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USMNT vs England - Qatar World Cup - Shades of ...
S5:E42 - Defeating England with a 0-0 draw and how to beat Iran.
33 min
The Blue Turf - Getting ready for Comets 22/23 ...
Kansas City Comets ready for the season to start
38 min
USMNT vs Wales - Qatar World Cup - Shades of Blue
S5:E41 - Figuring out what went wrong for the USMNT in the 2nd half and looking ahead to England on Friday.
27 min
Roster Announcements, Apple TV, & Qatar World C...
S5:E40 - Wait... Shelton re-signed for how long?
45 min
Bona Fide - Shades of Blue
S5:E39 - A budding STL rivalry, a suspicious rumor about Isimat-Mirin, assessing the USMNT World Cup roster.
60 min
For the Glory KC - A new Kansas City soccer pod...
Expansion draft chat
31 min
Bonanzas - Shades of Blue
S5:E38 - The World Cup is less than a month away. Are there ANY Americans who aren't injured?
47 min
First reactions to Sporting KC signing Nemanja ...
Nemanja Radoja signing reaction and breakdown
36 min
Keeping Current episode 7 - On to the Champions...
Keeping Current episode 7 - On to the Championship and season ending awards
39 min
Sporting Salary Steals - Shades of Blue
S5:E37 - Who makes too much? Who makes too little?
49 min
Keeping Current episode 6 - On to the semifinal...
The first playoff win, another player out with injury and advance to the semifinals
30 min
Keeping Current episode 5 - ground breaking tho...
Talking about the groundbreaking for the new stadium and thoughts on the Current's first playoff game
36 min
Breaking down the 2022 year end roster for Spor...
Serious in-depth discussion covering every player on Sporting KC's roster line by line Part 3 - The Forwards
38 min
Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Shades of Blue
S5:E36 - Just how close was Sporting KC to sneaking into the playoffs?
46 min
Keeping Current episode 4 - With Rachael and Ka...
Rachael Kriger from Equalizer Soccer joins the pod to talk NWSL playoffs
37 min
What does Sporting KC need most this offseason?...
S5:E35 - Who stays? Who goes? A line-by-line analysis of Sporting KC's roster heading into the offseason.
63 min
Breaking down the 2022 year end roster for Spor...
Serious in-depth discussion covering every player on Sporting KC's roster line by line Part 2 - The Midfielders
38 min
Breaking down the 2022 year end roster for Spor...
Serious in-depth discussion covering every player on Sporting KC's roster line by line part 1 - defenders and keepers
71 min
Keeping Current episode 3 - With Grace!
Grace Rogers from the Current joins the pod to talk KC Current
32 min
OUT - Shades of Blue
S5:E34 - Sporting KC has officially been eliminated and we've already started talking offseason moves.
34 min
Keeping Current episode 2 - The streak has ended
Thirteen game unbeaten streak came to and end
38 min
Befuddled - Shades of Blue
S5:E33 - Finding new words to describe Sporting KC's season.
25 min
The Blue Testament crew react to Salloi signing...
S5:E33 - Sporting KC signs Hungarian Homegrown Daniel Salloi to a long term contract
39 min
Nate Bukaty & Jacob Peterson - Shades of Blue
S5:E32 - Sporting KC have entirely turned things around. Are we allowed to hope?
44 min
Keeping Current with Kansas City - A first of a...
A lot happened in the KC Current world - trades, callups
37 min
Pulskamp responds to "That's Our Keeper" chant
The Big Bear signed an extension and now has an opportunity to secure his place in goal at Sporting KC for years to come.
17 min
IT'S A GOAL - Shades of Blue
S5:E31 - The Current break attendance record & extend streak, recapping the media game, and basking in the glory of a real life Sporting KC win.
55 min
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly - Shades of Blue
S5:E30 - The Current is an oasis of positivity as Sporting KC lets us down and even displays an ugly side of the game.
44 min
Allison Howard, President of the KC Current - S...
We were lucky enough to sit down with the KC Current President and get a sneak peak at the excitement around the club.
12 min
Media Game Mayhem - Shades of Blue
S5:E29 - Dani Welniak joins to give us a sneak peak at the KC Current's beautiful new training complex. And to talk smack.
31 min
Agada a lot of joy - Shades of Blue
S5:E29 - Joy made a comeback to Sporting KC
38 min
Rock Bottom - Shades of Blue
S5:E28 - Open cup heartbreak, last place in MLS, & setting records for the wrong reasons.
59 min
Agada Go - Shades of Blue
S5:E27 - All the Sporting KC eggs have been placed in the US Open Cup basket.
45 min
Kayden Pierre isn’t scared: “I can do this.”
The 19-year-old Sporting KC defender is full of confidence & proving he can play in the top flight.
12 min
The Return of Ilie - Shades of Blue
S5:E26 - One of this show's all time favorite players joins to reminisce ahead of SKC vs LAFC.
29 min
Doubling Down - Shades of Blue
S5:E25 - Sporting KC head into a massive week after grinding through a tough road trip.
