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Unpops Presents: What In The World?

Comedians Adam Tod Brown and Quincy Johnson cover things happening in international news right now that you might not be familiar with, but totally should be. For weekly, ad-free episodes, subscribe on the Unpops Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/unpops

Venezuela Is Boring
Adam discusses the latest updates from the ever evolving crisis in Venezuela and why a peaceful resolution might still be a possibility
41 min
The Joss Stone Story
Adam goes it alone to tell the story of British soul singer Joss Stone and her campaign to perform in every country on the planet
45 min
What Putin Said About Liberalism
Adam and Quincy talk about Putin's thoughts on liberalism, Duterte's dare to his opponents, 5G wireless in the DMZ, and so much more!
60 min
Eurovision 2019 Finals Recap Pt. 2
Adam and Quincy conclude their exploration of the most uneventful Eurovision Song Contest Finals in recent history
41 min
Eurovision 2019 Finals Recap Pt. 1
Adam and Quincy listen to the songs from this year's Eurovision Song Contest finals in Tel Aviv
59 min
The Russian Garbage Protests
Adam and Quincy discuss a strange political scandal that could be Vladimir Putin's undoing
40 min
Global News Roundup
Adam and Quincy welcome comedian Jon Shefsky for a rundown of some global news stories that you might have missed recently
59 min
The Troubles With Brexit
Adam and Quincy welcome comedian Stuart Thompson to talk about the impact Brexit is having on the fragile peace agreement between Ireland and Northern Ireland
43 min
Valentine's Day Around the World
Adam and Quincy talk to comedian Stuart Thompson about how other countries celebrate Valentine's Day
55 min
The Attempted Coup In Venezuela
Adam and Quincy revisit the topic that keeps on giving...United States involvement in the political unrest in Venezuela
62 min
Why Turkey and Saudi Arabia Hate Each Other
Adam and Quincy look into the history behind the long standing feud between Turkey and Saudi Arabia
51 min
The Arrest Of Meng Wanzhou
Adam and Quincy discuss the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou and why the United States is so afraid of Huawei
46 min
China's Crackdown On Porn
Adam and Quincy welcome special guests Jenn Scott and Elise Golgowski to talk about the Chinese government's creepy anti-porn initiatives
41 min
The Election Of Jair Bolsonaro
Adam and Quincy welcome comedian Chris Crittenden to discuss the rise to power of right wing extremist Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil
54 min
The U.S. Embassy Sonic Attacks
Adam and Quincy welcome special guest Radostin Zahariev to talk about the mysterious "sonic attacks" that happened at three different United States embassies and what might be the true cause
36 min
Performing For The Enemy
Adam and Quincy welcome special guest Radostin Zahariev to talk about the political fallout that sometimes accompanies American entertainers who perform overseas
57 min
Halloween Around The World
Adam and Quincy welcome comedians Hana Michels and Kevin Anderson to discuss some of the weirdest Halloween traditions from around the world
51 min
China and the Uighur Muslims
Adam and Quincy welcome comedian Jessica Singer to discuss China's brutal campaign of oppression against the country's Uighur Muslim population
49 min
The Magdalene Laundries
Adam and special guest Chris Crittenden discuss Ireland's centuries-long program of enslaving women and children and using them as slave labor in laundry facilities that doubled as prisons
49 min
The Indian WhatsApp Lynchings
Fake news and messaging app encryption lead to violence in India
43 min
Tell Us We Were Right About Venezuela
Adam and Quincy catch up on the latest in Venezuela news, including the not at all shocking revelation that the US might be planning a military intervention there soon.
50 min
The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi
Adam and Quincy explore one of the most mysterious of all Vatican scandals
47 min
The Trinitarios and the Bad Barbies
Adam and Quincy discuss a New York based Dominican street gang with a penchant for revenge porn and killing the wrong people
39 min
Free Noura Hussein
The sad tale of a woman who's currently in prison for killing a man who tried to rape her
41 min
The Breitbart of Canada
Adam and Quincy explore the myriad awful personalities that make up the right wing reporting team at Canada's Rebel Media.
