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Viewsroom: Masks, masks everywhere; Tech breakups
The widespread covering of mouths and noses to stifle Covid-19 has spawned a mini-manufacturing boom, with some downsides, Sharon Lam tells Rob Cox. Yet the economic benefits of mask mandates are plentiful, Lisa Jucca argues from Milan. Plus, Congress ...
19 min
Viewsroom: Disastrous debate, Italian soccer deal
The first of the U.S. presidential debates was shambolic, with almost no substance on economic policy for investors or markets to sink their teeth into. On a lighter front, though, Italy’s Serie A soccer league has a chance to regain its glory. Breakin...
25 min
Viewsroom: The dream team to fix America’s economy
As voters head into the final stretch of the U.S. presidential election, Breakingviews has released a new interactive tool to help Joe Biden or Donald Trump pick a cabinet of economic all-stars. Listen to our picks for the battling candidates and learn...
33 min
Viewsroom: Credit-UBS, Bernard Arnault and Japan
A merger of Credit Suisse and UBS has some merits on paper, but would be bloody in practice, says Liam Proud. Plus, the LVMH billionaire’s impeccably ruthless dealmaking is on full display with the Tiffany takeover. Pete Sweeney and Sharon Lam discuss ...
22 min
Viewsroom: Republicans hammer it home
At their quadrennial convention, the GOP didn’t give much insight into what four more years of Trump would look like. But they were consistent in battering the Democrats and Joe Biden as a Trojan horse for socialism and other...
11 min
Viewsroom: Democrats pitch normalcy first
The Democratic National Convention wound up four days of speeches and spectacle with no unforced errors, a broadly appealing economic message and, above all, a call for a restoration of broken norms. Next up, the Republicans. Rob Cox, John Foley and An...
14 min
Viewsroom: Biden takes corporate succession cue
The presumptive Democratic candidate to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Gina Chon and Rob Cox discuss the parallels with corporate succession planning and what the choice says about ...
13 min
Viewsroom: Silicon Valley spotlight
The CEOs of Big Tech companies faced off against U.S. lawmakers during an antitrust hearing that raised new evidence about past acquisitions. Meanwhile, Japan’s Ootoya and Colowide engage in a food M&A fight. And: SoftBank CEO Mas...
24 min
Viewsroom: Europe’s big money moment and baijiu
The 750 bln-euro stimulus package agreed to by EU leaders this week was a test of the region’s political resiliency, may be a big deal for the single currency and could lead to more capital markets and M&A activity, EMEA Editor Peter Thal Larsen ex...
17 min
Viewsroom: Wall Street, Huawei, Chinese taxpayers
Investment bankers have had a very nice lockdown indeed, says U.S. Editor John Foley. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson backtracks on 5G, delivering his pal Donald Trump a tech victory against China. Meantime President Xi Jinping takes some unusual ...
28 min
Viewsroom: Chinese access to U.S. money, Boohoo
Chinese companies’ access to American capital is imperiled for all sorts of reasons, says Hong Kong columnist Robyn Mak. The stingy LBO of New York-listed Sina by its CEO won’t help. Also, British fast-fashion retailer Boohoo’s not-qu...
22 min
Viewsroom: Wirecard, Hong Kong and Tesla
The German fintech scandal shines a light on its hapless regulator; China’s new security law stinks up the fragrant harbor and Elon Musk hasn’t just surpassed Toyota in market value, he’s becoming as rich as Croesus. Breakingviews columnists around the...
25 min
Viewsroom: Reparations math, the coming WFH battle
As America continues to grapple with the legacy of slavery, Breakingviews columnists debate the financial question of whether the government, and some corporations, have a debt to repay. And Pete Sweeney dives deep into the post-pandemic future of work...
28 min
Viewsroom: Stock underwriting bonanza, Vietnam
Equity capital markets bankers are having their day in the sun as companies scramble to raise money while central banks pump liquidity into the financial system, Breakingviews editors explain. Plus: Asia columnists Robyn Mak ...
