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The internet, from SpaceX
Starlink, a constellation of satellites launched by Space X, has the ambitious goal of bringing internet connectivity to the globe.
28 min
The YouTubers are freaked
YouTube is finally being forced to follow a decades-old rule that protects kids’ privacy online. What does this mean for content creators?
19 min
Facebook's fake deepfake problem
The dark origins of deepfake videos and Facebook’s new policy explained.
23 min
Mind the Gap
The secret group coordinating Silicon Valley's political donations.
23 min
The legal battle over who counts as an employee
California’s landmark new gig work law, AB5, explained. And, the broader trend of states stepping in to regulate tech companies.
21 min
The other Iranian threat: cyberwarfare
How much should we worry about Iranian hackers?
23 min
What California's new data privacy law means fo...
The country's strongest data privacy law just went into effect in California.
25 min
How to get a treatment for your toddler’s rare ...
Start calling scientists.
27 min
10 years of Elon Musk
Elon Musk: a look at the tech billionaire who wants to start a colony on Mars, build a machine to control computers with just your brain, and who thinks we probably live in a simulation.
26 min
Can Artificial Intelligence teach you to write ...
Students across the country are graded by artificial intelligence. But can an algorithm really know how to write?
23 min
WeWork, China, and Silicon Valley activism: thi...
Reset’s end of year tech wrap-up episode, featuring the former Verge superstar, Adrianne Jeffries, and the current executive editor of The Verge, TC Sottek.
31 min
Quantum Supremacy, WTF?
Google says it's reached "quantum supremacy." We break down what that means for computing and why IBM is pushing back.
19 min
Robot priests: the rise of A.I. in religion
As new technology enters the religious domain, how might artificial intelligence play a role?
25 min
When Big Tech calls 911
In this episode, two stories on one theme: how tech companies interact with communities they're located in, and their impact on emergency services.
29 min
Maybe don't put a Ring on it?
Amazon’s Ring has some safety issues. How secure are these home security systems?
25 min
Genealogists love DNA and so do the police
The genetic genealogy website used to find the Golden State Killer has been sold to a DNA forensics company.
28 min
How can I watch you today?
When we shop online, we tend to think of it as a solitary experience free of sales associates and watchful eyes. But it turns out, some companies can see every move you make in their online stores, in realtime.
21 min
How safe is Uber?
Uber released its first-ever safety report. How should we feel about its numbers and what do they tell us about safety and sexual misconduct in the gig economy?
28 min
Did An Anti-Sex Trafficking Internet Law Put Ev...
A law called FOSTA-SESTA, and it's unintended consequences.
22 min
Don't curl your lashes and talk about Uighurs o...
TikTok, the video sharing app that has taken the tweens and 2019 by storm, is now facing still competition, concerns over censorship, and a federal investigation.
18 min
You Are Being Microtargeted
Why you should know about microtargeting, and how it works in political advertising
24 min
What the truck, Tesla?!
Is Elon Musk's Cybertruck the future of electric vehicles?
24 min
The tech behind ankle monitors
Electronic monitoring, often in the form of ankle bands, is on the rise within the criminal justice system—it’s viewed by some as a simple alternative to incarceration, but what impact does this tech really have on people's lives?
25 min
Sharenting: how much should you share about you...
What's at risk when we share photos, videos or other kid content on social media? Arielle talks with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway about when and how they share their personal family life online. Plus, Leah Plunkett, author of a new book on the subject "Sharenthood: Why We Should Think Before We Talk about Our Kids Online."
23 min
Amazon's Middlewomen
Why so many Amazon packages take a pitstop in the small town of Roundup, Montana
21 min