41 min
Until They Don't - Shades of Blue
S5:E24 - How do you analyze Sporting KC when they look great all the way up until the moment they don't.
43 min
Can we blame the turf? - Shades of Blue
S5:E23 - Recorded live on location from our first TBT Watch Party after Sporting KC's 3-0 loss in Seattle.
37 min
Who Gives A Hoot? - Shades of Blue
S5:E22 - Getting you ready for the US Open Cup Quarterfinal match against Union Omaha out of the third tier.
19 min
Apologizing to Logan Ndenbe
We're joined by the Sporting KC left back to talk about calves, scrimmaging with Peter Vermes, & getting kicked in MLS.
17 min
Strange Days - Shades of Blue
S5:E21 - It's all Jose Mauri's fault. But reinforcements are on the way.
47 min
Johnny Russell Appreciation Hour
S5:E20 - The captain put his entire mind, body, & soul into pulling Sporting KC through rough patch.
26 min
Versatility paying off for Cam Duke & Sporting KC
The 21-year-old KC native has become a key contributor for his hometown club this year.
13 min
Playing negative is a positive - Shades of Blue
S5:E19 - A tactical change for Sporting KC is yielding results.
33 min
Kortne Ford was "shaking" with passion for SKC ...
He's dedicated, he's focused, and his socks look funny. Get to know the 26-year-old defender on and off the field.
15 min
Where does Sporting KC go from here? Shades of ...
S5:E18 - We've reached a new low point. How will the club respond?
36 min
Late Night Delirium - Shades of Blue
S5:E17 - It's an AFTER DARK episode recorded immediately following that absolutely ridiculous Sporting KC win over FC Dallas.
59 min
Johnny Russell: "I know I'm hot-headed at times."
The Sporting KC captain addresses fan incident.
18 min
The Art of Getting Fouled - Shades of Blue
S5:E16 - Assessing the draw vs FC Dallas & asking questions like, "Where in the world is Nikola Vujnovic?"
35 min
Robert Voloder: "I want to show all the KC fans...
Our first chance to hear from this quiet, confident 20-year-old and his interesting journey to MLS.
15 min
Falling Down - Shades of Blue
S5:E15 - In the standings... and on the sidelines.
52 min
One is the Loneliest Number - Shades of Blue
S5:E14 - Sporting KC could set an unfortunate record this weekend and Vermes puts the defense on blast.
18 min
Andreu Fontas on being "mentally strong" amidst...
The SKC defender talks about consistency, Catalan cuisine, & his family's love for Kansas City.
17 min
Roger Espinoza on playing the 6 and his competi...
"I wish I helped the team more. I took everything from that match."
14 min
Ultra Annoying - Shades of Blue
S5:E13 - Supporters' group shenanigans, Sporting KC set piece woes, & the potential for mid-season signings.
51 min
Daniel Salloi talks MLS referees, contract nego...
In the final year of his contract, the 25-year-old is highly motivated to turn things around for Sporting KC
20 min
The One Big Problem - Shades of Blue
S5:E12 - The show goes full gasbag to figure out what's wrong with Sporting KC.
50 min
With Nate Bukaty - Shades of Blue
S5:E11 - The Sporting KC Commentator call this "the most important 5-year window in the history of American soccer."
61 min
Inside Jokes - Shades of Blue
S5:E10 - Assessing the current state of the Sporting KC roster & previewing the RSL match.
47 min
Proper Pronunciations - Shades of Blue
S5:E9 - Finding the funny from the MLS weekend to help you forget about the 2-0 Sporting KC loss in Colorado.
34 min
A Tad Askew - Shades of Blue
S5:E8 - Analyzing the attacking core, takeaways from the Dynamo win, & what to expect this weekend.
41 min
Logan Ndenbe & Remi Walter
Ndenbe & Walter join us to talk about MLS, Peter Vermes, & dining out in Kansas City.
11 min
The Home Opener - Shades of Blue
S5:E7 - Jose Mauri makes a mysterious exit, plus an update from training & Media Day ahead of the Dynamo match.
34 min
Knee Jerks - Shades of Blue
S5:E6 - Totally level-headed & not-at-all emotional reactions. Plus a dramatic reading of the comment section.
36 min
Matchday One Vibes - Shades of Blue
S5:E5 - Word association with MLS teams, a Sporting KC season preview, and Keanu Reeves.
43 min
Kit Drop: State Line 3.0 (Hour 1) - Shades of Blue
S5:E4 - Happy Kit Drop Day everyone! Chad Reynolds is back for the yearly tradition, and he brought a friend this time.
46 min
Kit Drop: State Line 3.0 (Hour 2) - Shades of Blue
S5:E5 - The moment finally arrives and the kit is unveiled for us on the air for our unfiltered reactions.
48 min
A New Striker - Shades of Blue
S5:E3 - New signings, preseason action, celebrating the end of Bally's Sports, and a check to see how the Cauldron FB page is doing so far.
44 min
Interview with KC Current forward Kristen Hamil...
