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Society & Culture
Air conditioning is not cool
The same technology that keeps us cool is heating up the planet.
14 min
How the levees held
The levees held for Hurricane Ida, but can they hold for the next storm?
9 min
Mandating vaccines shouldn’t be a restaurant wo...
With little support from local governments, service workers have been put in charge of enforcing vaccination regulations.
10 min
Blaming Facebook won't solve the misinformation...
Why society is more to blame for the spread of misinformation than social media.
9 min
Big Tech’s Taliban problem
The Taliban is in control of Afghanistan for the first time in the age of social media.
11 min
Did we pull the plug on virtual school too soon?
With the continuing threat of the delta variant, is now the best time to return to the classroom?
14 min
Is the future of work in employees’ hands?
What the future of work could look like, according to a remote work expert.
12 min
404: Podcast not found
The internet is getting old, and many pages are at risk of aging out.
14 min
Your next office could be inside a VR headset
Mark Zuckerberg is hoping to level up what working from home looks like.
11 min
TikTok is making tax policy cool
If you’re looking for a thought-provoking conversation about American tax credits, look no further than TikTok.
15 min
Why am I so invested in Alabama sorority TikTok?
If you were on TikTok last week, the #BamaRush videos were almost everywhere.
14 min
TikTok made me buy it
How TikTok makes products fly off the shelves, then flame out fast.
11 min
Tesla is in trouble with the US government
What does the investigation mean for the future of Tesla's "Autopilot" program?
12 min
Why it’s always moms
Why are moms always expected to quit their jobs instead of dads?
11 min
America is losing the electric car race
Biden’s investing billions into growing electric vehicle technology in the US
11 min
Bitcoin and Biden’s infrastructure bill
Senators’ indecision on how to tax crypto moves to the House
9 min
Apple’s plan to protect kids by scanning your i...
Apple announced new child safety features for iOS 15. Privacy experts are not thrilled.
9 min
On tonight’s menu: Your personal data
There’s more than meets the eye to restaurants’ new virtual menus
9 min
Facebook banned researchers studying ... Facebook
A research team studying misinformation on Facebook was just kicked off the platform.
14 min
An app’s plan to profit off your fear
Citizen has a checkered history. Can we trust this app with our personal safety?
11 min
The risks of “buy now, pay later” apps
Square’s latest acquisition could make it much easier for CashApp’s 70 million users to buy everyday items in installments.
8 min
Tech companies: No shot, no coming back to the ...
Big Tech was the first to implement remote work. Now, tech companies are leading on vaccines.
7 min
Another gaming giant reckons with its sexist wo...
Hundreds of Activision Blizzard employees walked out of their offices last week in protest.
8 min
TikTok is winning the Olympics.
10 min
A priest’s cautionary tale in dating and data p...
Data harvesting by dating apps can have life-altering consequences
9 min
Big Retail is watching you
Retailers say facial recognition helps curb theft, but privacy experts are raising concerns.
9 min
Congress vs. Covid lies
Could a new bill targeting health misinformation online actually make a difference?
11 min
Why Netflix wants to be a gaming app
The streaming giant is trying a new service to keep users engaged.
9 min
The rest stop doctor’s appointment
What ending lockdown-era telehealth provisions means for patients and providers.
10 min
Roblox: 40 million games in one
The popular app has more than 40 million daily users
9 min
Did Anthony Bourdain say that?
A new documentary brings the late chef back to life using artificial intelligence.
10 min
Yes, iPhones can be hacked
5 min
How much does it cost to leave Earth?
Space tourism is taking off, but not everyone is able to come aboard.
6 min
Bring on the 4-day workweek
Are Americans ready to work less?
14 min
Social media’s racial bias problem
Social media giants still have a problem with racism.
9 min
Why is everything so expensive right now?
The economy is still adjusting to an unprecedented year of economic turbulence.
10 min
How social media threatens humanity
We don’t yet know enough about the dangers of social media.
14 min
The power grid vs. climate change
Cracks in America’s power infrastructure show the country is dangerously unprepared for extreme temperature events
9 min
The real reason Trump is suing Big Tech
These lawsuits are just distractions.
10 min
A billionaire, a cryptocurrency, and a disaster...
Crypto philanthropy is a burgeoning field, and one with lots of unique complications.
12 min
The problem with post-pandemic work
After a pandemic year of brands telling us “we’re all in this together” and corporations calling their workers “heroes,” companies are ready to move on.
14 min
Don’t fear the wrinkle
Why wrinkles are having their day in the sun
11 min
What does “monopoly” mean in the internet age?
Facebook caught a break this week, but the fight to limit the tech giant’s power continues.
10 min
Remote workers are on the move… to the suburbs
America is ready for a return to the office, but are workers? The latest data shows that most people would like to continue working remotely in some capacity, even if employers are not meeting those expectations.
12 min
Subscribe to everything. Own nothing.
Why you may never fully own your tech products.
9 min
Should Instagram influencers unionize?
Online business boomed during the pandemic as more people turned to shopping on the web. But with the rise of e-commerce, social media companies like Instagram are raising their expectations, and content creators are feeling the pressure.
10 min
Delivery wars
Food delivery apps have made it possible to order pretty much anything we want to eat with the click of a button. The latest season of the Land of the Giants podcast explores the cost of that convenience.
31 min
The ghosts of Google Maps
As people walk the virtual streets of Google Maps, some have found late loved ones that were photographed by Google’s self-driving cars years ago.
10 min
Is it hot in here?
In an effort to save energy, some power companies have started messing with customers’ thermostats.
