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Bears Banter: Ep. 82- Kevin Fishbain joins!
The Athletic's Kevin Fishbain discuses what went wrong vs the Rams
61 min
BWM: Bears lose embarrassing game to Rams as pl...
After six weeks of hype and fanfare, the Chicago Bears fell to the Los Angeles Rams in a Monday Night Football game that they never seemed to have a chance in. What in the world does this mean for the offense? What does it mean for the team? What does it mean for Matt Nagy? I bring on WCG's bossman, Lester Wiltfong Jr, to help me talk through this doozy of a game on this episode of Bear With Me!
50 min
Bears Over Beers S2E18: Carolina Reapers, Rams ...
The guys recap the big win on the road in Carolina and look ahead to the big Rams game on Monday Night Football, all over a couple of delicious beverages
62 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 81- Brad Spielberger joins!
Brad Spielberger from PFF joins to discuss the Bears play this season and the future of their salary cap.
61 min
Rule of 3: Walking through the Bears' big Week ...
Last Sunday the Chicago Bears picked up a massive win over the Carolina Panthers that pushed them to a cool 5-1 on the year, but they did so with a shakey offense and a dynamic defense -- is that sustainable? Who played well? Who played poorly? Robert, Danny, and Brandon walk through it all on this week's episode of the Rule of 3 podcast!
61 min
BWM: Bears beat Panthers, advance to 5-1 (With ...
In what can only be described as a very.... strange... football game, the Chicago Bears stormed into Charlotte and emerged victorious with a big 23-16 win. How did they do it? What went well for the Bears? What went poorly? Robert brings on DaBearsBlog's numerical wizard, Johnathan Wood, to talk through it all on Bear With Me!
45 min
Bears Over Beers: How do you hunt Panthers?
A look ahead to the Carolina Panthers and the remaining games until the Bears 2020 bye week.
61 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 80- Robert Schmitz joins!
Robert Schmitz joins to talk about the big win over TB and the Carolina game upcoming.
60 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Look Ahead likes B...
5 min
Rule of 3: Reviewing the Bears big win over the...
The Chicago Bears came away from their Thursday Night slugfest with Tampa Bay victorious, hooray! But what did we learn from the game? Who played well? Who needs to improve? Robert, Danny, and Brandon go through it all on this episode of Rule of 3!
64 min
Bears Over Beers S2E16: The 4-1 Bears knock off...
The Bears are 4-1, Khalil Mack hip tosses a giant RT, Jimmy Graham catches his 4th TD pass, and the Bears earn some respect on national TV.
47 min
Rule of 3: Breaking down the tape of the Bears'...
After starting the season 3-0, the Bears dropped their first game of the year to the Indianapolis Colts in a doozy that saw the Bears' offense get flummoxed, flustered, and frazzled by a very good Colts defense. What went wrong? Is it fixable? And what does this mean for Thursday night's game against Tampa? Find out on this episode of Rule of 3!
57 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 79- Silvy joins!
Marc "Silvy" Silverman joins from ESPN Chicago to discuss the Bears at the quarter pole
56 min
Bear With Me: Colts beat Bears in 19-11 slogfes...
Despite Chicago's change at quarterback, the Bears' offense looked very much the same as they fell to the Colts in a game that saw them score 3 total points throughout all but the final minutes of the game. Yikes. What happened? And what does this mean for Thursday's game against the Buccaneers? I bring on Bears over Beers co-host EJ Snyder to walk through this game and find out!
54 min
Bears Over Beers S2:E15 Foles Rolls ATL and Ri...
Bears Over Beers: Big Nick Energy
59 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 78- Olin Kreutz joins!
Olin Kreutz joins the podcast after Nick Foles brought the Bears back and pushed them to 3-0.
45 min
Rule of 3: Taking a closer look at the Bears' b...
As the Chicago Bears took on the Atlanta Falcons, a change at quarterback seemed to spark new life in an otherwise flagging offense -- Nick Foles came in from off the bench to lead an extraordinary comeback that saw the Bears improve to 3-0. But how well did Foles really play? Is this sustainable? What about the defense? Robert Schmitz, Brandon Robinson, and Danny Meehan team up to answer all these questions and more in a brand new podcast called the Rule of Three -- check out their first WCG-sponsored episode and let them know what you think!
55 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Monday Football Mo...
9 min
Bears Over Beers Special Episode! Allen Robinso...
Allen Robinson joins Jeff to talk about his foundation, advice to young WRs, how to approach a comeback win, and who he compares himself in the league
12 min
BWME65: Nick Foles plays hero in Bears comeback...
