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GBBLive: The Book on Ja Morant, Grizzlies/Pisto...
Joe and Parker welcome old friend Omari Sankofa - now of the Detroit Free Press - to talk rebuilding philosophies, point guard growing pains and more
35 min
The Core 4: Inside the Gubble with Memphis Hust...
Parker Fleming and Brandon Abraham get an inside look at the G-League Bubble with Hustle coach Jason March.
28 min
The Starting 5: What is Health?
The Starting 5 crew talk about last week's injury-riddled 1-2 skid and preview the 4-game homestand this week.
31 min
GBBLive: Highs, Lows, and Dillon Brooks knows
Joe Mullinax is back! He and Parker talk body language, the long view of the Memphis Grizzlies, and the tall tale of Dillon Brooks.
41 min
Core 4: What's up with the Grizzlies? Also, a M...
Parker Fleming has Brandon Abraham on the show to talk about the Grizzlies' struggle and the G-League Bubble.
33 min
3 & D: TRADES TRADES TRADES with Zak Noble of B...
Zak Noble of BallisLife joins the show to grade a variety of Grizzlies trades.
49 min
The Starting 5: Finding the Wrongs and the Hope...
The Starting 5 crew discusses the Grizzlies' 3-game skid, preview this week's games, and discuss the Kevin Durant contact tracing.
40 min
GBB Live: Nxt-Gen Social Media for a Nxt-Gen Te...
Parker Fleming talked with Grind City Media's Devin Walker about being a social media manager for a young team, and everything #GrzNxtGen
32 min
The Core 4: Positive Grizzly Trends
Nathan Chester has 92.9's Connor Dunning on the show to talk about the positive trends with the Grizzlies' play.
36 min
3 & D: Expendability of Jonas, Insane Depth and...
Ben and Justin discuss how the insane depth has made Jonas expendable and DB's minutes less needed.
39 min
The Starting 5: InBANELY Efficient from 3
The Starting 5 talks about Desmond Bane's historic shooting, and what lies ahead this week
25 min
GBB Live: Living in a Pandemic Season, Answerin...
Parker Fleming mans the ship and has Daily Memphian's Geoff Calkins on the show to talk about the COVID season, Justise Winslow, and Grizzly memories.
38 min
The Core 4: Remembering Kobe, And The Upside of...
Parker and Nate share their memories on Kobe, and their thoughts on the awesome 2018 draft class.
29 min
3 & D: ESPN’s Bobby Marks On the Current State ...
Bobby Marks from ESPN joins the show to discuss pandemic basketball and the future of the Memphis Grizzlies based on their current play
28 min
The Starting 5: Blessing in Disguise
The Starting 5 recaps last week's and discusses why the postponements may be a blessing in disguise.
29 min
GBBLive: Social media in Memphis, Melton's minu...
Hosts Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming welcome Fox Sports Grizzlies social media correspondent Phillip Dean to the show
41 min
The Core 4: Giving Taylor Jenkins his flowers, ...
Parker and Nate talk about the Grizzlies' recent success through Coach Taylor Jenkins and Xavier Tillman.
35 min
3 & D: MLK Day Win, De'Anthony Melton and Grizz...
Justin and Ben introduce two new weekly segments after discussing the MLK Day win and the curious DNP-CD of Melton.
42 min
The Starting 5: The Real Z-Bound
The Starting 5 recap the Cavs and Wolves game, the postponement of games, and preview this week's games.
33 min
GBBLive: Doing the "Bear Necessities" to surviv...
GBB's Joe Mullinax welcomes Brenden Nunes to the show to talk defense, Coach Jenkins, and the ideal starting lineup.
41 min
Core 4: Memphis Grizzlies Early-Season Overreac...
Parker Fleming and Shawn Coleman of the Locked On Grizzlies podcasts talk about the overreactions and realizations for the Grizzlies' early season.
25 min
3 & D: Pausing the NBA, Expanded Rosters and Ca...
Bryce Hayes joins Justin to discuss the possibility of a pause in play and expanded rosters.
31 min
The Starting 5: The 3-6 Mafia
The Starting 5 crew discuss last week's games, trade ideas, and who starred last week.
29 min
GBBLive: Where the Grizzlies young core ranks i...
Zach Kram of The Ringer joins GBBLive to talk the bright future of the Memphis Grizzlies
36 min
Core 4: Why 2021 is the most pivotal year for t...
Parker and Nate discussed why 2021 is the most pivotal year for the Memphis Grizzlies rebuild.
30 min
3 & D: The Bachelor, Hardships and more Dillon ...