21 min
Viewsroom: Global takeaway and Cathay
Nothing sums up pandemic dealmaking quite like this: As a merger of America’s top shopping mall operators crashed and burned, two of the world’s biggest food-delivery companies joined forces. Also, Cathay gets a bailout and so might t...
32 min
Viewsroom: Not the same as it ever was
After the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, will we still shake hands, ride elevators, go to sports matches and go on dates? Will taxes surge to pay for massive government budget deficits? Breakingviews editors chew over some highlights from their new e-bo...
18 min
Viewsroom: Hong Kong crunch
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared the Asian financial hub no longer autonomous from China, days after Beijing unveiled plans to ban sedition and subversion there. Breakingviews columnists in the city untangle what it means amid the trade war...
15 min
Viewsroom: Reopening after the pandemic
Major economies like Italy and Switzerland are attempting to return to normal, but with notable differences, as columnists in both countries discuss. And Sharon Lam in Hong Kong talks about the future of leisure and business travel with Global Editor R...
28 min
Viewsroom: Cashing out of BlackRock
Boss Larry Fink has lost his biggest shareholder, and former owner as U.S. bank PNC sells its 22% stake in the world’s largest money manager. But the exit could be beneficial for both firms. Plus: Sweden’s Covid-19 plan will be hard to replicate. And: ...
33 min
Viewsroom: Mega-mega mergers
The Great Lockdown will inevitably encourage governments to foster the creation of ever-larger “national champions” through corporate consolidation. Rob Cox, Edward Chancellor and Lauren Silva Laughlin discuss possible combos – and why this wo...
28 min
Viewsroom: Big trouble ahead
Breakingviews columnist and founder Hugo Dixon discusses his column with Rob Cox on how taxpayer-funded bailouts are likely to encourage excessive risk-taking in the future and provoke new populist backlashes when the bills need to be paid. Also, where...
35 min
Viewsroom: The F’d up oil market
Breakingviews columnists in London, Mumbai and Brooklyn discuss what’s going on in the global energy markets amid the coronavirus crisis, as well as Facebook’s big Indian deal and the U.S. government’s attempt to prop up small businesses with ...
38 min
Viewsroom: Freebies no more
Breakingviews columnists check in from home in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong to discuss disappearing Silicon Valley perks like free meals and booze, office activism at tech firms, the mystery of China’s 20 million lost mobile-phone...
25 min
Viewsroom: Vices and more
Breakingviews columnists in Ireland, New York and Lantau check in with Editor Rob Cox to discuss Jamie Dimon’s annual letter and coming earnings onslaught, fraud at Luckin Coffee and, everybody’s favorite coronavirus obsessio...
36 min
Viewsroom: Lingering lockdowns
Breakingviews journalists around the globe check in with Editor Rob Cox to discuss Silicon Valley’s response to the coronavirus, how European regulators are forcing banks to hoard dividends, and one of the biggest corporate rescues yet of the ...
35 min
Viewsroom: Lives under lockdown
From Milan to Mumbai to Manhattan, Breakingviews journalists are staying put to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Editor Rob Cox checks in with columnists in India, where 1.3 bln people are housebound; New York City, the epicenter of the U.S. crisis...
25 min
Viewsroom: How to run virus bailouts
The rapid economic slowdown caused by the spread of Covid-19 has brought to the fore the prospect of companies getting help from taxpayers. Which firms to target and what strings to attach will be the big questions. Plus: Pepsi, credit cards and cancer...
22 min
Viewsroom: Oil shock
A major rift between Saudi Arabia and Russia has sent oil prices plummeting just as the Covid-19 outbreak saps demand. The fallout is pummeling U.S. shale producers and calling traditional energy-security concepts into question. Plus, market fallout in...
24 min
Viewsroom: Fear factor
U.S. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell surprised markets with a rate cut ahead of schedule. Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden unexpectedly won the most states on Super Tuesday. Covid-19 may show up in China M&A clauses...