After a Falcons' field goal followed a nasty Mitchell Trubisky interception, Matt Nagy made the decision to put Nick Foles into the game and the Bears rallied back with a monstrous 30-26 win. I bring on Xs and Os specialist Brandon Robinson to help me digest this crazy game on this episode of Bear With Me!
52 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 77- John Mullin joins!
John Mullin joins to reflect on the life of Gale Sayers and discuss the first two games of the Bears' season.
46 min
Bears Over Beers S2E13: Gale Sayers, the Little...
Jeff and EJ remember the great Gale Sayers, point out some of the "little things" that add up to big results against the Giants, and lay out the keys to reaching 3-0 against the Falcons
60 min
BWME64: Cardiac Bears beat Giants (with Sam Hou...
For the second week in a row, Sunday's Chicago Bears game came down to the final play, and for the second week in a row that meant good news for the Bears. I bring on Sam Householder to digest yet another close Bears' shave on this episode of Bear With Me!
59 min
Bears Over Beers S2E12: 2020 Kickoff Weekend
Bears Over Beers Lions Game Review & Giants Preview
59 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 76- A win is a win?
The Bears start off 1-0 but is the performance worth celebrating?
28 min
BWME63: Recapping a WILD Bears' Week 1 (with Aa...
The Chicago Bears staged an epic comeback in Week 1's game against the Lions, scoring 21 unanswered points in a fast and furious flurry that leaves them 1-0 in the record books. But who played well? What does this mean for the rest of the season? Robert brings on WCG's own Aaron Leming to talk through just those questions on this postgame episode of Bear With Me!
49 min
Bears Banter: Ep.75- Aaron Leming previews the ...
62 min
Bears Over Beers S2E11: The Big Season Preview ...
Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. joins Jeff and EJ as they go over the entire Bears roster, give their thoughts on a number of questions about this squad, and make some final predictions.
83 min
BWME62: Talkin' about Trubisky (with Jeff Berck...
After a relatively quick QB competition that lasted the first two and a half weeks of camp, the Chicago Bears have named their starting QB and it's none other than Mitchell Trubisky. Was this the right decision? What personal obstacles does Trubisky face in 2020? And what does this mean for now-backup QB Nick Foles? Robert brings on Bears over Beers host Jeff Berckes to talk through it all on this episode of Bear With Me!
56 min
TRAILER: The SB Nation NFL Show
SB Nation is launching a brand new podcast that is for NFL fans, by NFL fans.
3 min
Bears Over Beers S2E10: Betting Extravaganza wi...
Jeff, EJ, and Sam go head-to-head to try and pick the winning combo of overs, unders, and division winners
58 min
BWME61: Talking through Bears' Training Camp (w...
How do you gain insight on training camp when every practice is only open to the media? You talk to a media member, of course! Robert S. brings on The Bear Report's Zack Pearson to talk through every position group on the Bears' roster in this extra-long training camp update -- check out the show and let us know what you think!
66 min
Bears Over Beers S2E9: Fantasy Football with Er...
Jeff is joined by the QB List's Erik Smith as they prepare you for your upcoming fantasy football drafts
57 min
Bears Over Beers S2E8: Special Interview with M...
Jeff and EJ sit down with the Director of the documentary Mad Mac, the Memory of Jim McMahon, currently in production.
34 min
BWME60: Breaking down play-calling, Matt Nagy, ...
Is Bears' HC Matt Nagy a good play-caller? It's impossibly hard to tell from the TV broadcast, so I brought on the man who literally wrote the book on the 2018 Bears' offense, Bobby Peters, to talk through everything from Nagy's favorite concepts and systems to player-specific adjustments he made throughout his two-year stint in Chicago. It's a jam-packed episode, so check it out now! Be sure to leave a review after listening!
48 min
Bears Over Beers S2:E7: Covid Opt Outs and Trub...
Jeff and EJ cover what COVID means for the Bears (so far) and what they really expect out of Trubisky vs. Foles.
49 min
BWME59: Goldman's Opt-Out and the Top 5 Most Im...
With star nose tackle Eddie Goldman opting out of the 2020 NFL season, what changes for the Chicago Bears defense? Robert investigates in this episode while also revealing his "Top 5 Most Important Bears Players/Position-Groups of 2020". Check out the episode and let him know what you think!
27 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 74- Brad Biggs- Training Camp...
Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs discusses COVID-19 and football, Foles/Trubisky, and what to expect in training camp.
47 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - Peering ...
