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Catch You Outdoors covers all things related to enjoying the Great Outdoors. Fishing, hiking, kayaking, boating, gardening, beaching... you name it... Captain Rob is going to talk about it. Catch You Outdoors is based out of Florida, but will also cover outdoor activities from other areas of the United States, Bahamas, and other island locations.

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The In-Between Week - Catch You Outdoors
<p>The week between Christmas and New Years Day is often a break for most, and back to work for some. I find it a time to just ponder on the past year and hope for better in the next. That is most certainly my feelings for 2022. It MUST be better. This episode has more random thoughts and a new addition - story telling. I was asked by quite a few listeners to include a story each week, outdoorsy in nature. So hand in there until the end. Happy New Year!</p>
35 min
Random Thoughts from Catch You Outdoors
<p>With a great deal of introspection ( I love that word ) I've made a change in the format of my podcast. It will still be about the great outdoors, but instead of sticking to one subject per episode, I've decided to make it multi. This is what happens when you spend time in a beach chair thinking about what's been and what will be. Hope you enjoy and all feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for listening! &nbsp;Capt. Rob</p>
30 min
Public Service Announcements - Sort of Catch Yo...
<p>This idea came about because I used to be a radio announcer. Stations are required to make public service announcements, yet podcast don't really have to go there. But I am, sort of. I've put together a few things that I think most all outdoor folks, especially anglers, boaters and beachgoers, ought to know.&nbsp;</p>
30 min
Christmas Gifts for Outdoorsy Folks
<p>The gift giving season is upon us, so I thought I'd throw some ideas out, sooner than later. This seems to be the year to shop early, due to supply and possible shipping slowdowns. Hope this helps listeners find something for that special person who would rather be outside instead of inside.</p>
32 min
Fishing Movies, well... Sort Of
<p>While watching <strong>A River Runs Through It</strong> for the umpteenth time, I thought it might be interesting to investigate films that have somewhat of a theme of fishing. Some have quite a bit, and some are limited, but all are watchable. Here's a my take on some of the more popular movies with a little or a lot of fishing included in the plot.</p>
28 min
Fishing Hodgepodge 2
<p>By special request, from quite a few listeners, Fishing Hodgepodge is back and will become a regular feature on Catch You Outdoors. It should appear about every 3rd or 4th episode. Not really a problem for me. I love talking about fishing!</p> <p>This one is about the changes brought about by the impending cold fronts of winter and how they affect fishing on the west coast and east coast of Florida. I've also added my observations of how those same fronts affect the Florida Keys.</p> <p>Enjoy!</p>
31 min
Florida Roadside Attractions - Catch You Outdoors
<p>As a kid growing up in Florida it wasn't always fishing and beaching. We also spent a good amount of time visiting what were then known as roadside attractions. Before the Interstate Highway system was established travelers use state roads, and on those roads entrepreneurs came up with some very interesting places to stop and visit. A good many are still there. Might be time to take a road trip!</p>
28 min
Florida Seafood - Catch You Outdoors
<p>I can't get enough of fresh Florida seafood. Is there anything better? I don't think so. In this podcast I give listeners insight into some of my favorites, where to shop and where to dine. There's also a few cook-it-yourself tips. Enjoy!</p>
31 min
Boat Shows Are Dangerous - Catch You Outdoors
<p>Yes, boat shows can be dangerous, especially if you're hunting for a new boat. There's far too many decisions to make. Included in this episode is my visit to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and some insight into boat shows in general. Enjoy!</p>
32 min
Fishing Hodgepodge - Catch You Outdoors
<p>I had to do it! This is short collection of fishing tips with more to come in the future. Enjoy!</p>
31 min
Kayaks - Fishing and Sightseeing
<p>Kayaks have become very popular in all areas of Florida for sightseeing, fishing or for just getting away from it all. This podcast is an overview of what to look for when purchasing a kayak and what pitfalls to watch out for. Both paddle and pedal are covered as well as accessories along with &nbsp;fishing tips. Email me with any questions at;</p>
34 min
Beaches - Catch You Outdoors
<p>This episode covers all things beaching. Just sitting and reading a book or going all out with fishing gear. Capt. Rob's favorite beaches are located all around Florida are he's included special features and amenities. Enjoy!</p>
30 min
Catch You Outdoors - Florida Mystery Writers
<p>I'm a reader, and my favorite books are mystery novels. Especially those written by authors that use Florida as the setting. Enjoy my list of what I consider the best and please let me know if I missed a favorite of yours!</p> <p>Capt. Rob</p> <p>;</p> <p><br></p>
30 min
Catch You Outdoors with Capt. Rob Modys - Intro...
<p>Hello listeners! Capt. Rob here. I finally did it. This podcast has been a long time coming and I'm happy to report that <strong>Catch You Outdoors</strong> is underway. Please let your friends know and I hope you enjoy the episodes that are about to come your way. I'm looking to produce at least one a week and there may be more, depending on what's happening in the great outdoors. The podcast will be primarily about the state of Florida, but I've been known to wander.&nbsp;</p> <p>The website is -;</p> <p>Facebook is - Catch You Outdoors</p> <p>Email is -</p>
2 min