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Canucks broadcasting appreciation episode | The...
The franchise might not have a Cup in 50 years, but the broadcasting has been top-notch.
5 min
Why you need to watch The Sopranos ASAP | Power...
A special bonus episode of Power Of The Pure-L, breaking down why you need to watch The Sopranos
10 min
OH CANADA | Silky N' Filthy
Join us while we rehearse for our new program!
54 min
Heaps of Praise for Underrated Winnipeg | The Q...
You might hate the city, but The Quickie has a soft spot for the underrated prairie mecca.
6 min
Best and Worst of the NHL's Most Boring Playoff...
Sorry, Dallas.
6 min
Heaping too much praise on Denver & the Avs | T...
I mean, this is the network with the West Coast Bias...
5 min
Ryan Kesler's Best Season With the Canucks and ...
29 min
Catching Up With Loved Ones | Sippin' On A 40
Shoutout Deepak Chopra
38 min
Best and Worst of the St. Louis Blues | The Qui...
Lots of positives for the defending Cup champs but damn, St. Louis needs to improve that Trip Advisor page...
4 min
Wait, what about that first round pick? | The Q...
With the Canucks first round pick still in limbo, The Quickie looks at options for the Canucks if they do fall out of the playoffs.
5 min
Best and (mostly) worst of Anaheim | The Quickie
When Adam Henrique is your best player, you're gonna have a bad time.
4 min
P90 X Predictions + New Show Alert | Silky N' F...
What up Canada?
57 min
Quick Downfall in LA & Venice Vibes | The Quickie
The Kings suck but there are some underlying positive. You also get a Venice Beach story on this episode of The Quickie.
4 min
Calder Trophy Talk + Wash Your Body | Sippin' O...
Much love to Bondi
30 min
Ain't No Thrill With Phil & I'm Moving to Glend...
The Quickie covers the best and worst of the Arizona Coyotes, and the city of Glendale.
5 min
Our First Hockey Memories and The Quarantine Bo...
The Canucks signed Will Lockwood and Marc Michaelis, but we want to know your first hockey memories. We have Brendan Batchelor as our guest, and we end with the debut of the Quarantine Book Club.
64 min
This one time in Vegas... | The Quickie
The resurgence of Maximillian & a little Vegas tale this morning on The Quickie.
7 min
69 Thoughts Feat: Ty Lemmon | Silky N' Filthy
If safe. Make Love.
48 min
Quinn F*cken Hughes + High Spirit High Spirit |...
Stay Safe
25 min
If only we all had Boughner's mojo | The Quickie
The Quickie touches on the best (but mostly worst) of the Sharks & virtually fist-bump Boughner's recent cocky comments.
6 min
Will NHL players save the day? | The Quickie
The Quickie breaks down the unorthodox proposal from NHL players on finishing the season.
4 min
Yamamighty & Why Does Everyone Hate Edmonton? |...
The Oilers have been better than advertised & I throw the city a surprising compliment.
5 min
Chirping the Calgary Flames | The Quickie
Sorry, Sam Bennett.
6 min
Hockey Is on Pause and Shows to Watch During a ...
No more hockey or any sports for the foreseeable future — we are truly living in unprecedented times. Guest Tej Dhaliwal of the LarschCast joins the podcast to talk about the Canucks season up to this point, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and much more.
78 min
Best & Worst of the Vancouver Canucks | The Qui...
The Quickie talks about the most surprising Canucks (both good and bad).
5 min
One Wacky Playoff Format to Consider | The Quickie
Quick reactions and cooky ideas are what The Quickie is all about. Stay safe y'all.
5 min
Off The Dome & 69% | Sippin' On A 40
Eh remember their humans too.
15 min
Why You Should Stay Positive & Wash Those Damn ...
With the NHL about to suspend the season, The Quickie tells you why you should stay positive, and what our plans are on Nucks Misconduct moving forward.
4 min
Chin Up and Chill Out with Statsmaster Sean | ...
The Statsmaster breaks down the Western Conference Playoff race and touches on the Calder race.
51 min
Nils Hoglander on his goals & "the goal" | The ...
Patrick Bexell (SB Nation's Eyes On The Prize) recently interviewed Canucks prospect Nils Hoglander. Hear it on The Quickie.
6 min
Lingering Realism + Dr. Bondi Talks About That ...
Stay Safe Vancouver
34 min
Are the Canucks even better than the Jets? | Th...
The Quickie quickly compares the two Wild Card hopefully and their eerie similarities.
6 min
Time To Find Your Panic Button and Frankie's Cu...