The final episode of the original planned series, Matt and Jeff apply the lessons of the past 100 years to predict what the 2020s will be like in this week's Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History by the Decade.
130 min
BWME58: A statistical look at the Chicago Bears...
What do the Chicago Bears' 2019 statistics, both offensive and defensive, say about their play last year? And what can they tell us about 2020? Robert brings on DaBearsBlog's statistical guru, Johnathan Wood, to find out just that in this episode of Bear With Me!
48 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - The Cutl...
Like it or not, the trade that brought Jay Cutler to Chicago defined a generation and it's the focus of this episode. We focus in on Cutler, his weapons, what went right and what went wrong in this week's episode.
84 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - 2000s Pa...
It's another big one as Jeff and Matt break down the first decade of the 21st century and all the ups and downs that went along with it. This is Part 2 that discusses Briggs, Hester, and Kruetz plus the categories!
65 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - 2000s Pa...
It's another big one as Jeff and Matt break down the first decade of the 21st century and all the ups and downs that went along with it. Join the guys for breakdowns of Brian Urlacher, Peanut Tillman, Devin Hester, Olin Kreutz, and more!
61 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - Black Ho...
If you like great Bears football on the field, well... that's not this episode. But, Jeff & Matt have a lot of fun reliving the teams of their youth and share some great memories
84 min
BWM57: Current and Future Analysis of the Chica...
The Chicago Bears have become known for their limited cap space and draft resources, but how bad *is* their situation compared to other teams? Robert brings on renowned cap analyst Brad Spielberger to answer exactly that question, as well as outlining both the current and future threats to the Bears' success going forward.
54 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - 80s Side B
Side B of the big one! The 1980s were famous for a lot of reasons and we dig into as many as possible in this week's episode of Halas to Mack.
59 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - 80s Side A
It's the big one! The 1980s were famous for a lot of reasons and we dig into as many as possible in this week's episode of Halas to Mack.
59 min
BWME56: Talking about Trubisky's Press Conference
After months away from speaking to the media, Chicago Bears' QB Mitchell Trubisky met with Chicago's finest reporters over zoom a few days ago and wow'd pundits with his confident and plucky demeanor. But will this "good pissed off" attitude carry over to the football field? Robert discusses this, along with a plethora of other topics, in this episode of Bear With Me!
41 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 73- Sam Acho joins
Sam Acho joins to discuss the unrest in the country after George Floyd's death and the ongoing issues we continue to face as a nation.
31 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - Sweetnes...
Yes, it's the worst decade in team history but there are some great players including the GOAT in the 70s. Join us as we talk Walter Payton and other important players and coaches from the 1970s
68 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - The Geor...
Join us for the George Halas victory lap! The legendary Chicago Bears coach winds down his coaching career in the 60s by winning a final championship and acquiring some of the most legendary Bears players like Mike Ditka, Dick Butkus, and Gale Sayers - all in the 60s!
77 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - Nifty 50s
The 50s can be described as good but not great in terms of team success, but there are plenty of All-Time great players and stories from the decade. Join us as we talk Bill George, Harlon Hill, George Conner and more!
58 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - Fantasti...
It's the best decade in Chicago Bears history! Four championship seasons in seven years with plenty of Hall of Famers like Sid Luckman, Bulldog Turner, and George McAfee.
66 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - Bronko's...
An exploration of the 1930s decade from a famous cocktail recipe and the Great Depression to Bronko Nagurski and his connection to Paul Bunyan.
60 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 72- Ted Ginn Jr. joins!
The newest member of the Chicago Bears, Ted Ginn Jr. joins the podcast!
32 min
Halas to Mack: Chicago Bears History - The Roar...
A new, limited podcast series covering Chicago Bears history by the decade. Episode 1 covers the 1920s
74 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 71- Brett Kollmann and EJ Sny...
Brett Kollmann and EJ Snyder from the Bootleg Football Podcast recap the Bears draft!
48 min
Bears Over Beers S2E6: 2020 Draft Recap!
Jeff and EJ recap the 2020 NFL Draft including live reactions to the last two picks and a recap of the NFC North
83 min
The Chicago Bears select Arlington Hambright an...
With the 226th & 227th picks in the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears selected Colorado OG Arlington Hambright and Tennessee State OT Lachavious Simmons. What did WCG's Lead Draft Analyst think of the pick? Robert brings on Jacob Infante to find out in this live reaction podcast!
19 min
The Chicago Bears select Darnell Mooney -- Live...
With the 173rd pick in the draft, the Chicago Bears selected Tulane WR Darnell Mooney. What did WCG's Lead Draft Analyst think of the pick? Robert brings on Jacob Infante to react live and find out!
