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Trump’s bad prescription for Obamacare
The U.S. president and congressional Republicans’ rush to ditch the Affordable Care Act is spawning pox-plagued legislation. Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank tries to get its financial house in order. And State Street’s fund managers are pushing to get more wo...
28 min
SoftBank deal frenzy lacks hard logic
The giant Japanese tech firm has been on a global M&A tear, but shareholders aren’t buying it. President Trump's mix of details-free policy pledges and jingoistic militarism looks dazed, confused and dangerous. Plus: Silvio Berlusconi's ...
20 min
We need to talk about Uber
A former employee accused the ride-hailing company of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. It’s not only bad form but yet another road block for money-losing Uber. Plus, where do Kraft Heinz and its owner 3G go after their failed $143 billion b...
20 min
Trump's management failures
The president's vacillating over firing national security adviser Michael Flynn is the kind of mistake that gets corporate chiefs fired. Toshiba deals its way to a $6.3 billion loss. California's water woes are a national wake-up call. And Wa...
23 min
Keeping banks in the sin bin
President Trump wants to "do a number" on post-crisis financial reforms, but overturning them will be tough. Paris emerges as the top city for financial types after Brexit. Plus, why a legal brief filed by Google and others against Trump’s im...
20 min
The cost of jingoism
President Trump's trade-tariff threats and his temporary immigration ban risk undermining business-friendly policies like deregulation and tax cuts. Meanwhile, he has nominated a Supreme Court justice. And Under Armour takes center stage in the ba...
31 min
Trump’s borderline tax ideas
Two competing tariff ideas from President Trump and congressional Republicans bring merits but mostly unforeseen risks. Meanwhile, any cut in the corporate tax rate will benefit hapless Yahoo and its Asian holdings. Plus, why it pays to bet against Dav...
30 min
Davos goes topsy-turvy
Team Trump is AWOL at the World Economic Forum's annual alpine shindig while Theresa May's Brexit plan has people on edge. That left it to China's Xi Jinping to defend globalization. Elsewhere, U.S. bank earnings disappoint. And Snapchat...
21 min
Trump's trickle-down ethics failure
The president-elect's attempt to avoid conflicts of interest while in the White House is window-dressing that sets a bad example for his administration. Meanwhile, Trump's shadow hangs over the Detroit Auto Show. And his infrastructure plan i...
33 min
Viewsroom Predictions 2017: Part 2
Breakingviews columnists offer their take on the year ahead: magic mushrooms could be an economic and investment hit, big business will take drones to the skies and Uber's IPO faces an uphill struggle. Plus: Harry Potter's 20th anniversary is...
27 min
Viewsroom Predictions 2017: Part 1
Breakingviews columnists from Europe, Asia and the United States discuss what’s ahead, including Donald Trump and inequality, how smaller M&A deals will shine over big acquisitions, and why Disney may ponder buying Netflix. Plus, what we got right ...
44 min
Can Big Oil's man be diplomat-in-chief?
Trump's Exxon pick
28 min
What's at stake in Trump vs China?
The U.S. president-elect upended decades of diplomacy by taking a call from Taiwan's leader. But some U.S. companies will welcome his stance. And China has much to lose from any escalation. Also: Italy PM Renzi gets his marching orders. And there...
27 min
Is Trump's dealmaking already working?
The president-elect brought in a rare bipartisan player as Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin and saved 1,000 jobs in Indiana. But bigger economic challenges await. And he has yet to solve his business conflicts. Elsewhere, Dallas' pension woes pu...
19 min
Should Facebook root out fake news?
The social network is under fire for allowing erroneous and downright misleading media reports on its platform that may have swayed the U.S. presidential election. Meanwhile, Canada and Mexico prepare for a Donald Trump presidency. And Warren Buffett...
11 min
The President Trump effect
The incoming commander-in-chief's $1 trillion infrastructure pledge has buoyed builders and could even help the Fed. The bank stock rally, though, may lack a solid foundation – and Obamacare could be the election's Brexit analogy. Meanwhile,...
17 min
What to watch for beyond Clinton-Trump
Americans aren't just voting for the 45th president. House and Senate elections affect everything from Wall Street to the Supreme Court. And marijuana and healthcare figure prominently in state ballots. Meanwhile, there's more brouhaha around...
20 min
AT&T's dog of a deal
CEO Randall Stephenson's $85 billion offer for Time Warner lacks strategic rationale, has politicians of all stripes criticizing it - and has destroyed shareholder value while denying owners a vote. All it lacks so far is an activist shareholder...
14 min
Airing Trump TV
The presidential candidate's poor showing is hurting his businesses, but a news network could pay off if he loses the election. Saudi Arabia's monster bond deal can't mask bigger problems. And bank earnings take in the Wells Fargo effect...
24 min
Samsung's fiery future
Canceling production of its self-combusting Note 7 smartphone puts the company's reputation as well as $17 billion or more at risk. Cities, businesses and investors are putting Trump and Clinton to shame on climate change. Plus: Brexit politics ge...
20 min
Viewsroom: Twitter's takeover meltdown
The social network's stalled user and revenue growth is sending shareholders of Salesforce and other potential bidders running for cover. Meanwhile, Yahoo's email scans for U.S. authorities have rattled buyer Verizon. Plus: Is John Stumpf...
33 min
Viewsroom: One hundred days of Brexit
Oct. 2 marks 100 days since Britain’s vote to leave the EU. How has the economy fared, and will the City of London weather Brexit? Breakingviews writers discuss trade deals, financial services and the scale of the challenge facing Prime Minister...
24 min
Apple’s driving ambition
The iPhone maker’s desire to enter the auto market could benefit from taking a stake in Elon Musk’s Tesla. Recent actions by the BOJ may help kick start the Japanese economy. And what it means that hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman is fighting the...
17 min
Wells Fargo stagecoach hits a ditch
The bank that steered clear of the financial crisis breaks down after creating 2 mln fake accounts. New evidence undermines Donald Trump's claims few benefit from the U.S. economic recovery. And why Hanjin's corporate capsize may prompt attem...
15 min
Trump immigration plan deports $1 trillion
The iPhone 7 may seem like an underwhelming upgrade, but it sets the company up well for the rise of augmented reality. Donald's Trump's plans to curb visas and send illegal immigrants home defy economic logic. And scandal-prone VW takes its ...
22 min