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Unpopular Opinion
Comic and writer Adam Tod Brown hosts this weekly comedy podcast, the flagship show of the Unpops Comedy Network. Show your support and find more details about the network at https://www.patreon.com/unpops
Everything Is Overrated (w/Jeff May, Joe Dosch,...
Adam and Jeff talk to comedians Joe Dosch and Katie Merriam about the career of Nicholas Cage, overrated rappers, the Popeye's Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and so much more!
70 min
Marijuana Fundamentalists (w/Jeff May, Dave Wai...
Adam and Jeff talk to comedians Dave Waite and Madison Shepard about the safety of weed, the party benefits of cocaine, singers who struggle to sing, comics who struggle to be funny, and so much more!
71 min
Abolish Twitter
Adam talks to comedians Nadav Fleisher and Ethan Stanislawski about the end of social media, a controversial Hitler comparison, and so much more
77 min
Feral Hog Talk Radio (w/Stuart Thompson and Hea...
Adam talks to comedians Heather Marulli and Stuart Thompson about feral hogs in Arkansas, the end of Marvel movies, fascism, forgiveness, and so much more!
55 min
How To Beat Trump (w/Jeff May, Anna Valenzuela,...
Adam and Jeff talk to comedian Anna Valenzuela and musician/politician Danger Van Gorder about how Democrats can beat Trump in 2020
84 min
Jesse Ventura For President (w/Jeff May and Riv...
Adam talks to comedians Jeff May and Rivers Langley about stupid memes, guns for women, the presidential future of Jesse Ventura, and so much more!
75 min
On Snobbery (w/Travis Clark and Andy Sell)
Adam welcomes comedians Andy Sell and Travis Clark to talk about "elevated" horror films, $80 coffee beans, the golden age of network television, nu-metal vs. hair metal, and so much more
69 min
Graphic Tees and Prison Reform (w/Brett Rader a...
Inspirational quotes, adults who wear graphic tees, Jeffrey Epstein's chances of surviving prison, and so much more
72 min
Who Killed Jeff May? (w/Jeff May)
Adam talks to comedian Jeff May about nothing in particular (but also Bagel Guy)
60 min
Mainstream Mediocrity (w/Laura Crawford and Oli...
Adam and comedians Laura Crawford and Olivia Haidar discuss the controversial idea that CNN is worse for Americans than Fox News
68 min
It Isn't 2013 Anymore (w/Randall Maynard, Chet ...
The 300th episode! Recorded in Chet Wild's backyard! Adam, Chet, Jenn Scott, and Randall Maynard to talk about opinions they held in 2013 when the show started that have changed since then.
58 min
Prohibition Wasn't That Bad (w/Michael Swaim, A...
The West Coast Burger Wars, acceptable uses of cheese, abolition of federal holidays, the upside of alcohol prohibition in America, and more!
72 min
The Future Is Streaming (w/Dave Waite and Chet ...
Adam welcomes comedians Dave Waite and Chet Wild to talk about why every network should have a paid streaming service, fun at the airport, a celebrity opinion from Bill Maher, and so much more!
59 min
The Listeners Speak (w/Rivers Langley, Erik Bar...
Nothing but listener opinions! Topics include wearing the wrong size shoes, indifference to endangered animals, aversion to going to the movies, and so much more!
64 min
Prosecute the Prosecutors (w/Vanessa Gritton, R...
Adam talks to Vanessa Gritton, Ethan Stanislawski, and Rivers Langley about the Central Park 5 case, the ineffectiveness of satire under Trump, talking to your kids about Santa, and more!
68 min
Big Nuclear Energy (w/Fizaa Dosani, Ethan Stani...
Nuclear energy in America, government contact with aliens, Antifa vs. the Alt-Right, and so much more
93 min
Plastic Straw Appreciation Society (w/Samantha ...
Adam talks to Samantha Jane Gurewitz, Heather Maruilli, and Randall Maynard about plastic straw bans, 100 percent all white meat chicken, shady service animals, and so much more
62 min
Ban the Abusers Forever (w/Tom Goss and Erik Ba...
Adam welcomes comedians Tom Goss and Erik Barnes to discuss athletes who abuse women, bands who should ditch their lead singers, the legacy of Jerry Seinfeld, and so much more!
80 min
Kim Kardashian Will Be President Someday (w/Mag...
The evils of Court TV, Kim Kardashian's chances at winning the presidency someday, 50 Cent's debt collection process, chewing with your mouth open, and so much more!
68 min
Milk, Movies, and Maduro (w/Brett Rader and Dan...
Adam welcomes Brett Rader and Danger Van Gorder to talk about milk as a standalone treat, Zac Efron as Ted Bundy, the "animosity" between Trump and the mainstream media, and so much more!
93 min
Vaping Is Fine Now (w/Matt Lieb and Kevin Ander...
Adam talks to comedians Matt Lieb and Kevin Anderson about the merits of vaping, voting rights for prisoners, Will Smith's rap credentials, burritos, and so much more
79 min
Baseball Is Objectively the Best Sport (w/Alex ...
Adam welcomes Alex Schmidt (Cracked podcast) and Adam Ganser (1-Upsmanship Podcast) to talk about all the reasons why baseball is objectively the best sport
89 min
F**k It, Let's Nationalize the Internet (w/Vane...
