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Society & Culture
Congress vs. Covid lies
Could a new bill targeting health misinformation online actually make a difference?
11 min
Why Netflix wants to be a gaming app
The streaming giant is trying a new service to keep users engaged.
9 min
The rest stop doctor’s appointment
What ending lockdown-era telehealth provisions means for patients and providers.
10 min
Roblox: 40 million games in one
The popular app has more than 40 million daily users
9 min
Did Anthony Bourdain say that?
A new documentary brings the late chef back to life using artificial intelligence.
10 min
Yes, iPhones can be hacked
5 min
How much does it cost to leave Earth?
Space tourism is taking off, but not everyone is able to come aboard.
6 min
Bring on the 4-day workweek
Are Americans ready to work less?
14 min
Social media’s racial bias problem
Social media giants still have a problem with racism.
9 min
Why is everything so expensive right now?
The economy is still adjusting to an unprecedented year of economic turbulence.
10 min
How social media threatens humanity
We don’t yet know enough about the dangers of social media.
14 min
The power grid vs. climate change
Cracks in America’s power infrastructure show the country is dangerously unprepared for extreme temperature events
9 min
The real reason Trump is suing Big Tech
These lawsuits are just distractions.
10 min
A billionaire, a cryptocurrency, and a disaster...
Crypto philanthropy is a burgeoning field, and one with lots of unique complications.
12 min
The problem with post-pandemic work
After a pandemic year of brands telling us “we’re all in this together” and corporations calling their workers “heroes,” companies are ready to move on.
14 min
Don’t fear the wrinkle
Why wrinkles are having their day in the sun
11 min
What does “monopoly” mean in the internet age?
Facebook caught a break this week, but the fight to limit the tech giant’s power continues.
10 min
Remote workers are on the move… to the suburbs
America is ready for a return to the office, but are workers? The latest data shows that most people would like to continue working remotely in some capacity, even if employers are not meeting those expectations.
12 min
Subscribe to everything. Own nothing.
Why you may never fully own your tech products.
9 min
Should Instagram influencers unionize?
Online business boomed during the pandemic as more people turned to shopping on the web. But with the rise of e-commerce, social media companies like Instagram are raising their expectations, and content creators are feeling the pressure.
10 min
Delivery wars
Food delivery apps have made it possible to order pretty much anything we want to eat with the click of a button. The latest season of the Land of the Giants podcast explores the cost of that convenience.
31 min
The ghosts of Google Maps
As people walk the virtual streets of Google Maps, some have found late loved ones that were photographed by Google’s self-driving cars years ago.
10 min
Is it hot in here?
In an effort to save energy, some power companies have started messing with customers’ thermostats.
9 min
Big Tech is scared of Lina Khan
What Lina Khan’s appointment as chair of the Federal Trade Commission means for Big Tech.
8 min
Why UFOs are back
What to expect from the Pentagon report on UFOs later this month
12 min