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Cousins Greater Than Culpepper & Tarkenton - Re...
Tyler takes on the new math of 8>10 & 8>11. How do we compare different eras in Vikings football? First, a look at the remaining draft picks looking for production. Skol!
67 min
Is Bradbury a Bust? | Two Old Bloggers🎙
Darren and Dave dive into 3 themes: answering your questions, asking if Garrett Bradbury is a bust or the solution, then getting into your breakout player of the week, DT James Lynch. Let's get your SKOL on!
52 min
Make a Difference | 🎙The Real Forno Show 🏈
Tyler dives into the Vikings' third and fourth-round draft picks of linebacker Brian Asamoah, and cornerback Akayleb Evans. Dave was wondering if both these players could make a difference? There is a lot of competition for both positions. Did you like the selections?
53 min
Schedule Worries? | Two Old Bloggers🎙
Darren and Dave dive into 3 themes: the schedule, the backup quarterback, and breakout player Cameron "The Needle" Dantzler. Let's get your SKOL on!
51 min
2022 Schedule Release! | 🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥
Flip and Eric ask 6 questions in 20 minutes about the 2022 schedule the folks in New York set up for your Minnesota Vikings. How'd the schedule makers do? SKOL!
25 min
Expected to Start | 🎙The Real Forno Show 🏈
Tyler dives into the Vikings' second round draftees of cornerback Andrew Booth Jr., and guard Ed Ingram. Dave asks if both these players will be expected to start? There is a lot of competition, especially at the guard spot. Did you like the selections?
57 min
Vikings Draft: Post Mortem | Two Old Bloggers🎙
Darren and Dave look at some players from the draft and undrafted free agent period right after. Also looking at the next breakout player and what to expect from him. SKOL!
63 min
What’s your grade?: | 🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥
Flip and Eric ask 6 questions in 20 minutes on how the draft went for your Minnesota Vikings, with a twist. What’s your grade? SKOL!
27 min
Arif Hasan & the Draft | Vikings Happy Hour🍻
Arif Hasan of the Athletic and Norse Code joins the guys to talk about the draft and how it went for your Minnesota Vikings. SKOL!
65 min
Unbelievable! - 2022 Draft Review
37 min
New On The Cine | 🎙The Real Forno Show 🏈
Tyler Forness of NBC Edge and Climbing The Pocket starts to analyze what we learned from Kwesi Adofo-Mensah's first draft and how he optimized value. Then took a look at Lewis Cine and some of his extraordinary skills. Did you like the selection?
61 min
Unbelievable! - On the Clock
47 min
Who Will The Vikings Draft? | CTP’s In The Huddle
The Vikings are on the clock in the NFL Draft, and the board fell in a surprising way, so who's your choice? You can trade down or select, it is your choice as the guys argued what would be best. SKOL!
46 min
Draft Prep Part 4 with Pro Football Network’s I...
Ian Cummings of Pro Football Network joins Tyler to talk about the draft and team strategies, including your Minnesota Vikings. Then we mock! SKOL!
66 min
Vikings Draft: 12th Pick Purgatory? | Two Old B...
Will Irv Smith Jr make the difference in this new KOC offense? Are we going to lose JJ next season because of the money? Is the 12th pick Purgatory? We’ll find out. SKOL!
57 min
Will the Vikings draft?: | 🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥
Who will the Vikings draft? It's the question on all of our minds! Flip and Eric answer it SIX times LIVE! SKOL!
26 min
The Draft With Diante Lee | Vikings Happy Hour🍻
We’re talking with Diante Lee about defensive prospects on Vikings Happy Hour. It is definitely a side of the ball that could use some new talent. Join us live for this Climbing The Pocket and Daily Norseman special to find who his top defensive prospects! SKOL!
73 min
Unbelievable! - Eye on the Draft
41 min
Draft Prep Part 3 with Blue Chip Scouting’s Dev...
On this Real Forno Show, Mike Hrynyshyn and Devin Jackson of Blue Chip Scouting join Tyler to talk about small school players and sleepers that you need to be aware of. This is part 3 of the 4 part series in your draft prep leading up to the NFL Draft.
