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Society & Culture
How the levees held
The levees held for Hurricane Ida, but can they hold for the next storm?
9 min
Mandating vaccines shouldn’t be a restaurant wo...
With little support from local governments, service workers have been put in charge of enforcing vaccination regulations.
10 min
Blaming Facebook won't solve the misinformation...
Why society is more to blame for the spread of misinformation than social media.
9 min
Big Tech’s Taliban problem
The Taliban is in control of Afghanistan for the first time in the age of social media.
11 min
Did we pull the plug on virtual school too soon?
With the continuing threat of the delta variant, is now the best time to return to the classroom?
14 min
Is the future of work in employees’ hands?
What the future of work could look like, according to a remote work expert.
12 min
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The internet is getting old, and many pages are at risk of aging out.
14 min
Your next office could be inside a VR headset
Mark Zuckerberg is hoping to level up what working from home looks like.
11 min
TikTok is making tax policy cool
If you’re looking for a thought-provoking conversation about American tax credits, look no further than TikTok.
15 min
Why am I so invested in Alabama sorority TikTok?
If you were on TikTok last week, the #BamaRush videos were almost everywhere.
14 min
TikTok made me buy it
How TikTok makes products fly off the shelves, then flame out fast.
11 min
Tesla is in trouble with the US government
What does the investigation mean for the future of Tesla's "Autopilot" program?
12 min
Why it’s always moms
Why are moms always expected to quit their jobs instead of dads?
11 min
America is losing the electric car race
Biden’s investing billions into growing electric vehicle technology in the US
11 min
Bitcoin and Biden’s infrastructure bill
Senators’ indecision on how to tax crypto moves to the House
9 min
Apple’s plan to protect kids by scanning your i...
Apple announced new child safety features for iOS 15. Privacy experts are not thrilled.
9 min
On tonight’s menu: Your personal data
There’s more than meets the eye to restaurants’ new virtual menus
9 min
Facebook banned researchers studying ... Facebook
A research team studying misinformation on Facebook was just kicked off the platform.
14 min
An app’s plan to profit off your fear
Citizen has a checkered history. Can we trust this app with our personal safety?
11 min
The risks of “buy now, pay later” apps
Square’s latest acquisition could make it much easier for CashApp’s 70 million users to buy everyday items in installments.
8 min
Tech companies: No shot, no coming back to the ...
Big Tech was the first to implement remote work. Now, tech companies are leading on vaccines.
7 min
Another gaming giant reckons with its sexist wo...
Hundreds of Activision Blizzard employees walked out of their offices last week in protest.
8 min
TikTok is winning the Olympics.
10 min
A priest’s cautionary tale in dating and data p...
Data harvesting by dating apps can have life-altering consequences
9 min
Big Retail is watching you
Retailers say facial recognition helps curb theft, but privacy experts are raising concerns.
9 min