17 min
The Chicago Bears Select Kindle Vildor -- Live ...
With the 163rd pick in the draft, the Chicago Bears selected Georgia Southern DB Kindle Vildor. What did WCG's draftnicks think of the pick? Robert brings on EJ and Jacob to react live and find out!
14 min
The Chicago Bears Select Trevis Gipson -- Live ...
With the 155th pick in the draft, the Chicago Bears selected Tulsa EDGE Trevis Gipson. What did WCG's draftnicks think of the pick? Robert brings on EJ and Jacob to react live and find out!
15 min
BWM: The Chicago Bears Select Jaylon Johnson --...
With the 50th pick in the draft, the Chicago Bears selected Utah CB Jaylon Johnson. What did WCG's draftnicks think of the pick? Robert brings on EJ and Jacob to react live and find out!
23 min
BWM: The Chicago Bears Select Cole Kmet -- Live...
With the 43rd pick in the draft, the Chicago Bears selected Cole Kmet. What did WCG's draftnicks think of the pick? Robert brings on EJ and Jacob to react live and find out!
13 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 70- EJ Snyder previews the NF...
Draft analyst EJ Snyder provides plenty of insight about the upcoming draft
48 min
Bears Banter: Ep.69- Erik Duerrwaechter of WCG ...
Bears 2020 team comes into focus and a magical Nick Foles contract
46 min
BWM55: Let's Talk About Ryan Pace (with Khari T...
Ryan Pace took over as the General Manager of the Chicago Bears in 2015, but has he done a good job? Khari, Dan, Brad and I attempt to answer exactly that in Part 2 of our earlier discussion on this episode of Bear With Me!
38 min
BWME54: Free Agency Then... Free Agency Now
As is the case every year, more and more contract-related info has surfaced about the Chicago Bears' Free Agency moves as time has gone on. But is any of the new info enough to change the signings' outlook? Find out in this episode of Bear With Me!
43 min
Bears Over Beers S2E5: The Need for Speed (at W...
The Bears need a speedy Wide Receiver to replace Taylor Gabriel and the 2020 draft class is DEEP. We dive into it.
57 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 68- Is Nick Foles now QB1?
Bill Zimmerman is back and breaks down what Ryan Pace has done so far this offseason.
36 min
T Formation Conversation: Breaking down Bears f...
A look at what the Chicago Bears have done one week into NFL free agency.
26 min
Bears Over Beers S2E4: The Early 2020 Free Agen...
Special Guest Robert Schmitz joins as the three podcasters discuss the new QB, a player signed to be a TE, and a splash move at edge defender. The podcast was recorded early enough to capture some raw emotions from our crew so enjoy some unfiltered reaction!
66 min
BWME53: Chicago Bears trade for Nick Foles -- I...
The Chicago Bears just traded their 4th round compensatory pick in the 2020 draft to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for quarterback Nick Foles. What?? I bring on BleedingGreenNation's Michael Kist to talk through the move on the latest episode of Bear With Me!
37 min
Bears Over Beers S2E3: Defensive Free Agency Pr...
66 min
Bears Over Beers S2E2: The Red Rifle in Navy an...
The guys talk potential free agency targets for the offensive side of the ball including a deeper look at potential QBs
66 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 67- Benjamin Allbright joins
Free Agency preview with Benjamin Allbright. Plus, the Eli Manning rumor is and was always complete nonsense.
37 min
T Formation Conversation: Jacob Infante dishes ...
Lester and Jacob break down the NFL Draft and discuss several of the performances from the NFL Combine.
35 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 66- The Bears are NOT committ...
Bill Zimmerman loses his mind with all the people mishearing what Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy said at the combine.
21 min
BWME52: Rumors, Free Agency, and an argument fo...
Outside of a few recent moves, there haven't been a ton of "new Bears things" to talk about over the last few weeks as the NFL Combine (and Free Agency) approaches. Thus, in today's episode, I talk about the free agency moves I'd like to make while also making the argument for why I think the Bears NEED to take a good look at their available options at quarterback. Will they make a move in March? Who knows, but I offer the reasons why they should in today's episode of Bear With Me!
36 min
BWME51: The Staleys End-Of-Season Awards Show, ...
In the latest episode of Bear With Me, Robert’s end of season conversation with Jeff Berckes and EJ Snyder continues as they bid farewell to the 2019 Chicago Bears’ season by handing out their final end-of-season awards!
49 min
BWME50: The Staleys End-Of-Season Award Show (P...