62 min
Vikings’ Propaganda: Don’t Worry, Be Happy | Tw...
No worries now. The bad man is gone. It was all the defense’s fault. All is good now. We’ll get future legends in draft. Really? Join Darren and Dave as we debate on all the sunshine and roses coming from Egan and parts of the fan base.
66 min
Who’s Your Favorite? | 🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥
Flip and Eric engage again. Free agency seems to be on hold while teams make their final preparations for the NFL Draft and your Minnesota Vikings are no different. There are some free agents still available though, and then there are draft choices to wish for. Who’s your favorite?
23 min
The Draft Without Crissy Froyd | Vikings Happy ...
The weather didn't cooperate with our guest, so rather than punt, we called an option and dove into the QB class ourselves. SKOL!
64 min
Draft Prep Part 2 with NBC Edge’s Thor Nystrom ...
Two workmates get together and argue what’s better, a p*ss missile or a bazooka? 👀 Howitzer is the correct answer. Then which QBs have one? Thor Nystrom from NBC Sports Edge joins Tyler Forness for part 2 of your draft prep.
67 min
Vikings Sneaky Draft Needs | Two Old Bloggers🎙
The themes for today’s show with Darren and I on this Climbing The Pocket show are: 1) Stay at #12 or Trade down? 2) Vikings' sneaky draft needs? 👀 3) Til Valhalla. So grab your favorite Lake Monster Brew and enjoy Vikings talk on Sunday!
59 min
Gophers & the Draft with Daniel House | Vikings...
Daniel House of the Gopher Guru and Vikings Corner joins everyone at the bar to talk Minnesota Gophers prospects and his views on the state of your Minnesota Vikings. SKOL!
72 min
Vikings: Position Rankings | CTP’s In The Huddle
Climbing The Pocket member Deshawn Vaughan graded each position group on the Vikings. Jayson and Myles discussed and asked you if those rankings were about right? What do you think?
45 min
Draft Prep Part 1 with Yahoo’s Eric Edholm | 🎙T...
Draft prep part 1 with Tyler Forness and guest Eric Edholm, SKOL searching for Vikings edge prospects. Join this Climbing The Pocket & Daily Norseman production powered by Lake Monster Brewing and you. We will mock too! Who’s your choice?
62 min
“But Can He Play Guard?” | Two Old Bloggers🎙
The themes for today’s show with Darren and I on this Climbing The Pocket show are: 1) Kwesi and the 'Competitive Rebuild' - Quest for a Lombardi. 2) Second wave of free agency. 3) Vikings special teams. So grab your favorite Lake Monster Brew and enjoy Vikings talk on Sunday!
58 min
Live with Thor Nystrom | Vikings Happy Hour🍻
We learn that P2 re-signs. The Lake Monster Brew will be flowing & Thor Nystrom joins Matt Anderson and Ryan Ortega live from the brewery to talk NFL Draft prospects. Is there players he wants the Vikings to target? Could another CB one? Join us for this Climbing The Pocket on-site show.
94 min
Vikings: Improving At The Margins? | CTP’s In T...
The Vikings have made a few additions to the team since last week and Jayson, Myles, and Flip are going to talk about it and how the team has improved. SKOL!
56 min
Corners & Wide Receivers | 🎙The Real Forno Show 🏈
Monday nights are changing, as it is now becoming The Real Forno Show! Join Tyler and Dave as they break down corners and wide receivers, talk the Jesse Davis signing, and do a mock draft with you. Join us on our maiden voyage.
67 min
Competitive Rebuild | Two Old Bloggers🎙
On today’s show, Darren and Dave will be talking the Cousins extension, Vikings free agency so far, then a look back at the Stefon Diggs trade and how the Purple faired. Enjoy a Lake Monster Brew as Climbing The Pocket explains what a competitive rebuild is. Will it result in more wins?
73 min
The Vikings - Unicorns & Rainbows | 🔥Viking Hot...
"Putting the haters to bed." Run it back or planned out? This season will validate the Vikings move either way. Signing Za’Darius Smith should improve the pass rush. A good thing. Get excited with Flip Mazzi and Eric Thompson tonight with your favorite Lake Monster Brew at Climbing The Pocket. SKOL!
