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Big Fish Small Pod: March 23, 2021
Today's Small Pod with host Daniel Rodriguez
3 min
The Offishial Show: 2021 Marlins HOF Candidates
Ely asks for your help to determine which former players deserve enshrinement in our very own Marlins HOF
30 min
Big Fish Small Pod: March 19, 2021
Today's Small Pod with host A.T. Werdal
7 min
The Offishial Show: 2021 𝗕𝗢𝗟𝗗 Predictions
Aram Leighton of Locked On Marlins joins Ely to exchange bold predictions for this upcoming season
44 min
Big Fish Small Pod: March 18, 2021
Today’s Small Pod with host Daniel Rodriguez
5 min
Big Fish Small Pod: March 17, 2021
Today's Small Pod with host Ely Sussman
6 min
Marlins Barbecue: Fish Scoops with Andy Slater 👀
Andy Slater dishes on his earliest Marlins memories, ideal meals and more
23 min
Big Fish Small Pod: March 16, 2021
Today’s Small Pod with host Daniel Rodriguez
4 min
The Offishial Show: Sixto Set for Spring Debut
Ely will have his eye on Sixto Sánchez Monday afternoon as the Marlins top prospect pitches in his first-ever spring training game
28 min
Big Fish Small Pod: March 12, 2021
Today's Small Pod with host Ely Sussman
8 min
Marlins Barbecue: Tailgating with Joe Frisaro
Veteran reporter Joe Frisaro makes his long-awaited Fish Stripes podcast debut and details what’s next for his career
41 min
Big Fish Small Pod: March 11, 2021
Today’s Small Pod with host Daniel Rodriguez
5 min
Big Fish Small Pod: March 10, 2021
Today's Small Pod with host Ely Sussman
10 min
Big Fish Small Pod: March 9, 2021
Today's Small Pod with host Daniel Rodriguez
4 min
Marlins Barbecue: Not Seeing, Not Believing
Alex and Red reunite on the pod for the first time in 2021
41 min
The Offishial Show: Why Trevor's Ready for Rota...
Ely identifies five player/team milestones that should be attainable for the 2021 Marlins and reacts to what happened over the weekend
28 min
Marlins Barbecue: #WearBlueNeverLose
Alex and Ely discuss the first two Marlins spring training games, the team's lineup and roster construction, and of course, those sweet blue unis
50 min
Big Hall Talk: Rievman's 2021 HOF Ballot
Big Hall Talk with Ethan Budowsky welcomes fellow Baseball Hall of Fame enthusiast Alex Rievman
77 min
The Offishial Show: Lewis "King of Spring" Brinson
Ely reacts to Sunday's exhibition game victory over the Astros and gets you caught up on the former Fish who have found new homes
32 min
Fish Pod Full-Squad Preview!
Personalities from the Fish Stripes, Fish Across the Pond and Swimming Upstream podcasts look forward to the new Marlins season
114 min
The Offishial Show: Remembering Harold Ramirez 😢
An emergency podcast reacting to the Marlins designating Harold Ramirez for assignment
34 min
Earning Their Stripes: RHP Zach McCambley
Marlins third-round draft pick Zach McCambley reflects on his amateur career and explains how he's adjusting to the pro lifestyle
30 min
The Offishial Show: 🗣️Duuuuuuuuuuvall
Ely, Alex and Daniel analyze the Marlins' signing of free agent Adam Duvall, and just as important, who could be traded to make room for him on the roster
47 min
Big Hall Talk: Gary Sheffield
Big Hall Talk with Ethan Budowsky discusses the career of Gary Sheffield and his chances of making it to Cooperstown
43 min
Marlins Barbecue: Most Pivotal Players for 2021
With the Marlins roster mostly set for spring training, the BBQ crew covers lots of hot-button topics
45 min
The Offishial Show: Season Start Date CONFIRMED 🗓️
Ely, Alex, Ethan and Louis discuss the upcoming 2021 season, the Jordan Yamamoto trade and available players still on their Marlins wish list
58 min
Big Hall Talk: Full Ballot Breakdown
Big Hall Talk with Ethan Budowsky looks at what the 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame voting results mean for the future of each candidate
41 min
The Offishial Show: Yama-not On The Marlins Any...
