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Viewsroom: China’s push for common prosperity
Markets have been hit by a series of crackdowns in private tutoring, data security and more. Underlying this is Beijing’s effort to limit rich excesses and boost middle-class wealth, which could curb the performance of the country’s biggest and best-known private companies.&nbsp;<br /><hr><p style='color:grey; font-size:0.75em;'> See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' href=''></a> for privacy and opt-out information.</p>
13 min
Viewsroom: China’s Afghanistan question
Beijing was able to expand its influence in central Asia while America and its allies held back the Taliban. The Islamic fundamentalists’ return to power presents China with new challenges – and opportunities. Plus: CEO Mike Henry shakes up mining gian...
27 min
Viewsroom: Battling the climate emergency
A new U.N. report on global warming gives financiers fresh reasons to take bigger steps to help avert or mitigate the consequences, Breakingviews editors argue. A plan by the UK’s Prudential and the Asian Development Bank to close coal-fired power stat...
19 min
Viewsroom: Jack Dorsey takes a trip Down Under
Square’s $29 bln takeover of Aussie fintech darling Afterpay shines a light on the “buy now, pay later” craze, which poses a big challenge to many established players in the banking and payments businesses, argue Melbourne-based editors Jeff Goldfarb a...
11 min
Viewsroom: Climate transition, Chinese stocks
Some of the biggest investors, including Brookfield and TPG, are launching mega-funds to invest in the global transition to a net-zero economy in what could be the ultimate new asset class. Richard Beales and Rob Cox discuss. Plus, Beijing’s crackdown ...
17 min
Viewsroom: Olympic blunders and Robinhood’s IPO
The Tokyo games are struggling with rising Covid-19 infections, corporations pulling out, an unenthused Japanese public and now a bad Holocaust joke. Pete Sweeney and Rob Cox discuss. Meantime, John Foley says Robinhood resembles E*Trade 20 years ago –...
20 min
Viewsroom: Finance’s first-rate second quarter
Earnings&nbsp;of&nbsp;Wall Street’s largest banks confirmed that animal spirits among corporate chiefs and global investors are running high, while pandemic-shy consumers are getting their mojo back. John Foley walks Rob Cox through JPMorgan, G...
14 min
Viewsroom: Grocer buyouts, More China crackdowns
Why are private equity firms clogging the aisles at Britain’s WM Morrison to pull off a near-$9 billion purchase of the supermarket chain? Aimee Donnellan and Peter Thal Larsen explain. And our Asia columnists discuss Beijing’s new attitude to U.S.-tra...
24 min
Viewsroom: Communist birthday, Little guys in IPOs
China’s Communist Party turns 100. The institution&nbsp;has never been so popular at home or resented abroad. Its leaders are experts at the nuances of control and long on ambition, Pete Sweeney says. Plus, Wall Street enlists individual investors ...
20 min
Viewsroom: Wall Street is open again and booming
From Morgan Stanley to BlackRock, the world’s top investment banks and money managers are back in their offices and super busy with mergers, IPOs, LBOs and other activities thumping. Plus, Soho House and Wise go public and green hydrogen megalomania on...
33 min
Viewsroom: Private equity gets funky, HK hiring
Blackstone, KKR, Carlyle and other firms are flipping the leveraged buyout playbook with deals that, while less dependent on debt, don’t always add up for their backers. Meanwhile, investment banking is fast becoming the fragrant harbor’s monoculture. ...
24 min
Viewsroom: Vaccine carrots and sticks, plus donuts
Governments and companies are dangling incentives for people to get jabbed against Covid-19. But it will take more than free weed, lottery tickets and beer to reach herd immunity, Jeff Goldfarb explains. And Dasha Afanasieva says take the pastries, lea...
17 min
Viewsroom: Big Oil’s global blow
A small activist fund upended Exxon Mobil’s board while Shell was dealt a setback in a Dutch courtroom. At the same time, Chevron shareholders backed a proposal to cut more emissions. The interests of both stakeholders and shareholders are rapidly alig...
15 min
Viewsroom: AT&T’s second breakup, Asian super-apps
The telephone company’s deal with Discovery, the reversal of a failed strategy to become a media juggernaut, opens a window into streaming warfare; and the creation of Southeast Asia do-everything internet group GoTo is a prelude of more to come. Plus,...
22 min
Viewsroom: China’s baby bust, European SPAC boom
China’s census data showed the population grew just 0.53% every year in the decade to 2020, with fertility rates dropping to Japanese levels. That’s bad news for growth. And European rainmakers like Claudio Costamagna and Ian Osborne offer market-frien...
17 min
Viewsroom: Detailing the artistry of the SPAC
Though special purpose acquisition vehicles&nbsp;are nothing new, the recent boom in fundraising and&nbsp;dealmaking&nbsp;has provided fertile hunting grounds for Breakingviews columnists. Lauren&nbsp;Silva&nbsp;Laughlin and Richard...
16 min
Viewsroom: Life from the latest Indian lockdown
Images of vast funeral pyres, overcrowded hospitals and empty streets have been emanating from India as the country grapples with surging Covid-19 infection rates. Una Galani surveys the situation on the ground from Mumbai and discusses the government’...
16 min
Viewsroom: The Super League’s short, unhappy life
The richest&nbsp;European soccer clubs, including Juventus and Real Madrid, swiftly aborted plans to create a breakaway competition. But as Liam Proud and Peter Thal Larsen explain, the financial appeal of a U.S.-style sporting cartel remains irres...
26 min
Viewsroom: Cross-border travel hassles, Alibaba
For businesspeople eager to get back on the road, three lucky Breakingviews editors share their experiences of hopping across the Atlantic, traveling to India and navigating Europe’s arbitrary rules. Asia columnists discuss how&nbsp;Beijing has com...
34 min
Viewsroom: Asia’s E-car mania, U.S. infrastructure
Huawei makes telecoms, Haier dishwashers, Xiaomi phones, Evergrande condos. Now, these Chinese companies all want to make battery-powered vehicles too. And while on the subject of building, U.S. President Joe Biden is going big. Maybe too big for the b...
22 min
Viewsroom: Everything we know about Archegos
The extraordinary unwinding of Bill Hwang’s family office was one of those rare stories that connected Breakingviews columnists from Hong Kong, New York, Zurich, London, Melbourne and Washington into one big, hard-working family.&nbsp;Here&nbsp...
25 min
Viewsroom: Turkish trouble and emerging markets
President Tayyip Erdogan’s abrupt firing of a third central bank governor forced investors to contemplate whether this might precipitate a run on financial assets in other developing markets, including South Africa. Breakingviews columnists discuss the...
16 min
Viewsroom: The jabbed and jabbed nots, Jardine
Vaccination programmes are running apace in the UK,&nbsp;U.S.,&nbsp;Israel and other nations,&nbsp;but&nbsp;they have worryingly stalled in Europe. This reflects more than just differing health systems, Breakingviews columnists argue. P...
23 min
Viewsroom: Greensill/Credit Suisse, GE, Diversity
Big names in finance, like Credit Suisse and tycoon Sanjeev Gupta, are suffering collateral damage from the UK supply chain lender’s collapse.&nbsp;The sale of aircraft leasing brings GE closer to CEO Larry Culp’s light-bulb moment. And working fro...
27 min
Viewsroom: Wall Street CEOs’ pay, Sea, Greensill
A plague year for the world was a relatively rich one for the heads of Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo;&nbsp;Southeast Asian tech conglomerate Sea navigated choppy waters to a $127 bln market value; Greensill’s&nbsp;problems may not be...
26 min