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Tyler Forness’ Top 5 - RB’s
Need a running back in the #NFLDraft? Some teams do. Tyler Forness from Climbing The Pocket & Daily Norseman brings you his Top 5+. The Vikings are looking, are you? Let’s learn about Etienne, Williams, Harris, Carter, Hill, & Gainwell. Who's your favorite?
11 min
Viking Hot Takes - As The Draft Nears
The fast hitting format of the Daily Norseman's and Climbing The Pocket Network's newest show featuring the great Flip Mazzi and special guest, DN's own Eric Thompson. What are your hot takes to the questions?
22 min
Tyler Forness’ Top 5 - Edge
The Minnesota Vikings and a lot of other teams will be looking to draft an edge rusher. Tyler breaks them down. Who's your favorite?
12 min
Vikings Happy Hour - Jordan Reid talking Draft
Jordan Reid of the Draft Network jumps in and talks draft prospects for your Minnesota Vikings.
42 min
Tyler Forness' Top 5 - IOL
Needs some interior offensive linemen? So do the Vikings. Check out Tyler's top 5 right here.
12 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle - Draft Scenarios, Trade O...
Jayson makes Flip and Myles argue for the opposite things the advocate for to fix the Vikings. It gets wild!
40 min
Mock Draft Mondays - V16: Time To Get Serious
Ryan, Deshawn & producer Dave will mock from Spielman’s brain. Are you ready for it?
46 min
Tyler Forness' Top 5 - OTs
Need a tackle in the #NFLDraft? Tyler from Climbing The Pocket & the Daily Norseman brings you his Top 5. The #Vikings are looking, are you?
13 min
Tyler Forness’ Top 5 - WRs
In this episode Tyler breaks down the top 5 wide receivers and wonders if the Vikings would take one?
14 min
Unbelievable! - Draft Rambles Part II
60 min
Tyler Forness' Top 5 - QBs
Tyler ranks by position his best draft prospects. Does his list match your?
14 min
Vikings Happy Hour - Take a QB Early?
Is it time to draft Kirk Cousins' successor?
54 min
SKOL Search: Washington Prospects With Realdawg...
Focusing on Washington Huskies players that could look good playing for the Vikings
26 min
Mock Draft Mondays - V15: The Blue Chip Edition...
Changing strategy up a bit with Blue Chip Scouting's Andrew Harbaugh. If the Vikings went best player available [BPA] early, how would the team look?
57 min
Unbelievable! - Draft Rambles Part I
44 min
Vikings Happy Hour - Daniel House is in the House!
Daniel House joins the crew and bellies up to the bar to talk your Vikings, and Gophers prospects.
65 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle - Gladney, Trades & Draft ...
The ITH crew go at with draft and trade philosophies and how they affect your Minnesota Vikings.
45 min
Mock Draft Mondays - V14 Corner Back On The Board?
On tonight’s Mock Draft Mondays from the @Climb_ThePocket & @DailyNorseman, @TheRealForno & I just finished up with probably my favorite mock so far. We fixed the #Vikings! LOL. Listen to the show and see how we got there.
49 min
GMG’s Two Old Bloggers - Moves and Mikey Likes It!
Moves made, players signed, Zimmer rejuvenated, but BPA?
57 min
Vikings Happy Hour - Thor Nystrom and Talent Pr...
Thor Nystrom bellies up to the bar to talk O-line and wide receiver prospects for your Minnesota Vikings.
72 min
Viking Hot Takes - Dozier, Talent, & the Restru...
Luke Braun of Locked On Vikings joins Flip Mazzi for the fast paced format talking the latest issues of your Minnesota Vikings.
23 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle - Guards & Defensive Backs
The defensive backs room is bolstered and looks good. The offensive line room, not so much. It is simple to see and simple to know where to fix… So the Vikings re-sign Dakota Dozier. “Hey Spielman! You’re doing it wrong!”