With news of Jordan Yamamoto's DFA, Ely reminisces on his Marlins career and questions the strange timing of this decision
32 min
Introducing Big Hall Talk
Ethan Budowsky introduces a new podcast series, seeking to bring justice to the Baseball Hall of Fame voting process
13 min
Today's Aces: 2021 Rankings, Version 1.0
Which Marlins rotation candidates are in your circle of trust? Ely and Ethan introduce a new series about exactly that.
70 min
The Offishial Show:'s Christina De Nicola's Marlins beat reporter Christina De Nicola joins Ely and Alex to discuss how she got the job and what she intends to do with it in 2021 and beyond
64 min
The Offishial Show: State of the Marlins Rotation
Ely discusses both the obvious and intangible benefits that should be tempting the Marlins to invest in a free agent starting pitcher for the 2021 season
35 min
The Offishial Show: Marlins Affiliate To Be Nam...
Our first pod of 2021 features Beloit, Wisconsin's own Ben Witkins, covering all angles of the city that will host the Marlins High-A MiLB affiliate for the foreseeable future
60 min
The Offishial Show: BA, Miggy Ro & the "Marlins...
Merry Christmas! 🎄 Ely drops a surprise podcast episode launching a new mini series dedicated to Marlins players who have bridged the Jeffrey Loria and Derek Jeter eras
43 min
The Offishial Show: Big Hall Talk 🗣️
Ely, Ethan and special guest Daniel Álvarez Montes explain who they would vote for on the 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot
93 min
Marlins Barbecue: Fish Add Campbell, Pop, 🔥 to ...
Ely, Alex and Louis react to a busy Thursday and what it tells us about how the Marlins are constructing their 2021 team
55 min
The Offishial Show: New Marlins Free Agent Targ...
Ely reacts to the new wave of available free agents and previews who the Marlins should pursue at the MLB Winter Meetings
45 min
The Offishial Show: Build Your 10-Year Superteam
Alex Carver and Daniel De Vivo join Ely for an all-Marlins, keeper league style fantasy draft
109 min
The Offishial Show: 4 More Years of ___
Ely rebrands Fish Stripes' flagship podcast show and discusses the top free agents available with Daniel Rodriguez
66 min
Fish Bites: Marlins Front Office Shake-up
Reliving all of the most impactful moves that Hill made as Miami's president of baseball operations
60 min
Marlins Barbecue: Who's Still Hungry?!
Alex and Ely share their World Series picks and breakdown the most immediate needs for the Marlins to address
42 min
Fish Bites: Way-Too-Early Marlins Predictions 😜
The 10 players you could see starting for the Fish against the Rays on April 1, including one "big" surprise
46 min
🚨NLDS Exclusive: ESPN's Tim Kurkjian🚨
Alex Krutchik checks in with ESPN legend Tim Kurkjian heading into Game 2 of the NLDS
7 min
Marlins Barbecue: Punch the Braves in the Mouth 👊
Red and Alex are reunited to talk smack to Braves Country and make some predictions heading into this week's postseason series
26 min
Marlins-Cubs Playoff Series Preview
Ethan breaks down all the keys to the best-of-three matchup being played this week at Wrigley Field
22 min
Marlins Barbecue: We're in the PLAYOFFS, bro!
Mike Biana of the Marlins describes the scene inside empty Marlins Park during the 2020 season and his reaction to the improbable postseason clinch
52 min
Marlins Barbecue: Enough Left in the Tank??
For the first time in an eternity, we enter the season's final week counting down the Marlins' magic number and debating who can be trusted in October
38 min
Marlins Barbecue: Controlling Their Own Destiny
Rookies proving that they belong, veterans turning back the clock and Donnie Baseball pushing all the right buttons
34 min
Fish Bites: Marlins, Phillies to Meet in Mega S...
The Good Phight's Alex Carr calls in to break down E V E R Y T H I N G about this matchup
71 min
Marlins Barbecue: Labor Day Cookout 🔥
Alex welcomes in a couple guests to address the key questions surrounding the Marlins as their playoff push intensifies
36 min
Fish Bites: Glenn Geffner Interview 🎙️
Glenn Geffner details his research process and feelings about the direction of the Marlins franchise and Major League Baseball in general
47 min
Marlins Barbecue: Starling, Isan & Mr. Marlin Jr.