9 min
Big Tech is scared of Lina Khan
What Lina Khan’s appointment as chair of the Federal Trade Commission means for Big Tech.
8 min
Why UFOs are back
What to expect from the Pentagon report on UFOs later this month
12 min
Amazon’s HR problem
Black employees at Amazon say the HR department is failing them.
10 min
Where on the internet is Donald Trump?
The former president was kicked off social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the wake of the Capitol riots, and it’s not clear when — or if — they’re going to let him back on.
12 min
Why the internet is a luxury
America already had a problem with internet access. The pandemic showed us just how bad that problem was.
11 min
Congress’s plans to break up Big Tech
The long-awaited bipartisan antitrust legislation explained
8 min
I got my (digital) driver's license last week
Apple wants to make your physical wallet obsolete.
11 min
Big events are back!
The event ecosystem is healing.
6 min
The tradeoffs of the Substack hustle
Journalist Rob Walker on leaving institutions for indie work
8 min
The ugly truth about credit card points
Did you book a hotel with your credit card points? The person behind you in line, who paid with cash, helped pay for your stay.
10 min
Amazon wants to share your internet. With every...
What’s Amazon Sidewalk and why you might need to opt out
4 min
Elon Musk is a stonckfluencer
When Elon Musk tweets, the markets move.
7 min
Ransomware is everywhere
From public transit to meat production, what’s with all the cyberattacks?
8 min
Etsy just bought cooler Etsy
The site famous for handmade goods is going after Gen Z
9 min
Why you should be wary of AI and your insurance...
Why AI probably shouldn’t be used to review insurance claims.
10 min
Hot beach summer
After more than a year indoors, Americans are flocking to beaches for summer 2021.
7 min
Biden’s antitrust brain trust
Tim Wu has joined Biden’s National Economic Council, while Lina Khan will reportedly be nominated to the Federal Trade Commision
6 min
How websites trick you into saying “yes”
Listen now! Offer ends soon
7 min
Bitcoin’s inconvenient truth
Processing Bitcoin transactions uses more electricity than the entire country of Kazakhstan.
9 min
Amazon Rx
Amazon’s next frontier is healthcare.
8 min
How Instacart’s harsh ratings system hurts groc...
A New York City Instacart shopper and deliverer explains how livelihoods depend on a ratings system that must change.
9 min
Would you ditch your doctor for an app?
What the pandemic taught us about telemedicine
9 min
Why AT&T and WarnerMedia split
What happened? And what happens next? New York Times media reporter Edmund Lee joins Peter Kafka, host of the Recode Media podcast, to discuss.
14 min
Bill Gates will never be the same
Can Bill and Melinda Gates continue to work together?
8 min
Buy now, pay later...but read the fine print
Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm: how buy now, pay later is spreading beyond retail
10 min
The FCC’s big bet on Elon Musk
Can Elon Musk’s satellite internet service live up to its potential?.
7 min
Young viewer discretion advised
How YouTube Kids keeps kids watching
7 min
How Alexa learned to talk
A tale that includes Xboxes, decoys, and apartments-in-disguise.
14 min
The Colonial Pipeline, hacked
Why would hackers target a major US oil pipeline?
7 min
India's Covid censorship
Indian’s censorship of social media posts, explained
13 min
The housing boom, but for renters
America’s high-flying housing market might mean you’ll be renting forever.
10 min
Why you should be skeptical of Jeff Bezos’s wor...
It’s difficult to get honest feedback from workers who fear retaliation.
8 min
iOS 14.5 lets you say no to data tracking
iPhone users can now opt out of data tracking across apps. What does that mean for users?
7 min
Apple and Facebook are all ears
Apple and Facebook announced ambitious audio plans.
8 min
The surprisingly exciting future of batteries
The humble battery may be the most important technology on the road to a clean energy economy
9 min
If an atmospheric scientist had a billion dollars
Will tech billionaires save the planet from climate change -- and should they be leading the charge?
9 min
Is remote work better for the environment?
The work-from-home revolution may seem like a boon for the climate, but the reality is a lot more complicated
8 min
Bitcoin’s inconvenient truth
Processing Bitcoin transactions uses more electricity than the entire country of Kazakhstan.
9 min
The gas stove myth
Going green? Start with your stove.
11 min
A wealth tax for tech billionaires
Bill Gates has in the past publicly supported higher taxes for the rich. But now that a wealth tax has been proposed in his home state, Gates and other billionaires are keeping quiet.
8 min
How do taxes work for remote employees? It's co...
The “convenience rule” for state taxes may not be so convenient for employees
5 min
Is AI really a national security threat?
Why we shouldn’t treat AI development as an arms race.
6 min
Twitter doesn't want Trump's tweets, but the Na...
How do you preserve the tweets of a president who's been banned from Twitter? 
6 min
A union drive at Amazon fails
Amazon warehouse workers voted against forming a union by about a 2-1 margin
6 min
Listen now! Offer ends soon
Dark patterns: how websites get you to say “yes”
6 min
Back to the movies?
How has the rise in streaming services changed movie watching
10 min
Supreme code
Google used another company’s code when it built the Android OS. Is that legal? SCOTUS said yes.
8 min
Vaccine passports, explained
Are digital vaccine passports a good idea?
7 min
Why Covid-19 tests aren’t going away
Abbott Labs, the producer of a new at-home Covid-19 test, says it plans to sell the tests to retailers for less than $10.
5 min
Should you buy your grandma a robot?
Some social robots have been shown to improve health outcomes in elderly patients.
8 min
Don't get duped by these vaccine scams
Watch out for fake vaccine appointment offers and vaccine cards
5 min