Ben and Justin talk about the roster situation and the evolving (maybe) Dillon Brooks
43 min
The Starting 5: Say It Ain't So Ja
The Starting 5 talk about Ja's injury, when he should be back, and preview this week's games.
35 min
GBBLive: Basketball journeys and treading water...
Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming chat with Kelcey Wright Johnson of Grind City Media about missing Ja Morant and what can be learned from the month ahead for the Memphis Grizzlies
38 min
Core 4: Attempting to find little hope in Ja Mo...
Parker and Nate talk about Ja Morant's injury and what's ahead.
30 min
3 & D: Rivalries, Kyle Anderson and the Ja Injury
Justin, Ben and Leanna discuss Grizz rivals, the emergence of Kyle Anderson and Ja's ankle injury
38 min
The Starting 5: Spur of the Moment
The Starting 5 talk about the opener against the Spurs and preview this week's games with the Nets, Celtics, and Hornets
42 min
GBBLive: 2020-2021 Memphis Grizzlies Season Pre...
Joe Mullinax talks best and worst case scenarios while following "North Stars" for the Memphis Grizzlies with co-host Parker Fleming and guest GBB Associate Editor Brandon Abraham.
39 min
Core 4: Grizzly players to watch and bold predi...
Parker and Nate give their players to watch for and bold predictions for the Memphis Grizzlies' 2020-21 campaign.
29 min
3 & D: Season Preview with Eric Hasseltine and ...
Eric Hasseltine Previews the upcoming season plus talk on JV and DB.
39 min
The Starting 5: Grizzlies Popping out the Bubbl...
The Starting 5 kicks off the weekly podcast network debut with preseason chatter and predictions for opening week.
42 min
Core 4: Ja's Awesome and Other Preseason Takeaw...
Parker Fleming has Sports 56's Anthony Sain on to talk about Ja's preseason excellence, Justise Winslow's role, and Desmond Bane's All-Rookie likelihood.
32 min
3 and D Podcast: Memphis rotations and Grizzlie...
Guest host Joe Mullinax welcomes Jonathan Tjarks of The Ringer to talk Grizzlies roster movement and more
38 min
GBBLive: Grappling with Grizzlies rotation ques...
Host Joe Mullinax tackles the uncertainty surrounding the Memphis roster with Shawn Coleman of GBB and Locked On Grizzlies
39 min
Core 4: Interview with Grizz Gaming's Authentic...
Brendan Smart, GBB Senior Staff Writer and Grizz Gaming correspondent, interviews Grizz Gaming's Authentic African
22 min
The Starting 5: What to expect in Training Camp...
The Starting 5 discuss the different training camp battles and expectations heading into the season.
38 min
GBBLive: Grizzlies future fits and Memphis wings
Joe and Parker talk being the darlings of NBA Draft Twitter and more with Jackson Frank.
35 min
3 & D: All Things Wings W/ Parker Fleming
Talking Chicken Wings and Grizzlies' Wings with Parker Fleming
42 min
Core 4: Desmond Bane, De'Anthony Melton, and th...
Parker and Nate talk about the Grizzlies' wing rotation, primarily Desmond Bane and De'Anthony Melton.
41 min
The Starting 5: Memphis Grizzlies hit in the Dr...
The Starting 5 recap the draft, give their thoughts on Jaren Jackson Jr. and Justise Winslow's injury updates, and more regarding the NBA offseason.
35 min
GBBLive: 2020 NBA Draft Recap and Free Agency P...
Desmond Bane! Xavier Tillman Jr! De'Anthony Melton! Injury buzzkills!
69 min
Core 4: Draft Night Eve Talk, GBB Consensus Big...
Parker Fleming has GBB's Shawn Coleman and Lauren Harvey talk about the finally-here 2020 NBA draft.
37 min
3 & D: Day One of NBA Offseason w/ Darius Watki...
Darius Watkins joins Justin and Leanna to discuss the first day of NBA Trades and the upcoming Draft.
35 min
Core 4: The 2020 Draft is Deep with Potential R...
Parker Fleming caught up with Mavs Draft to talk favorite draft stories and prospects, as well as outlooks for the Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks.
31 min
GBBLive: 2020 NBA Draft Preview with Chris Herr...
Joe and Parker welcome the great Chris Herrington to talk the pace of the Grizzlies rebuild and who Memphis should target in the 2020 NBA Draft
34 min
The Starting 5 Podcast: Thoughts on NBA Restart...
Parish and Trevor have Justin Lewis on to talk about the NBA's Christmas return and the NBA draft.
35 min
Core 4: The State of the Southwest Division, Jr...