Red and Alex react to the Marlins' success at the MLB trade deadline
33 min
Marlins Barbecue: New Ingredients??
Red and Alex break down the Marlins' mixed results last week and want to see the club pursue upgrades leading up to the MLB trade deadline
39 min
Marlins Reactions: Sixto Captivates in Debut 🔥
Ethan Budowsky shares his thoughts on Sixto Sánchez's Major League debut (Aug. 22 vs. Washington)
10 min
Marlins Reactions: Reinforcements Arrive
Ethan Budowsky discusses the changes to the Marlins roster after a poor series against the Mets and leading up to a five-game series with the Nationals
15 min
Marlins Barbecue: Good Donnie! Bad Donnie!
Red and Alex explain where they agree and disagree with Marlins manager Don Mattingly and how the team's roster could change in the near future
33 min
Marlins Reactions: Series Loss to the Braves
Ethan Budowsky shares his thoughts on the Marlins dropping 2 of 3 to the divisional rival Braves, creating a tie atop the division
16 min
Marlins Reactions: Crazy Series vs. Blue Jays 🤪
Ethan Budowsky shares his thoughts from the crazy two-game matchup against the Blue Jays in Buffalo, as the Marlins are set to finally return to Marlins Park
15 min
Marlins Barbecue: Spicy Fish Return Home
Ely and Alex talk about Pablo, Sandy, BA, Cervelli and the bullpen and look forward to this weekend's series against the Braves
59 min
Marlins Barbecue: A Week Well Done
Red and Alex look back on an eventful week for the division-leading Marlins and welcome special guest Brendan Tobin aka "Macho Marlins Man"
34 min
Marlins Reactions: Back-to-Back Losses to Mets
The 2020 Marlins are facing their first setback after dropping two of three against their division rival, the New York Mets. Ethan Budowsky sheds light on how it happened.
17 min
Marlins Barbecue: Can the Fish Stay Competitive?
Red and Alex are cautiously optimistic that the new-look Marlins will still have a lot to play for vs. the Orioles and beyond
48 min
Marlins Barbecue: COVID-19 Cancels Home Opener 😷
Red and Alex react to the breaking news of at least 12 Marlins players testing positive for COVID-19
21 min
Marlins Reactions: Marlins Take 2 of 3 From Phi...
Ethan Budowsky shares his thoughts on the first series of the 2020 season for the Miami Marlins
13 min
Marlins Reactions: Marlins Beat Phillies as San...
Reaction to Friday night's 5-2 Marlins win
13 min
Marlins Barbecue: Biggest Takeaways From Win Ov...
Red and Alex get you prepped for real 2020 Marlins baseball
26 min
Fish Bites: Next Stop: Philadelphia
We welcome in the familiar voice of Danny Martinez to complete our Marlins season preview!
39 min
Marlins Barbecue: Biggest Takeaways From Loss t...
Red and Alex pick out the positives and negatives from Tuesday's game, a 10-9 loss to the Braves
29 min
Marlins Barbecue: Fish vs. Braves Preview
Red and Alex welcome the return of televised Marlins baseball and do position-by-position comparisons between the Fish with the Atlanta Braves
42 min
Fish Bites: Gambling Tips for 2020
Discussing how the unique circumstances of this MLB season create opportunities for you to profit
36 min
Fish Bites: Building Dream Teams of Marlins Pla...
It's Fish Stripes (Ely Sussman) vs. Fish Army (Jacob Carrion/Shane Sutton) in a competition to build the best possible long-term lineup using only current Marlins players
74 min
Marlins Barbecue: How Do These Pieces Fit Toget...
Discussing all of the Marlins Opening Day roster possibilities with real games barely a week away
47 min
Marlins Barbecue: Letting the 2020 Schedule Mar...
Grilling Major League Baseball for its sloppy handling of COVID-19 testing and sharing first impressions of the Marlins' regular season schedule
58 min
Welcome to Marlins Barbecue
Alex Contreras and Anthony "Red" Garcia launch a brand new podcast show on Fish Stripes, delivering informed takes on the Marlins from two guys who have stuck with the team through all the highs and lows
46 min
Earning Their Stripes: Analyzing All Prospects ...
