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A Traditional Bowhunting Podcast that exist to help you get into Traditional Bow Hunting, or advance your love for the lifestyle.

There's More To life Than Killing Elk! Talking ...
62 min
Barebow Hunters Facebook Group Traditional Bowh...
31 min
Barebow Hunters Facebook Group Traditional Bowh...
39 min
Social Media Meltdown Over Crossbows
33 min
Billy Molls: The Modern Day Mountain Man Talks ...
75 min
Gage and Nate Sit with Trent Fisher of Born and...
Why the Life Outdoorz!
43 min
Question and Answer with Nate -- Why did you ge...
32 min
Clay Hayes: The Woodsman's Lifestyle, Selfbows,...
50 min
Oregon Elk Bow Tag Numbers, and Why Did We Have...
30 min
Todd Smith: Founding Member Of Ashby Bowhunting...
52 min
Bear hunting with Born and Raised Outdoors' T...
Why the Life Outdoorz!
47 min
Oregon Elk Hunting:
A Great Place to Jump into Elk Hunting.
21 min
Aron Snyder
High Country Mule Deer with a Stickbow!
59 min
Oregon Elk Archery Regulation Changes, and What...
What ODFW proposes.
28 min
Brandon Todd: Making Traditional
Join Nate as he sits down with Brandon Todd and talk about the digital media Brandon is creating under the name Making Traditional. Brandon, his wife and 3 boys promote traditional living through  and .  He is also selling a cool shirt Trad...
53 min
Johnathan Karch Of 3Rivers Archery: The Growth ...
Johnny and I talk about 2020 and the growth the year has brought into the outdoor lifestyle and specifically Traditional Archery and Traditional Bowhunting. We also discuss how to keep all those new people in the sport. From there we discuss the...
75 min
Talkin Knives, Bows, and Guns with Blacksmith L...
We Sit down and shoot the Breeze with master blacksmith Luke Satern. 
41 min
Jason "Wojo" Wojciechowwicz: Tuffhead Broadheads
Join Nate as he and Jason "Wojo" talk about Broadhead design, hunting, and other bowhunting topic's. Jason is the owner of Tuffhead Broadheads. A company that designed their heads after Dr. Ed Ashby's studies on broadhead/arrow performance. You can...
61 min
Ed Gramza with Basemap Mapping Software
I sit down with Ed Gramza and talk about the Basemap app for your desktop and smart phone. 
37 min
2020 potpourri with Jerry Gowins: Social Media ...
81 min
Getting Barbow Close with Trent Fisher of Born ...
Join Nate as he and Trent Fisher talk elk. Trent shares a ton of knowledge about how he gets close to both Roosevelt and Rocky Mt. Elk. If you want to see more of Trent (you should) go to
54 min
Dirk Durham
How to get Barebow close to Elk.
64 min
Joe Fear: Can you make a affordable Hunting Pac...
Nate Bailey and Joe Fear sit down and talk about Wilderness Pack and what it takes to make a American Made Hunting Pack!
29 min
Traditional Bowhunter Magazines's T.J. Conrads ...
Hunting Stories with Jerry (Weeze) Gowins and T.J. (Hose) Conrads
84 min
Talking Arrows with The Trad Lab's Cody Greenwo...
In this episode we sit down and talk arrows with 's Cody Greenwood. Cody test everything arrows...from fletching to FOC. Sit back ane Learn about your ammo.   
45 min
Blue Collar Bow with Wade Morris of Rustic Archer.
Nate and Wade sit down and talk about the concept behind the Barebow Hunters edition Yeti Recurve. 
30 min
Barebows and Muzzleloaders, do they go together...
Jerry and Nate talk about the similarities and differences between Tradbows and Muzzloaders. They also discuss different bear hunting stratigies they have employed.  
44 min
Talking with David Darling with Kalamazoo Bow W...
We sit down with David from about traditional bowhunting, bow building, the old days and where he thinks Traditional Bow Hunting is headed.  We have partnered with to bring you this podcast! We use worksharp to sharpen everything from our...
53 min
Muzzle Loaders and Traditional Bows: Different ...
Ethan Yazel with the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Podcast
40 min
We talk Blade Maintenance with the Authority on...
26 min
Kody Kellom talks about the differences between...
One of Americas most accomplished elk bowhunters Kody Kellom of Born and Raised outdoors gives valuable insight for anyone who is thinking about taking after elk with a stickbow. Kody has killed elk with both the compound and stick, so his...
44 min
Elk Fever 3 with filmmaker and director Ben Pot...
A behind the scenes look at the epic Film Elk Fever 3 and Ben's own Elk Fever!
