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The Green Bay Canucks | Sippin' On A 40
Or we can talk about agents?
18 min
Where Is The Effort? + Benning In July | Sippin...
The Canucks look real bad. Real bad.
27 min
Is Travis Safe? + Is Kyle a Phony? | Sippin' On...
Ian Clark, we need you more than ever buddy.
31 min
Welcome to the same yet new NHL | Silky N' Filthy
Who's up for a big year and the NHL still sucks sort-of
41 min
In Debt? WE CAN'T HELP | Sippin' On A 40
I almost exploded
16 min
Leave @_eliaspettersson out of this + R E L A X...
Old heads.....
15 min
J.T. Miller is Important, Petey's Powerplay Bom...
The Canucks are 1-3 or 2-2 (depending on what happens Monday night), and there's a big difference between the two. Why isn't the powerplay feeding Pettersson like they probably should? Plus, we explain why J.T. Miller might be the most important player on the Vancouver Canucks.
75 min
Top 10 Hated Calgary Flames Players | Sippin' O...
You try staying in Alberta for one week?
20 min
F*ck The Panic Button | Sippin' On A 40
Stay easy Vancouver. The alien is showing up soon.
17 min
Vancouver, Apologize to McDavid | Sippin' On A 40
Stop the McDavid Hate
23 min
Best Team In Canadia | Sippin' On A 40
Live in the moment my people
19 min
The Sort Of NHL Season Preview | Silky N' Filthy
Our experts are back and full of more bullsh*t
43 min
Canucks Season Preview, What to Expect Out Of a...
Canucks hockey is back, and there's a lot of questions that need to be answered. Will the forward depth make or break this team? Can Travis Hamonic straight off his "PTO" provide some much needed defensive depth? Dan Murphy of Sportsnet joins the show to break down the Canucks roster, what the broadcast will look like, and John Garrett's eating habits.
86 min
The Official Best of 2020 Episode | Power Of Th...
The year 2020 may have sucked for a lot of us, but it was a highly successful first year for us. To celebrate, we've decided to put together clips from the various people that we were lucky enough to talk to.
121 min
McDavid > Pettersson + Hughes > Draisaitl | Sip...
23 min
best rivalry in the Oh Canada division? | Sippi...
Bye Bye Don
23 min
A Special Season Finale with guest James Duthie...
It's the season finale of Power Of The Towel, and we had James Duthie of TSN on to celebrate this monumental occasion.
57 min
Shotgun Jake is back, and Josh Leivo-s the Canu...
Shotgun Jake is back in the fold, and he'll have to have a big season for the Canucks to make some noise. Ryan Lehal of the SCT Show and AM 730 joins the show to talk about the Canucks offseason moves, Jake Virtanen avoiding arbitration, and how to properly pronounce Patullo.
49 min
The Aftermath of Free Agency, Nate Schmidt Come...
It's the aftermath of Free Agency, and it's hard to argue that the Canucks will be any better next season. Nate Schmidt has been traded to Vancouver, and that's a much needed win for Jimbo.
63 min
Vancouver vs Canada w/ Ryan Lehal | Sippin' On ...
This division could be ours....
27 min
Offseason WTF's & Bargain Bin Beauties | Silky ...
Last epi of the longest season ever.
48 min
Imperfect Jim Scores A Win | The Quickie
Shout out to the listeners, readers, and the entire NM team.
6 min
The Only Way | Sippin' On A 40
Thanking Hughes and Pettersson in advance.
15 min
A Falacious Free Agency, and No-EL With Guest I...
Jacob Markstrom, Chris Tanev, and Troy Stecher are gone — the Canucks cap crunch has officially hit Vancouver. Braden Holtby joined on a two year deal, but how will he fit behind the team?
51 min
Replaced with Culture | Sippin' On A 40
That's how they get by
19 min