Adam talks to Danger Van Gorder, Vanessa Gritton, and Randall Maynard about whether or not the internet should be nationalized
57 min
Gremlins 2 Is the Political Allegory No One Nee...
With both movies having recently returned to streaming services, Adam welcomes comedians Francesca Fiorentini and Andy Sell to debate the idea that the film Gremlins 2 is a near perfect allegory for the Trump administration's stance on illegal immigration.
62 min
Soccer Isn't A Sport, It's A Human Rights Crisi...
Adam welcomes comedians Rivers Langley and Stuart Thompson debate the idea that, when it comes to professional sports, it gets no more corrupt or racist than soccer.
71 min
Who Are The Real PC Police? (w/Quincy Johnson I...
Adam welcomes comedians Quincy Johnson II and Joe Kaye to talk about where the crackdown on free speech in this country is actually coming from.
74 min
Your Home Is Spying On You (w/Brett Rader and R...
Adam welcomes Randall Maynard and Brett Rader to talk about how your smart speakers are spying on you and should be thrown out the nearest window immediately. Among other things. Features dueling soundboards!
63 min
Re-Remembering Kurt Cobain (w/Andy Sell, Travis...
Shady firings! Custodial hierarchy! Weird animal stories! A guitar-fueled attempted kidnapping! This episode has it all!
69 min
An American Mystery (w/Rachele Friedland, Olivi...
Adam and co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Rachele Friedland and Olivia Haidar to discuss the strange disappearances of young Saudi nationals living in America and who might be behind it all
65 min
The Motel Magnate Who Will Take Us To Space (w/...
Adam welcomes comedians Jessica Singer, David Christopher Bell, and Tom Reimann to discuss one of the most under the radar figures in US space travel...former Budget Suites CEO Robert Bigelow
68 min
Brands We Thought Were Dead (w/Andy Sell, River...
Adam and co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Andy Sell and Rivers Langley to talk about some brands we all assumed were dead that, against all odds, are still thriving today
65 min
Right-Wing Extremist Violence In America (w/Mat...
Adam and co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Matt Lieb and Jay P. Brown talk about the rise of right-wing extremist violence in the United States
66 min
Patreon Updates, Schedule Updates, Update Updates
Updates about changes to the Unpops Network schedule, new Patreon reward levels, new shows, and a bunch of other stuff
24 min
Music That Led To Real Life Murders (w/Alex Sch...
Adam and co-host Randall Maynard welcome comedians Alex Schmidt and Tom Reimann to talk about famous songs that led to actual murders
80 min
Beloved Sex Criminals From Music History (w/Ann...
Adam and co-host Vanessa Gritton talk to Cindy Aravena and Annie Lederman about some of music history's most respected pedophiles
71 min
Racism In the NFL (w/Brett Rader, Quincy Johnso...
Adam welcomes Brett Rader, Quincy Johnson II, and Papp Johnson to discuss the various racism scandals plaguing the NFL these days
65 min
Things To Look Forward To In 2019 (w/Quincy Jon...
Adam welcomes comedians Quincy Johnson, Chris Crittenden, and Kristal Adams to talk about all the things you have to look forward to in 2019
72 min
A New Year, A New You (w/Randall Maynard and Pe...
Adam welcomes comedian Penina Beede and new joint co-host Randall Maynard to talk about some weird New Year's traditions from around the world, make some New Year's resolutions, and all sorts of other New Year's merriment.
71 min
The Best Everything of 2018 (w/Alex Schmidt, An...
Adam welcomes comedians Andy Sell, Alex Schmidt, and Joe Kaye to talk about the best movies, music, and TV shows of 2018
91 min
The Craziest Things Russia Did In 2018 (w/River...
Adam welcomes Danger Van Gorder, Rivers Langley, and Sean White to talk about some of the craziest news stories that came out of Russia in 2018
58 min
Terrifying News We Overlooked In 2018 (w/France...
Adam welcomes comedians Francesca Fiorentini, Matt Lieb, and Anna Valenzuela to reflect on some horrifying news stories from 2018 that didn't get enough attention
71 min
Online Harassment Around the World (w/Teresa Le...
Adam welcomes comedians Monrok, Teresa Lee, and Kelly McInerney to discuss online harassment of women in the United States and around the globe.
48 min
Bonus Episode: "Unpops Every Day: Drinking In I...
Adam discusses this week's Unpops Network schedule, a horrifying trend in Indonesia, a crispy bacon attack in South Carolina, things to watch this week, and so much more!
45 min
Industries We Should Replace With Robots (w/Tom...
The future of robots in the workplace and which jobs should and shouldn't be replaced by automation
61 min
Drug Dealers: A Storytelling Episode (w/Quincy ...
Adam welcomes guests Quincy Johnson II, Laura Crawford, John Fahy, and Jessica Singer to a very special storytelling podcast about interactions with drug dealers
47 min
The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi (w/Laura Crawford...
Adam welcomes comedians Laura Crawford and Adam Feuerberg to talk about Saudi Arabia and their insane cover-up of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi
70 min
Reminder: China Is Terrifying (w/Alex Schmidt, ...
Adam welcomes comedians Alex Schmidt, Matt Leib, and Olivia Haidar to talk about all of the terrifying things the Chinese government is up to these days
59 min
The #MeToo Trials (w/Vanessa Gritton and Joe Do...
