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GBB Live: Making Sense of a Bubble Sample Size
Parker Fleming is joined by 92.9's Connor Dunning to talk about the play of the bubble and potentially sustainable stats.
51 min
Core 4: Ja Morant's Brilliance in the Bubble, C...
Nathan Chester and Bryce Hayes talk about Ja in the bubble and conveying the pick
36 min
3 & D: The Bubble & The Future with Zak Noble a...
Justin, Ben and Zak discuss the bubble Grizz, the future Grizz and which Grizzlies Zak is very low and high on.
34 min
The Starting 5: The season is over, now to the ...
The Starting 5 crew breaks down the final week of play and the Grizzlies' offseason outlook.
48 min
GBBLive: The long and short of the Bubble for M...
Joe Mullinax is joined by Evan Barnes of the Commercial Appeal to discuss the state of the Grizzlies entering the most important game of their season.
40 min
Core 4: Reflections on the unfortunate luck for...
Parker Fleming and Nathan Chester discuss the Grizzlies' fall from grace in the Orlando bubble, Dillon Brooks' woes, and the team's bright future.
42 min
3 & D: Leanna Ritter, Lauren Harvey and Jordan ...
Leanna, Lauren and Jordan discuss women in sports as well as the Grizzlies previous two bubble games.
36 min
The Starting 5: The Impact of Jaren Jackson Jr....
The Starting 5 crew discusses JJJ's injury, Dillon Brooks, and the current play-in situation
30 min
GBBLive: Mourning the Bubble Grizzlies
Sports56 WHBQ's and The Athletic's Peter Edmiston and Geoff Calkins of the Daily Memphian and 92.9 FM ESPN talk losing Jaren Jackson Jr. and more in Orlando with the Memphis Grizzlies
73 min
3 & D: Opening Weekend and the Dillon Brooks Wo...
Keith Parish and Justin discuss the opening weekend and Dillon Brooks
36 min
Core 4: Jaren Jackson Jr. Out for the Season, R...
Parker and Nate discuss the sad news of Jaren Jackson Jr.'s injury, as well as the Mike Conley trade after a year.
45 min
3 & D: Connecting GNG and Nxt Gen with James He...
James and Connor join Justin to discuss James's piece on CBSSports and the Grizz in the bubble.
35 min
The Starting 5: Dillon Brooks Should Shoot Less...
The Starting 5 recaps the first weekend of games in the Orlando Bubble
45 min
GBBLive: Previewing Grizzlies/Blazers and the s...
Hosts Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming talk Memphis vs. Portland and more!
30 min
GBBLive: Enjoying this moment with the Memphis ...
Joe Mullinax welcomes Tas Melas and Shane Young on the show to talk Taylor Jenkins, the 3rd best player on the Grizzlies and more.
61 min
Core 4: The Grizzlies Dash Miami, Now Prepare f...
Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming discuss the Grizzlies' thrashing of the Miami Heat as well as Dillon Brooks, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Brandon Clarke's roles in the games to come.
41 min
3 & D: Matt Moore of ActionNetwork and Joe Mull...
Matt Moore and Joe Mullinax weigh in on the Justise Winslow injury and betting the bubble.
30 min
The Starting 5: Intro Podcast with What They Wa...
The Starting 5 is here! Listen in to meet the guys and to hear what they want to see from the Grizzlies in the bubble.
31 min
Core 4 Podcast: Is Taylor Jenkins the coach of ...
Leanna Ritter joins Nathan Chester to discuss her background in sports as well as whether Taylor Jenkins is the coach of the year.
36 min
GBBLive: Questions and answers ahead of the Gri...
GBBers Molly Morrison and the hosts of the Starting 5 podcast join Joe Mullinax to talk about Justise Winslow and more!
60 min
3 & D: Sam Quinn from CBSports and introducing ...
Sam Quinn from CBS discusses Jonas Valanciunas and Jaren Jackson Jr and Justin introduces new GBB staff writer Jesse Cinquini
38 min
GBBLive: New voices, new roles, same Grizzlies ...
Hosts Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming talk seeding games and the Ja/Z-Bo comparison with new GBB writer Leanna Ritter and Associate Editor Brandon Abraham
57 min
3 & D: Finishing with the Grizzlies Season (ft....
New GBB Member Eric Nelson lets you in on his life, goals and his thoughts on the finishing of the Grizzlies' season.
