Y’all-itics is the unofficial political podcast of Texas. Each week we’ll crack open an ice-cold Texas brew and explore a single hot topic affecting Texans. But this isn’t politics as usual. Y’all-itics doesn’t come from a fancy studio. We’re taking our podcast on the road to get past the soundbites and dive deeper into the issues that matter to y’all. Leave your labels at the door, this is a political podcast for all Texans… even the recent transplants!
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One debate. Two candidates. 38-days until the e...
Greg Abbott and Beto O’Rourke spent 57-minutes together in an empty auditorium at U.T. Rio Grande Valley on Friday night in their first and only debate before the November election. There was not a gotcha moment and no memorable soundbite. But the Jasons have some interesting observations about what they watched.
35 min
Winter is coming. ERCOT’s CEO takes our questi...
t’s a job no one wanted. Restoring reliability in the Texas electric grid. Brad Jones took the governor’s call and agreed to be the interim CEO of ERCOT. Over the last year and a half, he has made significant changes to how ERCOT operates and why we have not had any more energy emergencies.
47 min
How the Texas GOP tried to get some Candidates ...
You’ve seen the candidates on the ballot, the ones with the “L” by their name. The Libertarian Party has been around for more than 50-years and they hold only around 350 elected offices across the country. And the party has never broken through with a win in a major nationwide race, or even one here in Texas. Why then are Texas Republicans trying to kick Libertarians off the ballot in our state?
33 min
Republicans Backing a Democrat: Canary in the C...
That escalated quickly. In the week since our last podcast, during which we broke the news that Republican Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley would be voting for Democrat Mike Collier in the race for Lieutenant Governor, another prominent Republican has done the same.
47 min
SCOOP: A Republican with 25-years in office wil...
Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley said he expects some blowback for what he said in this episode.
44 min
Mission to the Moon: Beyond Flags & Footprints
39 min
Two Voices You Haven't Heard In The Book Debate
The Jasons don’t often do sequels, but Whitely got a call that two elected officials wanted to give their first-ever news interviews and Y’all-itics responded.
53 min
First Anne Frank. Then the Bible. Are any boo...
53 min
A Texas sized tax surplus. So, do we get a refu...
A strong economy and soaring inflation have spurred extraordinary tax and fee collections, swelling the state’s coffers by up to $27 Billion more than was budgeted. So the first question that comes to mind is: How is the surplus going to be spent?
38 min
“Deep in the Pockets of Texas”
42 min
Watering Lawns in Dallas Might Require Flooding...
This past year has taught us not to take electricity for granted. Better be careful with water, too. Texas needs more of it to keep up with all the residents and businesses moving here.
43 min
Texas Might be First to Ban Minors from Social ...
It has become one of the most pressing debates in the life of a modern parent: when to allow their children access to social media and once they have it, how best to limit it. A Texas Republican wants to eliminate the guesswork for parents and ban any child under 18 from using social media.
35 min
Will the Texas grid make it through the summer?
The lights…and thankfully the A-C…stayed on in Texas last week. But as the state baked in triple digit temps, the electric grid operator pleaded with Texans on multiple days to hike up the thermostat and conserve power as much as possible, because the state was uncomfortably close to not having enough electricity to meet demand. And it could happen again in the week ahead, with forecasts showing another string of sweltering days.
32 min
"It's a very interesting time to be an openly g...
In their official party platform, Texas Republicans now call homosexuality “an abnormal lifestyle choice.”
42 min
$6 Gas in Texas by Labor Day?
Think you’re paying a lot for gas this July 4th holiday? As hard as it is to believe, you should actually enjoy it now, because you’ll likely be buying $6 gas by the time the next federal holiday rolls around.
50 min
“I think that what you’ll find is chaos.”
38 min
The End of Abortion in Texas
Abortion is now illegal in Texas. Our state never repealed any pre-Roe anti-abortion statues, so the moment the U.S. Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, those became immediately enforceable again.
