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Nxt Gen Podcast: David Roddy's big week and the...
Bryson Wright and Alex Winton talk about David Roddy, the latest Grizzlies news, and more.
40 min
GBBLive: A big growing opportunity for Desmond ...
Parker Fleming has Anthony Sain on the podcast to talk about how these recent Grizzlies news is a growing opportunity for Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr.
38 min
The Core 4: Best First-Round Playoff Matchups
The Core 4 is back to break down who they want to see in the first round of the playoffs, Dillon Brooks play (and mouth) as of late, give their picks for the NBA awards, and share their list of guys they're keeping an eye on during March Madness that could fit with the Grizzlies. The Playoffs are approaching and in a stacked Western Conference the Grizzlies' first-round matchup is up in the air. Few games separate every team and Memphis is still battling for the two seed. Dave and Matt agree, another matchup with the Timberwolves would be great to see. It was a battle of two young budding superstars dueling it out in the first round last year and this year the Wolves have added Mike Conley who is beloved in Memphis. Xavier isn't ducking any smoke and wants some Golden State revenge in an early matchup. Dillon Brooks has been making headlines by calling out various NBA stars and backing it up with solid defensive performances. But is all his talk a harmful distraction for Memphis? Going head-to-head with Draymond Green could only motivate Golden State more if they were to match up in the playoffs. One thing is for sure, Brooks has regressed back into poor offensive habits. The C4 give their picks for this year's NBA awards. Matt and Xavier are aligned that Jokic has done enough to win a third straight MVP but Dave thinks Joel Embiid deserves more respect. Everybody agrees Jaren is DPOY but Brook Lopez has made a great case for himself over the last few weeks. Xavier has a surprise selection for his rookie of the year. To close out the show, the guys give their list of college players they'll be paying close attention to during March Madness. Xavier wants one player to not even have to leave Memphis. Dave likes one of the top recruits and Matt is looking for more shooting.
67 min
The Starting 5 Podcast: Ranking the NBA in NCAA...
The month of March does mean something.
44 min
Next Gen: Reacting to Grizzlies-Warriors
Bryson Wright and Alex Winton recap the Grizzlies last game against the Warriors then talk about the Grizzlies injuries, including the Ja Morant situation.
42 min
GBBLive: How the Grizzlies will miss Brandon Cl...
Parker Fleming has Keith Parish AKA Fastbreak Breakfast to talk about Brandon Clarke's injury and the ripple effects from it
40 min
The Core 4: Life Without Ja feat. Geoff Calkins
After a week off the Core Four is back with their first episode as a part of Grind City Media. The C4 Boys open the show by reacting to the latest Ja Morant controversy that will keep him away from the team for an undetermined amount of time. In his absence, the guys break down the offense without Morant. The ball movement has to be at a premium and guys like Tyus Jones and Desmond Bane have to step up as playmakers. We saw glimpses of the ceiling of the Memphis offense in the third quarter against the Clippers Sunday night but can that be sustained? At the Trophy Case, Dave returns to an old faithful to commend the Grizzlies organization's ability to navigate these choppy waters. Xavier explains why Tyus is a starter in this league and Matt compares Xavier Tillman and John Travolta's career resurgences. In the latest NBA Title Contenders Ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee rankings, the four teams are unanimous. Milwaukee has taken over the top spot but has Phoenix proven enough in a short time with their new lineup? The Knicks may look to play spoiler come playoff time. To close out the show Matt takes Geoff Calkins one on one. They discuss the timetable for Ja Morant's return, the front-court rotation, and even throw in a little Tiger talk.
73 min
The Starting 5 Podcast: How the Grizzlies Can O...
The Starting 5 Podcast continues past their 100 episodes with the Bluff City Media podcast network.
51 min
GBBLIVE! - Breaking Down the Breaking News on J...
17 min
Grizzly Bear Bets: Memphis Grizzlies @ LA Clippers
The Grizzlies look to put a wild weekend behind them and focus on basketball tonight as they take on the Clippers in Los Angeles.
15 min
Next Gen: The Grizzlies Place in the Wild West
Bryson Wright and Alex Winton recap the last week of Grizzlies action and look ahead to the postseason.
40 min
Grizzly Bear Bets: Memphis Grizzlies @ Denver N...
The Grizzlies head to Denver tonight to take on the top seeded Nuggets after defeating them in Memphis just last week.
9 min
Grizzly Bear Bets: Memphis Grizzlies @ Houston ...
The Grizzlies are off to Houston tonight to face off against the struggling Rockets after a great win against the Lakers last night in Memphis
10 min
Grizzly Bear Bets: Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lake...
The Lakers are in town without LeBron James after the NBA's all time leading scorer was ruled out indefinitely due to a foot injury, While the matchup will not be as exciting, the Grizzlies will still look to handle business as they near the end of the season.
15 min
Grizzly Bear Bets: Memphis Grizzlies at Philade...