Time to Take Out The Panic Buttons and Frankie's wallet could soon be hurting
62 min
Canucks Staking Three Claims for the Jack Adams...
A cheeky look at the three coaches with Canucks connections who could win the Jack Adams by season's end.
6 min
No Good Water Cooler Talk | Sippin' On A 40
Please John, don't mention the game last night
17 min
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. + They Beat the Avs | Sippin'...
Oh man they needed this one
26 min
Scoreboard Stressin' & Best Games This Weekend ...
If stressing over outside results is your then the boy, do we have some games for you to watch this weekend.
5 min
The Best Opponent for Wild-Card bound Canucks i...
If the Canucks do make it to the playoffs as a Wild Card, here's the best match-up from their three most likely opponents.
6 min
Dough, DJ's & February Beauty Power Rankings | ...
Andrew Chelney joins the show to talk about the rising Rangers. Will their two biggest beauties crack the beauty power rankings this month?
71 min
Positive Beggsy is all we got | Sippin' On A 40
26 min
Let the Wild Card Battle Commence | The Quickie
The Canucks and Coyotes begin their three-game showdown for a Wild Card spot tonight, just like "The Quickie" host Beggsy predicted :)
5 min
I've Been Talked off the Ledge and Travis Green...
Travis Green the poker player is going all in with the wrong players. Patrick Johnston of The Province stops by to talk about his career and the Canucks.
110 min
Leon Draisaitl Will Finish With _______ Points ...
The German machine is on pace to do something not seen in almost 25 years.
7 min
Don't Push the Panic Button...Yet | The Quickie
The Canucks are in a funk, but it's not quite time to pull out your pubic hairs just yet.
5 min
Three Little Birds Looking At A Disaster | Sipp...
What a collapse by the Canucks
38 min
Send Resumes + His Name Had To Be Luuu | Sippin...
The ending of this episode was brought to you by procrastination
17 min
200th Episode & 3 Most Important Canucks Games ...
Big moment as Beggsy nabs the 200th show with The Quickie. He celebrates, thanks his mom, and looks at the three most important Canucks game remaining on the schedule.
6 min
He Deserved This One + Stay Safe Vancouver | Si...
Much love to Bobby Ryan
26 min
Benning & Dorion Slowly Righting Their Wrongs |...
Both were once considered two of the worst general managers in hockey. The Quickie compared their work to get back to respectability, and if either actually deserve some love.
5 min
Joe Thornton Was Done Dirty | Silky N' Filthy
What a freestyle
63 min
Will the New York Rangers make the playoffs? | ...
Trevor Beggs breaks down their performance over the last two months, and analyzes whether they can sneak in as a wild card team.
6 min
Grande victoire pour la ville | Sippin' On A 40
Avril approche à grands pas
22 min
Are the Oilers a threat? | The Quickie
After being a laughingstock for so many years, is it time to finally start taking the Oilers seriously?
6 min
Trade Deadline Recap and in Demko We Trust With...
All things Trade Deadline and a breakdown of Markstrom's injury with Area 51 Podcast's Sean Warren
70 min
Thanks Patrick Johnston + The Trade Deadline Sh...
The Canucks took the L on Deadline Day
39 min
Long Live Troy Stecher | The Quickie
As the deadline approaches, The Quickie analyzes the Canucks defence and discusses Troy Stecher's value to the team.
5 min
Tony Stretcher and a Bunch of Tater Tots | Sipp...
This is a show about the Vancouver Canucks.
27 min
Canucks' Most Important Game Against Boston Sin...
If the Canucks lose against the Bruins, there's a scenario where they could be out of the playoffs by Monday.
5 min
Shut Up And Have A Cupcake | Silky N' Filthy
Shoutout to Robyn. Shoutout to Robyn.
59 min
Cats or Buds? | The Quickie
There's a turtle race in the Atlantic, but which team would you like to see make the dance?
4 min
Is it time for Pettersson to.... | Sippin' On A 40
Don't go searching for the button yet
33 min
The irony of being a Leafs fan... | The Quickie
Do you remember what Leaf fans & media we're bitching about a year ago?
5 min
Live Your Benning Life Freestyle | Sippin' On A 40
Is this real life?
18 min
How much do you trust Jim Benning? | The Quickie
The Canucks general manager is pushing his chips towards the middle. Are you fully along for the ride?
5 min
Toffoli Traded and Get Well Soon Ferland with G...
Tyler Toffoli is a Canuck and we break it all down. Justin Morissette comes on the podcast to talk trade and a lot more.
88 min
A show about Ferland and Umbrella's | Sippin' O...
Change your life by staying protected
21 min
Battle of the Patricks & Uniting Canucks Nation...