46 min
Will your A/C stay on in Texas this Summer?
Already this summer, Texans have been asked to conserve energy, just to make sure we have enough power. We’ve already climbed above 100 more than once, and we’re barely halfway through June.
39 min
“It consumes all of our day. And it consumes a...
30 min
Numbers aren’t Political. The Government says ...
Rural Texas counties that are inland and politically conservative have received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid that Congress set aside for populated coastal communities that are often underserved. Federal lawmakers had never set aside billions of dollars just to help Texas communities hit hardest by Hurricane Harvey prevent another disaster.
36 min
The University of Texas Lab that’s Saved Millio...
Imagine if you get your COVID-19 vaccine through a patch. No needles or syringes. And the patch stays stable at room temperature for months making it easier to ship to low and middle income nations
36 min
Don’t Think it Happens in Texas? It Does Now.
Extremes are now more extreme. Record highs and lows are constantly being broken. And the water is already starting to rise along our coast. Scientists say it’s not longer a projection. It is now reality in Texas. The United Nations released an alarming report on climate change earlier this year. And the lead author is from the University of Texas
63 min
Don’t let the Hatch Hit you on the Way Out!
Some of the fallout from Russian’s invasion of Ukraine is now only 250-miles away. But it’s not in Texas. It’s above our heads, up in space. The Russian Federation is threatening to abandon the International Space Station. And it’s a threat NASA must take seriously.
36 min
Where are all the Texas Judges?
Tens of thousands of criminal cases are backing up in courtrooms all across Texas. Dallas County Commissioners say their county is at the point of crisis due to the backlog… and they’re blaming judges.
43 min
From Parking Lots to Parks: Downtown Dallas’ Ur...
If you visited downtown Dallas 20-years ago after 5pm, you would have found yourself in the middle of a dead zone. But over the next two decades, downtown Dallas added 20+ acres of parks, a feat no other downtown can match.
46 min
This Might be Your Best Year to Fight Property ...
Doesn’t it just seem worse this year? Many of us are still in sticker shock over our property appraisals, so this episode is all about how to reduce the amount of property taxes you pay.
79 min
The Political Rise of Greg Abbott
Will Texas Governor Greg Abbott run for president in 2024? Will he win re-election this November? What drives the 64-year-old politician and expert fundraiser? Does he get along with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick?
45 min
Y’all-itics Takeover: Cynthia Izaguirre Came To...
Texas simply fails when it comes to taking care of foster children. Sure there are success stories that should make us all proud. But the state, admittedly, has too many major problems with it and no one has indeitified a workable solution.
67 min
It Sounds Crazy to a lot of People. But it Sou...
Looking for that next, great technology breakthrough? Maybe the next Uber or Airbnb? Supporters of Blockchain technology say look no further than the real estate industry.
41 min
Dwaine Caraway is Planning His Comeback
In his first interview of record since getting released from federal prison, Dwaine Caraway gets into everything on this special episode of Y’all-itics.
44 min
How Latinos Might Save Our Democracy
Get ready for an raw, insightful, and in the weeds conversation about how Latinos might save the U.S. democracy. Mike Madrid, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, and Chuck Rocha, senior strategist for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns, get into the nitty gritty of The Latino Vote – which is also the title of their new podcast series
43 min
The Border Crisis 6,000 Miles Away and Why it’s...
It may seem like a world away. But experts say the crisis unfolding all along Ukraine’s border will eventually find its way to Texas.
32 min
She’s a 24-year-old American photojournalist aw...
This week marks one month since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Most of what we see and read about it is focused on military movements. But Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, is still bustling with more than two million people who have not evacuated
35 min
What if Blondes and Redheads were Outlawed? Wh...
What if your natural blonde or red hair suddenly meant you couldn’t get that job you always wanted? Or what if that same hair color got you suspended from school if you refused to change it?