45 min
Mock Draft Mondays - V13 The Phil Mackey Edition
Phil Mackey from SKOR North joins Tyler and Dave to talk Vikings and draft players to make your Minnesota Vikings exciting in 2021
72 min
Unbelievable! - Out of the Woods
38 min
Vikings Happy Hour - Eric Crocker on Patrick Pe...
Special guest Eric Crocker is on to talk your Minnesota Vikings, Eric’s thoughts on Patrick Peterson & all things cornerback, the Crocker Report & Rise Athletics. Grab your favorite beverage join us for happy hour!
53 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle - Explaining Patrick Peterson
Nick Olson, after watching every Patrick Peterson snap of the last 3 seasons, takes us on a deep dive of the cornerback's play and how the signing will effect your Minnesota Vikings.
53 min
Mock Draft Mondays - V12 Mocking the Draft Show
In what will be the first in the build up to the NFL Draft, the crew from Mock Draft Mondays uses Tyler's first full round draft to simulate the actual draft broadcast. Join us and help work the flow just like the Vikings defensive front..
64 min
Unbelievable! - Picking Up the New Pieces
38 min
GMG’s Two Old Bloggers - Tomlinson & Peterson S...
With Patrick Peterson and Dalvin Tomlinson signed, are the Vikings starting to reveal a different strategy for their defense? What about the depth issue at key spots?
53 min
Viking Hot Takes - Patrick Peterson, Dalvin Tom...
Big moves for Dalvin Tomlinson and Patrick Peterson have been made by your Minnesota Vikings. It looks Mike Zimmer is doing his Mike Zimmer things and and build a top defense. Will it work?
22 min
Vikings Happy Hour - Patrick Peterson, Dalvin T...
Breaking as the show started was the Vikings signing Patrick Peterson. The guys talk about him, Dalvin Tomlinson and some of the free agent rumors still out there.
49 min
In The Huddle - Vikings, Free Agency Commences
Your Vikings have made their first moves in free agency and it's time to discuss them. What do you think?
47 min
Mock Draft Mondays - V11 Folding in FA Rumors
The guys mock every Monday to improve your Minnesota Vikings.
65 min
Unbelievable! - Hunter Dictates the Future
38 min
GMG’s Two Old Bloggers - Reiff Cut & Dominoes Fall
Dave and Darren get together to discuss the Vikings' next moves to generate more cap space and what cutting Riley Reiff means to the free agency and the draft.
49 min
Viking Hot Takes - Reiff Cut, What’s Next?
The fast moving Minnesota Vikings show discussing the latest news... Like the Riley Reiff cut.
23 min
Vikings Happy Hour - With Darren “Doogie” Wolfson
Darren Doogie Wolfson joins the guys for Vikings Happy Hour and breaks that your Vikings are talks with the Ravens for Orlando Brown Jr.
54 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle - Vikings, Free Agency & Y...
CTPN's personalities talk cut and the latest offseason news for your Minnesota Vikings.
46 min
Mock Draft Mondays - V10.0 Things Get Crazy!
The guys grab the Gophers wide receiver for the Vikings.
57 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle - Vikings, Free Agency & Y...
Join the @Climb_ThePocket Network’s & @DailyNorseman’s In The Huddle show wit @PFF_Eric, @MylesGorham85 and @Flipmazzi as they talk your Minnesota #Vikings, free agency & your questions
46 min
SKOL Search: Talking Gophers with Daniel House
Tyler is joined by Daniel House to talk Gophers, NFL Draft, and the Minnesota Vikings.
47 min
Vikings Happy Hour with Stephen Turner
Matt Anderson, Ryan Ortega, and Stephen Turner talk Keelan Cole, Kyle Rudolph, and all things Minnesota Vikings.
53 min
Mock Draft Monday with Tyler & Ryan
Tyler Forness and Ryan Ortega take us through another live draft for our Minnesota Vikings
54 min
Unbelievable! - Where Does the Vikings Defense ...
58 min
Viking Hot Takes - Cut Reiff? Draft Crush? …and...
Check out this fast hitting format of the Daily Norseman's and Climbing The Pocket Network's newest show featuring the great Flip Mazzi and special guest, DN's own Eric Thompson. What are your hot takes to the questions?