23 min
Viewsroom: Hong Kong in the time of Covid-19
Small businesses are hurting, while bankers sit idle and families struggle with school closures and other containment efforts. Despite having only some 80 coronavirus cases, life – as well as retail, tourism and real estate – feels noticeably different...
20 min
Viewsroom: BP, Delta shift out of climate neutral
The British fossil-fuel giant and the largest U.S. airline have each pledged to effectively stop emitting carbon over time. The ambition is encouraging and puts them ahead of most rivals. But both fall short on all-important details. There’s plenty of ...
15 min
Viewsroom: SoftBank in the crosshairs
Activist Elliott is targeting Masayoshi Son’s firm for poor governance and performance. SoftBank could appease the hedge fund by selling investments to finance buybacks. That could include Sprint, whose deal with T-Mobile US just got the nod. Plus: the...
19 min
Viewsroom: Tesla’s improbable ride
Neither car sales nor the potential of robo-taxis justifies the $136 bln electric-vehicle maker’s shares almost doubling this year. Defying logic, Elon Musk’s barely profitable firm is now the world’s second most val...
18 min
Viewsroom: Over beers from Davos
At the end of the World Economic Forum, Breakingviews’ three delegates reflected on the highs and lows of the annual gathering of world leaders, corporate executives and do-gooders. Overall, they conclude that Greta outdid Trump, and sustainability is ...
22 min
Viewsroom: China’s latest viral threat
The outbreak of a contagious disease before the Lunar New Year holiday evokes memories of SARS’ human and economic toll in 2003. Beijing’s swift reaction this time, imposing travel bans on five cities as 18 died, is encouraging. Plus: the cost of the U...
19 min
Viewsroom: Carlos Ghosn’s great escape
The international car boss who fled Japanese authorities is now lambasting Nissan and suing Renault for money due. Breakingviews columnists discuss why the latest twists overshadow the fraying global alliance of three automakers. Also, why Chi...
17 min
Viewsroom: Hong Kong’s uncertain 2020
Political unrest continues to roil the financial hub. For investors, though, it’s mostly business as usual as markets take protests in their stride. As Beijing replaces its top representative in the city, and makes other changes, that uneasy balance ma...
18 min
Viewsroom: Green M&A in 2020
CEOs increasingly talk a good game on climate change, but the financial implications of global warming have played a small role in dealmaking so far. That will change in the year ahead. Also: why the video-game industry should be bracing for a politica...
22 min
Viewsroom: Jack Dorsey’s heroic year ahead
From banning political ads to developing cryptocurrency plans, the CEO of Twitter and Square has been politically more astute than rivals like Facebook. That sets him up for a good 2020. Also: the different ways that shareholders, the Fed and M&A b...
17 min
Viewsroom: U.S. politicians call a truce for trade
House democrats are backing Trump’s deal with Canada and Mexico even as they charge the president with impeachment. A looming deadline heaping more tariffs on Chinese imports could be kicked down the road, too. The chances of bipartisan support elsewhe...
14 min
Viewsroom: Angela Merkel faces early retirement
The German chancellor’s administration is in peril after coalition partner SPD chose left-wingers to lead the party. A snap 2020 election would probably end her 14 years in power and remove another of the wo...
21 min
Viewsroom: Britain’s Brexit election
The country’s two main political parties are slugging it out over spending pledges before the Dec. 12 vote. But the campaign is also about how soon the UK will leave the European Union and the terms on which it will trade with its nearest neighbours.
16 min
Viewsroom: Rising Hong Kong tensions
After more than five months of unrest in the city, a prolonged violent siege on a university campus ratcheted things up anew. Blocked roads and trains shuttered schools as tear gas wafted through the central business district. Its status as a financial...
16 min
Viewsroom: SoftBank’s double trouble
The Japanese firm is eyeing T-Mobile US CEO John Legere to take over leadership of WeWork. That is an additional twist in an already convoluted relationship. Legere is also trying to finalize a $26 bln deal with SoftBank’s Sprint,...
