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Conspiracy! The Show

A bi-weekly conspiracy theory podcast hosted by comedians Adam Tod Brown and Connor McSpadden.

America's Secret Space Program
Adam and Laura discuss the documentary Above Majestic, which explores the idea that the United States might have a secret space program that involves lots of contact with aliens
83 min
The Trump Prophecy
Adam and Fizaa discuss a silly movie about Trump that's actually way more serious than it seems
62 min
The Biggest Conspiracies of the 2010s
Adam welcomes back comedian/TV writer/former co-host Connor McSpadden to talk about the conspiracy theories that helped make the 2010s one of the craziest decades in American history.
104 min
The Next MK Ultra
Adam and Fizaa look into a bizarre 1987 incident that revealed the existence of a shady Washington DC-based cult and launched an investigation that reached the highest levels of government before it was inexplicably shut down.
76 min
Illuminati Symbols In Kubrick Movies
Adam and Olivia look into the theory that Stanley Kubrick used symbols hidden in his films to warn us about an impending Illuminati agenda to fuse humans with machines
87 min
Ancient Aliens Recap: S1E1 Pt. 1
Adam and Laura are on a mission to recap every episode of all 14 seasons of Ancient Aliens. This is the first episode in that journey. Normally a Patreon-only bonus show, the first episode is free to the public!
51 min
The Lost Cosmonaut Theory
Adam and co-host Laura Crawford explore the idea that Russia covered up the deaths of several cosmonauts as a result of failed missions during the Cold War space race
61 min
Why the Right Thinks Liberals Worship Satan
Adam and guest co-host Fizaa Dosani look into Lucis Trust, a little-known New Age group at the forefront of the New World Order conspiracy
49 min
The New World Order
Adam and guest co-host Fizaa Dosani discuss the mother of all conspiracy theories...The New World Order
86 min
Are Dinosaurs A Hoax?
Adam and guest co-host Laura Crawford discuss the insane theory that dinosaurs are a hoax perpetrated by the Freemasons.
59 min
Embrace Your Inner Conspiracy Theorist
Adam interviews journalist John Potash about the death of Jeffrey Epstein, the death of Tupac Shakur, FBI treatment of the Black Panthers, and a whole bunch of other reasons why being skeptical of what the government tells you isn't so crazy these days
44 min
The Jeffrey Epstein One Week Anniversary Special
Adam and guest co-host Olivia Haidar discuss the absurdly shady suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, the conspiracy theories surrounding it, and the implications it all holds for the future of the country.
55 min
The FBI and Black Musicians (Conspiracy! The Sh...
Originally recorded in March 2018, available publicly for the first time, Adam and Connor discuss the FBI's long and troubling history of harassing black musicians
49 min
Documentary Review: Wormwood (Conspiracy! The S...
Originally recorded in March 2018, available publicly for the first time, Adam and Connor review the insane Netflix documentary Wormwood, which tells the tale of a guy the CIA secretly dosed with LSD to the point he jumped out a window. At least that's the version of events they want you to believe.
60 min
Is the Government Hiding Free Energy From Us?
Adam talks to comedian Fizaa Dosani about the theory that the government is hiding alien technology from us because that technology could supply us with free energy forever
55 min
What Will We Do When the Aliens Land?
Adam welcomes comedians Olivia Haidar and Grant Cohen to discuss the various ways humanity might react when the aliens finally land
57 min
Are We About to Find Out Aliens Are Real? (Cons...
Is the government about to tell us something? The questions is as valid now as it was when we recorded this in January, 2018
61 min
Remembering Art Bell (Conspiracy! The Show Lega...
Originally recorded June, 2018. Available publicly for the first time! Adam and Connor discuss the career and legacy of AM radio legend and conspiracy theory entertainment pioneer Art Bell
48 min
The Mandela Effect (Conspiracy! The Show Legacy...
Adam welcomes special guest co-hosts Tom Reimann and David Christopher Bell to discuss the strange phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect
44 min
The Death of Kurt Cobain
Adam and Connor discuss the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain with special guest Travis Clark.
76 min
The Russian Apartment Bombings (Conspiracy! The...
Travel back in time to hear Adam and Connor discuss the wild conspiracy around a series of late-90s apartment bombings in Russia.
54 min
The Montauk Project
Did the government tear a hole in time and unleash a monster called The Beast From the ID on a base in Long Island in the 1980s?