I might be toast in the Canucks Twitter bracket, but let's all remember that polls like this are meant to unite Canucks nation.
4 min
The Most Hated Word In Hockey | Silky N' Filthy
Much love to 33 and 22
50 min
Low-Key Difference Makers | The Quickie
Pettersson, Hughes and Markstrom deserve most of the love in Vancouver, but The Quickie shows appreciation to three other difference makers this season.
6 min
Much Love to Henrik and Daniel | Sippin' On A 40
Thank you 33 and 22
34 min
Thank You Sedins | The Quickie
Never forget, always respect.
5 min
I'm Officially Not Worried and the Sedins Were ...
It's time to get all sentimental about the two greatest Canucks ever. The Athletic's Israel Fehr joins the podcast to talk about his career and the Canucks this season.
81 min
Bury your Kesler Hate | The Quickie
You don't have to love the guy, but at least respect what he did for Vancouver.
5 min
Bondi is the Godfather + What Beer should Kyle ...
Bondi has already climbed the ladder.
27 min
Player Policing Needed to Curtail Pettersson Ab...
Maybe there wouldn't be any rumours about the Canucks courting Wayne Simmonds if the referees just did their job.
5 min
The Real Important Game + The Stretcher & Messi...
You still gotta find the car flags
29 min
Wayne Simmonds? Nah, this ain't 2011 | The Quickie
The Quickie breaks down the Wayne Simmonds rumours, and talks about why the Canucks are better off giving the underdogs a shot. Speaking of underdogs, Trevor begins his campaign to climb up from #64 on Canucks Twitter.
4 min
The best Canucks from 2003 + Another loss again...
We'l get there next year Bondi
33 min
Goalie Scraps & Russian Raps w/ Cat Silverman |...
Kyle goes off in the Ovechkin vs. Crosby debate, and Cat Silverman joins the show to talk about goalie fights, cellys, rituals, and quality starts.
63 min
Memba when Jack Campbell was Jacob Markstrom? |...
Both were once considered top goalie prospects, but Campbell's hype train took off too soon.
4 min
The Calgary Flames are F**ked | The Quickie
Something smell rotten in Southern Alberta and nope, it's not manure.
4 min
How You Can Do It + The League Was A Joke Toda...
Get over 2011 with me by your side
36 min
They Can Maybe Catch the Blues and Who Is Your ...
The Canucks might catch the Blues, and Sportsnet's Satiar Shah delivers the latest Canucks news you do not want to miss.
75 min
Goalies are RB's of the NHL | The Quickie
Running backs in the NFL are struggling to get that big contract. Could we see a similar trend with starting goaltenders in the NHL?
4 min
Greatness was just on display | The Quickie
What do Patrick Mahomes, Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes all have in common?
3 min
no ones going to listen to this | Sippin' On A 40
Enjoy the Superbowl Parties
21 min
Rookie Hughes does it again + Sportsnet, you sh...
There is no debate
28 min
Watch These Games This Weekend | The Quickie
I tossed my Canucks bias aside (obviously we're watching those) and give you three other good match-ups to watch this weekend.
4 min
Perfect Landing Spot for Mike Gillis | The Quickie
One NHL team is screaming for the help of former Vancouver Canucks general manager Mike Gillis.
5 min
January's Beauties & Best Aussie Slangs | Silky...
Tanbir Rana & Kyle Bhawan debate Trevor's Beauty Power Rankings
47 min
The Apology to TSN + Hughes vs Edler | Sippin' ...
Give the man a final chance
25 min
Battle of Alberta is Flatlining | The Quickie
The drama between Matthew Tkachuk and Zack Kassian distracts from the fact that both of these teams have serious issues.
5 min
Elias's "Attitude" + A Waste Of Time | Sippin' ...
I'm sorry for wasting your time
22 min
Believe in Demko | The Quickie
Did you make the mistake of forgetting about Thatcher Demko?
5 min
Ring of Honour Talk and No More Early Starts Wi...
We talk Ring of Honour, Jordie Benn, and David Quadrelli joins the show.
70 min
Tailgate Season is Approaching | Sippin' On A 40
I'll bring the curry
37 min
Taking Stock in Vegas & Toronto | The Quickie
Which of these underachievers will have the stronger finish?
5 min
The "What If" Game with the 3 B's | Sippin'On A 40
Your coach is on the hot seat, I swear to you
40 min
Beggsy's Back and Everyone loves Loui | Silky N...
Probably our filthiest episode EVER
70 min
Hughes > Dahlin + Fancy Bhawan + Which Monster ...
Fancy Man Harman said it
27 min