16 min
Viewsroom: When the CEO breaks the rules
McDonald’s has provided a map for other firms after ousting boss Steve Easterbrook over a consensual relationship with an employee. Elsewhere, Aramco’s IPO and Fiat Chrysler’s merger with Peugeot. Plus: Breaking Japan’s love of hard c...
22 min
Viewsroom: LVMH wants more sparkle
The $200 bln luxury conglomerate is making a $14.5 bln bid for Tiffany. The iconic brand known for putting its bling in blue boxes would be wise to accept the proposal. Plus: Venezuela’s leadership saga and a surreal debt drama collid...
26 min
Viewsroom: WeWork’s future may lie in China’s past
Beijing-based Kr Space switched from renting out space held on long-term leases to selling services after the shared-office market crashed. Following suit may help WeWork stem losses. Also: climate change and Canada’s election. Plus: the gloomy IMF and...
17 min
Viewsroom: China-US trade deal is thin gruel
President Donald Trump is touting the latest Sino-American talks as a real win, especially for farmers. China agreed to buy more agricultural goods like soybeans, but big issues like intellectual-property theft are still up i...
20 min
Viewsroom: General Motors strike runs on hot air
Workers downed tools over three weeks ago, despite last-minute concessions by the U.S. carmaker. Job-security fears are a sticking point. So is the union’s need to prove its worth after a kickbacks scandal. Plus: U.S. basketball plays smart defense on ...
19 min
Viewsroom: Mark Zuckerberg is stuck in 2006
That’s when the Facebook CEO rejected Yahoo’s $1 bln takeover bid. Now he uses the decision to justify his grip on control and decisions on data, privacy and the chance of a breakup under a Democratic president. Plus...
19 min
Viewsroom: WeWork overhaul won’t be enough
Adam Neumann lost his CEO role and control of the shared-office provider after its valuation plummeted in preparation for a now-postponed IPO. But WeWork’s business model remains a problem. Plus: Thomas Cook’s collapse hits China’s Fo...
25 min
Viewsroom: Not your mother’s oil shock
Saudi Arabia is quickly repairing the damage drones inflicted on its oil industry. But the fallout has implications for everything from security to U.S. shale drillers to climate change-driven alternative energy. Plus: Why are AB InBev and ESR restarti...
20 min
Viewsroom: Nissan’s car-crash CEO
Hiroto Saikawa is stepping down amid controversy over his pay. It has implications for the company’s rocky Renault alliance, and by extension for the French carmaker’s recent attempt to merge with Fiat Chrysler. Plus, is activist Elliott Management goi...
23 min
Viewsroom: How money really can grow on trees
Done right, reforestation can capture much of the carbon causing climate change. It would improve crop yields and water quality and lessen the power of floods and storms like Hurricane Dorian. There are good financial returns to reap, too. Plus:&nb...
20 min
Viewsroom: Brexit’s pro-rogue nation
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has prorogued parliament, cutting the time available for lawmakers to thwart a planned Oct. 31 EU departure. What does this mean for Brexit and the UK economy? Plus: we pick through the wreckage of China’s crashing autom...
22 min
Viewsroom: How to read the recession runes
A U.S. downturn is near, judging by past early warning signals from yield curves to bank valuations. But fallout from the 2008 crisis has sapped them of some predictive power. Plus: what the exit of Cathay Pacific’s CEO says about Beijing’s re...
19 min
Viewsroom: WeWork unfurls the red flags
The shared-office provider’s long-awaited IPO filing is packed with pointless life-affirming tropes. But it also details a host of conflicts of interest and other risks that should send investors running. Plus: India’s powerhouse Reliance is building a...
14 min
Viewsroom: Vicious trade cycle traps U.S., China
The White House’s decision to brand Beijing a currency manipulator is the latest move in a conflict riven by miscommunication, unrealistic expectations and no obvious way out. Plus: Why the LSE is paying $27 bln for Refinitiv, and which of the data fir...
25 min
Viewsroom: Is Beyond Meat worth a bite?
The meatless-burger maker is the best-performing IPO of the year by far. Now insiders are selling stock early as the company deals with rising competition, regulations and even a potential pea shortage. Plus: Using wine goggles to look at West...
