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Society & Culture
Amazon wants you to buy this electric truck
This new startup could pose a big threat to Tesla’s bottom line
15 min
How to regulate Facebook
Key legislators are saying they have the catalyst they need to make real change: whistleblower and former Facebook employee Frances Haugen.
15 min
How food delivery apps destabilized an industry
Delivery workers are taking matters into their own hands.
14 min
The Facebook whistleblower
Internal evidence shared by former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen shows the company has known — but ignored — the harm it causes.
11 min
AI’s anti-Muslim bias problem
AI’s anti-Muslim bias problem
16 min
NASA’s new telescope is a game-changer
Space photography is about to get even better
10 min
The rise of a Silicon Valley supervillain
A look at the billionaire partly responsible for PayPal, Facebook, and Trump's rise to power
14 min
The 21st century trolley problem
Autonomous tech could lead to deaths at the hands of robots. But is continuing to let humans drive even worse?
9 min
Fixing Facebook
Fixing Facebook
12 min
It’s been a busy year in tech. What’s next?
We have a lot to look forward to in the world of tech news
12 min
Inside an unexpected fight at Apple
The real stakes of the battle over remote work that’s dividing the most valuable company in the world.
12 min
How the iPhone changed everything
Phones haven’t been the same since Steve Jobs took that stage.
13 min
Facebook’s secret research, explained
We’ve always known Facebook causes some harm to our society. Turns out Facebook knew it too.
15 min
Everybody's hiring; nobody's getting hired
How to get your resume past the robots.
9 min
The Real World: Space
The weekend’s space launch hints at a profitable future in space
15 min
Instagram is bad for teens’ self-esteem, and it...
A damning new report found Instagram is aware of its toxic beauty standards.
14 min
California scheming
As Gavin Newsom’s victory became more certain, the GOP pivoted to baseless claims of election fraud.
12 min
The future of cybersex
Yes, sex work in Roblox is a real thing.
12 min
Walgreens' Covid testing site exposes patient data
You got a Covid test. Walgreens got your data, and then gave it away.
10 min
Facebook’s smart glasses: cool or creepy?
Facebook and Ray-Ban’s collaboration signals a new era of smart eyewear.
11 min
Why El Salvador made bitcoin a national currency
For Salvadorans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this is a big deal.
13 min
How gig work became a full-time job
51 million Americans need a second job to pay the bills.
10 min
You’ve got my mail
What do you do when your inbox is full of other people’s email?
11 min
Start your holiday shopping NOW!
The world economy is still struggling as the year’s busiest shopping season approaches.
10 min
Air conditioning is not cool
The same technology that keeps us cool is heating up the planet.
14 min