34 min
Core 4: Why the Grizzlies are Well-Suited for t...
Bryce Hayes joins Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming to talk Grizzlies basketball.
32 min
Core 4: The Grizzlies' Biggest X-Factors in the...
Parker Fleming, Brandon Abraham, and Connor Dunning talk about the Grizzlies' biggest X-Factors in the Orlando bubble
38 min
Core 4: Ja Hits the Weight Room, Recruiting Sea...
Parker and Nate talk about Ja's weight gain, potential recruits for Ja and Jaren, and maximizing Justise Winslow.
37 min
3 & D: National Perspective on the Grizzlies w/...
Tjarks joins the show and talks newborns during the pandemic and the young Grizzlies shot in the return to play.
17 min
GBBLive:'s Anthony Sain on Mem...
Joe and Parker are joined by Anthony Sain to talk rotations, Ja the superstar and the relationship between Memphis and their Grizzlies
58 min
Core 4: To Shorten the 11-Man Rotation, Or Not?
Parker and Nathan talk about the many implications about shortening the rotation.
40 min
GBBLive: The youth of the Grizzlies will be served
Talking Morant, Jackson Jr., and more with Sam Vecenie of The Athletic
35 min
3 & D: Secret Memphis Pick Up Games and the Ris...
Drew Hill of the Daily Memphian joins the show to discuss the secret Memphis pick up games.
25 min
3 & D: Talking the Return of the NBA w/ Eric Ha...
Eric Hasseltine chimes in on the NBA's plan to return to play and more.
37 min
Core 4: The Bright Futures of the Memphis Grizz...
Parker and Nathan have Chris Connor from SB Nation's The Bird Writes to talk about the Grizzlies and Pelicans' bright futures and brewing rivalry.
46 min
Core 4: Recapping the Memphis Hustle's Strong S...
Parker and Brandon talk about the Memphis Hustle's season and the futures of its stars.
35 min
Core 4: THE NBA IS BACK! - What It Means for th...
Parker Fleming and 92.9's Connor Dunning talk about the return of the NBA
36 min
GBBLive: Memphis in mourning, and the Justise W...
On a unique episode, Joe and Parker welcome Drew Hill of the Daily Memphis to talk protests and what the Grizzlies will look like when the season resumes.
36 min
Core 4: A Giant Debate About Dillon Brooks and ...
A giant debate run from members of Dillon Brooks Island and its attackers.
51 min
GBBLive: Waiting on the NBA, Melton's money, an...
Joe and Parker talk return to play scenarios, the value of a "starting" NBA 2 guard and more with Matt Hrdlicka!
43 min
3 & D: Breein Tyree Draft Prospect w/ Grayson Weir
Grayson Weir from RedCup Rebellion joins the show to discuss Breein Tyree
31 min
Core 4: The GNG Days with Former Grizzly Quincy...
Parker Fleming and Brandon Abraham catch up with former Grizzly Quincy Pondexter to talk about the 2013 Western Conference Finals
22 min
3 and D: Should the Blazers have a shot at the ...
3 and D: Blazer's Edge Site Manager Dave Deckard joins the show to discuss the return of the season.
30 min
GBBLive: Resurrecting the Memphis Grizzlies (an...
Host Joe Mullinax talks Disney as host to a "new normal" NBA and more with Keith Smith!
42 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - The Grind City,...
A trip down memory lane of the Grizzlies' biggest rivalry
43 min
3 and D: Zion vs Ja, 8 Seed talk with Mason Gin...
3 and D: Zion vs Ja, 8 Seed talk with Mason Ginsberg
36 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - What Chandler P...
Parker Fleming and Joe Mullinax break down what Chandler Parsons was signed to be.
41 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - If The Grizzlie...
Parker Fleming and Brandon Abraham break down the alternate realities where Chandler Parsons is never a Grizzly.
38 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - If Jeff Green W...
Parker Fleming and Joe Mullinax talk about the long-term impact of the Jeff Green trade, and why he wasn't the answer.
42 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - How the Grizzli...
Discussing the alternate timeline where the Grizzlies won the 2003 draft lottery and landed LeBron James with 92.9's Connor Dunning.
45 min
Core 4: Reflecting on Biggest Hits and Misses
Parker Fleming and Nathan Chester reflect on their biggest hits and misses in their Grizzlies' fandom/blogging career.