19 min
Viewsroom: UK’s new PM looks for the exit
Boris Johnson helped persuade Britons to vote to leave the EU. London’s former mayor now leads the country – and may find his pledge to quit the European bloc hard to keep. Meanwhile, U.S. watchdogs are circling Amazon, Alphabet, Apple and Facebook. Pl...
27 min
Viewsroom: AB InBev’s stubborn financial beer gut
The $150 bln brewer of suds like Budweiser and Stella has scrapped its Asia unit’s Hong Kong float. CEO Carlos Brito now needs new ways to reduce the company’s debt. And as the second pulled IPO in weeks amid civil unrest, it puts the city’s financial ...
14 min
Viewsroom: Can India solve its water crisis?
Chennai, the country’s Motor City, has run dry. Another 20 metropolises could follow by next year. The personal and economic toll is mounting. Plugging leaks, better crop choices and proper pricing can help. Often, as water problems elsewhere show, tha...
16 min
Viewsroom: The great EU jobs carve-up
After much unedifying horse-trading, European leaders have finally agreed on who will head the commission, central bank and other top roles. That has implications for the bloc’s future. Plus: Why Africa’s growth figu...
22 min
Viewsroom: What makes companies proud of Pride?
Neither profit nor investor pressure explain U.S. firms lining up to mark 50 years of the LGBT-rights movement. They may simply be doing the right thing. But the nation still has a long way to go. Plus: how the UK prime minister race affects t...
20 min
Viewsroom: UBS gets lost in translation
A star economist at the Swiss bank sparked outrage on Chinese social media after his remarks about the country’s pigs were misconstrued. UBS’s decision to put him on leave seems overdone. And: Those weighing the benefit of a Facebook ...
17 min
Viewsroom: When dealmaking gets difficult
Raytheon and United Technologies’ planned $114 bln tie-up raises questions about strategy, cost cuts and executive overreach. It’s prompted their shares to tank and activist Bill Ackman to oppose it. And Fiat Chrysler and Renault’s mooted merger has cr...
18 min
Viewsroom: Hong Kong's scary extradition idea
The territory's government, under pressure from Beijing, is trying to ram through a rule change that would allow suspects to be transferred to mainland courts. Foreign executives have cause to be worried. Plus: Steve Bannon wants to ban C...
17 min
Viewsroom: A new game of carmaker matchmaker
Fiat Chrysler spurned Peugeot by offering to merge with France’s Renault, which is itself joined to Nissan. How will the pairings play out, and what does it mean for the automotive sector? Plus: Why fossil-fuel giants like BP are painting themselves a ...
27 min
Viewsroom: America’s topsy-turvy regulators
Qualcomm lost a lawsuit brought by one DC overseer, even as the DOJ intervened, while $26 bln T-Mobile US-Sprint merger is getting yanked around by agencies with opposing views. Doing business is hard when agencies no longer act in unison. Plus: Is Luc...
20 min
Viewsroom: The lasting effects of Trump’s tariffs
Washington and Beijing may yet find a way to end their escalating trade war soon. But for many businesses, the damage already inflicted will be hard to undo. Plus: CEO Mark Zuckerberg might not welcome more calls to break up Facebook, but shareholders ...
20 min
Viewsroom: Oil M&A fight may end with no winner
Occidental boss Vicki Hollub corralled BofA CEO Brian Moynihan and investor Warren Buffett to her side to seal a $38 bln offer for Anadarko. Her tactics scared off rival bidder Chevron but may alienate her own shareholders. Plus: Malaysia’s reform effo...
13 min
Viewsroom: Apple versus Alphabet
Both Silicon Valley giants are looking for the next big thing after a slowdown in their main product – iPhone sales at Apple and online ads at Alphabet. Lower expectations mean Tim Cook’s outfit has more time to act. Plus: Activist Dan Loeb puts Sony b...
16 min
Viewsroom: Will millennials kill Silicon Valley?