Adam and special guests Vanessa Gritton and Joe Dosch talk about the possibility that the Kavanaugh hearings were just a Republican effort to discredit the #MeToo movement
63 min
SNL Is Still Part Of The Problem (w/Jon Shefsky...
Adam welcomes comedians Kelly McInerney and Jon Shefsky to discuss all the ways SNL lowkey makes the Trump problem even worse.
64 min
How Trump Has Changed Horror Movies (w/Michael ...
Adam welcomes special guests Michael Swaim and Dave Waite to talk about how the Trump presidency has impacted the horror movie industry.
49 min
The News Of The Day (w/Tom Goss, Matt Lieb, Jon...
Adam welcomes comedians Tom Goss, Matt Lieb, and Jon Shefsky to talk about social media censorship, a crazy Stormy Daniels story, a two headed snake, and so much more
78 min
NXIVM (w/Vanessa Gritton, Madison Shepard, Kati...
Adam and guest co-host Vanessa Gritton welcome comedians Madison Shepard and Katie Merriam to talk about the creepy sex trafficking cult known as NXIVM
72 min
Things You Forgot About 9/11 (w/Keith Carey, Ha...
Interesting facts about 9/11 that you've probably forgotten about over the years
69 min
The Unpopular Opinions Episode Pt. 3 (w/Travis ...
Adam and Brett welcome comedian Travis Clark and actor Jonathan Sadowski to discuss some opinions that aren't...popular.
63 min
The Future Of Weed In America (w/Vanessa Gritto...
Futuristic weed gadgets and speculation about the future of marijuana prohibition
69 min
Why Brett Watches Big Brother (w/Kelly McInerne...
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Kelly McInerney and Radostin Zahariev to talk about all the weird things people are watching on webcams these days
65 min
The Upcoming Era of Contested Elections (w/Matt...
Are delayed elections a possibility in this country? We ask that very question on this episode!
77 min
Who Is QAnon? (w/Cindy Aravena and Christ Critt...
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Cindy Aravena and Chris Crittenden to talk about the weird origins and beliefs of the QAnon conspiracy community.
65 min
Everything Is Trying To Kill You (w/Alex Schmid...
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Greg Edwards and Alex Schmidt to discuss some insane product recalls happening right now. Includes killer cereal, tainted salads, cedar chests that murder children, a potential IKEA horror show, and so much more.
57 min
When Romania Banned Abortion (w/Maria Shehata a...
The country of Romania banned abortion at one point in recent history. It didn't end well.
61 min
Is Trump An Actual Russian Spy? (w/Jay Washingt...
Is the Russia investigation really a witch hunt, or is there genuine cause for concern? You decide! (But yes, there is lots of cause for concern.)
67 min
The Good News Episode (w/Vanessa Gritton and Da...
The news isn't all bad these days, and this episode proves it!
66 min
Let's Talk About Incels (w/Caitlin Cutt and Mat...
What's an incel? Are you an incel? We talk about those questions and more on this week's episode, featuring comedians Caitlin Cutt and Matt Brousseau.
85 min
But Seriously, We Kinda Need A Space Force (w/N...
The internet was very briefly up in arms recently when Trump brought up the idea of creating a "Space Force" as a sixth branch of the military. But is it a thing we actually need? On this episode, Adam and Brett welcome comedian Nadav Fleischer to...
53 min
Whatever Happened To Going Postal? (w/Alex Schm...
Remember when "going postal" was a thing we said all the time in the '90s? Have you ever wondered why the phrase fell out of favor? On this episode we explore that question and what it could tell us about preventing mass shootings today. ...
60 min
Do We Need Universal Basic Income? (w/Randall M...
Is that 30 year old dude who got evicted from his parents' house a walking stereotype or a symptom of something much larger? A little bit of both, actually. On this episode, Adam and Brett welcome comedian Joe Kaye and chill art guy Randall Maynard to...
61 min
Who Is George Soros? (w/Dave Weigel, Kevin Ande...
Adam and Brett welcome Washington Post writer Dave Weigel and comedians Kevin Anderson and Olivia Haidar to discuss the history and background of the guy the right blames for all the ills of the world...George Soros. Soundcloud users click here to...
54 min
What Trump Said About MS-13 (w/Jay Washington a...
Did you hear that thing Trump said about MS-13? We have a lot of thoughts on it, and we're talking about them on this episode. Featuring guests Jay Washington and Vanessa Gritton. Soundcloud users click here to download: http://bit.ly/2shlUTq
71 min
Summer Movie Preview (w/TK Kelly, John Fahy, Br...
Summer is almost upon us! What better way to enjoy all that warm weather than by sitting indoors watching movies? On this episode, Adam and Brett welcome comedians TK Kelly and John Fahy to discuss some upcoming films that we are (and are not) looking...
78 min
Russia and the Fourth Political Theory (w/Quinc...
You know Russia is meddling in our affairs. But do you know how bad the problem really is or what the end goal might be? Chances are you do not! On this episode, Adam and Brett welcome Quincy Johnson II, Aaron Pita, and Samantha Clarke to discuss that...
71 min
Weird News You Missed While The World Burned (w...