46 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - The 2016 Draft ...
A dive into the worst draft in franchise history for the Grizzlies, and no it's not the Thabeet 2009 draft.
37 min
3 and D: Talking Sneakers, Ja Morant with Cinci...
Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Cody Reed joins Justin Lewis to discuss shoes and more.
28 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - 2009 Draft, Wha...
A deep dive with CBS Sports, 929's Gary Parrish into the Grizzlies' biggest draft mistake and all the scenarios there
36 min
3 and D- Roster Ratings and Clarke Conversations
Shawn and Justin breakdown the Grizzlies current roster as of today, and focus some good conversation on the future of Brandon Clarke.
36 min
3 and D- Random Ramblings
Nathan Chester joins Shawn Coleman to discuss a variety of topics including Star Wars, the Grizzlies, and the Hall of Fame.
56 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - The 2018 Draft,...
A deep-dive on Jaren Jackson Jr., Luka Doncic, Trae Young, and 2018 draft with 929 ESPN's Connor Dunning
46 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - The Kevin Love,...
A discussion about the 2008 draft night trade involving Kevin Love and OJ Mayo.
27 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - The Rodney Hood...
A discussion on the 2014 NBA draft with GBB Site Manager Joe Mullinax
39 min
3 and D- Greatest Grizzly Finale
Grizzly Bear Blues Site Manager Joe Mullinax joins Shawn Coleman to discuss the final week of the Greatest Grizzly Tournament.
34 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory- The Masked Mike ...
A talk about the 2015 playoff series with Sports Illustrated's Anthony Sain
28 min
Core 4: Revisionist Grizztory - The 2011 Playof...
A deep dive into the 2011 playoff run and Zach Randolph's greatness.
40 min
3 and D-Greatest Grizzly Tournament, Week 2
Shawn Coleman discusses the first round results of the Greatest Grizzly Tournament, along with previews of the Sweet 16.
21 min
Core 4: Cool Memories with Former Grizzlies, NB...
Core 4: Cool Memories with Former Grizzlies, NBA Players
38 min
3 and D- Greatest Grizzly Tournament
Shawn Coleman and Justin Lewis breakdown the field for the Greatest Grizzly Tournament.
42 min
Emergency Core 4 - The NBA Season Has Been Susp...
Emergency Core 4 - The NBA Season Has Been Suspended
22 min
GBBLive: Answering your Memphis Grizzlies quest...
Before the breaking news of the league suspending play hit, GBBLive's Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming tackled fan questions from social media.
42 min
Core 4: Josh Jackson and De'Anthony Melton Are ...
Core 4: Josh Jackson and De'Anthony Melton Are Awesome
31 min
3 and D- Righting the Ship before the Scheduled...
Justin Lewis and Shawn Coleman discuss the Grizzlies successful week as they prepare for a tough stretch of their schedule.
31 min
Core 4: Comparing Ja Morant, Memphis Grizzlies ...
Core 4: Comparing Ja Morant, Grizzlies to Luka, Zion, and Atlanta Hawks
35 min
3 and D- Talking Hawks with Brad Rowland
Brad Rowland from Peachtree Hoops joins Shawn Coleman to discuss the Hawks season, rebuild, and Trae and Ja.
24 min
Core 4: Road Trip Blues
Core 4: Road Trip Blues
30 min
3 and D- Struggling Start to Stretch Run
Mark King joins Shawn Coleman to talk about the Grizzlies struggles to start the stretch run and Jaren Jackson's injury.
35 min
Core 4: 10-Day Dusty! 2 Players, Award Races to...
Core 4: 10-Day Dusty! 2 Players, Award Races to Watch Post All-Star Break
35 min
GBBLive: Playoff pushing to the limit with the ...
Ready or not, Memphis, the playoff push is coming for the young Grizzlies.
51 min
3 and D- Fanbase Focus with Molly Morrison
Molly Morrison joins Shawn Coleman to discuss the impact of the Grizzlies on and off the court.
34 min
GBBLive: 2020 All-Star vibes with the Memphis G...
Hosts Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming talk roster fits and All-Star festivities with Brandon Abraham and Connor Dunning of 92.9 FM ESPN Memphis!
53 min
Core 4: Grizzlies Playoff Push Continues, Grant...
The Grizzlies extend playoff margin, and Memphis and Tennessee basketball fans debate Grant Williams.