KC Current's Hamilton optimistic and happy to be reunited with more former teammates
14 min
Introducing the KC Current new manager and GM o...
Introducing KC Current's new leadership
11 min
Interview with Ike - Opara has returned to SKC ...
Ike and Benny back together again but this time coach Sporting KC II - Ike discusses why he returned
14 min
Matt Besler Unfiltered: When Loyalty Ends
Matt Besler is retired from soccer and wanting to talk
60 min
Wrapping up a busy week - Shades of Blue
S5E2 - Talking new signings and rumors from podcast row at the United Soccer Coaches Convention.
42 min
Kevin Ellis previews a big night for KC Comets
Guests Kevin Ellis & Brian Budzinski talk about the excitement surrounding the Comets & MASL right now.
13 min
The Journey - Shades of Blue
S5E1 - Kicking off the first show of the year amidst an absolute storm of offseason news.
54 min
Silly Season Begins - Shades of Blue
S4:E38 - Sporting KC signs free agents Ben Sweat & Uri Rosell. Thad is late. Will he join before the show ends?
22 min
Postgame Show - We're Going Legit
We're ushered into a new era for Shades of Blue as Thad lays down the show's first ever ad read.
6 min
Catalan Cafe - Shades of Blue
S4:E37 - Wrapping up the 2021 MLS Season, speculating wildly about the offseason, and debating the proper way to honor Ilie Sanchez.
38 min
Pointing Fingers - Shades of Blue
S4:E36 - We go through the five stages of grief... with microphones in front of us.
38 min
Another One - Shades of Blue
S4:E35 - With the return of San Zusi & RSL winning without taking a shot, Sporting KC sets sights on MLS Cup.
45 min
Pre-Playoff Pod - Shades of Blue
S4:E34 - Does Alan Pulido get the nod this weekend? We're talking all things Sporting KC and MLS Cup Playoffs.
40 min
Conspiracy - Shades of Blue
S4:E33 - The handball that wasn’t, and an epic Vermes rant. After a crazy week we’re venting, analyzing, & finding positives.
40 min
Decision Week! - Shades of Blue
S4:E32 - Sporting KC enters the final week of the regular season on top of the West. All your burning questions answered. Kind of.
36 min
Timmy Takedown - Shades of Blue
S4:E31 - Analyzing Melia's body slam from every possible angle and talking MLS playoff races ahead of SKC match vs the Galaxy.
41 min
The World Cup in KC - Shades of Blue
S4:E30 - A huge week of soccer in Kansas City for Sporting, the USWNT, and the hopes of hosting the 2026 World Cup.
30 min
Missed Opportunity - Shades of Blue
S4:E29 - What went wrong against Vancouver, assessing the SKC defense, & finding a ceiling without Pulido.
31 min
Man on the Moon - Shades of Blue
S4:E28 - Checking out the race atop of the Western Conference and previewing upcoming SKC & USMNT matches.
23 min
Postgame Show - Busio & USMNT
Gianluca Busio is making his return to the USMNT for the next set of World Cup Qualifiers.
8 min
MVP - Shades of Blue
S4:E27 - Daniel Salloi in the MVP discussion, a leaky Sporting KC defense, and the difference between Pulido & Shelton.
30 min
Get Mean - Shades of Blue
S4:E26 - Is Sporting KC too nice? Recovering from the loss to Seattle, preparing for FC Dallas, & players we could take in a fight.
26 min
Postgame: Seth Sinovic & FIFA Player Ratings
It turns out Seth Sinovic will not be playing in MLS for eternity. FIFA 22 player ratings are out, it's time to argue about stuff.
10 min
Good vs Evil - Shades of Blue
S4:E25 - Full pre-game coverage to get you excited for the Sounders match.
26 min
Rounding Into Form - Shades of Blue
S4:E24 - First place and a battle for the top of the MLS Western Conference this weekend? This week is a vibe.
18 min
Spending the Busio Money - Shades of Blue
S4:E23 - How will Peter Vermes spend all that new cash from Busio's transfer?
21 min
Return of the Fine Jar - Shades of Blue
S4:E22 - Talking Daniel Salloi & the MLS All-Star Game, plus we check on Gianluca Busio, and wax lyrical about Tim Melia.
26 min
Departures & Arrivals - Shades of Blue
S4:E21 - Busio's move to Italy is finally official and Sporting KC have brought in a new 25-year-old midfielder.
19 min
A Rough Translation - Shades of Blue
S4:E20 - Talking ALL the soccer this week from the USMNT in Gold Cup action, Gianluca Busio, and Sporting KC's return to action.
24 min
Shades of Blue Interview - Sunflower State FC
Local soccer at the grassroots level
33 min
The Pod Goes International - Shades of Blue
S4:E19 - A quick podcast for Sporting KC's quick turnaround between matches. Plus, we're talking soccer tourism.
15 min
A New Sporting Legend - Shades of Blue
S4:E18 - Jimmy Nielsen is set to be inducted as the newest member of the Sporting Legends, a club he knows absolutely NOTHING about.
25 min