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Pretty Scary

True crime, conspiracy theories, ghosts, aliens, and things of that sort. Hosted by comics Adam Tod Brown, Caitlin Cutt, and Kari Martin. Bi-weekly episodes free on iTunes and Soundcloud. Weekly episodes at https://www.patreon.com/unpops

How Come We've Never Talked About Bigfoot?
Adam and Caitlin discuss the legend of Bigfoot and question why it took this long to do so
53 min
Don't F**k With Cats
Adam and Kari discuss a new Netflix documentary that explores the ramifications of internet mob justice
62 min
The Rolling Stones at Altamont
Adam and Caitlin look back on a disastrous free concert that became the death knell for the peace and love movement.
69 min
The Hobgoblin Grape Murders
Adam and Kari discuss a weird story about dead grape farmers in Northern California
46 min
The 20 Most Shocking Crimes of the 2010s
Adam and Caitlin count down the most shocking crimes of the past decade. The results may surprise you!
107 min
About Ralphie May
Adam and Kari talk to filmmaker/comedian Cat Rhinehart about the documentary "What's Eating Ralphie May?"
66 min
The 5 Most Memorable Murders of 2019
Adam and Kari discuss the deaths Nipsey Hussle, Muhlaysia Booker, Samantha Josephson, and more murders that defined 2019
64 min
How Leaving A Cult Used To Work
Adam and Caitlin talk to filmmaker Mia Donovan about her documentary Deprogrammed, which profiles controversial cult deprogrammer Ted Patrick
50 min
The Tekashi 6ix9ine Story
Adam and Caitlin look into the insane story of rapper-turned-star witness Tekashi 6ix9ine
66 min
What Happened to Jonathan Bruce?
Adam and Kari talk to Sandra Dante, the maternal grandmother of slain Canadian teen Jonathan Bruce. His murder remains unsolved to this day, even though everyone in his hometown thinks they know who did it.
34 min
Celebrities Who Would Make Great Ghosts
The gang's all here! Adam, Caitlin, and Kari celebrate the 100th episode of Pretty Scary with a very serious and important episode about famous people who will (or should be) really great ghosts soon!
93 min
Welcome to Escapeland
Adam and Kari discuss a little-known cult from South Korea that uses savage beatings to cleanse followers of their demons and make plans for a podcast community in Fiji
64 min
Breaking NXIVM
Adam and Caitlin talk to comedian/journalist Brock Wilbur, the man who broke the NXIVM cult story
75 min
The Children of Thunder
Adam and Kari look into a creepy cult that hoped to use a team of Brazilian orphans to overthrow the Mormon Church
55 min
Women Who Marry Murderers (w/LA Not So Confiden...
Adam and Kari talk to Dr. Scott and Dr. Shiloh from the LA Not So Confidential podcast about women who marry serial killers and why they do it
55 min
The Dominican Republic (of Death)
Adam and Kari welcome special guest Ed Galvez to discuss the strange outbreak of deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic
41 min
Christmas Is Ruined! (Pretty Scary Platinum Cla...
52 min
The Truth About Truthers (Pretty Scary Platinum...
Recorded in 2017, available publicly for the first time! Adam, Caitlin, and Kari discuss the truther phenomenon
63 min
Abducted In Plain Sight
Adam and Caitlin talk to Skye Borgman, producer and director of the insane documentary Abducted In Plain Sight
66 min
The Mothman Sitcom (Pretty Scary Platinum Class...
Travel back in time to hear Adam and Caitlin discuss the unremarkably-headed monster that appears whenever a disaster is on the horizon, the Mothman. Originally recorded February, 2017. Available publicly for the first time!
56 min
Legends (Pretty Scary Platinum Classics Series)
Travel back in time and listen to Adam and Caitlin laugh about the Fyre Festival way back when it happened. Previously a Patreon-only episode, available for free for the first time!