With the season over and done with, Robert returns from a brief hiatus to bid farewell to the 2019 season by hosting his end-of-season awards show, the Staleys, to honor the highest highs and the lowest lows of the Chicago Bears' disappointing year. You don't want to miss this!
44 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 65- Second Round Senior Bowl ...
EJ Snyder joins Bill Zimmerman as they wrap up the Super Bowl and discuss some prospects EJ took note of at the Senior Bowl.
46 min
Bears Banter Ep. 64: Kyle Long joins from Miami!
The recently retired Kyle Long joins Bears Banter
16 min
13 min
Bears Over Beers: Season 2 Kickoff and 2020 Sen...
Jeff and EJ launch Season 2 of Bears Over Beers with a round-up recap of EJ's trip to his first Senior Bowl week in Mobile, AL.
64 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 63- Adam Rank Joins!
Big Chicago Bears fan Adam Rank from NFL Network joins to breakdown the Chicago Bears offseason and what direction Ryan Pace should go.
39 min
BWME49: Live(ish) from Mobile, it's a Senior Bo...
After a few weeks off, Robert returns to check in with EJ Snyder, who's on site at the Senior Bowl! In this episode they talk about everything from Chicago Bears draft needs to EJ's overall draft class impressions, even detailing how the Senior Bowl practices are run! Check it out!
51 min
T Formation Conversation: Scouting the Senior B...
Lester and EJ break down several Senior Bowl prospects in advance of EJ travelling to Mobile, Alabama for the festivities.
48 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 62- Jimbo Covert, Riley Ridle...
Bill Zimmerman talks to Jimbo Covert about making the Hall of Fame and Riley Ridley on his rookie season.
48 min
BWME48: Hirings and firings and extensions, oh ...
With the 2019 season in the books, the Chicago Bears announce multiple moves (hirings, firings, and extensions alike) as they begin preparation for the 2020 season. But just how necessary were these moves? And what other hirings should the Bears look to make? Robert brings on ECD (Windy City Gridiron) to talk through these questions and more on this episode of Bear With Me!
68 min
Bears Banter Ep. 61- Breakdown of the Pace/Nagy...
Bill Zimmerman discusses the Pace/Nagy PC and takes an early look at what positions need to be addressed this offseason.
42 min
Bears Over Beers 36: Season Finale, Playoff Picks
Jeff and EJ wrap up a disappointing 2019 season talking about a couple of high notes against the Vikings, settle up the bets from the pre-season, and predict the playoff bracket.
68 min
BWME47: Bears beat backup Vikings, finish seaso...
The Chicago Bears' season ends in thrilling fashion as Mitchell Trubisky leads the two-minute offense down the field (against the Vikings' backups) to win the afternoon's game 21-19 on a last second field goal. The kick ended the Bears' season on a victory, so Robert brings on draft analyst extraordinaire Jacob Infante to talk through the day's game as well as a preview of their potential offseason moves on this episode of Bear With Me!
60 min
Bears Over Beers 35: Mashed by the Chiefs, Chri...
The guys wrap up Patrick Mahomes whipping the Bears in Chicago and look forward to the final game of this season, versus the Vikings in Minnesota.
55 min
BWME46: Bears crushed by Chiefs, lose 23-3 (Wit...
A week removed from a backbreaking loss to the Green Bay Packers, the Bears come up short against a Kansas City Chiefs team that seemed to have the upper hand in every phase of the game. Robert brings on WCG's own Lester Wiltfong Jr. to break things down in this episode of Bear With Me!
50 min
Bears Over Beers 34: A bitter defeat and what w...
Jeff and EJ discuss the details of the latest loss in Green Bay and try to find a path for victory against the red-hot Chiefs. If nothing else, they have some good beverages to help along the way.
60 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 60- Allen Robinson Joins!
Allen Robinson joins to talk about the loss to the Packers, the Bears up and down season, his spectacular play, and Mitch Trubisky
36 min
BWME45: Bears lose to Green Bay Packers, are ma...
The Chicago Bears march into Lambeau field and leave with their season in shambles as offensive inconsistency isn't enough to beat Aaron Rodgers and the cheese-eating army. Robert combs through three positives and negatives in a quick season wrap up on this episode of Bear With Me!
27 min
Bears Over Beers 33: Down with Dallas, and Brin...
Jeff and EJ go deep on what the win over Dallas really means and then dig into rivalry week, NFL-style.
68 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 59- Nick Kwiatkoski joins!
Nick Kwiatkoski talks about stepping into a starting role and thriving
27 min