The Grizzlies are back in action after a much needed All Star break tonight in Philadelphia to take on one of the top teams in the NBA
9 min
The Core 4: All-Star Recap
The Core Four this week touches on Ja and Jaren's All-Star appearances, how to fix the All-Star Game, and look at what the Grizzlies have to do in the second half of the season to compete for a title. In Embrace Debate, the guys try to fix the All-Star game. Matt gives new incentive possibilities but, Dave and Xavier don't think players should need to be incentivized. Everybody agrees the All-Star game was disappointing and has lost its appeal. How much longer will the league let it go on? The guys then shift their focus to the second half of the Grizzlies season. Dave is doubtful the Grizzlies can hang on to the two seed if they don't find some stability. Matt gives the Grizzlies a slogan to live by in the second half. Xavier looks at the rest of the tough Western Conference. In this week's trophy case, the C4 boys give out awards for All-Star weekend. Matt gives out the corniest trophy, Dave believes Jokic's MVPs won't age well and Xavier gives the slam dunk champion his props. To close out the show the guys do an extended Top Four NBA Title Contenders Ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee to see where everyone has the Grizzlies currently. Last week's rankings were the first time in four rankings that Memphis was not mentioned on the show. Are people now too cold on the Grizzlies?
57 min
Nxt Gen: All-Star Weekend Preview
Bryson Wright is joined by Joe Mullinax to talk about the upcoming All-Star Weekend
33 min
The Core 4: Did the Grizzlies do Enough at the ...
It's the Core Four's first episode post-trade deadline and just like the Grizzlies, the C4 Boys bring in a new guy to add a spark. To open the show, he asks Dave his takeaway from the Boston game Sunday and Dave believes the Grizzlies can't win the big ones. Xavier gives his prediction and what to expect against Utah. In Embrace Debate, Matt asks the guys: Did the Grizzlies do enough at the trade deadline? The only trade they made added some much-needed shooting and what they gave up didn't impact team chemistry. Luke Kennard may not have gotten Dave as excited as some other targets but he is a good addition. For the Top 4 NBA Title Contenders Ranked by the College Football Playoff Committee, the guys have the same top three; Boston, Milwaukee, and Denver have separated themselves from the rest. The debate comes at the four spot - plenty of teams made moves to go for a title right now, is it enough to land any of them at number four? At the trophy case, the guys give out some hardware. Ja Morant receives two honors and Kyrie has become a movie villain. Matt sings the praises of some of the great reunions the trade deadline brought. In the Interview, former Grizzly Bear Blues editor Joe Mullinax goes one-on-one with Dave. Joe shares his experiences at GBB and as a Grizzlies fan and they hit every part of the Grizzlies season through the All-Star Break.
66 min
Grizzly Bear Bets: Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Ja...
The Grizzlies are in action for the final time before the All Star break tonight against the Utah Jazz. This is an opportunity to head into the break in a positive way following a disappointing result against the shorthanded Celtics on Sunday
8 min
The Starting 5 Podcast: Grading the Grizzlies T...
The Grizzlies added more shooting while attempting to add another significant piece.
54 min
Grizzly Bear Bets: Memphis Grizzlies vs Minneso...
The Grizzlies end the trade deadline relatively untouched and now look to get things rolling as we hit the last couple months of the NBA season.
15 min
The Core 4: Taylor Jenkins' Hot Seat
The Core Four Boys got together this week to talk about the losing streak, the Grizzlies' late-game struggles and give their hot takes on the NBA. In X's and O's, Xavier explains why Memphis has struggled to execute at the end of close games. Matt believes the blame should go to coach Taylor Jenkins and if he can not improve Memphis may be looking for a new coach in the offseason. Dave praises Golden State's off-ball movement in their offense and wants the same for the Grizzlies. For Kleiman Corner, the guys patiently wait for Memphis to make a trade to steady the ship. Trades for OG Anunoby, DeMar DeRozen, and Kevin Durant are discussed to see who fits best with the Grizzlies' current roster and the price for each. Looking across the division, Matt explains why the Kyrie trade could make the South West division even more difficult for Memphis for years to come. The guys then Embrace Debate, breaking down the NBA All-Star snubs and break down why Jaren Jackson Jr. was a worthy addition this year. Xavier misses the old jerseys and Dave wants the old East versus West format to return. To close the show, the C4 Boys give their hottest NBA takes. Xavier loves the new generation of bucket-getters. Matt thinks the West is becoming less wild and Dave thinks immaturity is holding Memphis back.
51 min
Grizzly Bear Bets: Memphis Grizzlies vs Chicago...
The Grizzlies are in action for the last time before the trade deadline tonight against the Chicago Bulls. With a lot of distractions around the team, a win is much needed to let things simmer down.
11 min
GBBLive: Could the Grizzlies trade for OG Anunoby?
Parker Fleming talks with Esfandiar Baraheni about the Grizzlies' possibility of acquiring OG Anunoby.
28 min
The Starting 5 Podcast: Will the Grizzlies Make...
With a lot of smoke around the team, the trade deadline looms.
55 min