Adam and Brett welcome comedians Chet Wild and Madison Shepard to discuss weird news stories you probably didn't have time to pay attention to because of Trump Soundcloud users click here to download: http://bit.ly/2jDoak6
72 min
Unpops Customer Service Vol. 1
On this very special episode, Adam and Brett address your questions, complaints, and concerns about the Unpops Network and life in general. Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2jigcwN
58 min
America's Most Dangerous Phone (w/Brett Rader a...
Have you heard about those Chinese smartphones the government doesn't want you to buy? We bought one! On this episode we talk about that phone and why the government is so afraid of it entering the US market. Soundcloud users click here to...
64 min
Kill Your Facebook! (w/Alex Schmidt and Brett R...
Adam and Brett welcome Alex Schmidt (from the Cracked Podcast) to discuss the #DeleteFacebook movement, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and all the awful stuff Facebook has been up to over the past few years. Soundcloud users click here to...
67 min
What Jessica Jones Is Really About (w/Vanessa G...
A mostly spoiler-free episode about season two of the Netflix series Jessica Jones and how it deftly (and kinda secretly) explores the depths and dimensions of emotional trauma and abuse. Featuring Anna Valenzuela and Vanessa Gritton from the Brujaja...
71 min
Putting On A Rock Show (w/Portugal. The Man Tou...
Scott Shevack, tour manager for the band Portugal. The Man, joins Adam and Brett to talk about the logistics of running a tour, harrowing airplane experiences, a guy in a shark suit, and so much more. Soundcloud users click here to...
60 min
The War On Kratom
Adam and Brett welcome returning guest Michael Swaim and first time guest Marina Reimann to discuss the FDA's shady war on Kratom. Soundcloud users to download direct click here: https://bit.ly/2I3My8S
65 min
Welcome to New California (w/Michael Swaim and ...
Adam and Brett welcome Small Beans Podcast Networ…
58 min
Data Mining Will Destroy Us (w/Randall Maynard,...
Adam and Brett talk to comedian Kevin Anderson an…
71 min
The Future Of Fake News (w/Greg Edwards, John F...
Adam welcomes comedians Greg Edwards, John Fahy a…
61 min
The Craziest Ways To Spend Your Money (w/Kari M...
Adam and Brett welcome Kari Martin (from Pretty S…
68 min
Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes (w/Connor McSpadde...
Adam and Brett welcome Connor McSpadden and Dange…
56 min
When Politics Invade The Olympics (w/Brett Rade...
Adam and Brett welcome Charles Disney and Isaac S…
61 min
History's Whitest Riots (w/Keith Carey and Bret...
Adam and Brett welcome Keith Carey of the Mean Bo…
55 min
Famous False Alarms (w/Alex Schmidt, Brett Rade...
Adam and Brett welcome Alex Schmidt (Cracked Podc…
64 min
The Gentrification Wars (with Anna Valenzuela, ...
Adam and Brett welcome Anna Valenzuela and Cindy …
64 min
Let's Talk About Black Mirror! (w/Vanessa Gritt...
Black Mirror is back! Let's talk about it! But in…
59 min
Things To Look Forward To In 2018 (w/Dave Waite...
Adam welcomes Danger Van Gorder and Dave Waite to…
54 min
Bonus Podcast: What's Your Problem? - "22q13 De...
Special bonus podcast! The "What's Your Problem?"…
48 min
Remembering Puerto Rico (w/Dan O'Brien and Rand...
Hey! Remember when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Ric…
69 min
Warhorse Fights The Nazis (For Christmas)
Hey look! It's an all-new Warhorse Christmas spec…
19 min
Britain First (w/Maria Shehata and Tom Reimann)
A deep dive into the inner workings of Britain Fi…
53 min
The Most Under-Reported Bad News of 2017 (w/Bre...
You know 2017 was bad, but do you know how bad it…
55 min
Is The Albuquerque PD Still Crazy?
Adam welcomes Aaron Pita and John Fahy from the P…
70 min
Conservative Values In Gangsta Rap
Has gangsta rap secretly been pushing conservativ…
58 min
The Great Holiday Tradition Debate (Live From t...
What's the worst holiday tradition? What's the be…
69 min
Deportation Horror Stories
Comedian Anna Valenzuela (Comedy Central's Roast …
59 min
Enemies You Should Know (w/Randall Maynard and ...
Randall Maynard (Cracked.com) and Connor McSpadde…
61 min
Russia's Fake News Farm
Keith Carey of the Mean Boys podcast joins Adam a…
66 min
Coming To Africa
Unpops hosts Quincy Johnson II and Danger Van Gor…
66 min
A Good Reason To Vote In Midterm Elections
Comedian/actual doctor Jono Zalay joins Adam and …
40 min
Gun Control In America
Robert Evans from the Cracked Gets Personal podca…
63 min
Myths (and Truths) About True Crime
We take a break from politics for a week to discu…
71 min
How Fascism Starts
Adam and Jeff welcome comedian Tamer Kattan to di…
60 min
Why the Washington Redskins Will Never Have To ...
Adam and Jeff welcome paralegal/Unpops fan Rebecc…
62 min
A Brief History of 9/11 Liars
In the wake of 9/11, thousands of people came for…
73 min
Understanding Antifa
You've read a lot of things about Antifa lately. …
67 min
Things You Never Knew About the Michael Jackson...
