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The world is full of people with amazing stories. Hear conversations about spirituality, metaphysics, philosophy, mediumship, past lives, reincarnation, health and wellness, yoga, or connecting with the Source within you. Host Diane Ray welcomes a variety of guests sharing powerful information you can apply to your life today.

Society & Culture
Which Thought Would You Choose? Meditation and...
Life can be scary, especially for kids. How we choose to respond to life’s challenges starts with how we think about them.
29 min
Live Your Creative Mission with Shereen Sun
Shereen Sun shares how to unleash your full creative genius even if you think you don’t have any creativity at all.
40 min
Dealing with Anxiety? Get Empowered with Dr. Fr...
Conquer fear and anxiety with Dr. Friedemann Schaub, author of The Empowerment Solution-Six Keys to Unlocking Your Full Potential with the Subconscious Mind.
40 min
What’s There to be Grateful For? Turns Out a Lo...
Two personal stories of gratitude. One of overcoming depression and a suicide attempt and the other gratitude for life after a stroke.
59 min
Spiritually Loose with Susan Pearse
Spirituality isn’t always found in organized religion, temples, or gurus. Your divine life lies within.
41 min
In Deep Shift with Valerie Gangas
Valerie Gangas is the kind of person that you would love to have a glass of wine with and swap stories about life.
32 min
Keep Looking Up with Tammah Watts
Have you ever thought of birdwatching to deal with stress and anxiety? We can learn a lot by just looking up
42 min
Step into Your Spiritual Spotlight with Muni Syed
Do you feel a call to be involved in more meaningful work? Step into your Spiritual Spotlight with Muni Syed and the Muniverse.
40 min
Conscious Bravery with Pamela Brinker- Caring f...
46 million Americans struggle with addiction, but many don’t get the treatment they need.
50 min
Do What Makes You Happy — Projekt Records, loo...
When you were in high school what did you want to be when you grew up? Were the seeds planted for what you eventually would be doing, or did you take a completely different path?
52 min
Finding Elevation- Fear and Courage on Mt. Ever...
World class mountaineer Lisa Thompson shares the incredible story of her journey from novice climber to becoming the second American woman to summit K2
41 min
Helping Spiritually Attuned Go Getters Write, M...
If you have thought of writing a spiritually based book but you feel overwhelmed by the process you will want to tune in to todays’ show.
46 min
Dina Saalisi – Using Bach Flower Remedies to Heal
Looking for a natural way to heal physically and emotionally? Dina Saalisi explains how to use Bach Flower Remedies
33 min
Lorna Byrne – Checking in with a Modern-Day Iri...
Lorna Byrne author of the international bestseller Angels in my Hair shares how to work with angels every day and connect with your own guardian angel.
52 min
Quantum Healing with Ann Basili and Goddesses o...
Join me for a great conversation with my fascinating guest Ann Basili. Ann joins us from Australia and shares her experience with a fascinating modality the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
44 min
Plant Medicine Retreats- Checking in with Robin...
Today we talk about the science of psychedelics and plant medicine which is becoming very popular in retreat and healing centers around the world.
38 min
Yoganandance – A Musical Celebration of the Spi...
When one thinks of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda you might not connect hip hop music and dance with the book that Steve Jobs made sure was given out at his memorial service
31 min
Experience the Power of Tao Calligraphy with M...
Tao is the ultimate source. Calligraphy is art. Tao Calligraphy is Source art that carries positive information, energy, and matter which can be transformative.
40 min
Break Through the Limits of the Brain with Jose...
Discover your ability to tap into your superconscious potential with Joseph Selbie
39 min
Beyond Addiction with Ken Carpenter Ph.D.
Recent statistics show that 10 percent of US adults have drug use disorder at some point in their lives. If you have a friend or loved one who is struggling listen in!
35 min
PTSDreams with Linda Yael Schiller – Discover D...
Diane talks with Linda Yael Schiller about how to work with our dreams and nightmares for deep healing and spiritual growth.
41 min
Judaism Without Tribalism-A Call for Spiritual ...
A guide to stripping away outdated and harmful beliefs that people of all religions can use
54 min
Mindfulness for Financial Advisers..and everyon...
Mindfulness can mean many things to many people. It's something I have been trying to practice for a long time.
41 min
Oceans of Thought with Poet Rosalind Severin Mc...
Can poetry still be relevant in today’s turbulent times? Diane talks with poet Rosalind Severin McClean shares her deeply personal work in two volumes called Oceans of Thought.
38 min
Uplifted with Susan Smith Jones, PhD
Can 12 minutes a day really make a difference in your life? Susan Smith Jones says Yes!
50 min