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Society & Culture
Amazon’s HR problem
Black employees at Amazon say the HR department is failing them.
10 min
Where on the internet is Donald Trump?
The former president was kicked off social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the wake of the Capitol riots, and it’s not clear when — or if — they’re going to let him back on.
12 min
Why the internet is a luxury
America already had a problem with internet access. The pandemic showed us just how bad that problem was.
11 min
Congress’s plans to break up Big Tech
The long-awaited bipartisan antitrust legislation explained
8 min
I got my (digital) driver's license last week
Apple wants to make your physical wallet obsolete.
11 min
Big events are back!
The event ecosystem is healing.
6 min
The tradeoffs of the Substack hustle
Journalist Rob Walker on leaving institutions for indie work
8 min
The ugly truth about credit card points
Did you book a hotel with your credit card points? The person behind you in line, who paid with cash, helped pay for your stay.
10 min
Amazon wants to share your internet. With every...
What’s Amazon Sidewalk and why you might need to opt out
4 min
Elon Musk is a stonckfluencer
When Elon Musk tweets, the markets move.
7 min
Ransomware is everywhere
From public transit to meat production, what’s with all the cyberattacks?
8 min
Etsy just bought cooler Etsy
The site famous for handmade goods is going after Gen Z
9 min
Why you should be wary of AI and your insurance...
Why AI probably shouldn’t be used to review insurance claims.
10 min
Hot beach summer
After more than a year indoors, Americans are flocking to beaches for summer 2021.
7 min
Biden’s antitrust brain trust
Tim Wu has joined Biden’s National Economic Council, while Lina Khan will reportedly be nominated to the Federal Trade Commision
6 min
How websites trick you into saying “yes”
Listen now! Offer ends soon
7 min
Bitcoin’s inconvenient truth
Processing Bitcoin transactions uses more electricity than the entire country of Kazakhstan.
9 min
Amazon Rx
Amazon’s next frontier is healthcare.
8 min
How Instacart’s harsh ratings system hurts groc...
A New York City Instacart shopper and deliverer explains how livelihoods depend on a ratings system that must change.
9 min
Would you ditch your doctor for an app?
What the pandemic taught us about telemedicine
9 min
Why AT&T and WarnerMedia split
What happened? And what happens next? New York Times media reporter Edmund Lee joins Peter Kafka, host of the Recode Media podcast, to discuss.
14 min
Bill Gates will never be the same
Can Bill and Melinda Gates continue to work together?
8 min
Buy now, pay later...but read the fine print
Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm: how buy now, pay later is spreading beyond retail
10 min
The FCC’s big bet on Elon Musk
Can Elon Musk’s satellite internet service live up to its potential?.
7 min
Young viewer discretion advised
How YouTube Kids keeps kids watching
7 min