57 min
Cascade Elk Hunting
Join Nate as he talks about one of his favorite elk to hunt The Cascade Elk. They aren't quite Roosies or Rockies, but they are every much as fun to hunt! if you would like to learn more how to hunt them check out our Youtube on the subject. 
24 min
Garret Roe: The owner and designer of Heads Up ...
What started Heads Up Decoys and Elk Decoying Tips
62 min
When Hunting with a Traditional Bow isn't the R...
Join Jerry and Nate  as they rehash their bear season, and talk about Jerry's elk journey.  To watch the video of the hunt we are talking about, You can see it on our YouTube Channel If you Like what you see please subscribe.   
51 min
5 Ways to Derail your Traditional Bowhunting Jo...
Practical advice for those new to Traditional Bowhunting.
33 min
Should you be a Traditional Bowhunter?
Join Nate as he introduces the new  newest YouTube Project and Ask the Question ...Should You become a Traditional Bowhunter. He also suggests a 3 part self check that will help you venture into that line of thought.  For more Barebow...
37 min
What makes you change to the Barebow?
Gage Bailey looks at hunting with the tradbow this year.
35 min
Expandable Brroadheads
Oregon's New Ruling on their use.
51 min
Traditional Archery Super 10 with Jake Downs.
Join Nate as he and Jake talk about Bison hunting and Jakes super 10 accomplishment with Traditional Bowhunting Gear.    If you like this podcast please help us by subscribing, leaving us a review, and visiting our sponsors.  - Your...
38 min
Aron Snyder: Backcountry Gear, Blacktail Deer, ...
Join Nate, Jerry, and Aron as they talk about Backcountry Gear, Blacktail Deer, and Bringing people into Traditional Bowhunting.    Please support the people who help bring this to you. 
104 min
Big Jim: from Big Jim's Bow Company
Traditional Bows, Hunting Stories, and The Traditional Community
70 min
Nick Smith: EP 16 Fires: Forest: Habitat: and K...
Nick and I discuss a reality of how proper management will ensure the Public Federal Hands will be around for a long time.
37 min
Todd Smith: Arrow Penetration, Dr. Ashby Report...
Join us as we talk Arrow Penetration, The factors that impede it, and the equipment that's designed to improve it.  Todd Smith talks about how Grizzly Stiks Arrows used the Dr. Ashby's Lethality reports and made a complete shooting system that...
54 min
Joel Turner Talks 5 Shooting Mistakes most Bare...
Barebow Hunters Traditional Bowhunter's Podcast
62 min
Oregon Over the Counter Archery Opportunities a...
Barebow Hunters Traditional Bowhunting Podcast
57 min
Chris Parrish....Champion Turkey Caller
Champion Turkey Caller, Bear Archery Trad Manager: Chris Parrish
71 min
Jerry Gowins: Big Announcement, Speaking at Com...
Jerry Gowins: Big Announcement, Speaking at Compton's, and Tech. in bowhunting. 
59 min
Aron Snyder: Why Trad? Whats Changed? and How t...
Aron Snyder: Why Trad? Whats Changed? and How to switch from a Compound.
45 min
The Traditional Bowhunter Magazine Crew + Bonu...
Robin Conrads, Jon and Kerri Doyle, and Secret Guest
50 min
Jerry Gowins Ochoco Elk Hunt
Jerry Gowins and I talk about our upcoming elk hunt in the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon. We talk about how we prepared for the hunt, equipment and mindset. we also field Questions from Barebow Hunters and Elk Addicts Facebook Groups. If your new...
70 min
Jim Akenson and talk about Oregon Hunters Asso...
Episode #7: Jim Akenson
40 min
Wade Morris: The Mongol Maker
Traditional Bowhunting
47 min
Jerry and Nate Elk Hunting ...Third Time is a C...
Jerry and Nate Elk Hunting ...Third Time is a Charm!
50 min
Professional Bowhunters Society: Ethan Rodrigue
Learn about the PBS with Ethan Rodrigue
39 min
Harmon Carson talks Idaho Bear hunting with tra...
Harmon Carson talks Idaho Bear hunting with traditional bowhunting gear
46 min
Jerry Gowins #2
Jerry Gowins: Confidence in the Instinctive Traditional Bowhunting Method, Shot Distance, and Method
37 min
Barebow Hunters Podcast
Barebow Hunters Podcast Episode 1: Jerry Gowins In this episode Jerry and I discuss Traditional Bowhunting and photography. Jerry tells us what got him into Traditional Bows and fields questions from the Barebow Hunters Group on Facebook.  
35 min