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Trump may unite Congress – against him
The U.S. runs out of money in a month and the president is attacking lawmakers in his own party. That could prompt Republicans and Democrats to work together to keep the lights on. Plus: Rupert Murdoch could be overpaying for Sky.
20 min
Fiat Chrysler’s painful choices
Great Wall Motors wants to buy Jeep. That’d leave the Italian-American carmaker cash rich but devoid of profit in a fast-changing industry. Meanwhile, Uber tries to find a silver lining to the cloud its drivers are under. Plus: what makes China’s...
20 min
Corporate America dumps CEO president
Donald Trump’s inflammatory comments about white supremacists have lost him the support and advice of business leaders, leaving him increasingly isolated and ineffectual. Qatar’s stake in the LSE may prompt Saudi Aramco to shun the exchange for its...
27 min
Diplomatically challenged Trump
The U.S. president needs Beijing’s help with North Korea even more after his recent warmongering outburst. Yet his administration just slapped petty import tariffs on Chinese aluminum. Also: what a Google engineer’s sexist memo says about the firm...
14 min
Venezuela’s downward spiral
Questionable elections for a rubber-stamping new assembly may give President Nicolas Maduro more power. But the country’s people, economy - and some U.S. companies - will suffer. Also: Sprint, under a ton of debt yet overvalued, weighs its M&A opti...
17 min
Citi lays out path to mediocrity
CEO Mike Corbat pledged a huge earnings boost at the bank’s first investor confab in nine years. But Citi’s enduring crisis hangover will still leave it trailing most rivals. In China, HNA’s shadowy ownership may be a big problem for U.S. M&A. Plus...
24 min
Why U.S. tax reform is doomed, too
Republicans’ failure to replace Obamacare throws into doubt Washington’s ability to keep other high-profile election promises, not least cutting corporate levies. Meanwhile, President Trump’s fuzzy agenda for reforming NAFTA could give Canada and...
14 min
Elon Musk’s Down-Under wager
Tesla’s CEO is putting the firm’s reputation, and $50 million, on the line in a deal to quickly provide energy storage to South Australia. Over in Texas, a battle is brewing between investment icons Warren Buffett and Paul Singer over a long-suffering...
15 min
How China changed Hong Kong
It’s 20 years since the British handed the island and adjacent territory back to the mainland. Breakingviews’ Asia columnists explain how Hong Kong’s economy and society have changed and ask whether this once-dominant regional financial center can...
27 min
Blue Apron’s debut leaves bad taste
The meal-kit delivery firm had an unappetizing IPO, barely opening above its much reduced price of $10 a share. Investors are starting to wise up to fluffy concoctions with little meat. The more discerning environment will make it difficult for...
11 min
Helping Uber hail a new CEO
Filling departed founder Travis Kalanick’s seat is no easy task, so we offer some suggestions. Elsewhere, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ seemingly crazy $13.7 bln offer for struggling grocer Whole Foods has some logic. Anbang lands in hot water in China. And...
22 min
We need to talk about Uber 2.0
Attempts to jump-start the ride-hailing app’s toxic culture stalled after board member and TPG founder David Bonderman’s sexist joke at a company meeting about sexism. The UK grapples with Brexit under a hung parliament. And could a Chinese invasion...
26 min
The UK goes to the polls
The Brits are about to elect a new government that’ll take the country out of the EU. Brexit, though, has taken a back seat in the campaign to deadly attacks in London and Manchester – and growing concerns about how the new masters of Whitehall will...
23 min
Donald Trump can’t melt Paris accord
The president is pulling America out of the climate agreement signed by 195 countries in 2015. But the continued commitment from cities, companies, investors – and China - will limit the damage. Meanwhile Goldman Sachs steps into a Venezuelan mess. Plu...
25 min
Trump budgets his way to la-la land
Basic economics - and decency - fall by the wayside in the administration’s pitch that it can create $2 trillion of revenue by cutting $3.6 trillion of costs. OPEC and U.S. fields battle for oil supremacy. Zimbabwe invents the 'zollar'. And B...
31 min
CEO presidency needs boardroom pushback
Donald Trump’s promise to run the government like a business is proving difficult but Congress could act like strong independent directors to rein in his wayward management. China’s ambitious Silk Road project could leave its people holding the bag. Pl...
22 min
Comey ouster bad for business
Donald Trump’s surprise firing of the FBI director could bog down policies from tax cuts to regulatory reform and even throw the rule of law into question. South Korea elects a new leader to put its own presidential scandal in the past. Plus: Coach goe...
21 min
Apple starts iPhone birthday bash early
Lucre from apps and other services should get investors in the party mood ahead of the company’s iconic device turning 10. Big Oil gets buoyed by rising prices – and the New York Times by more readers. And Coach shows the retail industry how to cope wi...
27 min
Europe’s electoral frenzy
France is about to choose a new president. The UK has called a surprise election. Germans head to the polls soon and Italians and Greeks could be close behind. As Brexit gets in motion and President Trump settles in, Europe’s election season will bring...
28 min
Theresa May’s big Brexit gamble
The UK PM wants an early general election to strengthen her majority in parliament, stoking market hopes of a friendly exit from the EU. Those may be misplaced. Elsewhere, Trump’s Buy American, Hire American plan is deeply flawed. And Goldman takes a b...
34 min
United joins corporate culture chaos
Taking three days to offer a basic apology to the passenger dragged off a flight suggests deeper problems at the U.S. airline. Poor leadership and processes took a toll on Wells Fargo and Toshiba, too. Executives and boards ignore the lessons of cultur...
26 min
Jamie Dimon’s bank-reform cheat sheet
The JPMorgan CEO’s latest shareholder letter hands President Trump and Republicans plenty of tips and sound bites for rolling back post-crisis rules. But the administration’s failure to replace the Fed’s departing top regulator throws more doubt on a D...
18 min
David Einhorn pokes under GM hood
The activist’s proposal that the automaker split its stock to give some shareholders a perpetual dividend is a risky maneuver. President Trump’s plan for skilled-worker visas may make Canada great again. Plus, Republicans face high hurdles to overhaul...
21 min
Google, Facebook under the gun
The ad kings have faced criticism over questionable content. Now Google is in the hot seat as brands like L’Oreal pull their digital spending. Also, Lyft finds an opening as Uber hits roadblocks. Plus: Not all is copacetic between Goldman Sachs alumni...
20 min
Intel’s pricey bet on driverless cars
The chipmaker is shelling out $15 billion for autonomous-driving parts firm Mobileye, a cool 30 times estimated revenue. Intel missed the mobile-phone revolution. Is it finally on the right road? Plus: Washington bounces bitcoin’s bid for mainstream ac...
17 min