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TRAILER: The SB Nation NFL Show
SB Nation is launching a brand new podcast that is for NFL fans, by NFL fans.
3 min
E54: Pocket Protectors [Antifragile Vikings]
Eric Eager and Nick Olson join Jayson Brown to discuss the antifragility of the 2020 Minnesota Vikings
36 min
Vikings Defense 2020 - Pt 3: LBs & DL - CTPN Qu...
In part 3 of the look of the Vikings 2020 defense, the guys from Climbing the Pocket Network examine the linebackers and defensive line.
38 min
Unbelievable! - Yannick Content
43 min
Vikings Defense 2020 - CTPN Quick Shots - Pt 2 ...
There were big changes in the Vikings defense for 2020 and in this episode we discuss the defensive backfield and especially the new cornerbacks.
12 min
Vikings Defense 2020 - CTPN Quick Shots - Pt 1 ...
The guys from the Climbing The Pocket Network get together to preview the Vikings 2020 defense. In this episode, we look at the quarterbacks will be battling.
27 min
FMF 329 | Training Camp Offense
A comprehensive preview of the Minnesota Vikings 2020 Offense
51 min
Unbelievable! - Training Camp, Sort Of
53 min
FMF 328 | Great Expectations
@Flipmazzi sets proper expectations for the 2020 season
22 min
Unbelievable! - Stickin' with Rick
55 min
Unbelievable! - Zimmer Era Continues
47 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 192 [Camp COVID]
Jordan Reid, Myles Gorham, and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to discuss if there should be an NFL season, Mike Zimmer's contract extension, Dalvin Cook's holdout, and more.
40 min
Unbelievable! - Too High or Too Low
53 min
Unbelievable! - The Biggest Losers
38 min
FMF 327 | Takes a Leap
@Flipmazzi and @Sportsguyry find the fastest risers on the 2020 Minnesota Vikings
30 min
FMF 326 | Make or Break
Flip and Myles discuss how the Vikings offense can succeed without Dalvin Cook.
37 min
Unbelievable! - Still Cookin'
47 min
E53: Pocket Protectors [Paying Dalvin. Ranking ...
In this episode, Eric Eager and Nick Olson join Jayson Brown to discuss Dalvin Cook's contract demands and the latest PFF QB Rankings.
35 min
GMG - Dalvin Cook Holdout!
Good Morning Gjallarhorn talks about Dalvin Cook's holdout. What is reasonable? Can the team succeed without the running back?
46 min
Unbelievable! - Define Reasonable
55 min
FMF 325 | Best New Starter
Flip and Matt discuss the Dalvin Cook holdout and a group of new Vikings starters
23 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 191 [Minnesota Bur...
In this episode, Yinka Ayinde and Myles Gorham join Jayson Brown to discuss police brutality, protests, and the murder of George Floyd.
36 min
Excited About Cameron Dantzler? - CTPN Quick Shots
The Minnesota Vikings drafted two corners early in the draft. The second one was Cameron Dantzler out of Mississippi State. Are we excited about him? Watch or listen and find out.
16 min
Kirk Cousins' Top 10 Throws in 2019 - CTPN Quic...
Nick and Dave look at the Vikings 2019 season and pick out Kirk Cousin' top 10 throws. Love him or hate him, these are all a thing of beauty!
21 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 190 [Last Dance Pa...
Myles Gorham and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to discuss the leadership styles in Last Dance and they could be applied to the Vikings.
35 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 189 [Last Dance Pa...
Myles Gorham and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to discuss The Last Dance, COVID-19, quarantine, and some Vikings stuff too.
32 min
Unbelievable! - Cooking Up A Contract
51 min
Vikings O-Line improvement? Pt 2 - CTPN Quick S...
In part 2 of the O-Line show, Jayson, Matt, and Tyler talk about the rest of the offensive line players and especially the rookies taken later in the draft.
15 min
Vikings O-Line improvement? - CTPN Quick Shots ...
What is the state of the Vikings offensive line? Did it improve and what can be expected?
13 min
Unbelievable! - The Schedule Release
63 min
GMG - Vikings Draft Wrap Up
The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew looks at all 15 Minnesota Vikings draft picks. Who are your favorites?
41 min
CTPN Quick Shots - Where is Matthew Coller and ...
Matthew Coller talks with Jayson Brown about how he is doing since the layoff from SKOR North and tells us all about the new Purple Insider.
18 min
FMF 324 | Charting Course
Flip, Matt, Myles and Ryan review the Vikings 2020 Schedule
26 min
Unbelievable! - The Mystique of the Draft
63 min
E52: Pocket Protectors [Jeff Gladney Is A Beast]
Nick Olson joins Jayson Brown to explain why Jeff Gladney is such a great pick for the Vikings.