23 min
Vikings Happy Hour - Hughes gets a 5th?
62 min
Unbelievable! - Where Does the Vikings Offense ...
46 min
Vikings Happy Hour - Vikes' Free Agents
Looking at the Vikings free agents, some possibly available defensive tackles and the importance of a good WR3. Is Chad Beebe that guy?
63 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle - All things Vikings
Join the CTP personalities as they talk your Minnesota Vikings, Klint Kubiak, needs, priorities, free agency, trades and draft.
47 min
SKOL Search: Offensive Linemen with Matt Valdov...
Matt Valdovinos from the NFL Network joins Tyler to talk about the O-line and the men that play it.
25 min
Unbelievable! - Episode 100
43 min
GMG’s Two Old Bloggers - Is Kubiak the answer? ...
Is Klint Kubiak the answer? Will Reiff survive? From the Daily Norseman and Climbing The Pocket Network’s newest GMG spin off show. Darren and Dave, the GMG's Two Old Bloggers are talking your Minnesota Vikings.
33 min
Vikings Hot Takes - What Will It Take?
Warren Ludford from the the Daily Norseman joins Flip to discuss your Minnesota Vikings and what it would take to get them to the Super Bowl.
22 min
Vikings Happy Hour ep 003 - Super Bowl Team Bui...
From thinks the Vikings might have learned in the Super Bowl like the need for a good O line, to heated discussion on whether Kirk Cousins can get the team there.
73 min
CTPN's In The Huddle - Vikings and Post Super B...
The guys from some of your favorite CTP shows got together to talk the Vikings and the Super Bowl. Are there lessons to be learned?
53 min
Minnesota Vikings - CTP's Mock Draft Mondays - ...
Tyler, Jayson and Dave look to fix the Vikings the way they think will be best. What do you think of their picks.
41 min
Skoldiers - 086 - 2021 Begins
Mike and Ed dive into the start of the 2021 season following SB 55, and where the #Vikings can go from here.
60 min
Viking Hot Takes - Vikings to the Super Bowl
VHT takes on changes in the NFC North, questions whether Barr is worth it, wonders about the new OC and talks the Super Bowl. All in a little over 20 minutes.
23 min
Mock Draft Mondays version 5.0
Join Tyler as he helps learn about draft prospects for your Minnesota Vikings and where we could see them in the draft.
34 min
Unbelievable! - Trade Winds Blow
42 min
Mock Draft Monday 4.0 Results - The Skol Search...
The search is on to learn who's available to be drafted in the 2021 draft to improve your Minnesota Vikings. Join us and watch the board fall. Who's your choice?
45 min
Unbelievable! - More Coaching Turnover
37 min
GMG’s Two Old Bloggers - Post Gary Kubiak and w...
The Minnesota Vikings and Gary Kubiak part ways after Gary decides to retire. Who will take his place? How will the 2021 offense look?
31 min
Viking Hot Takes - Watching the playoffs and ca...
Check out this fast hitting format of the Daily Norseman's and Climbing The Pocket Network's newest show featuring the great Flip Mazzi and DN's own Eric Thompson in his video debut. What are your hot takes to the questions?
22 min
SKOL Search: Mock Draft Monday
Who was mocked to the Vikings this week?
21 min
Unbelievable! - Paton Poached
42 min
CTPN's In The Huddle - Vikings, Playoffs, Watso...
Jayson Brown, Myles Gorham , Flipmazzi, and Nick Olson recap the first week of the playoffs (football without our Minnesota Vikings), Deshaun Watson in Purple, and specific moves to make in order to bolster the team in free agency.
61 min
Unbelievable! - Hail Heinicke
48 min
SKOL Search: Senior Bowl Offensive Preview With...
Tyler Forness and Andrew Harbaugh break down the Senior Bowl rosters on the offensive side of the ball and highlight players a few players for the Vikings.
30 min
In The Huddle: Vikings Win! Now What?
