Be Present: The Diane Ray Show

The world is full of people with amazing stories. Hear conversations about spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, mediumship, past lives, reincarnation, health and wellness, yoga, or connecting with the Source within you. Host Diane Ray welcomes a variety of guests sharing powerful information you can apply to your life today.

Society & Culture
Psychiatric Healing Holistically with Judy Tsaf...
35 min
The Success Guidebook with Elizabeth Hamilton ...
Discover a pathway to live your most fulfilling life. Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino shares The Success Guidebook
36 min
Embrace your Shadow to Find Your Light with Nan...
We all have a shadow side lurking within us and rather than think it's evil we should embrace our shadow and learn from it.
43 min
Tackling Imposter Syndrome with Kim Malloy
Beat back Imposter Syndrome on todays' show with guest Kim Malloy
41 min
Heart, Soul, Pen: Start Writing with Robin Finn
If you have a secret desire to write a book, article, anything! Check out todays' show
43 min
Catching up with Mark Anthony, JD the Psychic E...
Mark Anthony, JD the Psychic Explorer shares his insight on the existence of an afterlife and communicating with people on The Other Side
31 min
Conversations from the Other Side – Channeled M...
John and Carolyn Thomas share channeled messages from historic figures about the topics of global warming and climate change.
48 min
The Wealth Spark with Rev. James Parker
41 min
Your Greatest Pain Can Be Your Greatest Inspira...
Nikki Mark shares her inspirational memoir, Tommy's Field
42 min
The Spiritual Side of the Beatles with Joanne D...
Exploring the spiritual side of the Beatles with Joanne DiMaggio
45 min
Living with Intention Everyday with April Wyett
On this episode I wanted to introduce you to an incredible teacher and healer April Wyett.
41 min
Gateways to Spiritual Experience with Jonathan ...
Explore spiritual experiences with Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D
55 min
Spiritual Wake up Call with Tom Rapsas
If you consider yourself spiritually curious you will love this conversation with Tom Rapsas author of Wake-Up Call- Insights for the Spiritually Curious.
45 min
Learning How to Go On in Times of Adversity wit...
Learn how to deal with life's big challenges with Dr. Ken Druck
50 min
Follow Your True North with Michelle Serafini
Michelle Serafini created a guided journal called Getaway Home to start moving in the direction of where she wants to be.
35 min
Healthy By Choice, Not By Chance with Jo Eager
Discover some great tips to stay healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually with author Jo eager
33 min
Some Kind of Magic: Life, Love, and Wanderlust ...
Sonya Moore shares her memoir Some Kind of Magic: A True Story of Love, Life, and Wanderlust
47 min
The Sacred Herbs of Yule and Christmas with Ell...
Find out about the pagan origins of many Christmas traditions with Ellen Evert Hopman
41 min
The Art of Flower Therapy with Dina Saalisi
Since the beginning of time plants and flowers have been used as medicine. Discover how simple the process is to balance your emotions and experience better health with Bach flower remedies.
30 min
Journey to Wisdom with Peter Bolland and The Se...
Philosophy and World religions teacher Peter Bolland shares his views on acquiring wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions and applying it to everyday challenges
35 min
Exploring the Power of Authenticity with Adam B...
Sometimes the hardest thing to be is yourself. Adam Bulbulia unpacks this concept in his new book Authenticity: The Immense Power to Be Yourself.
50 min
Surrendering to the Power of Words with Christi...
Christina Donnell’s book Encounters with Living Language takes us on a journey that will remind us of our true connection to All That Is.
40 min
Jacob Cooper- NDE’s and The Wisdom of Jacob’s L...
What happens when we die? Jacob Cooper reveals lessons from the hereafter in his book The Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder
48 min
Angel Abundance with Belinda Womack
Belinda Womack shares revelations on true wealth from the 12 Archangels
43 min
Steve Farrell- A New Universal Dream
Steve Farrell went from Silicon Valley success to a life of service to others with Humanity's team
38 min