27 min
Live From Lake Monster Brewing with Matt Lange ...
Our first live onsite show. Woot! Matt Lange, cofounder of Lake Monster Brewing will be joining the crew of Matt Anderson, Ryan Ortega, and Myles Gorham talking Vikings and the most delicious beer in Minnesota. Take part in the fun with Climbing The Pocket, like Za'Darius Smith and Danielle Hunter meeting at the quarterback!
61 min
Unbelievable! - Meet at the Quarterback
35 min
Vikings Sign Za’Darius | CTP’s In The Huddle
Must watch or listen any time there is big news from the Vikings and PFF's Eric Eager is on. Grab your Lake Monster Brew and join Climbing The Pocket with Jayson Brown and Myles Gorham. They discuss the state of football in Eagan & the league especially with NFL Free Agency.
55 min
Could the Vikings Draft a Wide Receiver In Roun...
Tyler takes the chance in this episode to build around the extension of Cousins to improve the offense. The idea is to maximize the offense in lieu of the slow rebuild on the defensive side of the ball. We know there are lot of holes. We will address different strategies as the weeks tick down closer to the draft. This was just one.
59 min
Have the Vikings Improved? | 🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥
Flip of Climbing The Pocket and Eric from the Daily Norseman [and his mustache] hit on the latest topics in the land of the Purple. Have the Vikings improved?
25 min
Happy New League Year with Doogie Wolfson | Vik...
Anytime Doogie Wolfson joins VHH with Matt, Myles, & Ryan it is. Now take it to the next level as the new league started and Vikings are announcing signings, it will ROCK like a brew from Lake Monster Brewing! Listen or watch as Doogie drops scoops. SKOL!
76 min
Unbelievable! - Gonna Need Some Magic
46 min
Same Old Same Old | CTP’s In The Huddle
Didn’t the Vikings sign a DT and an LB last year? Wasn’t Kirk Cousins extended before? Re-signing Sean Mannion? It seems like deja vu all over again. Jayson Brown & Nick Olson along with support from Lake Monster Brewing wonder how this happens. What’s next, drafting a CB in Rd 1?
50 min
The First Domino Falls | Mock Draft Mondays 🏈
This is going to be a wild show with the latest updates and cryptic tweets. Tyler was on point earlier today, Deshawn will bring his rainbows and glitter, & me, well.. the Vikings drive me to drink for a reason. Join us at Climbing The Pocket as we drop Depth Charges.
69 min
Reload in 2022? | Vikings Daily SITREP 🌎
Jonas chimes in on the extension of Kirk Cousins in this Vikings Daily SITREP. How does he feel? How do you?
15 min
Kirk Cousins is Extended | CTP 🚨BREAKING NEWS 🚨...
Kirk Cousins extends and the Vikings get a bit of cap relief for now. Still over though. Dave and the viewers discuss it. Kirk fans rejoice!
11 min
Done Anything Yet? | Two Old Bloggers🎙
Done anything yet? That's what Minnesota Vikings fans are asking. The deadline to be cap compliant approaches quickly and moves must be made, but nothing as of yet. Then a look at the role tempo plays in an offensive attack, followed by the deep thoughts and deep dive into the present Vikings quarterback stable. Enjoy!
58 min
Ben Goessling & Vikings’ Moves? | Vikings Happy...
A fun show ahead as we celebrate our first Lake Monster Brewing giveaway then have Ben Goessling join Matt, Ryan & Dave to talk the latest Vikings rumors & moves (or lack there of). Join Climbing The Pocket & the conversation. SKOL! Bring your beverages for a night of fun. 🍻
77 min
Unbelievable! - Quarterback Market Develops
42 min
Is Kirk Cousins Next? | CTP’s In The Huddle
Here we go! The QB game of musical chairs has started and we want to know if Kirk Cousins get a new seat? Myles Gorham, the great Flip Mazzi & Dave cheering them on with Lake Monster Brewing to make this happen. Join Climbing The Pocket and join the conversation. SKOL!