Nearly half of the club's 2020 player pool is comprised of guys with zero major league experience but extraordinary potential
52 min
Fish Bites: Roundtable Reaction to 2020 MLB Rules
To reach the light at the other end of their rebuild, the Marlins must not take 2020 season for granted
46 min
Fish Bites: Marlins to Play 60-Game Season
The usual MLB marathon is being adapted into a 60-game sprint for 2020, and the volatility of such a small sample could benefit the Marlins
48 min
Earning Their Stripes: MLB Draft Recap
What to expect from new Marlins pitchers Max Meyer, Dax Fulton, Kyle Nicolas, Zach McCambley, Jake Eder and Kyle Hurt
39 min
Fish Bites: Manfred, Clark Disappointing the ML...
Our takes on Marlins minor league play, 2020 MLB season negotiations and the best single-season players in Fish history
54 min
Earning Their Stripes: Underdog Marlins Prospects
How money could influence the Marlins' 2020 draft approach and which lightly regarded prospects we believe have legitimate major league potential
45 min
Earning Their Stripes: Marlins' 2020 Draft Appr...
Baseball America national writer Carlos Collazo helps us look forward to next month's MLB Draft
28 min
Fish Bites: Marlins Games of the Decade
Listen to the powerful play-by-play calls made during epic Marlins wins from the past 10 seasons
23 min
Fish Bites: Desperate for Baseball
Reacting to the latest reported efforts by Major League Baseball to organize safe, legitimate 2020 season in these unprecedented times
43 min
Fish Bites: Who's Hall of Fame-Worthy??
Discussing the 22 player candidates eligible to be voted into the inaugural Fish Stripes Marlins Hall of Fame class
44 min
Fish Bites: How MLB COVID-19 Deal Hurts Marlins
The Marlins are set to face critical financial losses and new obstacles regarding the acquisition of amateur players
51 min
Earning Their Stripes: Top Marlins Prospects fo...
Fish Stripes staff members hold a lengthy conference call to rank Miami's most talented farmhands for the 2020 season
68 min
Earning Their Stripes: Top Marlins Prospects fo...
Fish Stripes staff members hold a lengthy conference call to rank Miami's most talented farmhands for the 2020 season
50 min
Fish Bites: Quarantining with the Fish
Accepting that the 2020 MLB season will be significantly shortened (if it takes place at all), plus crowd-sourcing your best/worst Marlins players to quarantine with
42 min
Fish Bites: No Delay to Podcast Season
Acknowledging the many Marlins players who made a statement with their Spring Training performance and teasing a new Fish Stripes article series
30 min
Fish Bites: Simon Says Brian Anderson Rocks
Our special guest on this episode shares his insight on several Marlins fielders and the evolving world of MLB defense
55 min
Earning Their Stripes: Updated Marlins Top 30 List
With a new season on the horizon, listen to our in-depth discussion on Marlins prospects whose stocks have been rising and falling
65 min
Fish Bites: Breaking Down Baseball's Best Division
The Marlins once again will have trouble keeping pace in a division where every other team has some urgency to win now
49 min
Fish Bites: Undefeated Fish
The Marlins started a baby-faced lineup on Saturday, followed by a veteran-laden group on Sunday. Both were victorious.
34 min
Fish Bites: 2020 Marlins Position Battles
Among the 65 players at Marlins major league camp, who needs to take exhibition games most seriously?
56 min
Fish Bites: Best FanFest...Ever?!
Special interviews from the 2020 Marlins FanFest event plus an overview of the good problem the team has in its starting rotation
50 min
Fish Bites: Marlins Transaction Analysis: Joyce...
Instant analysis on the Marlins announcing the Matt Joyce and Brandon Kintzler deals, and a bittersweet goodbye to one of the team's longest-tenured players
46 min
Fish Bites: MLB Top Prospects Lists Ain't Every...
The Marlins have seemingly secured their closer for the 2020 season, and their young talent continues to receive praise from all corners of the scouting industry
54 min
Fish Bites: Mark Your Calendars, Marlins Fans 🗓️
An overview of this year's most significant deadlines and special events
56 min
Earning Their Stripes: LHP Braxton Garrett
The former first-round draft pick reemerged as an impact arm in 2019
16 min
Fish Bites: Putting Your Money Where the Closer...
The Marlins still have the time and financial flexibility to add to their bullpen prior to spring training
57 min