True crime writer Aphrodite Jones and comedian Qu…
61 min
Should Confederate Monuments Come Down?
Should we take down all of the Confederate monume…
82 min
Why We'll Never Have Single Payer Healthcare In...
Will we ever have single-payer health care in the…
64 min
Iraq Revisited
Are we headed down the same road that led us to a…
60 min
The Crazy Reason Gas Prices Are So Low Right Now
Adam and Jeff welcome musician/politican Danger V…
67 min
Why Calexit Could Still Totally Happen
Keith Carey and Connor McSpadden of the Mean Boys…
52 min
Introducing Jack O'Brien
Former Cracked Editor-In-Chief Jack O'Brien joins…
60 min
Songs For Fighting Russian Spies
Adam and Jeff talk to composer Nate Barr about wo…
50 min
Great Moments In American Propaganda
Adam and Jeff welcome comedian Dave Waite to disc…
67 min
The Last Great Network TV Show
Adam and Jeff welcome Lauren Brenner and Miranda …
60 min
How To Fix A Coldplay Song
Comedian Klee Wiggins joins Adam and Jeff to disc…
61 min
Heart Shaped Pod - "Introduction"
Adam and Travis discuss what the music of Nirvana…
47 min
Conspiracy! The Show - "The Oklahoma City Bombing"
Adam and Connor explore the various conspiracy th…
51 min
The Unpopular Opinions Episode
Adam and Jeff welcome comic Joe Kaye to discuss s…
60 min
Great Moments In Congressional Testimony
Adam and Jeff welcome comic Matt Lieb to discuss …
59 min
What Will Trump Do Next?
Adam and Jeff welcome comic MONROK to discuss all…
58 min
Behind the Visor
Adam, Jeff and Jess welcome VRLA co-founder Adam …
59 min
Memory Lane
Adam, Jeff and Chet discuss the history of #Fastb…
92 min
About Health Care
Adam, Jeff and Jess welcome writer Lucy Mueller f…
52 min
Subscription Channel Highlights - "Coffee Talk"
A collection of highlights from the Unpops Networ…
28 min
Adam welcomes his Unpops Network co-hosts Caitlin…
58 min
Important Update (And Some Mothman Jokes)
Adam and Jeff have an important announcement abou…
31 min
Adam welcomes Chet Wild and Washington Post repor…
66 min
New and improved! Now with only one intro! Adam, …
58 min
Where In the World (War III)
Adam, Jeff and Jess welcome comic David Huntsberg…
61 min
Hey look! It's an extra special Tuesday edition o…
61 min
The Worst People On YouTube
Adam, Jeff and Jess welcome comic Dani Fernandez …
63 min
An Episode About Something, Pt. 2
Adam and Jeff welcome Chet Wild and Danger Van Go…
55 min
The House of Wax Remake Was Way Underrated
Adam, Jeff, and Jess welcome comic Kyle Clark to …
71 min
Time, Talent, Or Treasure
Adam, Jeff and Jess talk about products you can b…
54 min
An Episode About Something Pt. 1
Adam and Jeff welcome comic Brian Dunkleman and '…
55 min
Outtakes - "Beans, Barilla, and British Accents"
Hey look! It's a new thing we're doing! This epis…
78 min
The Frank Turner Show
Adam, Jeff and Vanessa talk to singer/songwriter …
63 min
Drone Skid Row
Adam and Jeff welcome comic Travis Clark to discu…
59 min
Mostly About Snakes
Adam welcomes comics Delanie Fischer and Danielle…
63 min
Why Calexit Could Totally Happen
Adam and Jeff welcome comic Lahna Turner and "Lea…
70 min
This Episode Is Broken
Adam and Jeff welcome Josh Denny to discuss the h…
51 min
Pretty Scary - "The Box"
True crime writer Joan Renner joins Adam, Kari, a…
63 min
Old Movies
On this episode, Adam and Jeff welcome the lovely…
73 min
Get Lit! - Recap: This Perfect Day (Full Episod...
A free full episode preview of our subscription o…
67 min
What In the World? - The South China Sea Situation
On this episode, Adam and an especially mellow Qu…
43 min
The Least Anticipated Podcast Of the Week - "Th...
Adam and Chet start out with the intention of sha…
87 min
Comic John Fahy joins Adam and Jeff to check in o…
64 min
You People Are Insane - "The Quentin Tarantino ...
Adam, Jeff, and Raquelle answer listener question…
60 min
The Monday Show - "The Whale From Blackfish"
Mourning the passing of a legendary sea killer, c…
65 min
LIST! CAST! - The Best Simpsons Characters of A...
Comics Joe Kaye and Vanessa Gritton join host Ada…
68 min
The Iron Giant Incident
Comics Jeff May and Joe Dosch discuss the best wa…
62 min
FIGHT! CAST! - "Beyonce vs. Rihanna"
Comic Josh Denny and director/producer/hypeman Ch…
69 min
The Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week - "Th...
Hooray! It's time for The Least Anticipated Podca…
63 min
We Are (Still) the World
Praises! The newest episode of "Unpopular Opinion…
63 min
You People Are Insane - "Average Heights and Cr...