Parker Fleming, Nathan Chester, and Brandon Abraham talk about the recent happenings in the Southwest Division.
38 min
3 & D: All Time Grizzlies Fantasy Draft
A handful of GBBers come together to draft their All Time Grizzlies rosters.
30 min
GBBLive: Grind City Media's Jessica Benson and ...
The Rise and Grind co-hosts talk the Grizzlies' Memphis reach and accelerating the process.
39 min
The Starting 5 Podcast: Should the Grizzlies go...
The Starting 5 podcast discusses Harry Giles and other free agent targets, as well as the madness from the community mock draft.
37 min
Core 4: Who the Grizzlies should target at 40, ...
Nathan Chester and Brandon Abraham talk about the NBA bubble and multiple topics regarding the NBA Draft.
35 min
3 & D: Offseason Roster Decisions with Leanna R...
Justin, Leanna and Ben go through the roster discussing what the front office should do with each player.
37 min
GBBLive: Bubble lessons learned, GBB Community ...
GBBLive Co-Hosts Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming talk the end of the NBA Bubble and the start of MOCK DRAFT SEASON!
37 min
The Starting 5: Zach Kleiman High in Executive ...
The Starting 5 talk about the Executive of the Year results, the free agency profiles on Grizzly Bear Blues, and more.
43 min
Core 4: If the Memphis Grizzlies should target ...
Parker and Nate discuss the possibility of trading for Victor Oladipo and the Grizzlies' current trade window.
40 min
3 & D: Music and Memphis with The Sound and Col...
Talking the role of music in life and basketball, plus Trip J and MOJO
37 min
GBBLive: Money Melton and the Miami (and Memphi...
We talk asset management and hindsight in the face of the NBA Finals on this episode of GBBLive
69 min
The Starting 5: 1st Team All-Rookie, Conference...
The Starting 5 celebrate Ja Morant and Brandon Clarke, talk playoffs, and share a wild comparison from the internet.
43 min
Core 4: 2019 Draft is Stronger Than We All Thought
Parker, Nate, and Justin Lewis talk about the surprising brilliance of the 2019 draft.
37 min
GBBLive: Memphis Mock Draft Madness, Melton's w...
Mark Schindler of Indy Cornrows talks with Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming about the woes of the small market, multiple Memphis wings that are in question moving forward, and much more!
57 min
The Starting 5: Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol Verzuz Ba...
The Starting 5 discusses the Gasol brothers, the 2020 playoffs, and trade talk.
54 min
Core 4: Looking at the 2020 Playoffs in a Grizz...
Parker Fleming is joined by Brendan Smart and Bryce Hayes to talk about the 2020 playoffs from a Grizzly perspective
31 min
3 & D: Superfans Fletch and the Bongo Lady
Fletch and the Bongo Lady join the show to talk about how much the Grizzlies mean to Memphis and their excitement for the future.
32 min
GBBLive: Ja Morant's moment/Memphis Mock Draft ...
Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming talk newly minted Rookie of the Year Ja Morant and the Grizzlies mock arrival of Tobias Harris to Memphis.
40 min
The Starting 5: The Next Steps Beyond NBA Boyco...
The Starting 5 discuss the NBA boycott, the playoffs, and the Grizzlies paying off Jeff Green debt.
42 min
Core 4: Catching Up and Getting Jitty with John...
Parker Fleming and Brandon Abraham interview Grizzlies' John Konchar about 2-way life, the bubble, and more
23 min
3 & D: Silver Linings, Paying a Debt, Women's S...
Leanna Ritter guest hosts the show, as she talks hoops with Locked on Grizzlies' Shawn Coleman.
23 min
GBB Live: Making Sense of a Bubble Sample Size
Parker Fleming is joined by 92.9's Connor Dunning to talk about the play of the bubble and potentially sustainable stats.
51 min
Core 4: Ja Morant's Brilliance in the Bubble, C...
Nathan Chester and Bryce Hayes talk about Ja in the bubble and conveying the pick
36 min
3 & D: The Bubble & The Future with Zak Noble a...
Justin, Ben and Zak discuss the bubble Grizz, the future Grizz and which Grizzlies Zak is very low and high on.
34 min
The Starting 5: The season is over, now to the ...
The Starting 5 crew breaks down the final week of play and the Grizzlies' offseason outlook.
48 min
GBBLive: The long and short of the Bubble for M...
Joe Mullinax is joined by Evan Barnes of the Commercial Appeal to discuss the state of the Grizzlies entering the most important game of their season.
40 min
Core 4: Reflections on the unfortunate luck for...