61 min
Fyre Fest II
Adam and Caitlin discuss Netflix and Hulu's competing Fyre Festival documentaries
69 min
Celebrity Familial Deaths In Close Proximity
Adam, Caitlin, and Kari discuss famous people who died in close proximity to their children
76 min
Fun Ways to Contract Flesh Eating Bacteria
Adam and Kari discuss flesh eating bacteria and all of the shockingly easy ways you can contract it
52 min
The Strange Death of Casey Kasem
Adam and Kari welcome special guest Shira Weiss to discuss the strange circumstances surrounding the death of radio legend Casey Kasem
57 min
Animal Sex
Adam and Kari discuss some of the most horrifying sex techniques from the animal kingdom
42 min
Forrest Fenn's Treasure
Adam, Caitlin, and Kari discuss the mystery surrounding an author who may or may not have buried millions of dollars worth of treasure someone in the United States
39 min
Demon House
Caitlin, Adam, and Kari review the insane Zak Bagans documentary Demon House
53 min
Celebrity Stalkers
Adam, Caitlin, and Kari discuss the most infamous celebrity stalkers of all time
52 min
John Of God (Live At The Hollywood Hotel)
Adam, Caitlin, and Kari discuss Oprah's favorite mystery faith healer
65 min
The Chillicothe Six
Adam and Kari look into the mysterious disappearance of six women in Chillicothe, Ohio between May 2014 and May 2015
74 min
Edward Wayne Edwards (Part One)
Adam and Kari look into the bizarre theory that one man was responsible for most of America's most infamous murders of all time. The first in a two part series. Pretty Scary boo! Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2K5IKbK
66 min
Amusement Park Disasters
Adam and Kari look into some of the most harrowing amusement park ride disasters of all time. Pretty Scary Boo! Soundcloud users click here to download: http://bit.ly/2khhclm
60 min
The Golden State Killer
Adam and Kari discuss the Golden State Killer and the insane story behind how he was finally caught. Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2wvC5lN
80 min
What Happened To Jennifer Kesse?
Adam and Kari welcome comedian and friend Jenn St…
53 min
When Psychics Fight Crime
Kari, Caitlin and Adam talk to psychic medium Chr…
80 min
Online Dates That Ended In Murder
Happy Valentine's Day! On this episode, we talk a…
54 min
The Chicago Rippers
On this episode, we delve into one of the weirdes…
61 min
The Mary Celeste
Wanna hear a crazy ghost ship story? Sure you do!…
44 min
The Beautiful Cigar Girl
Her murder is considered the prototype that kicke…
47 min
Creepy Crimes That Happened On Thanksgiving
Just in time for the week after Thanksgiving, Ada…
54 min
The Co-Ed Killer
Adam and Caitlin discuss the strange and historic…
47 min
Murders That Happened On Halloween
Adam and Kari discuss some of the most notorious …
47 min
The Chicago Tylenol Murders
Guest co-host Danger Van Gorder joins Adam and Ca…
66 min
The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire (of Cincinnati)
Adam and Kari welcome Rich Slaton and Jon Shefsky…
55 min
The '80s Satanic Panic
Adam and Kari look back at one of the most legiti…
62 min
The Battle of the Lizzie Borden House
Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from the TLC show "Kindr…
48 min
There's A Black Mirror Episode About That
The trailer for season four of Black Mirror just …
65 min
Concussions and the NFL
Adam, Caitlin and Kari discuss the NFL's concussi…
64 min
The Life and Crimes of R. Kelly (Pt. 2)
Part two of our deep dive into the long and sordi…
67 min
The Effects Of A Nuclear Explosion
Adam and Caitlin look into what happens when a nu…
60 min
America's Opioid Crisis
Adam, Caitlin and Kari discuss America's out of c…
54 min
Champagne Wishes and Ambien Dreams
While Caitlin melts in Tampa, Adam and Kari explo…
50 min
The Massage Room
Adam and Kari discuss Richard Simmons and other c…
54 min
Cults You Can Join Today
Adam, Caitlin and Kari discuss creepy cults that …
57 min
The Roswell of England
Adam and Caitlin discuss the Rendlesham Forest In…
50 min
Stone Parts/Swamp Parts
Adam and Kari look at some of the rarest and stra…
58 min
A Brief History of Sarin Attacks
Adam, Caitlin and Kari discuss the recent chemica…
58 min
Clothes In the Chest
Adam, Caitlin, and Kari discuss some of history's…
57 min
Ponytails and Dew Mouth
Pretty Scary boo! On this episode, Adam, Caitlin …
55 min
Ghost Finger
Adam, Caitlin, and Kari discuss the strange pheno…
59 min
Mrs. Doody
Adam, Caitlin and Kari discuss the infamous St. V…
74 min
This week, on a very special episode of Pretty Sc…
58 min
The Box
True crime writer Joan Renner joins Adam, Kari, a…
62 min
Murderlympics Pt. 2
Part two of our look at the ten most prolific ser…
65 min