58 min
The BIG Combine Recap | Mock Draft Mondays 🏈
Tyler and Deshawn recap what they saw in the NFL Combine and focused on players that did well, and some that didn't. Plus, we finally mock again. Check out the results! Turning your Mondays Purple! Join us! SKOL!
66 min
Vikings’ Quest For The Best | Two Old Bloggers🎙
Your Vikings are on a quest for the best from the NFL Combine, in Free Agency and within their own position groups. Darren and Dave break down portions of all 3, from who have the Vikes met with, which interior offensive linemen they might target in free agency, and wrap up looking at the current running back stable. Enjoy!
60 min
Brandon Scherff? | 🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥
Check out this fast-hitting format of the Daily Norseman's and Climbing The Pocket Network's show with the great Flip Mazzi from CTP and special guest, DN's own Eric Thompson. What are your hot takes to the questions? Will Brandon Scherff come to the Vikings? Does the new leadership want him and will do what it takes to sign him?
25 min
Judd Zulgad & The Combine | Vikings Happy Hour🍻
Judd Zulgad from SKOR North joins the gang talking all things Vikings, Combine, and Kirk Cousins, along with helping us celebrate out newest partner on the Climbing The Pocket team. Buckle up, because this was a wild night! Bring your-beverages for a night of fun. 🍻
75 min
Unbelievable! - The Big Decision
46 min
Vikings & The Combine | CTP's In The Huddle
It is the NFL Combine and your Minnesota Vikings are there. Jayson and Myles are analyzing what GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah said and what it means. What did you think?
53 min
The NFL Combine | Mock Draft Mondays 🏈
Tyler and Producer Dave look at two players from each position who can raise their draft stock at the NFL Combine, and would they be a fit for your Minnesota Vikings. Turning your Mondays Purple! Join us! SKOL!
64 min
Vikings Introduce Staff - Changes Ahead? | Two ...
The Vikings introduced the coordinators and we got a glimpse of a possible future where the will to want to win and the scheme to make it happen sounds so good. We finish up with the look into the wide receiver group and where it is going.
61 min
Vikings Free Agents with Will Ragatz | Vikings ...
Will Ragatz, the Vikings beat writer for Sports Illustrated joins the gang at the bar to talk the latest Kirk Cousins comments from Kevin O'Connell and the Vikes' own free agents. Can the Vikings re-sign any of them? Do they want to? Bring your-beverages for a night of fun. 🍻
65 min
Vikings’ Salary Cap Implications | Mock Draft M...
Deshawn Vaughan wanted to talk about the Minnesota Vikings salary cap, how to get under it, and how it will affect the draft. Turning your Mondays Purple! Join us! SKOL!
65 min
Unbelievable! - First Impressions
42 min
Vikings Welcome Coach! | Two Old Bloggers🎙
Kevin O'Connell is introduced as the Vikings' new head coach and holds his opening press conference. Darren and Dave discuss the takeaways, talk about rookie selection and development philosophies, then round it out with the tight end group. Will the Vikings draft one?
62 min
Deshaun Watson Vikings? | Vikings Happy Hour🍻
Kevin O'Connell is officially announced as the Vikings' new head coach and ESPN reports that Deshaun Watson is now interested in being traded to your Vikings. Would you like that? Bring your-beverages for a night of fun. 🍻
66 min
Kevin O’Connell No Worries | CTP's In The Huddle
Matt Fries of Kindred Skols and CTP joins Jayson and Myles to dive into the new reported coaching staff with a deep look at the new defensive philosophy. All this and more like Super Bowl takes and Kevin O'Connell hysteria.
53 min
Super Bowl Takeaways | Mock Draft Mondays 🏈
Tyler Forness of NBC Edge and Climbing The Pocket led the conversation about what takeaways from the Super Bowl your Minnesota Vikings might take. Join us! SKOL!
60 min
The Kirk Cousin Expense | Vikings Daily SITREP 🌎
As the QB carousel starts to spin up, and word as of now is that the Vikings will keep Kirk Cousins, Jonas Stärk breaks down the cost of that and other moves in this Vikings Daily SITREP.