Parker Fleming and Nathan Chester discuss the Grizzlies' fall from grace in the Orlando bubble, Dillon Brooks' woes, and the team's bright future.
42 min
3 & D: Leanna Ritter, Lauren Harvey and Jordan ...
Leanna, Lauren and Jordan discuss women in sports as well as the Grizzlies previous two bubble games.
36 min
The Starting 5: The Impact of Jaren Jackson Jr....
The Starting 5 crew discusses JJJ's injury, Dillon Brooks, and the current play-in situation
30 min
GBBLive: Mourning the Bubble Grizzlies
Sports56 WHBQ's and The Athletic's Peter Edmiston and Geoff Calkins of the Daily Memphian and 92.9 FM ESPN talk losing Jaren Jackson Jr. and more in Orlando with the Memphis Grizzlies
73 min
3 & D: Opening Weekend and the Dillon Brooks Wo...
Keith Parish and Justin discuss the opening weekend and Dillon Brooks
36 min
Core 4: Jaren Jackson Jr. Out for the Season, R...
Parker and Nate discuss the sad news of Jaren Jackson Jr.'s injury, as well as the Mike Conley trade after a year.
45 min
3 & D: Connecting GNG and Nxt Gen with James He...
James and Connor join Justin to discuss James's piece on CBSSports and the Grizz in the bubble.
35 min
The Starting 5: Dillon Brooks Should Shoot Less...
The Starting 5 recaps the first weekend of games in the Orlando Bubble
45 min
GBBLive: Previewing Grizzlies/Blazers and the s...
Hosts Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming talk Memphis vs. Portland and more!
30 min
GBBLive: Enjoying this moment with the Memphis ...
Joe Mullinax welcomes Tas Melas and Shane Young on the show to talk Taylor Jenkins, the 3rd best player on the Grizzlies and more.
61 min
Core 4: The Grizzlies Dash Miami, Now Prepare f...
Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming discuss the Grizzlies' thrashing of the Miami Heat as well as Dillon Brooks, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Brandon Clarke's roles in the games to come.
41 min
3 & D: Matt Moore of ActionNetwork and Joe Mull...
Matt Moore and Joe Mullinax weigh in on the Justise Winslow injury and betting the bubble.
30 min
The Starting 5: Intro Podcast with What They Wa...
The Starting 5 is here! Listen in to meet the guys and to hear what they want to see from the Grizzlies in the bubble.
31 min
Core 4 Podcast: Is Taylor Jenkins the coach of ...
Leanna Ritter joins Nathan Chester to discuss her background in sports as well as whether Taylor Jenkins is the coach of the year.
36 min
GBBLive: Questions and answers ahead of the Gri...
GBBers Molly Morrison and the hosts of the Starting 5 podcast join Joe Mullinax to talk about Justise Winslow and more!
60 min
3 & D: Sam Quinn from CBSports and introducing ...
Sam Quinn from CBS discusses Jonas Valanciunas and Jaren Jackson Jr and Justin introduces new GBB staff writer Jesse Cinquini
38 min
GBBLive: New voices, new roles, same Grizzlies ...
Hosts Joe Mullinax and Parker Fleming talk seeding games and the Ja/Z-Bo comparison with new GBB writer Leanna Ritter and Associate Editor Brandon Abraham
57 min
3 & D: Finishing with the Grizzlies Season (ft....
New GBB Member Eric Nelson lets you in on his life, goals and his thoughts on the finishing of the Grizzlies' season.
34 min
Core 4: Why the Grizzlies are Well-Suited for t...
Bryce Hayes joins Nathan Chester and Parker Fleming to talk Grizzlies basketball.
32 min
Core 4: The Grizzlies' Biggest X-Factors in the...
Parker Fleming, Brandon Abraham, and Connor Dunning talk about the Grizzlies' biggest X-Factors in the Orlando bubble
38 min
Core 4: Ja Hits the Weight Room, Recruiting Sea...
Parker and Nate talk about Ja's weight gain, potential recruits for Ja and Jaren, and maximizing Justise Winslow.
37 min
3 & D: National Perspective on the Grizzlies w/...
Tjarks joins the show and talks newborns during the pandemic and the young Grizzlies shot in the return to play.
17 min
GBBLive:'s Anthony Sain on Mem...
Joe and Parker are joined by Anthony Sain to talk rotations, Ja the superstar and the relationship between Memphis and their Grizzlies
58 min
Core 4: To Shorten the 11-Man Rotation, Or Not?
Parker and Nathan talk about the many implications about shortening the rotation.
40 min