The Exchange

The Exchange is a regular conversation with some of the most influential movers and shakers in business and markets hosted by Peter Thal Larsen, global editor of Breakingviews, the commentary publication of Thomson Reuters. Breakingviews debates and discusses trends in finance and economics with those who shape them, from central bankers and corporate executives to authors and film directors.

EU regulators have tech giants in their sights
Brussels is taking on the likes of Amazon and Apple with a slew of new rules aimed at curbing market dominance and taking back control over data. Former EU Commission economist Bertin Martens explains to The Exchange podcast how the industry giants could be forced to open up.
29 min
How Ukraine’s banks can survive another war
The country’s former central bank Governor Valeria Gontareva explains on The Exchange podcast how the radical steps implemented in 2014 helped Ukrainian lenders withstand the Russian invasion and kept the financial system afloat, and why Ukraine needs to keep reforming.
23 min
Grocers learn lessons of ‘greedflation’ drama
Food-price rises are easing, which is good news for supermarkets that stand accused of profiting from consumer pain. In this Exchange podcast, Ahold Delhaize CEO Frans Muller explains why demand for own-brand goods gives the Dutch group an upper hand in supplier negotiations.
32 min
The obesity drug boom is just getting started
Over 1 bln people are obese, the WHO reckons. Denmark’s Novo Nordisk is ahead of the pharma pack with its Wegovy weight-loss drug. In this Exchange podcast, recorded in August as a Reuters Newsmaker, CEO Lars Jorgensen says the market will be big enough for other players too.
47 min
‘Lipstick effect’ boosts beauty’s resilience
30 min
Jho Low could create a new world of 1MDB pain
The fugitive at the centre of Malaysia’s sovereign fund scandal, is in China. In this Exchange podcast Billion Dollar Whale co-author Bradley Hope explains why Beijing may soon give him up and how his return could be difficult for all involved, from global banks to celebrities.
27 min
How Europe can square the circle on green economy
Shifting away from fossil fuels is an opportunity for the bloc, argues economy tsar Paolo Gentiloni in this Exchange podcast. But it will have to overcome challenges, such as US competition for investment and the EU’s own narrow set of financial tools.
32 min
China’s property market is finding a new normal
Slower growth is not necessarily bad. In this Exchange podcast, Cara Li, Head of Asia Pacific Real Estate Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley, says the debt-fuelled engine of the world’s second largest economy is maturing and outlines the benefits of a period of consolidation.
31 min
How to breathe life into zombie office property
Lenders are steering clear of buildings that face reckonings from remote working, pushing prices down. In this Exchange podcast, real estate investor Scott Rechler argues that it will take financial and civic engagement to make empty space desirable for living – and investing.
30 min
Venture capital has female entrepreneur black spot
Companies founded by women get at best 3% of venture money each year. That’s a sign investors are not allocating capital wisely and missing lucrative deals, Loyal VC founding partner Kamal Hassan tells The Exchange podcast. It’s time to change the venture playbook.
27 min
Why central banks cannot relax in inflation fight
Western policymakers have frantically hiked interest rates to dampen consumer prices. In this Exchange podcast, Claudio Borio, a top official at the Bank for International Settlements, argues that rate-setters need to keep going to ensure costs of living won’t stay elevated.
28 min
Why backing prevention can yield better health
Treating illnesses like cancer consumes 11% of global GDP, according to the World Health Organization. In this Exchange podcast, Dr. Katie Tryon, director of healthcare strategy at Vitality, explains that overburdened care systems need to spend their way back into shape.
26 min
US and China are decoupling, and it is permanent
Forget de-risking or containment. In this Exchange podcast, Gavekal research director Chris Beddor explains the political framing of the slogans, unpicks changing trade and financial flows between the world’s two biggest economies and explains why China hasn’t retaliated more.
34 min
Fed’s rate hike habit will be hard to kick
The US central bank is mulling a pause after raising interest rates at its last 10 meetings. In this Exchange podcast, Morgan Stanley chief economist Seth Carpenter lays out the calculus behind the Federal Reserve’s next move, and why it’s so hard for policymakers to pivot.
24 min
Pampered pets unleash booming market
The pet craze brought on by the pandemic has become a boon for companies that sell products to dog-loving owners. FidoCure founder Christina Lopes explains to The Exchange podcast how this might be able to help humans, too.
23 min
India’s moment is obfuscated by its jobs deficit
The country is establishing itself on the global investment map. In this Exchange podcast, author and ex-IMF director Ashoka Mody talks about why executives should look at India’s underemployment problem instead of focusing on its 7% GDP growth as they size-up the opportunity.
34 min
Europe’s scramble to tame artificial intelligence
Brussels is a step closer to unveiling regulation for the controversial technology. Dragoș Tudorache, a legislator in the European Parliament, helped write the law. In this Exchange podcast, he argues that the rules focus on the biggest risks while leaving room for innovation.
28 min
Why the jobs market could brush off AI threat
Hiring seems to be waning in the US and Europe. Yet in this Exchange podcast, recruitment boss Sander van ’t Noordende strikes a hopeful note. The Randstad CEO explains why artificial intelligence and a possible economic slump are doing nothing to dampen demand for talent.
25 min
Credit Suisse debacle raises oversight question
Swiss authorities hailed the state-backed rescue of the stricken lender by UBS as a commercial solution that will be light on domestic taxpayers. Banking professor and former SNB official Urs Birchler tells The Exchange podcast why the quick fix is far from ideal.
20 min
Airbnb swerves tech rout with constant change
The $77 bln travel company weathered the pandemic and is now navigating a tech valuation bloodbath. Its co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk told The Exchange podcast that lessons learned during Covid-19 about disruption and never sitting still are key to its future.
24 min
Exploring the City of London’s existential dread
The global financial centre is suffering a spasm of anxiety about its status, while the government is pushing post-Brexit reforms. In this Exchange podcast William Wright, founder of the New Financial think tank, discusses the roots of the malaise and what can be done to fix it.
36 min
Cyberattack risks rise up company agendas
Digital breaches and data theft were up 40% in 2022. As firms expand their digital network, the weaknesses criminals exploit will also grow, DXC Technology’s security expert Mark Hughes told The Exchange podcast. Defending against attacks will inevitably cost more.
25 min
Counting the cost of the US-China chip war
Six months into Washington’s sweeping export restrictions on semiconductors, Chinese and global chipmakers including TSMC are navigating the fallout. In this Exchange podcast, author Chris Miller talks about the fight for the critical technology and how Beijing may retaliate.
26 min
Bank bail-ins, and how to prevent climate bailouts
Mark Carney helped design the post-2008 system for resolving bust lenders. In this episode of the Exchange, the ex-Bank of England governor tells George Hay what he makes of last month’s rescue of Credit Suisse, and how to limit future financial sector hits from climate change.
38 min
Ferrari’s green journey takes surprise turn
Europe’s plan to support carbon-neutral fuels is good news for the $50 bln luxury carmaker, CEO Benedetto Vigna says on the Exchange podcast. It will allow the group to flog the roaring engines that made its fortune. Electric cars remain a goal, but self-driving Ferraris are not.
42 min