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A savage overtime loss - The Blue Turf
Comets struggle in overtime and player intrigue
30 min
2024 MLS Season Preview - Shades of Blue
Everything you need to know and all the questions you need to ask ahead of Sporting KC's season.
63 min
Replacement Refs - Shades of Blue
Sporting KC kicks off the MLS season this weekend. We wrap up the preseason, talk about a potential third kit, and discuss the referee lockout.
45 min
Winless woes continue - The Blue Turf
Special guest Brian Budzinski on the Blue Turf
64 min
6 World Cup Matches in KC - Shades of Blue
It was a painful announcement special but Kansas City is hosting a World Cup Quarterfinal!
49 min
Comets need to get back on track - The Blue Turf
Next game is key to get back on track
26 min
MLS Kit Leaks - Shades of Blue
Preseason is underway for MLS but EA FC unveiled the new kits prematurely.
60 min
Preseason roster breakdown - Keeping Current
56 min
An attempt at a mid-season review - The Blue Turf
Midway through the 2023-24 MASL season
37 min
Meat left on the bone - Shades of Blue
Talking about the fallout from Wilkinson and actual Sporting KC soccer from preseason.
39 min
"A slap in the face" Ladies of SKC on Shades of...
What Sporting KC's hiring of Wilkinson means, both as fans of the game, and as women.
15 min
Comets coming up short in Mexico - The Blue Turf
Tough road trip not going well for Comets
29 min
Post Draft and sadly more - Keeping Current
The NWSL Draft is over and more news for
37 min
I Feel Gross - Shades of Blue
Reacting to Sporting KC hiring Gavin Wilkinson as Sporting Director.
49 min
Comets beat the Heat but tough stretch ahead - ...
Comets face tough road trip ahead
44 min
2024 Wishes for Sporting KC - Shades of Blue
MLS PRO Referees threaten to stop working. Sounds great, right?
60 min
Current add Temwa Chawinga - Keeping Current
A new player and league news
35 min
Comets with two wins over St. Louis - The Blue ...
Comets improve to 6-1 with a pair of wins
50 min
Comets suffer their first loss - The Blue Turf
How will the Comets respond
61 min
Goodbye US Open Cup - Shades of Blue
Offseason news and rumors for Sporting KC plus reactions to MLS's departure from the Open Cup.
66 min
The Comets are 3-0 after the first road win- T...
Can Comets win on the road again?
53 min
Current is protected... at a cost - Keeping Cur...
Expansion draft protection is expensive
34 min
The Comets are 2-0 - The Blue Turf
Comets defeat St. Louis - The Blue Turf
54 min
Roster Moves Extravaganza 23' - Shades of Blue
A very thorough breakdown of the Sporting KC roster going into the offseason. PRO admitted their error that ended the season.
79 min
The first win of the Stokic era - The Blue Turf
Comets defeat Milwaukee - The Blue Turf
34 min