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The Internet, From Space
Coming soon, from a satellite near you.
6 min
How the pandemic broke Nextdoor
Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, lots of people are turning to Nextdoor for help. That’s not always what they find.
6 min
How Covid-19 hurt department stores
Many malls and department stores will never reopen
8 min
Offices will never be the same
The work-from-home revolution is here to stay, and even if you do go back to the office, it may look very differen
8 min
How Instacart’s harsh ratings system hurts groc...
A New York City Instacart shopper and deliverer explains how livelihoods depend on a ratings system that must change.
8 min
This 28-year-old billionaire wants to give away...
A conversation with Sam Bankman-Fried, an entrepreneur who donated $5 million to support the Biden campaign.
11 min
How influencers monetize every aspect of their ...
There are lots of ways to make money as an influencer and content creator, but is the influencer economy becoming dystopian?
6 min
We don't have enough computer chips
President Biden has issued an executive order to address the global semiconductor shortage
6 min
Project Maven
Google's Project Maven was the opening shot in a battle between employees and management over the future of the company.
10 min
Peter Thiel backs Hillbilly Elegy author for Se...
The billionaire investor who wants to rebuild the Republican Party just made a $10 million bet on author J.D. Vance.
8 min
Facebook says it’s tackling the antivax movemen...
Can Facebook ever be an authority figure in the fight against Covid-19?
9 min
Want a vaccine? Walgreens wants your data first.
So you’ve made a Walgreens account to make a vaccine appointment. What are they going to do with your data?
7 min
Why a JPEG sold for $69 million
One NFT sold at auction last week for $69 million. Others have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
5 min
Biden’s antitrust brain trust
Tim Wu has joined Biden’s National Economic Council, while Lina Khan will reportedly be nominated to the Federal Trade Commision
6 min
Dr. B: the website to go to for extra vaccines
Dr. B is a new vaccine waitlist for leftover vaccines.
9 min
What is a SPAC?
What are SPACs? And why do we keep hearing about them?
7 min
When the free streaming trials end
Paramount+ enters the streaming service pool, but is it too late in the game? Recode's Rani Molla explains.
6 min
Google quits cookies
Google calls its strategy “privacy-first.” Is it?
5 min
How the pandemic changed social media habits
Twitter and Instagram usage rose significantly. TikTok’s average monthly visits grew by 576%.
5 min
Why Biden’s backing an Amazon warehouse union d...
What the president’s pro-union message means
8 min
Facebook bans Myanmar’s military
Facebook banned Myanmar’s military. What does that mean for social media and democracy?
9 min
The Phone Wars
Apple and Google were once friends, but that changed with the rise of iOS and Android.
9 min
Amazon’s race problem
Internal data obtained by Recode indicate that Black Amazon employees are promoted less frequently and are rated more harshly than non-Black peers
9 min
The Project for Good Information
The project is led by Tara McGowan, who’s successfully raised money from Silicon Valley’s biggest political donors for past political startups.
9 min
The biotech vaccine ingredient in high demand
How the government is trying to speed up production of essential vaccine ingredients
5 min
Can billionaires save newspapers?
If a billionaire investor can’t save a local newspaper, can anyone save them?
8 min
Chicago turns to ZocDoc
Streamlining online vaccination signups only fixes a small part of the distribution problem.
9 min
What did we learn from GameStop?
The problems aren’t clear. Neither are solutions.
7 min
Nextdoor’s Covid-19 problem
The problem with Covid-19 lies on Nextdoor
6 min
How private is Clubhouse?
Why the Club isn’t actually all that private.
9 min
Big philanthropy’s transparency problem
By one estimate, the 50 largest donors gave away 25 billion dollars overall.
4 min
Imagine a life without Google
Australian lawmakers are pushing for some regulations on Google and in response, the Silicon Valley giant has threatened to turn off its services in the country.
5 min
Electric cars are having a moment
Internal combustion, your days are numbered.
5 min
Why Andrew Yang’s campaign cut ties with Shervi...
The fundraiser was once a big deal in Silicon Valley but, several years ago, was accused of sexual misconduct. How did Yang’s campaign miss that?
6 min
What is Clubhouse?
And why you keep hearing about this buzzy Silicon Valley startup.
7 min
Jeff Bezos’s second act
Will he follow in the footsteps of other former CEOs?
7 min
Vaccine scams
Watch out for fake vaccine appointment offers and vaccine cards
5 min
Why Apple’s feuding with Facebook over your pri...
Why the two companies are classic Silicon Valley frenemies
7 min
Amazon’s new CEO
What the transition could signal for Big Tech
8 min
Digital divide among seniors hampers vaccine di...
The people most vulnerable to Covid-19 are struggling to book appointments or find information about vaccination online
6 min
Congress gets involved with GameStop and Robinhood
As the GameStop story continues, congress speaks up
6 min
Getting the vaccine and giving up your data
Did a Philadelphia vaccine distributor sell medical data?
5 min
Most Americans want to break up Big Tech
Democrats and Republicans agree about breaking up Big Tech
3 min
Will the GameStop games stop?
How Reddit users are sticking it to Wall Street
7 min
The case for deplatforming extremists
Why Trump’s social media ban isn’t a violation of free speech
6 min
When stock tips go viral
From #fintok to Gamestop
9 min
Biden picks an acting FCC chair
Biden’s FCC may bring back net neutrality and help Americans stay connected.