Young, tech-savvy adults say everything from high prices to climate change may prompt them to leave the San Francisco area. Other U.S. cities can benefit. Also: Why CEO Jack Dorsey should favor Square over Twitter. And what to expect from Indonesian...
21 min
Viewsroom: 'Game of Thrones'-style war heads to TV
HBO’s hit series is ending as parent AT&T, Amazon, Apple and Walt Disney launch their claims to the streaming-video crown. Netflix, though, will be hard to usurp. Elsewhere, India’s weeks-long election gets underway. And global economic growth coll...
22 min
Viewsroom: Wells Fargo searches for a leader
The U.S. bank may be tempted to recruit from splashy peers like Goldman Sachs. But there are better reasons to poach from smaller firms. Meanwhile, the $170 bln Chinese liquor maker Kweichow Moutai is worth more than Diageo. Breakingviews columnists di...
21 min
Viewsroom: What’s driving Lyft’s valuation?
The ride-hailing firm is worth $30 bln after its stock-market debut, even though its losses are growing. Shareholders are betting a shift to autonomous driving will steer it to a profit, but that may be a long way off. Plus: Saudi Ara...
25 min
Viewsroom: Who will drive off with Fiat Chrysler?
Peugeot and Renault both seem keen to merge with the Italo-American carmaker. Either deal could improve earnings from smaller cars, but couldn’t plug all Fiat Chrysler’s gaps in Asia and new tech. Plus: Apple’s underwhelming new services. And can Huawe...
33 min
Viewsroom: German bank M&A’s questionable logic
Putting Deutsche and Commerz together might create a national banking champion. A more likely outcome, though, would be a poorly performing behemoth. Meanwhile, Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess commits the mother of all CEO gaffes. Plus: sizing up a Chine...
22 min
Viewsroom: Boeing’s struggles
The U.S. aircraft maker is facing a crisis after a second crash involving an updated version of its workhorse 737 jet. There’s a financial hit to Boeing from countries grounding the plane; but there are geopolitical implications, too. Plus: China tries...
20 min
Viewsroom: Hostile gold diggers
The three-way takeover fight involving Newmont, Barrick Gold and Goldcorp is full of aggression and big egos. Breakingviews columnists unpick the gold-mining M&A frenzy and debate whether cooler heads can prevail. Plus: China tele...
24 min
Viewsroom: Warren Buffett eats crow
Kraft Heinz’s poor earnings, $15 bln writedown and accounting investigation forced the Berkshire Hathaway boss to admit he overpaid for the nuts-to-Velveeta cheese purveyor. Breakingviews columnists discuss what went wrong. Plus: Trump buys mo...
19 min
Viewsroom: Brexit breakups
Foreign carmakers are closing some UK plants as lawmakers defect from both the Labour and ruling Tory parties. How will this affect the looming deadline to quit the EU? Plus: Vegan diets are more than a fad.  
17 min
Viewsroom: Down Under’s upheaval
Falling house prices and slowing Chinese growth are putting Australia’s record of almost 28 years of economic expansion at risk. The banking industry got dinged after a gripping year-long investigation. And a change of government looks likely. Breaking...
14 min
Viewsroom: U.S. water crisis may evaporate wealth
Overuse and climate change are sapping the Colorado river, source of a fifth of U.S. GDP and at least $1.3 trln of market value. The feds and basin states are struggling to adapt, but investors pay little heed. Plus, can India Prime Minister Modi’s bud...
19 min
Viewsroom: Why did PG&E file for bankruptcy?
The California utility may face up to $30 bln in wildfire costs. But shareholders see value and lenders were willing to stump up cash. The board’s desire to cut other expenses may have driven the decision. Plus: How U.S. charges against Huawei may affe...
16 min
Viewsroom: Global elite-lite takes Davos downer
Pessimism reigns supreme at the annual gathering in the Swiss Alps thanks to trade wars, the U.S. government shutdown and rising populism. Several major leaders stayed away entirely. The event remains a networker’s dream, but self-awareness and problem...