17 min
Vikings Staff Identified | Two Old Bloggers🎙
Darren and Dave, the two old bloggers, are talking staff (and some schemes), is O’Connell the next Childress, and O-line. Do you like what is being reported on how everything is coming together?
65 min
A Vikings Perspective with Chris Tomasson | Vik...
Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press joins the guy at the bar to tell stories and talk Vikings from his perspective. This is definitely a multi-beverage night of fun. 🍻
60 min
The Senior Bowl | Mock Draft Mondays 🏈
Tyler Forness of NBC Edge and Climbing The Pocket is back from Mobile Alabama and the Senior Bowl leading the conversation. He has his observations of players the Vikings might want to draft. We will then keep those in mind for the mock draft v3. Join us! SKOL!
65 min
The First Choice? Kevin O’Connell | Two Old Blo...
What a great show we had! Darren was bringing the knowledge & insight today. Dave loved the deep thoughts on the D-linemen too, but he always like lineman talk on either side of the ball. The coach talk led things off though. Do you think the Vikings made the right choice?
54 min
The Right Coach? Kevin O’Connell | 🔥Viking Hot ...
Check out this fast-hitting format of the Daily Norseman's and Climbing The Pocket Network's show with the great Flip Mazzi from CTP and special guest, DN's own Eric Thompson. What are your hot takes to the questions? Did the #Vikings get the right coach? Kevin O’Connell?
24 min
Unbelievable! - Harbaugh to O'Connell
39 min
Vikings Happy Hour🍻- The Vikings’ New Head Coac...
Chad Graff joins everyone at the bar to talk the wild day in the Vikings head coaching search. Harbaugh walks right before we went live and we found out Kevin O'Connell will be the 10th HC of the franchise. This is definitely a multi-beverage night of fun. 🍻
69 min
CTP's In The Huddle - Jim Harbaugh & the Final 4
The CTP crew huddled the talk about the final 4 candidates in the Vikings head coaching search. Starting with the Jim Harbaugh and rolling through the others. Who do you want?
61 min
Mock Draft Mondays 🏈- Drafting Clues
Deshawn takes the helm as we look for clues as to how Kwesi Adofo-Mensah will draft, check in on the head coaching search, and have mock draft v2 with you. Join us! SKOL!
58 min
Two Old Bloggers - Decision Time! HC & QB
Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is the new Vikings GM and he has some decisions due soon, from a new head coach to what to do at the quarterback position. Darren and Dave are here to talk with you about it.
53 min
🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥- First Order Of Business
Flip of Climbing The Pocket joins Eric of the Daily Norseman to bounce questions about the Vikings new GM, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah.
23 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - Kwesi Adofo Mensah Our S...
The Vikings introduced Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and he had his opening presser. Flip Mazzi gets real about what it means to him and to Vikings fans on today's Vikings Daily SITREP. Do you buy in?
11 min
Vikings Happy Hour🍻- The Vikings KAM Era Begins...
Kwesi Adofo-Mensah [KAM] has been hired as the 10th Vikings general manager. Phil Mackey from SKOR North joins the gang at the bar as we imbibe and talk Vikings, and what fans can expect. It was a blast! 🍻
66 min
Unbelievable! - A New Direction
47 min
CTP's In The Huddle - Vikings New GM Kwesi Adof...
It isn't official yet, but soon will be. Eric Eager joins Jayson and Myles in the huddle to talk about Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and what it means that he is looking to be the Vikings' next GM.
46 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - Was Rick Spielman Good?
With the Vikings on the verge of signing their new GM, Jayson did some research to see if the old one, Rick Spielman was as good as some thought. Was he?
13 min
Mock Draft Mondays 🏈- Divisional Round Draft St...
CTP Mondays morphs to Mock Draft Mondays with Tyler Forness, Deshawn Vaughan, and Dave in this Daily Norseman and Climbing The Pocket production. Divisional round draft strategies for your Vikings with mock v1, and OT rules? Join us! SKOL!
73 min
Two Old Bloggers - Finalists for GM, Not for HC
GM finalists, head coach candidates, offensive coordinators, and cornerbacks. We don't need those, right?