Happy Tuesday! It's time for another installment …
62 min
What In the World? - "Tom Southafrica"
Hey! It's a full episode preview of our subscript…
44 min
What's Your Problem? - "Introduction to Health"...
Hey look! It's a new monthly show from Adam Tod B…
50 min
LIST! CAST! - The Best Christmas Movies of All-...
Happy holidays! It's time for another episode of …
81 min
A Very Warhorse Christmas
Well, we've been promising/threatening to do a ra…
15 min
Get Lit! - "This Perfect Day/Jonathan Strange a...
Hey look at that! It's a brand new show! We call …
44 min
LIST! CAST! - The Best Video Game Characters of...
Oh neat! It's another new episode of LIST! CAST! …
64 min
The Least Depressing Stories of 2016
Hey look! The new episode of Unpopular Opinion is…
59 min
LIST! CAST! - "The Best Movie Soundtracks of Al...
Hey look! It's time for another episode of LIST! …
94 min
Pretty Scary - "Murderlympics Pt. 1" (Full Epis...
Boo! It's another full episode preview of our sub…
55 min
The Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week - "Be...
Oh look! It's a full episode preview of The Least…
68 min
In Loving Memory Of Steve Francis
Well hello there! It's time for another episode o…
85 min
LIST! CAST! - "The Best Chain Restaurants of Al...
Oh damn! It's a new show! We call it LIST! CAST! …
73 min
Garbage Heroes
There are a lot of heroes and icons in this world…
76 min
The Monday Show - "FIGHT! CAST! For Real!" (Ful...
Hey! It's a full episode preview of The Monday Sh…
63 min
In Broad Daylight - "The Book that Explains You...
Hey look! It's another full episode preview of Ad…
21 min
The Casper Show
This week, on a very special episode of Unpops, w…
55 min
In Broad Daylight - "Kanye For Trump" (Full Epi...
Hey look! It's another full episode preview of Ad…
13 min
FIGHT! CAST! - "The Great Taylor Swift Debate"
Comics Ellie McElvain and Lauren Rantala debate t…
75 min
You People Are Insane - "Ballots, Back Rubs and...
Hey look! It's a full episode preview of our new …
42 min
What To Do Next
Bummed about the outcome of our recent presidenti…
79 min
FIGHT! CAST! - Nerdcore Rap: Good or Garbage? (...
Hey! We forgot to post FIGHT! CAST! last week! Ad…
72 min
In Broad Daylight - "FDT (AYT)" (Full Episode P...
Hey look! It's the very first episode of Adam Tod…
25 min
The Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week - A V...
Hey look! It's a full episode preview of The Leas…
38 min
Death to Robot Babies
What is this episode about? Who knows? We recorde…
57 min
FIGHT! CAST! - Trump vs. Clinton (w/Sameer Suri...
Comics Sameer Suri and Katie Merriam argue Donald…
63 min
The Redemption of Connor
It's almost time to vote! On this episode, Adam w…
57 min
FIGHT! CAST! - Kurt Cobain: Murder or Suicide? ...
Hey look! It's another free preview of FIGHT! CAS…
36 min
Halloween Week!
Happy almost Halloween everybody! On this week's …
74 min
What In the World? - Illegal Gestures In Ethiop...
Oh neat! It's a limited free preview of our brand…
16 min
FIGHT! CAST! - M. Knight Shyamalan (w/Andy Sell...
It's another new episode of FIGHT! CAST! This wee…
80 min
The Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week - 10/...
Oh wow! It's a new episode of The Least Anticipat…
62 min
Introducing: Mike Pornczar
As you can surely tell from the title, this week'…
74 min
You People Are Insane - Bad Seasons, Good Game ...
Hey look at this! It's a FULL EPISODE preview of …
47 min
FIGHT! CAST! - UFC vs. WWE (w/Danger Van Gorder...
Whoa! Better get in punchin' shape! It's time for…
73 min
Another Very Special Announcement
Boy do we have news for you! And updates! And Jef…
24 min
Why's this episode up so late? Because we just re…
68 min
FIGHT! CAST! - Prince vs. Michael Jackson (w/Ad...
It's finally here! The very first episode of FIGH…
82 min
The Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week - 10/...
Well hello there! How's about an all new episode …
56 min
Fight Club Happened Here
In theory, this is an episode about Rodrigo Duter…
57 min
Your State Is Insane - Northern California (Ful...
It's another episode of Your State Is Insane! Oh …
51 min
The Monday Show - "The First One" (Full Episode...
Welcome to free preview week at Unpopular Opinion…
58 min
What's the most underrated movie franchise of all…
56 min
Your State Is Insane - Southern California (Lim...
Oh neat! It's another free limited preview of You…
21 min
Go Hard In the Paint
Another podcast about Trump? You got it! On this …
60 min
Your State Is Insane - Arkansas (Limited Previe...
Hey look, it's another free preview of Your State…
20 min
Highway to the Clone Zone
Did you know the real Paul McCartney died in a ca…
54 min
Your State Is Insane - Arizona (Limited Preview...
