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Viewsroom: Europe’s big money moment and baijiu
The 750 bln-euro stimulus package agreed to by EU leaders this week was a test of the region’s political resiliency, may be a big deal for the single currency and could lead to more capital markets and M&A activity, EMEA Editor Peter Thal Larsen ex...
17 min
Viewsroom: Wall Street, Huawei, Chinese taxpayers
Investment bankers have had a very nice lockdown indeed, says U.S. Editor John Foley. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson backtracks on 5G, delivering his pal Donald Trump a tech victory against China. Meantime President Xi Jinping takes some unusual ...
28 min
Viewsroom: Chinese access to U.S. money, Boohoo
Chinese companies’ access to American capital is imperiled for all sorts of reasons, says Hong Kong columnist Robyn Mak. The stingy LBO of New York-listed Sina by its CEO won’t help. Also, British fast-fashion retailer Boohoo’s not-qu...
22 min
Viewsroom: Wirecard, Hong Kong and Tesla
The German fintech scandal shines a light on its hapless regulator; China’s new security law stinks up the fragrant harbor and Elon Musk hasn’t just surpassed Toyota in market value, he’s becoming as rich as Croesus. Breakingviews columnists around the...
25 min
Viewsroom: Reparations math, the coming WFH battle
As America continues to grapple with the legacy of slavery, Breakingviews columnists debate the financial question of whether the government, and some corporations, have a debt to repay. And Pete Sweeney dives deep into the post-pandemic future of work...
28 min
Viewsroom: Stock underwriting bonanza, Vietnam
Equity capital markets bankers are having their day in the sun as companies scramble to raise money while central banks pump liquidity into the financial system, Breakingviews editors explain. Plus: Asia columnists Robyn Mak ...
21 min
Viewsroom: Global takeaway and Cathay
Nothing sums up pandemic dealmaking quite like this: As a merger of America’s top shopping mall operators crashed and burned, two of the world’s biggest food-delivery companies joined forces. Also, Cathay gets a bailout and so might t...
32 min
Viewsroom: Not the same as it ever was
After the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, will we still shake hands, ride elevators, go to sports matches and go on dates? Will taxes surge to pay for massive government budget deficits? Breakingviews editors chew over some highlights from their new e-bo...
18 min
Viewsroom: Hong Kong crunch
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared the Asian financial hub no longer autonomous from China, days after Beijing unveiled plans to ban sedition and subversion there. Breakingviews columnists in the city untangle what it means amid the trade war...
15 min
Viewsroom: Reopening after the pandemic
Major economies like Italy and Switzerland are attempting to return to normal, but with notable differences, as columnists in both countries discuss. And Sharon Lam in Hong Kong talks about the future of leisure and business travel with Global Editor R...
28 min
Viewsroom: Cashing out of BlackRock
Boss Larry Fink has lost his biggest shareholder, and former owner as U.S. bank PNC sells its 22% stake in the world’s largest money manager. But the exit could be beneficial for both firms. Plus: Sweden’s Covid-19 plan will be hard to replicate. And: ...
33 min
Viewsroom: Mega-mega mergers
The Great Lockdown will inevitably encourage governments to foster the creation of ever-larger “national champions” through corporate consolidation. Rob Cox, Edward Chancellor and Lauren Silva Laughlin discuss possible combos – and why this wo...
28 min
Viewsroom: Big trouble ahead
Breakingviews columnist and founder Hugo Dixon discusses his column with Rob Cox on how taxpayer-funded bailouts are likely to encourage excessive risk-taking in the future and provoke new populist backlashes when the bills need to be paid. Also, where...
35 min
Viewsroom: The F’d up oil market
Breakingviews columnists in London, Mumbai and Brooklyn discuss what’s going on in the global energy markets amid the coronavirus crisis, as well as Facebook’s big Indian deal and the U.S. government’s attempt to prop up small businesses with ...
38 min
Viewsroom: Freebies no more
Breakingviews columnists check in from home in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong to discuss disappearing Silicon Valley perks like free meals and booze, office activism at tech firms, the mystery of China’s 20 million lost mobile-phone...
25 min
Viewsroom: Vices and more
Breakingviews columnists in Ireland, New York and Lantau check in with Editor Rob Cox to discuss Jamie Dimon’s annual letter and coming earnings onslaught, fraud at Luckin Coffee and, everybody’s favorite coronavirus obsessio...
36 min
Viewsroom: Lingering lockdowns
Breakingviews journalists around the globe check in with Editor Rob Cox to discuss Silicon Valley’s response to the coronavirus, how European regulators are forcing banks to hoard dividends, and one of the biggest corporate rescues yet of the ...
35 min
Viewsroom: Lives under lockdown
From Milan to Mumbai to Manhattan, Breakingviews journalists are staying put to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Editor Rob Cox checks in with columnists in India, where 1.3 bln people are housebound; New York City, the epicenter of the U.S. crisis...
25 min
Viewsroom: How to run virus bailouts
The rapid economic slowdown caused by the spread of Covid-19 has brought to the fore the prospect of companies getting help from taxpayers. Which firms to target and what strings to attach will be the big questions. Plus: Pepsi, credit cards and cancer...
22 min
Viewsroom: Oil shock
A major rift between Saudi Arabia and Russia has sent oil prices plummeting just as the Covid-19 outbreak saps demand. The fallout is pummeling U.S. shale producers and calling traditional energy-security concepts into question. Plus, market fallout in...
24 min
Viewsroom: Fear factor
U.S. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell surprised markets with a rate cut ahead of schedule. Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden unexpectedly won the most states on Super Tuesday. Covid-19 may show up in China M&A clauses...
23 min
Viewsroom: Hong Kong in the time of Covid-19
Small businesses are hurting, while bankers sit idle and families struggle with school closures and other containment efforts. Despite having only some 80 coronavirus cases, life – as well as retail, tourism and real estate – feels noticeably different...
20 min
Viewsroom: BP, Delta shift out of climate neutral
The British fossil-fuel giant and the largest U.S. airline have each pledged to effectively stop emitting carbon over time. The ambition is encouraging and puts them ahead of most rivals. But both fall short on all-important details. There’s plenty of ...
15 min
Viewsroom: SoftBank in the crosshairs
Activist Elliott is targeting Masayoshi Son’s firm for poor governance and performance. SoftBank could appease the hedge fund by selling investments to finance buybacks. That could include Sprint, whose deal with T-Mobile US just got the nod. Plus: the...
19 min
Viewsroom: Tesla’s improbable ride
Neither car sales nor the potential of robo-taxis justifies the $136 bln electric-vehicle maker’s shares almost doubling this year. Defying logic, Elon Musk’s barely profitable firm is now the world’s second most val...
18 min