61 min
The Scandals of the 2018 World Cup (And Beyond)
Adam and special guest co-host Brett Rader discuss the craziest scandals surrounding this year's World Cup in Russia, and some of the scandals we should look forward to in 2022 when the event is hosted in Qatar. Soundcloud users click here to...
46 min
A Brief History Of Political Killings In Russia
Adam and Quincy discuss the strange case of the Ukrainian journalist who was reported to be murdered, only to reappear at a press conference a few days later, and the myriad reasons why he might have wanted to pull a stunt like that.  Soundcloud...
60 min
Armenia's Velvet Revolution
The smoothest sounding uprising in the game is the subject of this week's episode. Specifically, Adam and Quincy are discussing Armenia's Velvet Revolution. Soundcloud users click here to download: http://bit.ly/2rKcYpq
39 min
The Situation In Nicaragua
Adam and Quincy discuss the recent riots in Nicaragua and the long-running problems that brought them on. Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2Jz3lRG
42 min
The Syria Airstrikes
Adam and Quincy discuss the recent chemical attack in Syria, the US response, and what it all might mean for US-Russia relations in the future. Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2EZuryV
56 min
The Eurovision Semifinals Part Two
Our deep dive into this year's Eurovision Song Contest entries continues! This week we talk about some of the entries from the second semifinal round. To check out the videos we talk about on this episode, click here:...
54 min
Rodrigo Duterte's Crazy Month
On this episode Adam and Quincy check back in with Rodrigo Duterte, current president of the Philippines. Turns out, he's had quite an interesting month. Listen now!  Soundcloud users to download direct click here: https://bit.ly/2GaaZ7l 
53 min
The International Criminal Court
You've probably heard of The International Crimin…
63 min
The Latest From Venezuela
Adam and Quincy revisit the ever-worsening disast…
51 min
The Miami Showband Massacre
In 1974, a perfectly innocent Irish showband was …
42 min
The Problem With Pakistan
They're one of our biggest allies in the war on t…
44 min
All About Austria
If any country would know better than to start em…
51 min
Genocide In Myanmar
Another week, another genocide to talk about. Thi…
42 min
Do We Still Need The EU?
The European Union...it's like the America of Eur…
52 min
You've probably heard the name "Catalonia" tossed…
47 min
Trans Rights In Iran
Adam and Quincy welcome special guest Erika Bergm…
40 min
Europe's Last Dictator
Since 1994, one man has ruled over the small coun…
49 min
The Iran Nuclear Deal Explained
You've heard about the landmark nuclear deal the …
49 min
Weird Shortages Happening Around the World
Are you an unemployed pilot looking for a job? Mo…
56 min
A Brief History of Zapad
Russia does war games like no one else. Will thei…
39 min
The Rise of Acid Attacks In the UK
Acid is being used as a weapon with alarming freq…
46 min
Immigration and MS-13
A profile of the street gang that was started as …
38 min
Poland's Fast Track To Authoritarian Rule
Adam and Quincy look into how Poland went from be…
47 min
The Venezuelan Scramble
Adam and Quincy check back in with the ever-worse…
48 min
How Turkey Became A Dictatorship
Adam and Quincy discuss the country of Turkey and…
56 min
Gay Concentration Camps In Chechnya
Adam and Quincy discuss the terrifying state of g…
43 min
Meet Emmanuel Macron
Adam and Quincy look into the background and poli…
48 min
The Nine Nuclear States, Pt. 2
Adam and Quincy wrap up their two part series abo…
46 min
Understanding Brexit
Adam and Quincy welcome comic Sameer Suri to disc…
46 min
Trump Revisited
Adam and Quincy welcome comic and Trump supporter…
48 min
How Economic Sanctions Work
Adam and Quincy discuss the inner workings of the…
46 min
Adam and Quincy discuss the insane presidential c…
41 min
Cricket Returns to Pakistan
Adam and Quincy discuss the triumphant return of …
46 min
The Terror Attacks Trump Won't Talk About
Adam and Quincy discuss Trump's list of under-rep…
44 min
Tree Man Returns
Adam and Quincy discuss issues plaguing children …
45 min
The Coming Kid Fights With China
Adam and Quincy discuss the Muslim ban, the borde…
60 min
On The Bright Side, Germans Are Reading More...
This week, hosts Adam Tod Brown and Quincy Johnso…
50 min