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Blame Capitalism: The 99%
Two wildly different political movements — Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party — emerged from the Great Recession. They forever changed the way Americans think about capitalism and democracy.
23 min
The six D-words of climate change
It’s climate week. To mark the occasion we’re talking to scientist Michael E. Mann about six D-words that help us understand where the conversation around climate change has been and where it’s going.
23 min
Taxing traffic
New York City wants to be the first in the nation to implement congestion pricing to charge people for driving during peak hours. New Jersey says fuhgeddaboudit.
23 min
Everybody’s moving to Florida
We’re not just talking snowbirds. The Sunshine State is the fastest growing in the nation despite, you know, climate change. Vox’s Marin Cogan and Umair Irfan explain why.
23 min
Autoworkers slam the brakes
The United Auto Workers union is on strike at three different factories. We ask the Wall Street Journal's Nora Eckert what the union workers want, and management professor Marick Masters explains why the Detroit Big Three are reluctant to give it to them.
22 min
Blame Capitalism: Profit over everything
Economist Milton Friedman published an essay in 1970 arguing that the job of a corporation was solely to make money for its shareholders. General Electric CEO Jack Welch pushed that idea about as far as it would go — and broke capitalism.
23 min
From North Korea with Love
Kim Jong Un took a bulletproof train to visit Vladimir Putin in Russia this week. Jenny Town at the Stimson Center explains how the two leaders have little to lose and much to gain from each other.
23 min
New variant just dropped
Seems like everyone’s got Covid again. Vox’s in-house epidemiologist, Dr. Keren Landman, delivers the good news and the bad news about Pirola.
22 min
In Google we antitrust
Google is headed to court over allegations its search engine violates federal antitrust law. The Verge’s Adi Robertson breaks down the case, and David Pierce explains how Google Search came to rule the internet.
23 min
Hunter becomes the hunted
Hunter Biden is set to be indicted this month. The WSJ’s Aruna Viswanatha goes over the evidence with us, and Politico’s Jonathan Lemire looks at what it all means for President Biden’s reelection bid.
23 min
Blame Capitalism: Souring on the system
Capitalism has entered its villain era. In a new series running Fridays this month, we look at how Americans came to blame it for just about everything.
26 min
From Pac-12 to Pac-2
The Pac-12 college football conference has lost nearly all its teams now that schools like USC and Colorado have announced they’re leaving for rival leagues. The Athletic’s Chris Vannini explains why fans are beleaguered.
23 min
Why American sunscreen sucks
Better sunscreen exists, you just can’t get it in the US. Amanda Mull and Elise Hu explain why.
24 min
The new Cold War
The Cold War started earlier than we think — and maybe never ended at all. Historian Calder Walton says understanding the US-Soviet conflict prepares us for this era of tensions with Russia and China.
23 min
…We’re trusting it anyway
Tech companies are racing to make new, transformative AI tools, with little to no safeguards in place. This is the second episode of “The Black Box,” a two-part series from Unexplainable.
23 min
We don’t know how AI works…
The researchers who create and study tech like ChatGPT don’t understand exactly how it’s doing what it does. This is the first episode of “The Black Box,” a two-part series from Unexplainable.
23 min
#SeAcabo: Spain’s World Cup reckoning
Saying “it’s over,” Spain’s World Cup-winning women are using an unwelcome kiss to try to end sexism in sports.
23 min
The Real Housewives of Today, Explained
Taking cues from striking actors and writers, reality TV stars are lobbying for better treatment from networks like Bravo and Netflix.
23 min
Why top Republicans want to bomb Mexico
Long-shot presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said he would send US forces into Mexico “on day one.” Longer-shot presidential candidate Will Hurd explains why that’s a bad idea.
23 min
China’s young and restless
China’s ambitious youth planned to cash in on their country’s meteoric rise on the world stage. Instead, many of these 20-somethings are disillusioned and “lying flat.” Economist Nancy Qian explains why.
23 min
America is so Messi
With Lionel Messi, footy may have finally arrived in the United States. The Athletic’s Tom Bogert and Men in Blazers founder Roger Bennett explain how the Argentine superstar is transforming American soccer.
23 min
Death of a Hot Dog Salesman
Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin, the caterer-turned-warlord who recently attempted to overthrow Russia’s government, has apparently died in a plane crash. Puck's Julia Ioffe explains why it’s reasonable to suspect foul play.
23 min
The other eight debate
Fox News desperately wants you to watch tonight’s Republican presidential debate. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple explains why, and Vox’s Christian Paz has a primer.
23 min
Back to school loans
President Biden can’t stop, won’t stop trying to forgive student debt, even as borrowers are shortly expected to resume payments. The Washington Post’s Danielle Douglas-Gabriel explains.
23 min
Why Russians still support the war
As Russians begin to experience Putin’s war firsthand, they are not reacting the way Westerners might expect. Journalist Masha Gessen and researcher Jade McGlynn explain why not.
23 min