Hunting Spots, Boiling ...
Dr. Hillary asks Ryan your questions about hunting, travel, and food.
32 min
#104: New Year Q & A: Ryan asks Dr. Hillary Yo...
Ryan and Dr. Hillary answer some questions related to health and other interesting topics.
58 min
#103: Food, Fire, Friends, and a Whole Lot Mor...
This is a fun podcast we did with Corey Piersol, former Sitka employee, now Burch Barrel. It all started when he brought the Barrel to our house and cooked a stellar meal over fire. Cook...
103 min
#102: Horses as a Catalyst for Awareness with T...
This is a really special podcast that you don't want to miss- there are some genuine pearls!!!
98 min
#101: Chronic Pain and the Real Deal of Chirop...
Dr. Hillary Lampers sits down with her colleague, <a href="https://">Dr. Jake Boll from Pursue Wellness Chiropractic</a> and talks about chronic pain and how chiropractic can help.&nbsp; This podcast also shares some of...
66 min
#100. Three Elk, Twelve Days, One Arrow - Ryan...
Go through Ryan's Fall 2019 backcountry hunting season in this podcast. We also share about the Western Hunting Summits for 2020. You can get more information and your discounted tickets at our <a href="https://westernhuntingsumm...
78 min
#99. Food Friday: Backcountry Fuel Box
Today's Food Friday we share some of the goodies from the Backcountry Fuel Box.&nbsp; To get your's go to <a href=""></a><br><br><br></p>
16 min
#98: Facts, Fiction and What You Can Do About ...
Today's podcast features Mitch Baker and Chad Frank- two local Wisconsin hunters who actively work to educate the public about Chronic Wasting Disease and what you can do to help combat it.&nbsp; <br><br>To learn more and to educate yourself about C...
87 min
#97: Hunting, Food, Sugar, and Sex with Lifelo...
Julie Cyr is a lifelong hunter, outdoors woman, and health professional.&nbsp; She wants to share the value that this lifestyle has for knowing where our food comes from.&nbsp; <br><br>To connect with Julie find her <a href="
102 min
#96: FOOD FRIDAY - Eggs, Chickens and the Heal...
Eggs, chickens, and zucchini benefits!
37 min
#95: FOOD FRIDAY- Crazy for Coconut and Making ...
This week's Food Friday is all about the health benefits of coconut and making your own macaroons. This episode and recipe was inspired by listener @desaraestarck">...
20 min
#94: FOOD FRIDAY - Why Hemp Seeds are So Good ...
Welcome to Food Friday. Find this recipe on our website.
16 min
#92: Show Me the $$- DIY New Zealand Public La...
<p>You can find this podcast on <a href="">The Gritty Bowman YouTube channel. </a><br><br>Watch the <a href="">New Zealand DIY TAHR HUNT Episode 1.&nbsp; </a><br><br>...
29 min
#93: The Challenges, Realities, and Rewards of...
You can find this podcast on The Gritty Bowman YouTube channel. Watch the New Zealand DIY TAHR HUNT Episodes
117 min
#91: FOOD FRIDAY is back! How to make Mountain...
Ryan had over 100 requests for this recipe last week when he put this on his IG story.It's short and "sweet", easy to make, and Dr. Hillary drops some nu...
19 min
#90: Lessons Learned from Marrying a Navy Seal,...
Today is Part 2 of Dr. Hillary's interview with Iris Gardner. This podcast talks heavily about the role of women and how it's changed over the years, what it's like being married to a Navy Seal, and finding independence outside of just the fem...
39 min
#89: Food, Farming, and Healing Our Lives Throu...
This is number one of the two part podcast done with guest Iris Gardner.
110 min
#88: Idaho Bears, New Zealand Tahr, and Western...
Join Ryan and Hillary share the last few months of their lives- Bear Hunting, New Zealand Tahr, and the Western Hunting Summit- as well as much more!! <br><br><a href=";t=350s">Watch the Gritty Bowman S...
75 min
#87: Perspectives on Hunting, the Future of Af...
In this podcast Dr. Hillary and Robbie Kroger sit down in the Lampers home and talk about his documentary/storytelling project Blood Origins.&nbsp; They touch on the Why of Hunting, tradition, and the perspectives of hunting in the world.&nbsp; Robb...
74 min
#86: 2019 Gardening Q and A with Ryan and Hillary
59 min
#85: Sleep As Your Best Medicine with Dr. John ...
Today we talk about one of our most important pillars of health- SLEEP-
80 min
#84: Sheep People, Travel, Letting Go, and Livi...
140 min
#83: Catching up with Hunter-Singer-Songwriter ...
<p>Learn more about the <a href="">Western Hunting Summit</a> and win a hunt with StHealthy in 2020.&nbsp; <br><br>Today's podcast features Dave Brinker, friend-hunter-singer-songwriter.&nbsp; We talk about an array o...
76 min
#82: The Western Hunting Summit...Health, Heal...
78 min
#80: Surviving Lyme Disease and The Benefits of...
63 min
#81: The Facts and Falsehoods of Full Spectru...
57 min
#79: The Power of Platelets and Regenerating Jo...
This episode is chalk full of great information on <b>PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma for regeneration of tissues of the body.&nbsp; We talk about a number of topics related to skin, sexual function, hair regeneration and orthopedics.&nbsp; To learn m...
55 min
#78: Hunting Arizona with Brian Barney of East...
<p>Brian is the host of the Eastman's Elevated Podcast.&nbsp; Brian and Ryan sit down and discuss his last Arizona Coues Deer adventure. <br><br><a href="">Find his podcast here.&nb...
69 min
#77: Why Ladies Need Testosterone, Why Men Wa...
109 min
#76: Keto, Fasting, Biohacking, and Internet B...
96 min
#75: Coues Deer and All Things Gritty with Bri...
<p>Today's episode interviews one of our favorite people<a href=""> Brian Call</a> of the Gritty Bowman. He is our podcast mentor and someone we love to call friend. Recently Ryan joined Brian and a whole host of awesome folks in A...
139 min
#74: The Most Vilified Plant In the World and...
98 min
#73: Washington High Country Mule Deer 2018 Re...
57 min
#72: Washington High Country Mule Deer 2018 R...
64 min