Nick Olson, Myles Gorham, and Flipmazzi join Jayson Brown to discuss the Vikings win over the Lions and potential offseason options for the team.
62 min
SKOL Search: Minnesota Vikings Draft Pick Trend...
Tyler Forness (@TheRealForno) sits down with Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL) of The Athletic to talk about the Vikings' draft history
35 min
Unbelievable! - Early Offseason
70 min
Unbelievable! - 2020 Comes to an End
40 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle: Vikings, Saints, Lions an...
Climbing The Pocket Network personalities get together to talk your Minnesota Vikings, the numbers, opinions, the Vikings, Saints, and Lions, And Vlogmas where you get a show everyday of December, especially as the Vikings play football.
54 min
Unbelievable! - Nothing Left to Say
30 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Can Minnesota keep...
4 min
Skoldiers - 085 - Christmas Staycation
CHI recap, NO preview, Draft outlook
33 min
Unbelievable! - Unofficially Eliminated
55 min
GMG & Friends with Warren Ludford from Daily No...
Warren Ludford from the Daily Norseman joins GMG to talk the Minnesota Vikings, their defense, their playoff update and Kirk Cousins.
26 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Previewing Vikings...
5 min
Unbelievable! - Win or Go Home
41 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle: talking Vikings, Buccanee...
After a rough Bucanneers game, the guys look at what the Vikings can do to beat the Bears.
56 min
SKOL Search Episode 5: Defensive Needs W/Devin ...
Looking ahead at Vikings draft needs for 2021
40 min
SKOL Search Episode 4: Offensive Needs W/Devin ...
Looking at draft needs for the 2021 Vikings
32 min
Unbelievable! - Kicking Woes Return
38 min
Climbing The Pocket Live! The Original talking ...
The original CTP crew looks at the Vikings and how they will have to win in Tampa against the Buccaneeers. Did play in the Jaguars game point to a solution? Will Cameron Dantzler and Justin Jefferson be the rookies that will make the difference?
37 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Minnesota is going...
4 min
Unbelievable! - A Matchup with the GOAT
51 min
Skoldiers - 084 - Bucc the Bay
JAX win recap, Playoffs?!?, TB Look Ahead
44 min
Unbelievable! - Back in It
38 min
Vikings vs Jaguars: GMG Pregame Show - The Should
The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew looks at all 15 Minnesota Vikings hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars. The should does matter in this game. The Vikes should win on paper, but do you trust them to?
56 min
Vikings Talk - GMG’s Debuts Two Old Bloggers
The former writer of Grant’s Tomb and Kick Ass Blog, Darren Campbell, joins Good Morning Gjallarhorn’s Dave in the Climbing The Pocket Network’s newest show “Two Old Bloggers.” They talk Vikings from a different perspective in a warm friendly way.
38 min
CTP Live! The Original Goes Live For The First ...
The podcast the started the Climbing The Pocket Network with Jayson Brown, Myles Gorham, Yinka Ayinde and Jordan Reid on day 2 of #Vlogmas2020 took their show to the visual realm talking Vikings, Jaguars and the playoffs. Playoffs?!
43 min
Skoldiers - 083 - Jagged Kitties
CAR win review and JAX preview, plus playoffs?!?!
36 min
Unbelievable! - A Better Chance at .500
47 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: The Palpably Unfai...
5 min
CTPN’s In The Huddle: talking Vikings, Panthers...
Climbing The Pocket Network personalities get together to talk your Minnesota Vikings, the numbers, opinions, the Panthers, The jaguars and Vlogmas where you get a show everyday of December.
56 min
Unbelievable! - In the Hunt
46 min
Vikings vs Panthers: GMG In The Raw! Vikings Win?
What a game! It was an ugly mistake laden affair that ended up with Kirk Cousins playing well and getting his second come from behind regular season victory. Dave, Flip and Drew get into the good, bad, and ugly.
50 min
Vikings vs Panthers: GMG Pregame Show - Teddy R...
Teddy Bridgewater returns to Minnesota to take on the Vikings. The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew look at the game. Will the Vikings win?
64 min