Bliss Happens

Welcome to "Bliss Happens: Your Journey to Joy” a vibrant podcast where diversity meets unity, and spirituality intertwines with soulful beats. Expect infectious, uplifting energy and meaningful conversations on living an authentic life of joy. We'll share a mosaic of experiences, perspectives and well-being practices including special guests. Let's celebrate the bliss that happens when we open our hearts, expand our minds, and connect authentically with the world and others around us. 

Your Co-hosts: Meet Faith Rivera, Emmy award winning music mom with melodies to ignite your spirit and raise the vibe. Chad Bradford, a theatre artist, and director bridges the world of classic art and modern dilemmas. Rev. Skip Jennings, a gay black Reverend with a deep love for house music whose wisdom and beats are a balm for the soul. 

Society & Culture
Bliss and Social Media...or Not?
Listen in as Skip, Chad and Faith explore this techy world.
61 min
Coined by Michael Beckwith, it’s the idea of integrating discipline with our pursuit of bliss.
64 min
The Power of Bliss
This episode aims to empower listeners with a deeper understanding of the power of bliss in our daily lives.
62 min
The Bliss of Newness
Join Faith, Skip, and Chad for the debut of Bliss Happens! Catch up with these three creatives and they explore what bliss really means
61 min
Soaring on Dreams: Grammys to Greenland with D...
Voices of Unity welcomes six-time Grammy winner, ukulele virtuoso, slack key guitarist and composer, Daniel Ho.
62 min
The Wow Zone! Sacred Dance Path with Karyne Dan...
Voices of Unity welcomes Karyne Daniels from Maui, founder of Sacred Dance Path
59 min
Healing Space for Folx with Faith Special Gue...
Voices of Unity welcomes back former co-host Rev. Jacquie Fernandez, senior minister at Unity Church of Overland Park, KS
63 min
Maui Strong, Spirit Strong
Voices of Unity talks about the recent Lahaina fire and ways to support this island community.
64 min
Get Giddy on Gratitude
Join this high-vibing episode exploring the practice and law of Gratitude
46 min
Cabal of Creativity with Harold Payne
Voices of Unity welcomes multi-platinum songwriter Harold Payne who shares magical stories about his time with legendary artists Bobby Womack to Bill Withers
58 min
The Big Summer Catch Up
Voices of Unity is back sharing about their summer adventures, the ahas, and ongoing opportunities to grow, shift, expand!
62 min
All About Our Furry Friends with Uncle Bill
Voices of Unity welcome “Uncle Bill” Robertson, playwright, screenwriter and author of new book “Animal Tales: Life Lessons for Adults.”
66 min
All About Angels with Lorna Byrne
Voices of Unity welcomes international #1 best-selling author of Angels in My Hair, Lorna Byrne
62 min
Tao Calligraphy & More Healing Vibes with Dr. ...
Join this explosion of joy and healing with Dr. and Master Sha, Tao Grandmaster, world-renowned healer, international spiritual teacher, and 11-time New York Times bestselling author
60 min
Muslims for Progressive Values, Melting Hate t...
Voices of Unity welcomes global leader, artist, activist and founder of Muslims for Progressive Values, Ani Zonneveld.
64 min
Smorgasbord of Everyday Spirituality
Inspired talk on what meditation looks like in a busy household, the gift of imperfection, and taking a deep dive into everyday life
61 min
REFLECTIONS of the ONE w/ Spiritual Teacher, Em...
Voices of Unity welcomes in Emmanuel Dagher, a new young voice & spiritual teacher
60 min
Fit for Life with 80 yr old Bikini Diva - Saba ...
Voices of Unity welcomes in the most amazing guest yet, Saba Moor-Doucette who shines a light on fitness for the body, spirit & mind.
64 min
Celebrating Black History Month + Spirituality...
Bubbly, expansive conversation on love, healing and presence with Voices of Unity celebrating Black History Month & Valentine’s!
62 min
Dope, Deep, Divine with Hip-Hoppin' Chaplain, N...
Get ready to be inspired by a story of rags to true riches, grief & loss to the fire of God’s unconditional love with guest Nick Phelps
66 min
The Transformative Power of Dreams with Machiel...
Voices of Unity welcomes their 1st guest of the year, Machiel Klerk, a dream worker, licensed mental health therapist & author of Dream Guidance: Connecting to the Soul through Dream Incubation
59 min
Expecting Epic, Releasing Spiritual Constipation
Back from a hiatus, Voices of Unity catch-up with lessons learned from the holidays, the joy that’s present in all the busyness.
58 min
Global Alliance for Transformational Entertain...
Tune in to this masterclass on consciousness and the power of creativity and art to transform the world!
73 min
Activating Conscious Bravery with Pamela Brinker
On this episode we welcome well-respected psychotherapist, author, speaker & trainer, Pamela Brinker
71 min
The Power of Grace with Kim Belew
Chad and Faith are joined by conscious rapper, speaker & teacher, Kim Belew who brings light to her personal journey of human trafficking, the medicine of music and her greater mission now to empower others!
59 min