5 min
Online extremists break up with Trump
Online extremists had been using the Internet to recruit long before Qanon and the Proud Boys.
5 min
Will Biden break up Big Tech?
How antitrust law could check tech giant power
9 min
How tech giants decided to deplatform Trump
Will Trump return to social media after he leaves office?
6 min
Why everyone suddenly switched to Signal
How private is the app and will it stay that way?
6 min
Airbnb cancels all D.C. bookings for inauguration
The company said it has banned users involved with the storming of the Capitol last week.
3 min
Amazon’s removal of right-wing militia merch
Amazon employees sounded the alarm
5 min
The new richest person in the world
Is he giving his money away?
10 min
From Twitter to Parler: platforms’ response to ...
What are Donald Trump’s options for online communication now?
8 min
The Internet is identifying Capitol rioters usi...
The Capitol mob gleefully posted videos and photos of the attack all over the Internet
5 min
Facebook bans Trump
And Twitter suspended the president’s personal account, @realDonaldTrump, for 12 hours.
6 min
Will the rich get to cut the line for the vaccine?
What billionaires can and can’t get from their doctors.
8 min
Why a Google union matters
The new Alphabet Workers Union is an important step forward, but it has a long road ahead.
6 min
Hey Google, check my privacy settings
What you can do to minimize what Amazon and Google hear.
3 min
WeWork’s Surprising Comeback
Recode’s Rani Molla on the surprising resilience of co-working spaces
6 min
How to save the post office
Make it a bank?
6 min
Disney makes a risky call
When will we go back to the movies?
7 min
What we know so far about the Russian hack
Why it’s setting off alarms in Washington
4 min
Why Big Tech is leaving Silicon Valley for Texas
California vs. Texas
6 min
Airbnb’s IPO
Airbnb’s stock price more than doubled on its first day of trading
5 min
The FTC and 48 AGs want to break up Facebook
The lawsuits will take years to wind their way through the courts. But in the meantime, they may discourage Facebook from acquiring other social networks like TikTok.
6 min
Why WarnerMedia is moving its movies online
WarnerMedia plans to release their biggest movies of the year on HBO Max. Is this the end for movie theaters?
8 min
Why star AI researcher Timnit Gebru left Google
Why the controversy has the attention of the tech community
7 min
The vaccine influencers
It’s not such a new concept
6 min
E-commerce returns go in-person
Receiving packages is still a lot easier than returning them
5 min
The future of Zoom
How will they stay relevant in a post-pandemic world?
6 min
Why Roku doesn’t carry HBO Max, for now
Streaming services are fighting for more direct access to their consumers’ data
6 min
What it will take to distribute the vaccine
Are we prepared?
7 min
Why remote learning worsens education inequality
And how educators are finding low-tech solutions to curb the gap
8 min
The death of department stores
Many malls and department stores will never reopen
8 min
Can it really compete with Twitter?
6 min
Are Substack newsletters the future of journalism?
Why writers are becoming their own boss
10 min
Amazon Rx
Amazon’s next frontier is healthcare.
7 min
How Biden’s staff picks could shape Tech policy
Who will have a seat at the table?
9 min
The two new ways to tweet
Why the “public square” platform is trying something more private.
6 min
Should you sharent?
Why sharing photos of your kids on social media could be putting them at risk
8 min
The future of the FCC
From net neutrality to low-income subsidies, Biden’s FCC could make the Internet fairer and more accessible.
3 min
Political polarization is getting worse
Feelings of animosity towards other groups are on the rise.
4 min
What happens to anti-Trump media now?
From Sarah Cooper to Crooked Media, their plans post-Trump
7 min
Is social media ready for a vaccine?
How the platforms are preparing for a new wave of vaccine misinformation
9 min
Biden and Silicon Valley
What Biden’s win means for the Valley
8 min
California sets a higher bar for our online pri...
Why Prop 24’s win matters
6 min
Why California’s Prop 22 matters for gig workers
Are workers getting a fair deal?
7 min
Why conspiracy theories are a threat to democracy
The long-term consequences of Trump’s conspiracy theory campaign
7 min
How Nextdoor became a political battleground
From mask mandates to political lawn signs, politics have come to Nextdoor. Not everyone is happy about it.
5 min
Contraband cell phones in prison
How and why they are a lifeline for incarcerated people
9 min
The mail-in election
An unprecedented number of Americans have cast their ballot by mail. Not all of them will arrive on time.
5 min
How Twitter has shaped the Trump campaign
Bruce Ohr, Section 230, Hunter Biden’s emails: all catnip for conservative Twitter. But does most of the American public care?
5 min
The eerie familiarity of the dot-com bubble of ...
How Silicon Valley in the 90s paved the way for today’s Big Tech culture
8 min
What we can learn from Quibi calling it quits
The rise and fall of the video startup
6 min
Iran and the threatening “Proud Boys” emails
What we know about the spoofed messages
6 min
AOC is among us on Twitch
Why the progressive congresswoman has taken up streaming
6 min
Silicon Valley’s secret super PAC
Why Silicon Valley megadonors are spending big money on TV ads
10 min
Why Google’s getting sued
The most consequential antitrust action against Big Tech in decades
8 min