14 min
FMF 323 | Rookie Fits
@Flipmazzi focuses on the Vikings top three draft picks: Justin Jefferson, Jeff Gladney and Ezra Cleveland
20 min
E51: Pocket Protectors [Grading the 2020 Draft ...
Eric Eager joins Jayson Brown to discuss how the NFC North teams fared in the 2020 NFL Draft.
23 min
Skoldiers - 071 - Digging the Draft
Recap of 2020 offseason and Draft
62 min
CTPN Quick Shots - Should the Vikings Start Ezr...
Climbing The Pocket Network Question of the Day - Should the Vikings start Ezra Cleveland at LT from the beginning? Dave gives you the options.
9 min
Unbelievable! - 2020 NFL Draft Recap
74 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 188 [Is Justin Jef...
Myles Gorham and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to discuss the Vikings selection of Justin Jefferson and whether he will be an upgrade over Stefon Diggs when it's all said and done.
24 min
New Vikings draft pick Harrison Hand on Super B...
11 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 187 [2020 NFL Draf...
Yinka Ayinde and Luke Braun join Jayson Brown to provide their analysis on the Vikings 3 picks in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft
14 min
FMF 322 | Cameron Dantzler INSTANT REACTION
Matt Fries and Saxyprince join Flipmazzi to discuss another Vikings CB, Cameron Dantzler
12 min
FMF 321 | Ezra Cleveland INSTANT REACTION
Saxyprince and Matt Fries join Flipmazzi and give their instant reaction to the Ezra Cleveland draft pick
15 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 186 [Vikings Selec...
Myles Gorham, Yinka Ayinde, and Matt Anderson join Jayson Brown to analyze the Vikings selection of Jeff Gladney, CB from TCU.
12 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 185 [Vikings Selec...
Myles Gorham, Yinka Ayinde, and Ryan Ortega join Jayson Brown to give their thoughts on Vikings selection of Justin Jefferson, wide receiver from LSU
11 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 184 [Mock This Draft]
Yinka Ayinde joins Jayson Brown to log our first and only mock draft of the season.
28 min
FMF 320 | WR Draft Prep
The New Crew covers the most exciting position group: Wide Receivers!
31 min
Unbelievable! - 2020 Mock Draft Simulation 2.0
48 min
Vikings Pre-Draft Show - GMG and Unicorn Huntin...
We celebrate Drew's magnificent Big Board in this episode where we figure out what players the Vikings could get the most success from selecting. Where do your favorite players fall on the board?
58 min
FMF 319 | CB Draft Prep
The New Crew reviews four Cornerback prospects leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft
30 min
Vikings OBJ Trade Talk and More - CTPN Round Table
An OBJ trade? Just because the #Vikings calling this "fake news", do we believe that is true? Teams lie. Remember Spielman saying we are not trading Diggs… Join the @Climb_ThePocket Network Round Table debate the possibility.
24 min
Unbelievable! - 2020 Mock Draft Simulation 1.0
75 min
In The Huddle with Matt & Myles - The 2020 Mock...
Join Matt Anderson and Myles Gorham with special guest Ryan Ortega as the perform a 5 round mock draft for your Minnesota Vikings. What picks surprise you?
46 min
E50: Pocket Protectors [Was Harrison Smith Snub...
Eric Eager and Nick Olson join Jayson Brown to discuss Harrison Smith's exclusion from NFL.com's All-Decade Team and what a perfect draft for the Vikings might look like.
39 min
Unbelievable! - All-Decade Adrian
53 min
FMF 318 | OL Draft Prep
Flip, Matt, Myles and Ryan break down three offensive line prospects for the 2020 NFL Draft
28 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 183 [Replacing Ste...
Jordan Reid, Myles Gorham, and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to discuss the departure of Stefon Diggs and who the Vikings might draft to replace him.
38 min
FMF 317 | Roster Holes
@Flipmazzi @MylesGorham85 and @sportsguyry discuss WR, CB and OL
35 min
GMG - Vikings - What Is This Team Doing?
The new NFL league has started and the Minnesota Vikings have been busy freeing up cash and making some moves, and the Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew parse them all out. What is the plan and what is this team doing?
60 min
Unbelievable! - What Exactly Are The Vikings Do...
59 min
FMF 316 | Diggs Drama
@Flipmazzi reviews Vikings Free Agency and gives his thoughts on the Stefon Diggs trade.
16 min
Unbelievable! - Diggs Gone
59 min
Vikings Make Moves on Manic Monday - CTPN Round...
Monday rolls around and just as the NFL's legal tampering period is about to officially commence, the Vikings make moves to extend and sign some of their own. This and the drama surrounding Stefon Diggs all when into the show.