Holy buckets! It's another free preview of "Your …
21 min
Code Name: Rontana
Is it too late for gun control in this country? D…
61 min
Your State Is Insane - Alaska (Preview Version)
Glory be! It's another free preview of Adam Tod B…
20 min
The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers
Remember when terror attacks used to happen on li…
57 min
Your State Is Insane: Alabama (Preview Version)
Check out this free preview version of Adam Tod B…
20 min
A Very Special Announcement Pt. 2
Did you hear about the subscription service we're…
22 min
A Song For Wheelchair Dog
You know what the internet loves? Attributing fam…
57 min
Welcome Back, Peg Bundy
It seems like everything that ever happens in the…
61 min
The Kimberley Process
Remember when the Cold War and the hole in the oz…
54 min
Pras McCartney
So we're really doing this, huh? The Olympics are…
67 min
A Very Special Announcement
The Unpopular Opinion podcast is doing a lot of e…
30 min
Obscure Bonus Track
Donald Trump accepted the Republican party's nomi…
63 min
Get Out Of the Car!
Angry Uber driver vs. Condescending ER girl. Who …
57 min
The Best Decade For Everything
What was the best decade for music? How about the…
56 min
Life In Purge City
Would The Purge work in the United States? Yeah i…
58 min
Mail call! Or mail calls, actually. On this episo…
50 min
Toilet Water Bay
The Summer Olympics are almost here! Are you exci…
60 min
Tiny-Faced Babies
We're talking about our favorite thing this week!…
61 min
One Extra Word
Who was the worst United States President of all-…
56 min
Remembering the Humpty Dance
Rappers boast about the darndest things! On this …
62 min
A Little Coffee
What's the weirdest account you follow on social …
62 min
The Turtle Purge
Not sure if any of you have noticed, but it's kin…
63 min
All About Ratatat
On a very competitive and special episode of Unpo…
55 min
Courtney Killed Kurt
Documentaries! Those are fun to watch! On this ep…
60 min
Prince died. Everyone's sad. Let's talk about it!…
62 min
Kind of About Food
On this episode, host Adam Tod Brown set out to t…
66 min
In Search of G-Dep
Is Puff Daddy cursed? He's been pretty successful…
50 min
Welcome to Pigeon Forge
What's the best vacation you've ever been on? Wha…
66 min
The Emu Wars
You know how when something comes to America from…
61 min
Back To the Future
Do you ever feel like we're living the past all o…
69 min
Do you live in perpetual fear of becoming the vic…
62 min
The Guy From Evanescence
Should Radiohead be forced to use fewer instrumen…
58 min
Guess Who's Voting For Trump?
Do you know anyone who's openly admitted that the…
64 min
The L.O.P.D.
What are the most underrated movies of the past d…
61 min
Martin Shkreli: The Movie
Who should play Martin Shkreli in the movie that …
62 min
Welcome to the Dark Ages
Is the United States currently living in a modern…
59 min
Guns, Knives, Drugs, Wives
You know what you can buy online these days? Ever…
61 min
Celebrity Justice Files
Did you hear Bill Cosby got arrested? Did it imme…
57 min
Light It On Fire
Did you know soccer fields are maybe giving girls…
56 min
O.J. (Probably) Didn't Do It
Have you watched 'Making a Murderer' yet? If so, …
63 min
This Is Your Year
What are you looking forward to in 2016? Whatever…
61 min
A Year Of Embracing Awful
There were a lot of awful people making headlines…
57 min
For the Love of Walgreens
On this episode, host Adam Tod Brown welcomes com…
56 min
The Yakub Tapes
Did hear who bought that million dollar Wu-Tang C…
59 min
Apocalypse, Ho!
World War III is right around the corner. Or is i…
61 min
You're All Alone
Would you ever go bowling by yourself? Well then …
59 min
Gift of the Magi Again
Whether any of us wants to admit it or not, there…
57 min
Remembering Omarion
Is it time to accept that Justin Bieber's music i…
58 min
You know why people are so adamant that marijuana…
54 min
Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week - Movies ...
What movies are you looking forward to seeing thi…
31 min
Kardashians Are People Too
Do you hate the Kardashians? If so, have you ever…
58 min
Someone Cried Mercy
As promised, on this special Halloween episode of…
43 min
A Series of Jump Scares
Do you enjoy haunted houses? Do you enjoy them en…
56 min
All Praise to Metatron
Was Carlos Santana possessed by a potentially evi…
46 min
The Last Trump Show
On this episode, host Adam Tod Brown loses faith …
61 min
The Pop Band that Sold Nazism to America
Do you remember Ace of Base? They were the '90s p…
61 min
America's Next Top Dictator
Is Donald Trump's presidential campaign something…
51 min
Let's All Move to Portland!
Are Californians really destroying Portland, or i…
54 min
Fritz the Cat (and Other Assorted Kid's Movies)
What are your favorite movies from childhood? Hav…
60 min
Fight Party!
It's the 100th episode! Host Adam Tod Brown poste…
62 min
That's So Gift of the Magi
Seen any adorable animal videos lately? If so, ch…
62 min
The End of Layla
Did you see Straight Outta Compton yet? Sure you …
63 min
Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week - Movies ...
On this episode, host Adam Tod Brown welcomes per…
38 min
The House that Broken Dreams Built
Did you know there's a school buried underneath D…
58 min
Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week - Music o...
The Least Anticipated Podcast of the Week returns…
38 min
Why Can't We Be Enemies?
