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Viewsroom: Twitter's takeover meltdown
The social network's stalled user and revenue growth is sending shareholders of Salesforce and other potential bidders running for cover. Meanwhile, Yahoo's email scans for U.S. authorities have rattled buyer Verizon. Plus: Is John Stumpf...
33 min
Viewsroom: One hundred days of Brexit
Oct. 2 marks 100 days since Britain’s vote to leave the EU. How has the economy fared, and will the City of London weather Brexit? Breakingviews writers discuss trade deals, financial services and the scale of the challenge facing Prime Minister...
24 min
Apple’s driving ambition
The iPhone maker’s desire to enter the auto market could benefit from taking a stake in Elon Musk’s Tesla. Recent actions by the BOJ may help kick start the Japanese economy. And what it means that hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman is fighting the...
17 min
Wells Fargo stagecoach hits a ditch
The bank that steered clear of the financial crisis breaks down after creating 2 mln fake accounts. New evidence undermines Donald Trump's claims few benefit from the U.S. economic recovery. And why Hanjin's corporate capsize may prompt attem...
15 min
Trump immigration plan deports $1 trillion
The iPhone 7 may seem like an underwhelming upgrade, but it sets the company up well for the rise of augmented reality. Donald's Trump's plans to curb visas and send illegal immigrants home defy economic logic. And scandal-prone VW takes its ...
22 min
A special message to our listeners
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17 min
Viewsroom: Wall St activism; Obamacare; Wealth gap
ValueAct is taking a softly-softly stance with its stake in Morgan Stanley – and is already doing better than its Amex flop. Private insurers are pulling out of Obamacare as the U.S. considers banning industry mergers. And millennials' relative...
16 min
India water woes; fintech; Trumponomics
Drought, farmers, poor pricing and bad infrastructure in the world's second-most populous country hinder Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Make in India' vision; peer-to-peer lenders try to deal with a downturn; and Donald Trump'...
16 min
U.S. election, European banks, Uber-Didi
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle over infrastructure needs, while Trump faces growing opposition from fellow billionaires. The ups and downs of Europe's lenders after a stress test with no fail grade. And why Uber is ceding to Didi the...
26 min
Clinton, Tech M&A, Facebook, Apple
Democrats turn to Michael Bloomberg to woo independents and anti-Trump Republicans. Meanwhile, Yahoo sells up, Oracle buys CEO Larry Ellison's side-company. And how to rank earnings at Apple, Facebook and Twitter.
34 min
Republican convention, Tesla, banks
The confab to anoint Donald Trump the GOP presidential candidate is full of controversy, but short on business support and cogent financial policy. Tesla boss Elon Musk unveils his master plan, to underwhelming response. And there are silver linings...
22 min
Brexit | Pokemon Go | Minimum wage
New UK Prime Minister Theresa May is assembling a cabinet that may to deliver Brexit-lite. Meanwhile, the surprising success of Pokemon Go bodes well for much broader use of augmented reality. And Jamie Dimon has both selfish and smart reasons for...
25 min
The Kit Kat defense; Brexit fallout
The humble four-fingered chocolate bar could play a key role in fending off bidders for Hershey. Meanwhile, the EU-shunning UK battles political instability, a tanking currency and a run on commercial property funds, while the economic pain of...
16 min
Viewsroom: The art of sweet deals; Trump on trade
Hershey kisses off Mondelez’s $23 bln bid while media mogul John Malone manages his own sweetheart wrap of Lions Gate and Starz. Plus, presidential contender Donald Trump courts Bernie Sanders’ supporters and why Europe’s banks should be...
23 min
Facts and fear in Britain’s EU referendum
British voters have been inundated with “facts” throughout the referendum on EU membership, but campaigners on both sides have been accused of playing fast and loose with the truth. Hugo Dixon – chairman and editor in chief of InFacts and the...
27 min
Clippy’s resume, Big Mac for Chicago, Lax gun laws
Microsoft’s willingness to plunk down $26 million for LinkedIn proves the software giant is slipping back to its old habit of illogical deals.  Add Uber’s creative method of scooping up more money and Dropbox’s pronouncement that it is...
26 min
Viewsroom: Breakingviews on Brexit
Imagine Britain votes on June 23 to leave the European Union. What happens next? Breakingviews writers George Hay, John Foley, Neil Unmack, Swaha Pattanaik and Olaf Storbeck discuss the possible consequences for markets, trade, growth and the future...
14 min
Apple, Facebook and Uncle Sam should just say "no"
An executive at the iPhone maker proposed a bid for Time Warner, a move that would have been at odds with Apple founder Steve Jobs’ recipe for success: Reject “1,000 ideas” and focus on the very few excellent ones. Aging smartphones, a tepid...
20 min
Trump touts riches while banks blunt breakup talk
The presumptive Republican nominee for U.S. president boasted about the size of his 104-page financial disclosure statement filed this week with the Federal Election Commission. It may be HUGE, but what's the upside of flaunting your wealth to an...
24 min
The price of Ultimate Fighting, Uber drivers an...
Mixed martial arts' premier promoter may be on the block for as much as $4 billion, putting it in some pricey company. Live sports events are what TV and cable viewers most want to see, though, and therein lies a lesson for the likes of fading ESP...
22 min
Tribune stalls while Tesla puts pedal to metal
The newspaper chain's rejection of Gannett's hefty $815 million offer is a head-scratcher, hardly the sort of move that suggests the industry knows how to pull itself out of a prolonged slump. Can clever experiments like the New York Times...
23 min
Healthcare M&A, Climate change, Silicon Valley ...
Abbott, Abbvie and Sanofi are each paying up for takeoverpartners, while protecting the planet could be the investment dealof the century. Plus: Facebook forges ahead while Apple ambles.
23 min
Coal bust, Bank earnings, Millennial media
Peabody Energy's bankruptcy gives Big Oil a glimpse into the future, while energy losses are just one issue U.S. lenders have to contend with. Plus: startup news outlets face age-old problems.
22 min
M&A overdose, Panama papers, Disney demise
The Pfizer-Allergan deal comes to a screeching halt, while a document dump exposes the elite's offshore tax finagling. Plus: An heir apparent loses the keys to the Magic Kingdom.
24 min
Pandora putsch, MetLife slam, M&A scam
The music-streaming service picks a golden-oldie CEO, while the mega-insurer sheds its too-big-to-fail tag. Plus: Even Wall Street pros can fall prey to determined swindlers.
25 min