48 min
The 5G Weapon Theory
Adam and Connor talk to comedian/TV host Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight on RT America) about 5G internet as a weapon, corporate influence in media, and so much more
50 min
Celebrity Conspiracy Theorists
Adam and Connor welcome special guest Olivia Haidar to talk about famous people and the crazy things they believe
61 min
The War On Christmas
Adam and Connor welcome special guest Stuart Thompson to discuss the idea of a "War On Christmas" and whether that's a thing that actually exists or not
58 min
Adam and Connor welcome special guest Laura Crawford to discuss the insane origins of the #Pizzagate conspiracy
52 min
Project Blue Book
Adam welcomes Olivia Haidar, Rivers Langley, and Danger Van Gorder to talk about a government project that investigated some of the earliest and most famous UFO cases
45 min
The Aspartame Conspiracy
Adam welcomes musician Danger Van Gorder and comedian Quincy Johnson II to talk about the shady dealings surrounding the FDA approval of the artificial sweetener aspartame, and the FDA ban of aspartame's much safer alternative, sodium cyclamate
50 min
Mirage Men
Adam welcomes comedian Laura Crawford to discuss the 2013 documentary Mirage Men, which chronicles the adventures of government misinformation agent Richard Doty
58 min
CIA Influence On The Media
Operation Mockingbird and the CIA's long history of influencing the media and entertainment industries.
64 min
The FBI vs. Tupac Shakur
About the FBI targeting Tupac
58 min
The Gay Mafia
Adam welcomes comedian Joe Kaye to discuss the idea that, somewhere in Hollywood, there exists a Gay Mafia that will ruin your life if you cross them
51 min
The Death of MLK
Adam and special guest co-host Madison Shepard discuss the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
59 min
Ace Of Base Was A Nazi Band
Adam and special guest co-host Chet Wild revisit Adam's own personal theory that 90s pop sensations Ace Of Base was secretly a Nazi band.
50 min
The Michael Jordan Conspiracies (Part One)
Adam and special guest co-host Adam Ganser discuss the various conspiracy theories surrounding the career of NBA legend Michael Jordan
56 min
The Barry Bonds Conspiracy
Adam and Connor discuss one of Adam's own personal conspiracy theories...that baseball manufactured the steroid scandal to cover up their amphetamine scandal and to discredit the legacy and achievements of home run champion Barry Bonds
46 min
All About David Icke
Adam and Connor discuss the strange life of BBC football host turned reptilian conspiracy enthusiast David Icke. Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2sVSuf1
46 min
Who Is Alex Jones?
The triumphant return of Connor McSpadden! On this episode, we look into the murky history and rise of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Soundcloud users click here to download: http://bit.ly/2Lntsgs
71 min
Is There Still Gold At Fort Knox?
Adam and special guest co-host Danger Van Gorder discuss the long-running theory that there's actually no gold at Ft. Knox Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2wn6a6T
68 min
Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?
Adam and special guest co-host Vanessa Gritton discuss the myriad theories surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2qPooIV
42 min
Courtney Love and MKUltra
Special guest Travis Clark joins Adam and Connor to discuss the wild theory that Courtney Love might be a CIA operative. Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2EDqCPN
63 min
Elvis Lives!
Did Elvis really die on the toilet from a drug overdose? Adam and Connor explore that question on this week's episode, and the conclusion might surprise you. Soundcloud users click here to download: https://bit.ly/2G3MVDK
41 min
Adam and Connor look into the High-Frequency Acti…
58 min
Adam and Connor discuss the infamous CIA mind con…
53 min
Sandy Hook (Pt. 2)
Part two of our look into the Sandy Hook school s…
45 min
Sandy Hook (Pt. 1)
Adam and Connor discuss the various conspiracies …
45 min
Meet The Greys
Has an entire society of aliens been living on Ea…
45 min
Do Antidepressants Cause Mass Shootings?
Do antidepressants cause mass shootings? Maybe! A…
47 min
Did We Fake The Moon Landing?
Was the moon landing all just a hoax? It depends …
49 min
Who Killed Tupac?
Who killed Tupac Shakur? That's the question Adam…
59 min
RFK and The Girl In The Polka Dot Dress
Fresh off our two-part look into the JFK assassin…
46 min
The JFK Assassination Part 1: The Official Expl...
The first of a two part series about the assassin…
54 min
The Skull and Bones Society
Is Yale's super secretive "senior society" just y…
52 min
Is the government using jets to disperse strange …
52 min
Celebrities Who Aren't Who They Say They Are
Is Stevie Wonder really blind? Did the Beatles ev…
65 min
The Least (and Most) Believable 9/11 Theories
Did planes really crash into the Twin Towers on 9…
52 min
The Death of Princess Diana
Did a poorly timed flash from a paparazzi camera …
58 min
The Death of Princess Diana
Did a poorly timed flash from a paparazzi camera …
58 min
Denver International Airport
Weird armageddon murals, a horse called Blucifer,…
57 min
The Death of America's Worst President
Adam and Connor look into the highly suspicious d…
44 min
Did Hitler Escape To Argentina?
Adam and Connor explore the various theories surr…
46 min
Famous Suicides That Were Probably Murder
Adam and Connor explore famous suicide stories th…
45 min
Seth Rich
Adam and Connor explore one of the youngest consp…
34 min
Ancient Nuclear War
Adam and Connor explore the various theories surr…
41 min
The Oklahoma City Bombing
The first episode! Comedians Adam Tod Brown and C…
50 min