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Satellite Sisters Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan fun, funny and insightful recaps of TV shows like: Madam Secretary on CBS; Poldark and Downton Abbey on PBS; and Outlander on Starz. Lian Dolan is a writer who has worked in TV and Print. Julie Dolan has lived abroad for many years and brings her foreign expertise to the recaps. The Satellite Sisters watch TV like you do- with an attitude and a glass of wine.
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Madam Secretary Recap 315: Break In Diplomacy
Satellite Sisters Talk TV recap with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan
27 min
Madam Secretary Recap 314: Labor of Love
Satellite Sisters Talk TV CBS Drama starring Tea leoni and Tim Daly
27 min
Madam Secretary Recap 313: The Beautiful Game
Satellite Sisters Talk TV: Recap of CBS drama starring Tea Leoni & Tim Daly
19 min
Madam Secretary Recap The Detour
Satellite Sisters Talk TV
25 min
Madam Secretary Recap: Gift Horse
Satellite Sisters Talk TV with CBS drama Madam Secretary
23 min
Madam Secretary Recap 310: The Race
Satellite Sisters Talk TV: Brinksmanship, Presidential Politics, Puffer Coats
23 min
Madam Secretary Recap 309: Snap Back
Satellite Sisters Talk TV: Russian Interference! Fake News! White Privilege Harvard Admissions!
24 min
Madam Secretary Recap: Breakout Capacity
Satellite Sisters Talk TV: Election Night, Piano Bars & Smart-Mothed Kids
23 min
Poldark Recap Season 2 Finale
Satellite Sisters Talk TV : Ross Poldark Rides Again
23 min
Madam Secretary 307 : Tectonic Shift
Satellite Sisters Talk TV and Sibling relationships
23 min
Poldark Recap Season 2, Episode 8
Satellite Sisters Recap of PBS drama
16 min
Poldark Season 2 Episode 7
Satellite Sisters Talk TV : What the what, Ross?????
20 min
Madam Secretary Recap: The Statement
Satellite Sisters Talk TV Madam Secretary Season 3, Episode 6
21 min
Madam Secretary Recap The French Revoltion
Satellite Sisters Talk TV Madam Secretary 305
24 min
Poldark Re-Cap Season2, Episode 5
Satellite Sisters Watch TV Re-cap of PBS drama Poldark
17 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap Season 3, Ep 4 The Disse...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan Re-Cap the CBS Drama
22 min
Poldark Re-Cap: Season 2, Ep 4: Goodbye Francis...
Satellite Sisters Re-Cap of the PBS Masterpiece Drama Poldark
20 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap 303: South China Sea
Satellite Sisters Re-Cap of CBS Drama starring Tea Leoni and Tim Daly
21 min
TV Re-cap Madam Secretary 302 by Satellite Sisters
MSEC302: Season 3, Episode 2 The Linchpin
26 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap Season 3, Episode 1
Satellite Sisters commentary on Sea Change MSEC301
25 min