57 min
Vikings Happy Hour🍻- Updates & Questions
How’s the search going? Thirsty? Climbing The Pocket’s & Daily Norseman’s VHH is open! Matt, Ryan, & Dave talk all things Vikings. Bring beverages & celebrate our 1 year at the bar with us! 🍻
62 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - Is Kirk Cousins Overrated?
Jayson asks the big question: is Kirk Cousins overrated? Let 'er rip! Is he?
10 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - Hire for Potential
Jayson talks about hiring for potential as the #Vikings GM and HC search is well underway, in today's CTP Vikings Daily SITREP.
10 min
Two Old Bloggers - Vikings Decisions, Time for ...
Darren and Dave talked about the decisions made and those needing to be made for the Minnesota Vikings. How it ended & where it’s going. Do we like it?
57 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - GM Search: The Big 8
Who are the external GM candidates that reported to make the big 8 and move onto the interviews? Tyler and Dave brief you on them in today's CTP Vikings Daily SITREP.
10 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - Memories of a Miracle
Matt and Dave talk our memories of the Minneapolis Miracle. What are yours? #SKOL!
10 min
🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥- Rebuild? Defense?
The Vikings are moving fast into the offseason after a win, firings, and now searched for a new GM and head coach. Fast hitting answers to all your Vikings questions from Flip of Climbing the Pocket and Eric from the Daily Norseman.
23 min
Vikings Happy Hour🍻- The State of the Vikings w...
Judd Zulgad, of SKOR North, joins to talk about the state of the Vikings. He talks about the firings, the memories, negatives, and positives, along with GM and head coach reporting and rumors. Make sure to grab a beverage! 🍺
65 min
CTP's In The Huddle - You’re Fired!
You’re Fired! “We're disappointed in the football results” said Mark Wilf. Jayson, Flip, and Myles bring you the obituary of the 2021 Vikings. #SKOL!
44 min
Vikings vs Bears - CTP’s: The Final Score
Jason, Flip, and Dave talk your Vikings win over the Bears, 31-17, in the final game of the season on CTP's The Final Score.
36 min
Two Old Bloggers - Vikings vs Bears, The Dead M...
What starts starts as pregame show is interrupted by the news of Mike Zimmer being released after the game. What game? Why the Vikings vs the Bears of course. From Daily Norseman & Climbing The Pocket, Darren joins Dave for GMG's Two Old Bloggers to talk the news and the pregame.
47 min
🔥Viking Hot Takes🔥- Grades
Flip of Climbing The Pocket joins Eric of the Daily Norseman bounce questions and to ask how the Vikings have done, ask for grades, and looks at the Vikings vs Bears.
26 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - Wilf Decisions
Producer Dave, in this Climbing The Pocket’s & Daily Norseman’s production, discusses the decisions faced by Zygi & Mark Wilf over the future of the #Vikings. What would your choices be? #SKOL!
11 min
Vikings Happy Hour🍻- A No-Show in the End
After the no-show in Lambeau, Matt, Ryan, and Dave answered questions about what is coming up next. Vikings fans await the future, but first the Bears. Make sure to grab a beverage! 🍺
69 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - If Kirk Cousins Leaves
Jayson Brown with Dave Stefano producing this Climbing The Pocket’s & Daily Norseman’s production, discusses what if Kirk Cousins leaves the Vikings. Will this help push the team from its middling results?
7 min
CTP's In The Huddle - Demise of the Season
45 min
Vikings Daily SITREP - Zimmer Wants The Starters
Start the starters? That is what Mike Zimmer wants against the Bears in week 18. Is that a smart decision for the Vikings? Jayson and Dave discuss it in the CTP Vikings Daily SITREP.
9 min
CTP Mondays 🏈- Change and Team Needs
Tyler and Dave talk about the Vikings loss briefly and then get into what holes will need to be filled for the 2022 squad. This is what the team needs in other words. They discussed some prospective coaches and coach philosophies on how to assemble a team, and briefly touched on the draft. Tyler and Dave were turning your Monday, Purple.
59 min