On this episode, host Adam Tod Brown welcomes com…
58 min
The Shut Your Mouth Show
Comedy is the last bastion of free speech. At lea…
62 min
On Scaring Children
Was there a movie, TV show or song that scared yo…
63 min
In Defense of White Chicks
Have you seen all of the Wayans Brothers movies? …
62 min
Tuesday Morning Music Club
On this episode, host Adam Tod Brown welcomes com…
60 min
Conspiracy theories are for crazy people. At leas…
57 min
Fireworks and Family Fun
Fireworks are stupid. Host Adam Tod Brown discuss…
60 min
Just Like a Rockwell Song
Have you ever been stalked? Have you ever stalked…
60 min
Conjuring the Xenomorph
As you can probably tell from the title of the ep…
57 min
Bugs, Bunnies and Abandonment
What's your greatest fear? Host Adam Tod Brown we…
64 min
Planes, Trains and Vacation Rentals
What's the worst way to travel? Would you rather …
56 min
The Charity Show
Charity is supposed to be a good thing, and it us…
55 min
Hell Week
The news loves to tell you about people who had n…
60 min
More Cop Drama
For the third time in as many weeks, we're talkin…
48 min
Is This War?
Have the police already started the next civil wa…
47 min
The Best Murder Shows Ever
What's the best murder show of all-time? Host Ada…
62 min
Training Day
Is '80s rap really the best way to teach a person…
62 min
The Flu Game
Adam Tod Brown is sick! Literally. Stricken with …
52 min
You Might Die Today
Is your life in danger? Probably! And the best pa…
52 min
When T.G.I. Friday's Was Awesome
Did you know T.G.I. Friday's used to be a swingin…
53 min
The Psychic Friends Network
Do you believe people have psychic abilities? Can…
60 min
The Mashup Show
What's the best mashup song of all-time? The most…
58 min
The Tribute Show
On this episode host Adam Tod Brown welcomes comi…
57 min
You're Awful at Everything
Do you think you have what it takes to be a teach…
61 min
Tickets to the Gun Show
On this episode, host Adam Tod Brown welcomes Cra…
52 min
The Public Shame Show
Have you ever shit your pants in public? Ever fal…
64 min
If Famous Scandals Happened Today
How would the world react to seeing Janet Jackson…
59 min
On Why Craigslist Is Completely Terrifying
Have you ever sold anything on Craigslist? If so,…
60 min
The Opposite of Intervention
On this episode, host Adam Tod Brown welcomes com…
62 min
Songs About Death (to Brighten Your Day)
What's the most upbeat song about dying? Host Ada…
63 min
What Famous Dead People Would Be Doing Now
Have you seen that recently released photo of wha…
63 min
The Breakdown Show
And the year is off to an unspeakably awkward sta…
62 min
The Least Anticipated Albums of 2015
What new albums are you looking forward to the mo…
61 min
Leave Kim Kardashian Alone
Who were the most wrongly hated celebrities of 20…
59 min
It's a Terrible Christmas Story, Charlie Brown!
Do you love Christmas movies as much as we do? If…
51 min
Willow Smith: Reconsidered
Do you remember the Georgia Satellites? Remember …
65 min
Reminder: Police are Crazy Everywhere
Man, police sure are crazy in the United States, …
56 min
How to Have Fun In the Desert
Fresh off a road trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico,…
56 min
The Vacation Tapes, Pt. 1
Host Adam Tod Brown is out of town, bringing smil…
46 min
Time Saving Food Inventions Nobody Needed
On this episode of Unpopular Opinion, host Adam T…
51 min
Reverence for the Mighty McRib
Do you listen to this podcast regularly? If so, w…
63 min
The Founding Fathers Were Cannibals
What are your Halloween plans? Just joking! We kn…
55 min
A Religious Experience
Confession! Host Adam Tod Brown knows nothing abo…
61 min
The Best Songs by the Worst Bands Ever
What are we more likely to find first, Sasquatch …
69 min
It's Time to Shut Up About Bacon
Has the Internet ruined bacon? Will pumpkin spice…
53 min
The Great Drive-Thru Ketchup Debate
Are unsolicited ketchup packets the defining char…
59 min
The Legislation Show
Get ready to hear the word c**t a lot! Also, shou…
60 min
The Most Overrated Shows On Television
Is 'The Big Bang Theory' the stupidest show on te…
58 min
The Throw-Up Drunk Show
When was the last time you got throw-up drunk? Id…
48 min
Let's Talk About Exorcisms
Do you know anyone who's been through an actual e…
53 min
The Vacation Show Pt. 2
Still in the throes of the most unpleasant of all…
49 min
Hit Someone With a Chair Today
Host Adam Tod Brown, in the midst of a vacation f…
44 min
Shark Week Is Stupid (And So Are You)
Do sharks really deserve their own week? Are hips…
43 min
Your Worst Work Story Ever
It's a story war! In this episode, host Adam Tod …
49 min
Movie Remakes Everybody Is Wrong About
Did Paris Hilton ruin the otherwise good name of …
45 min
Songs that Should Disappear Forever
Has there ever been a time when 'Smells Like Teen…
55 min
Apocalyptic Scenarios You'd Probably Survive
Do you have what it takes to survive a mega earth…
58 min
Why Corporate America Will Ruin Weed
Should we trust tobacco companies to not put insa…
50 min