40 min
3 and D- Deadline Fallout for Present and Futur...
Justin and Shawn review the trade deadline for the short and long term, plus discuss Dillon, new rotations, and the upcoming schedule.
52 min
GBBLive: 2020 Trade Deadline Review
Breaking down the moves and momentum for the Memphis Grizzlies after a busy trade deadline.
47 min
Core 4: Oubre Rumors, Iguodala Drama (LIVE REAC...
A wild trade deadline podcast, where no content is safe.
29 min
3 and D- January Review, Trade Deadline Discuss...
Shawn Coleman discusses the Grizzlies success in January and how they should approach the trade deadline.
29 min
Core 4: There's a Party on Dillon Brooks Island
Dillon Brooks is really good, and the trade deadline is soon.
44 min
3 and D- Remembering Kobe, Grizzlies Growing Pains
Justin and Shawn share their thoughts on the passing of Kobe and GiGi Bryant, then discuss the growing pains of the Grizzlies.
30 min
Core 4: A Celtics View of The Grizz Pick, Passi...
A Celtics View of The Grizz Pick, Passing on Brandon Clarke, and Ja vs. Kemba
16 min
GBBLive: Wait, you'd pay Dillon Brooks WHAT???
Joe Mullinax talks with GBB's Parker Fleming and SB Nation's Mike Prada about the value of Dillon Brooks, trade mania, and more with the Memphis Grizzlies
58 min
3 and D- Pelicans Preview, Franchise Futures
Shawn Coleman and guests discuss the Pelicans and Grizzlies MLK Day and futures of the franchises and the southwest division.
37 min
Core 4: The Swagger of Dillon Brooks and Ja Morant
The Grizzlies are awesome, and Dillon Brooks and Ja Morant are showing their swagger
32 min
GBBLive: De'Anthony Melton and Spencer Davies o...
Host Joe Mullinax tries to not be too big of a downer talking the present and future of the Memphis Grizzlies
46 min
3 and D: Decade Discussions and Offensive Obser...
Shawn and Greg reveal their top players and moments from last decade and voice their approval of the Grizzlies' offense.
48 min
Core 4: 2-Guard Upside of De'Anthony Melton, Di...
The Grizzlies have some upside with all the shooting guards in the rotation.
38 min
GBBLive: The top Memphis Grizzlies of the decade
Host Joe Mullinax breaks down GBB's top Grizzlies players of the decade with Parker Fleming
40 min
GBBLive: Grizzmas Eve with Gary Parrish
Host Joe Mullinax welcomes 92.9 FM ESPN Memphis' Gary Parrish back on the show to talk Dillon Brooks, Daddy Day Care, and the three young Grizzlies kings
37 min
Core 4, 3andD Christmas Crossover - Merry Grizz...
A Core 4, 3andD crossover for Christmas
40 min
Core 4: The Memphis Grizzlies Are in the Playof...
Parker and Nate discuss the Grizz/Heat game and the Grizzlies standing in the West.
36 min
Shawn and Justin discuss the significance of the Grizzlies three win week and discuss the trade season approach for Memphis.
34 min
GBBLive: A Memphis Grizzlies Rorschach test
Josh Jackson, Ja Morant and more with Host Joe Mullinax and guests Parker Fleming and Mark King of Locked on Grizzlies
51 min
3 and D- Rookies, Backcourt, Jenkins and Jaren
Parker Fleming joins Shawn Coleman to discuss the 2019 rookie class, the Memphis back court, Taylor Jenkins, and Jaren Jackson Jr.
41 min
Core 4: De'Anthony Melton/Tyus Jones Debate, Fi...
Talking about the superb play of De'Anthony Melton and the lackluster Tyus Jones
31 min
GBBLive: Free Josh Jackson...and your Grizzlies...
Host Joe Mullinax talks Josh Jackson, Brandon Clarke and more with GBB's Parker Fleming and Sports Illustrated's Grizzlies Maven's Anthony Sain
52 min
3 and D- Ja, Melton, Jackson, Plus First Quarte...
Justin and Shawn discuss the recent developments regarding the Grizzlies young backcourt, plus their takeaways from the first quarter of the season.
31 min
Core 4: Giving Thanks for the Memphis Grizzlies
A discussion of some things about the Memphis Grizzlies we're thankful for.
40 min