Be Present: The Diane Ray Show

The world is full of people with amazing stories. Hear conversations about spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, mediumship, past lives, reincarnation, health and wellness, yoga, or connecting with the Source within you. Host Diane Ray welcomes a variety of guests sharing powerful information you can apply to your life today.

Society & Culture
The Art of Flower Therapy with Dina Saalisi
Since the beginning of time plants and flowers have been used as medicine. Discover how simple the process is to balance your emotions and experience better health with Bach flower remedies.
30 min
Journey to Wisdom with Peter Bolland and The Se...
Philosophy and World religions teacher Peter Bolland shares his views on acquiring wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions and applying it to everyday challenges
35 min
Exploring the Power of Authenticity with Adam B...
Sometimes the hardest thing to be is yourself. Adam Bulbulia unpacks this concept in his new book Authenticity: The Immense Power to Be Yourself.
50 min
Surrendering to the Power of Words with Christi...
Christina Donnell’s book Encounters with Living Language takes us on a journey that will remind us of our true connection to All That Is.
40 min
Jacob Cooper- NDE’s and The Wisdom of Jacob’s L...
What happens when we die? Jacob Cooper reveals lessons from the hereafter in his book The Wisdom of Jacob's Ladder
48 min
Angel Abundance with Belinda Womack
Belinda Womack shares revelations on true wealth from the 12 Archangels
43 min
Steve Farrell- A New Universal Dream
Steve Farrell went from Silicon Valley success to a life of service to others with Humanity's team
38 min
Feeling Anxious? Learn How to Thrive with Anxie...
Dr. David Rosmarin believes that you don’t have to suffer with anxiety, you can actually learn to thrive.
41 min
A Passion to Help People Heal with Pippa Leslie
A conversation with healer and fellow podcast host Pippa Leslie
39 min
Defeating SAD with Norman Rosenthal, MD
Norman Rosenthal, MD breaks down the facts about SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder
37 min
Be Present The Diane Ray Show trailer
Be Present The Diane Ray Show - Who am I am Why Should You Care?
1 min
Will to Wild with Shelby Stanger- Adventures Gr...
Shelby Stanger believes that bringing some adventure into your life and getting out from behind the desk can be life changing.
34 min
Learn How to Free Your Joy with Lisa McCourt
Bestselling author and Joy School founder Lisa McCourt comes to the rescue with her book Free Your Joy: 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness.
45 min
Open Up to Signs and Synchronicities with Lilia...
In her book Winks from Above, Liliane Fortna reveals a simple yet powerful way to experience greater awareness, peace, and grace.
34 min
Still Positive with Julie Lewis -Living and Thr...
Julie Lewis describes the shock of an AIDS diagnosis in the early 90's and how she has navigated the maze of doctors, stigma, and fear
43 min
Michelle Renee – Embracing Life After Violent T...
Michelle Renee discusses her book Nine Days-Living With My Soul Wide Open After Violent Trauma
39 min
The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson
Discover how to harness the power of relinquishing control with transformational teacher Kute Blackson
38 min
Channeling Wisdom for Personal and Global Trans...
Stephanie Banks is a highly sought after intuitive channel, mentor, and guide who helps people connect on the soul level.
33 min
Home is Within You with Nadia Davis- Rebuildin...
Nadia Davis is a mom, attorney, victims’ rights advocate, kundalini yoga instructor, and author of Home Is Within You: A Memoir of Recovery and Redemption.
38 min
A Future We Can Love with Susan Bauer Wu
Susan Bauer Wu shares her amazing book A Future We Can Love, wisdom and guidance from the Dalai Lama and Greta Thunberg on the climate crises
32 min
Which Thought Would You Choose? Meditation and...
Life can be scary, especially for kids. How we choose to respond to life’s challenges starts with how we think about them.
29 min
Live Your Creative Mission with Shereen Sun
Shereen Sun shares how to unleash your full creative genius even if you think you don’t have any creativity at all.
40 min
Dealing with Anxiety? Get Empowered with Dr. Fr...
Conquer fear and anxiety with Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of The Empowerment Solution-Six Keys to Unlocking Your Full Potential with the Subconscious Mind.
40 min
What’s There to be Grateful For? Turns Out a Lo...
Two personal stories of gratitude. One of overcoming depression and a suicide attempt and the other gratitude for life after a stroke.
59 min
Spiritually Loose with Susan Pearse
Spirituality isn’t always found in organized religion, temples, or gurus. Your divine life lies within.
41 min