IGOR: Tyler's Gothic Romance

The overall story of Tyler, the Creator's newest album, IGOR, is something many have lived through: You fall for someone. They reciprocate but refuse to go all-in. So you exist in limbo, waiting on them to bring you heaven or send you to hell. Consumed by the lack of closure, you wallow, you hurt, you rage. But. Eventually. You come to your senses and move on. Welcome to "IGOR: Tyler's Gothic Romance." These are the vital details for understanding the album—studied, analyzed, deconstructed, dissected, unraveled, and presented for your enjoyment.

Music Commentary
IGOR: The Song by Song Analysis
Let’s put everything together and explain all the details you need to know on IGOR to understand the character and the story.
25 min
Who and What Is IGOR?
A close examination of the Igor character. What his character journey is and the thematic relevance of the name.
8 min
Show & Tell with IGOR
How showing vs. telling works in writing and specifically on IGOR.
5 min
The Themes of IGOR
An overview of the main themes of IGOR and how they’re introduced.
5 min
Tyler the Creator: From Death Rays to Light Beams
Tyler the Creator hasn’t always been a darling of hip-hop. For many years, he was the goblin. On this first episode, we take a look at the history of Tyler the Creator’s prominence as an artist. 
11 min
IGOR: Tyler's Gothic Romance
Often, an album is an album. But sometimes an album is a movie. Every song like a scene. When you add them up, there’s a story with a beginning, middle, and end.  Projects like this can be infinitely exciting—but also difficult. With a movie,...
1 min