A Productive Conversation
Hosted by productivity strategist Mike Vardy, A Productive Conversation is a podcast that discusses tips, tools, tactics, and tricks that are designed to help you take your productivity, time management, goals, to do lists, habits, and workflow to new heights - both at work and at home. If you're looking to focus your efforts on getting the right things done and start living the good life, then this weekly conversational podcast – crafted in the tradition of Slate's Working, Back to Work, and HBR IdeaCast – is for you.
BONUS EPISODE: Charlie Gilkey talks about Momentum
Charlie Gilkey and Mike talk about Momentum and the 2022 Kickstarter campaign for this productivity app in the making.
47 min
On this episode from the vault, I have a conversation with Rob Walker about "The Art of Noticing."
27 min
Perrine Farque talks about Inclusion
On this episode I'm joined by author, speaker, and inclusion expert, Perrine Farque to talk about how inclusion is integral to an organization's success.
29 min
Becca Ribbing talks about Clarity, Getting Unst...
Becca Ribbing joins me to discuss meditation, getting unstuck, and the story behind The Clarity Journal.
40 min
Stacy Tuschl talks about The Implementation Code
Stacy Tuschl returns to the podcast to chat with me about her book "The Implementation Code."
35 min
John Meese talks about Profit, Growth and Thriving
Find out how to move from survival to thriving with your business with economist-turned-entrepreneur John Meese.
35 min
Wes Kao talks about Maven, Cohort-based Learnin...
As co-founder of the altMBA, Wes Kao helped create the modern cohort-based education movement with Seth Godin.
40 min
Dr. Michael Breus talks about Energy Management...
Learn how to sleep well and manage your energy throughout the day with world-renowned sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus.
36 min
Dan Clark talks about Brain.fm, Functional Musi...
Find out how functional music can help you reach your desired mental state from the CEO of Brain.fm, Dan Clark.
36 min
Ron Friedman talks about Reverse Engineering Su...
Psychologist and behavior change expert Ron Friedman uncovers how to unlock your creativity by decoding the success of others.
33 min
Juliet Funt talks about a Minute to Think
Juliet Funt shares how to reclaim time for thinking and make room for what truly matters. It’s time to interlace our days with more white space.
42 min
Jesse Mecham talks about YNAB, Money Management...
Discover how to master your finances and live more freely with Jesse Mecham, Founder of You Need a Budget, aka YNAB.
40 min
Pieter Geldenhuys talks about Shoshin Walks, Ex...
How ‘Shoshin’ are you? Find out about this Japanese approach to the beginner’s mindset and how it’s helped entrepreneur Pieter Geldenhuys live more fully.
34 min
Jeff Harry talks about Play, Flow and Curiosity
You’re in flow and able to forget about time when you play. Jeff Harry shares how to tap into your true self by playing.
33 min
Kristoffer Carter talks about Permission, Purpo...
Kristoffer Carter uncovers how leaning into four types of permission will unlock a purpose-driven life for us all.
24 min
Eric Partaker talks about The 3 Alarms
Your alarm can literally help you succeed. Coach and mentor Eric Partaker shares how the simplest system of setting three alarms can transform your health, wealth and relationships.
40 min
Pamela Slim talks about the Widest Net
Pamela Slim uncovers how to connect with potential clients and customers using the true breadth of the marketplace.
40 min
Lisa Erickson talks about the Art and Science o...
There is a true art and science when it comes to meditation. Meditation teacher Lisa Erickson shares how to build a sustainable practice once and for all.
43 min
Perry Marshall talks about Detox, Declutter, Do...
Business strategist Perry Marshall has benefited hugely from the 80/20 principle and having more free time to create. He shares a clear path forward that will help you eliminate wasted effort.
48 min
A/J Jackson talks about Music, Glasses and Colo...
Best known as the lead singer for the band Saint Motel, A/J Jackson has taken on another exciting endeavour – AVIEW, an innovative new eyewear brand. Find out how he schedules time to be an artist.
35 min
Mike Michalowicz talks about Getting Different
Most things have been done before – it’s about adding your ‘flavor’. Business expert Mike Michalowicz reinvents the way marketing is done through a radically simple marketing system.
36 min
Stephen Warley talks about Self-Awareness, Refl...
True productivity comes from slow down. In this conversation with Stephen Warley, we explore the importance of self-awareness and putting aside time to reflect.
37 min
Jeff Brown talks about Reading To Lead
Jeff Brown joins the show to share what the most successful leaders have in common: reading. Find out how it unlocks limitless creativity and influence.
44 min
Adii Pienaar talks about Measuring Life Profita...
You don’t need to sacrifice your life to run a business – you can have both. Adii Pienaar shares how to measure your Life Profitability to live an extraordinary life.
43 min
Yvonne Heimann talks about ClickUp, Project Man...
It’s personal building the right process for your business. ClickUp expert and business coach Yvonne Heimann shares how choosing the right tool will shift your business.This episode is sponsored by Canva Pro. It’s the easy-to-use design platform that has everything you need to design like a pro. It has all you need in one place, including a collection of over 75 million premium photos, videos, audio and graphics. As a Canva Pro subscriber, I love so many of their features including the brand kit, which makes it really easy to collaborate with my team. Claim your FREE 45 day extended trial by signing up via https://www.canva.com/affiliates/TIMECRAFTING/?_branch_match_id=764460006028471630 (Canva.me/timecrafting).This episode is sponsored by Sit Down, Startup, a new weekly podcast from Zendesk. Getting your business off the ground is hard. Find out why customer experience is at the heart of success. The startup’s team chats with Zendesk leaders, founders, and CEOs in a coffee-shop style conversation about starting up when the world is upside down. Catch weekly fresh new episodes on Apple, Google, and Spotify. Head over to Sit Down, Startup https://www.zendesk.co.uk/campaign/sitdownstartup/ (here).From having been a German pub owner to now being a Californian business coach, Yvonne Heimann “sees systems everywhere”. I discovered her work on YouTube when I wanted to move over from Asana to ClickUp – and she massively helped me with this transition. Yvonne helps digital entrepreneurs increase profits and reclaim lost time by teaching how to implement proven processes, systems, using project management tools like ClickUp.As you can tell from our conversation, Yvonne knows her stuff when it comes to simplifying systems and building processes. Listen to find out more about her ‘Daily Method of Operation’, building a successful YouTube channel, why ClickUp is her favorite tool, using visual flow charts – and what it was like being brought up near the Berlin wall. Talking PointsBe clear on your ‘Why’ and ‘What’ (03:48)Being a woman in the productivity industry (06:40)How to find common values within your workflow (09:12)Having patience with setting up your process (11:31)Defining productivity across the US vs European culture (19:01)Journaling and daily routines (28:50)Tips on moving to a different project management tool (30:53)Having a bigger picture with your process (34:33)Quote"Look at the bigger picture, then drill down."Helpful Linkshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQvOnl6ReknBr44YLDKxsFQ (Ask Yvi YouTube)https://www.facebook.com/AskYvi/groups/ (Ask Yvi Facebook Group)https://askyvi.com/ (AskVi.com)Want to discover some of the books mentioned on the podcast? https://www.scribd.com/g/9a8d8 (Check out Scribd, my reading app of choice.)If you enjoyed the episode, please leave a rating and/or review wherever you listened to the episode. And if you want to have easy access to the archives of the show and ensure you don't miss the new episodes to come then subscribe to the podcast in the app you're using – or you can do so on a variety of podcast platforms by clicking https://productivityist.captivate.fm/listen (here).
41 min