11 min
Viewsroom: China’s slowdown is not created equal
People in the Middle Kingdom are buying fewer iPhones and cars, but Nike and others are chugging away nicely. Meanwhile, India’s struggling rural farmers are a force too big to ignore in this year’s general election. Plus: The Detroit auto show reflect...
22 min
Viewsroom: High anxiety hits SoftBank’s vision
Rising rates, lower oil prices, wobbly markets and the backlash against Saudi Arabia could put Masa Son’s $97 bln fund on the spot this year. Elsewhere, some Indian tech startups may take the world by storm. Plus, Breakingviews picks three indicators t...
24 min
Viewsroom: Who will be 2019’s free-trade champion?
Big economies are throwing up tariffs, but East Africa’s common market could swell to 250 mln people if Ethiopia joins the club. Breakingviews columnists also predict this year will bring the end of easy money for Chinese startups, and a challenge to T...
22 min
Viewsroom: Dealing in high anxiety
Equity valuations are in the stratosphere and geopolitical risk is running hot. Breakingviews columnists predict how that’ll affect markets in 2019, from trade-war fallout to Indian privatizations, a Deutsche Bank rally and mining M&A. The...
16 min
Viewsroom: French misery gives Italy some company
President Macron hopes a 10 bln euro splurge from state coffers will mollify rioters calling him the “president of the rich.” But it’ll worsen the country’s deficit, risking an EU rebuke. It may, though, offer cover for Italy, whose debt load is causin...
15 min
Viewsroom: Trade war pause may only delay fight
U.S. President Donald Trump and China’s leader Xi Jinping agreed to a cooling-off period in an escalating tariff spat. Will the ceasefire yield results or is it a stalling tactic? The markets are spooked. Breakingviews columnists discuss the issue from...
17 min
Viewsroom: Climate risk is investing opportunity
Experts reckon unrestrained global warming will lop 10 pct off U.S. GDP by 2100. California’s wildfires prove it’s already having disastrous effects. But investors and companies alike can be part of the solution. Plus, Carlos Ghosn’s arrest leaves thre...
29 min
Viewsroom: What’s next for Brexit?
Cabinet resignations, an angry coalition partner and a skittish currency greeted UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s draft agreement to quit the EU. Breakingviews columnists examine whether the current mess leads to Brexit with an EU deal, without a deal, ...
17 min
Viewsroom: Europe fights U.S. Big Tech
Digital titans like Alphabet and Apple may rule the roost, but EU rules on data privacy are helping startups flourish on the other side of the Atlantic. Meanwhile, Facebook’s inability to police fake content spreads to Africa. Plus: Mumbai’s r...
25 min
Viewsroom: Democrats will rattle Wall Street cage
The U.S. House of Representatives will soon be controlled by lawmakers opposing President Trump. That gives them more scope to push their agenda on trade, infrastructure and a perennial bogeyman, th...
16 min
Viewsroom: Europe faces life after Angela Merkel
Germany’s chancellor won’t seek re-election in 2021 and is stepping down as party chair next month after electoral setbacks. It may herald a rightward swing at home and less EU unity. Plus: investors’ embrace of Brazil’s...
24 min
Viewsroom: The $230 bln scam rocking Nordic banks
Danish lender Danske has already lost its chief executive on news that one of its Estonian branches was used to launder Russian money. Now Nordea and others are facing questions. Plus: investors drive car stocks into a ditch - and Daimler...
21 min
Viewsroom: Saudi fiasco sets Wall Street ablaze
Bankers and officials have ditched a huge Saudi shindig after Turkey accused the kingdom of killing a prominent journalist – but big deal fees and oil reserves make the kingdom hard to shun. Breakingviews columnists discuss the financial ramifications ...
15 min
Viewsroom: The financial crisis, 10 years on
The crash cost the U.S. economy $30 trln, put 9 mln people out of work and as many families out of their homes. And it exposed how unprepared bankers, lawmakers and watchdogs were. Here we preview our podcast miniseries interviewing some of the movers ...
24 min