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Bears Banter: Ep. 86- Laurence Holmes joins!
The Score's Laurence Holmes joins Bears Banter after the Lambeau debacle.
53 min
Bear With Me: Does a loss to the Packers prompt...
The Chicago Bears fall to 5-6 on the season and 0-7 in their last 7 games off a bye and it leaves me asking just one question: where do the Bears go from here? I bring on WCG's newest staffer, Jack R. Salo, to talk through just that on this postgame episode of Bear With Me!
56 min
Rule of 3: Bears-ing through the Bye Week (Happ...
Happy Thanksgiving, Bears Fans! The Rule of 3 boys are back as they circle up around a virtual dinner table to talk through the ups and downs of the Chicago Bears' season thus far. What's going well? What needs to improve? What do they hope to see for the rest of the season? Find out on this episode of the Rule of 3!
69 min
Bears Over Beers S2E22: Victory Laps & Concessions
Jeff and EJ, fresh off the bye, take a look back on what they were right and wrong about this Bears season and the NFL as a whole.
93 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 85- Adam Jahns joins!
Adam Jahns joins at the bye week to discuss the Bears offensive woes and if there is any answers.
47 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Lester Wiltfong wi...
8 min
Bear With Me: Instant reactions to a tough Viki...
The Bears took on the Vikings on Monday Night Football and lost emphatically once again, falling to 5-5 on the year as they head into their bye week. What in the world happened? Is there anything to be positive about? And what does this mean for the rest of the season? I bring on Will Robinson (better known as WhiskeyRanger) to digest it all on this episode of Bear With Me!
58 min
Bears Over Beers S2:E21: 3 "Now" Fixes, 3 "Late...
What can the Bears do to turn the 2020 season around?
75 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 84- Danny Parkins joins!
Danny Parkins joins to discuss the Bears slump and what they can do from here.
58 min
Bear With Me: One word after the Titans... Yikes
After a game in Tennessee that saw the Bears' offense flop to the tune of 0 points through three quarters... what is there to say? Robert has you covered as he dives into not only the nitty gritty of the Bears-Titans game itself, but also the state of the Chicago Bears franchise in this episode of Bear With Me!
36 min
Rule of 3: What to do about the Titans?
Following a tight overtime loss to the Saints, the Bears shift their focus towards Tennessee as COVID-19 begins to take it's toll on their roster -- what went well against the Saints that the Bears can build on? What mistakes from the game need to improve? And how in the world will they deal with so many injuries? Find out on this episode of the Rule of 3!
76 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 83- Shae Peppler Joins!
Shae Peppler joins and gives he thoughts on the Bears interesting season.
45 min
Bears Over Beers S2E20: Missed Opportunities Si...
A special recap show of Bears Over Beers as we shuffle around the weekly schedule. Jeff is joined by Bears Banter host Bill Zimmerman to talk all things Bears - Saints in a heart breaking loss for the Bears.
46 min
Bears Over Beers S2E19: Rams Recap and Where Do...
79 min
Rule of 3: Reviewing Ryan Pace's role in the Be...
There's no way around it: the Chicago Bears' game against the Los Angeles Rams was a classic "burn the tape" game. But where does that leave a film-based podcast? The guys switch things up and invite team-building expert and cap analyst Brad Spielberger to join the show as they dive into a complex question: how much of the Rams game is on Matt Nagy... and how much is on GM Ryan Pace?
58 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 82- Kevin Fishbain joins!
The Athletic's Kevin Fishbain discuses what went wrong vs the Rams
61 min
BWM: Bears lose embarrassing game to Rams as pl...
After six weeks of hype and fanfare, the Chicago Bears fell to the Los Angeles Rams in a Monday Night Football game that they never seemed to have a chance in. What in the world does this mean for the offense? What does it mean for the team? What does it mean for Matt Nagy? I bring on WCG's bossman, Lester Wiltfong Jr, to help me talk through this doozy of a game on this episode of Bear With Me!
50 min
Bears Over Beers S2E18: Carolina Reapers, Rams ...
The guys recap the big win on the road in Carolina and look ahead to the big Rams game on Monday Night Football, all over a couple of delicious beverages
62 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 81- Brad Spielberger joins!
Brad Spielberger from PFF joins to discuss the Bears play this season and the future of their salary cap.
61 min
Rule of 3: Walking through the Bears' big Week ...
Last Sunday the Chicago Bears picked up a massive win over the Carolina Panthers that pushed them to a cool 5-1 on the year, but they did so with a shakey offense and a dynamic defense -- is that sustainable? Who played well? Who played poorly? Robert, Danny, and Brandon walk through it all on this week's episode of the Rule of 3 podcast!
61 min
BWM: Bears beat Panthers, advance to 5-1 (With ...
In what can only be described as a very.... strange... football game, the Chicago Bears stormed into Charlotte and emerged victorious with a big 23-16 win. How did they do it? What went well for the Bears? What went poorly? Robert brings on DaBearsBlog's numerical wizard, Johnathan Wood, to talk through it all on Bear With Me!
45 min
Bears Over Beers: How do you hunt Panthers?
A look ahead to the Carolina Panthers and the remaining games until the Bears 2020 bye week.
61 min
Bears Banter: Ep. 80- Robert Schmitz joins!
Robert Schmitz joins to talk about the big win over TB and the Carolina game upcoming.
60 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Look Ahead likes B...
5 min
Rule of 3: Reviewing the Bears big win over the...
The Chicago Bears came away from their Thursday Night slugfest with Tampa Bay victorious, hooray! But what did we learn from the game? Who played well? Who needs to improve? Robert, Danny, and Brandon go through it all on this episode of Rule of 3!
64 min