48 min
E49: Pocket Protectors [Can We Fix It?]
In this episode, Eric Eager and Nick Olson join Jayson Brown to discuss COVID-19, draft strategies, positional learning curves, and rebuilding.
38 min
FMF 315 | FA vs DRAFT
@Flipmazzi @MylesGorham85 and @sportsguyry
36 min
Unbelievable! - Keep, Cut or Restructure
56 min
Unbelievable! - Anthony Harris Appreciation Day
58 min
E48: Pocket Protectors [To Extend or Not To Ext...
Eric Eager and Nick Olson join Jayson Brown to discuss the pros and cons of extending Kirk Cousins and Dalvin Cook.
37 min
FMF 314 | Combine Talk
@Flipmazzi jumps into draft prep with Myles, Matt and Ryan
41 min
Unbelievable! - The End of Everson?
63 min
Unbelievable! - Diggs Trade Fallacies
46 min
GMG In The Raw - The Lost Episode - Super Bowl ...
The lost episode where Ted, Drew and Dave of Good Morning Gjallarhorn talk Super Bowl and Vikings, Steve Hutchinson and the passing of Vikes' great and a favorite player of ours, Chris Doleman.
44 min
FMF 313 | Start-Off Season
@Flipmazzi @mylesgorham85 and @mattandersonNFL start the discussion on Vikings Offseason 2020
53 min
Unbelievable! - 2019 Defensive Review
61 min
12 min
Unbelievable! - 2019 Offensive Review
63 min
Vikings vs Offseason - GMG - Holes to Fill
45 min
Unbelievable! - 2019 Awards
65 min
FMF 312 | Long Road
The Vikings 2019 Season is over. @Flipmazzi brings comfort during this time of need.
16 min
Unbelievable! - Eliminated
50 min
Vikings vs 49ers - GMG In The Raw! Post Playoff...
Get the postgame reactions from Ted, Drew and Dave to the Vikings beat down loss by the 49ers. Welcome to the offseason... unfortunately.
43 min
Vikings vs 49ers - GMG Preview Show Divisional ...
The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew talk about what is needed as your Minnesota Vikings are once again underdogs, this time traveling to take on the San Francisco 49ers in what looks like a great game. Let's "Go Get It!"
54 min
FMF 311 | Underdog Dreams
Yinka joins Flip to talk Stefon Diggs and Vikings vs. 49ers
30 min
Unbelievable! - San Francisco Treat
65 min
Vikings vs 49ers - Climbing The Pocket Network ...
From talking about the Vikings' victory over the Saints [because it feels so good!] to looking forward to Vikings vs 49ers, members of CTPN get their SKOL on!
44 min
Skoldiers - 070 - Saints Prayers Denied
Recap of the win vs the Saints and previewing the 49ers
57 min
Unbelievable! - Proceed with Caution
52 min
Vikings vs Saints - GMG In The Raw Wildcard Edi...
Ted, Drew and Dave from Good Morning Gjallarhorn and Christopher Gates from the Daily Norseman rejoice in the Vikings victory over the Saints on an overtime thriller.
42 min
Vikings vs Saints - GMG Preview Show Wildcard E...
The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew discusses the pressure building for the Minnesota Vikings playing the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Wildcard round. The winner advances and loser starts its offseason and there is a lot on the line. Ted, Drew and Dave let you in on all of it.
49 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 182 [Happy but Not...
Myles Gorham and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to look back at the Vikings regular season, to preview the playoff matchup with the Saints, and to discuss the rumors swirling around Zimmer's future.
39 min
Unbelievable! - Vikes Go Marching In
56 min
FMF 310 | Complete Game
@Flipmazzi and @MattAndersonNFL break down Vikings at Saints on Wildcard Weekend
31 min
Unbelievable! - Wild Card
50 min
Skoldiers - 069 - Playoff Preview
Breaking down the Wild Card round
70 min
Vikings vs Bears 2 - GMG In The Raw!
Ted, Drew and Dave from Good Morning Gjallarhorn discuss the game and the results of the final 2019 regular season game between the Vikings and the Bears.
47 min
Vikings vs Bear 2 - GMG Preview Show
The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew discusses the subject of whether or not the Minnesota Vikings should rest or play starters against the Chicago Bears. What do you see the advantage is to either side of the argument?
47 min
Climbing The Pocket: Episode 181 [Green Bay and...
Yinka Ayinde joins Jayson Brown to discuss what went wrong in the Green Bay game, to revisit the pros and cons of extending Kirk Cousins, and to discuss how the team should handle Week 17.
36 min
Vikings vs Packers 2 - GMG In The Raw!
The guys get wound up over the the Vikings waisting and opportunity against the Packers at home. They vent and share some venting of the fans. Vocal therapy almost.
36 min