32 min
The Wastes of War, the Wounds of War
Le Roy Torres remembers the last words his Sergeant Major told him; Don’t give up the fight. There are at least 31,000 Texans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, who came home with rare cancers, debilitating headaches and severe breathing problems after inhaling toxic smoke from piles of trash that the U.S. military burned at most every large base.
37 min
Who Won, Who Didn’t and What’s Next
Tuesday night brought some surprises in the Texas primary elections. The top of your November ballot is already decided. Greg Abbott will face Beto O’Rourke for governor. But runoffs will settle a number of other big contests including the Republican race for Texas Attorney General.
44 min
Step Aside Russian Oil. Texas Oil is Ready to ...
When it comes to war, everyone seems to lose. But Texas could come out a big winner if our oil and gas industry have to step in and help supply energy to Europe that has regularly relied on Russia.
57 min
EMERGENCY EPISODE: WiFi could be cut, please ca...
26 min
Republicans Smoke Weed Too
$150 Million in tax revenue in 2021. $53 Million into education. More than 8,100 growers. More than 2,200 dispensaries. And it’s estimated that 10% of the population now has a medical marijuana card. In just a few short years, medical marijuana has become big business in Oklahoma, a state that is far more conservative than Texas. And now, our neighbors to the north are poised to become major players in the global marijuana industry. But here in Texas? Crickets.
62 min
The Playbook to Take Down Texas Public Schools
The right-wing is trying to takeover public schools. Texas superintendents are quitting. Boards have banned books. The once obscure term Critical Race Theory is now part of our lexicon. Why is public education under attack? Who’s behind it?
60 min
Texas is Hiring a Lawyer
Can Ken Paxton survive without a runoff? The Republican race for Texas Attorney General appears to be tightening.
52 min
Confessions of a Texas Transplant
It is the siren song of Texas: lower taxes, more land and more jobs. And it’s luring folks from all over. But is our promise too good to be true? And can policy keep up with this explosive growth? In this episode of Y’all-itics, hear the confessions of a Texas transplant. The Jasons are joined by a recent transplant whose family moved here from a NYC suburb thinking they were about to experience Texas-sized savings. But reality on the ground is proving to be much more expensive for many Texas newbies, from property taxes, to home prices, to the gas in those vehicles they’re now using much more than they expected.
58 min
Texas workers keep quitting, Texas employers ke...
Have you recently quit your job? Wanted to quit? Still plan to quit? We ask because in recent months, Texas has been racking up huge numbers of job quitters. In just three months, 1,280,000 Texans said I quit…I resign…see y’all later…take this job and shove it. It looks like many of them aren’t headed to South Padre to kick back at the beach…or to the Texas Hill Country to sip wine and hike the rolling hills. Many of them have just headed right across the street to a new employer who will pay them more, and maybe even throw in some crazy bonuses. Workers are in demand. So much so that some new employees aren’t even showing up to their first day of work with a new employer because they’ve already landed another job that’s more lucrative! So how do companies know how much to pay? Will salaries keep rising here? And how do you talk your boss into giving you a raise, so you don’t have to find a new job just to get a decent bump in pay? This week the Jasons are picking the brain of Jay Denton, whose Dallas-based labor market analytics firm Labor IQ by ThinkWhy probably has a good idea of how much money you make---and they are telling Texas companies how much they need to pay to lure you…or to keep you. So how are those companies responding?
27 min
Hey Austin: Let Us Do Our Jobs!
We are celebrating a Y’all-itics first this week!  This episode if the first Y’all-itics recorded before a live audience, both in-person and virtual.  It was all part of the Texas Conference of Urban Counties, with  County Judges and County Commissioners...
47 min
The State of Texas is Calling Out Sick
From ambulances to airlines, school buses to paramedics, and garbage pickup to water main breaks.  The latest wave of COVID in Texas is, fortunately, not killing as many people as other variants.  But Omicron is certainly disrupting many aspects of our d...
40 min
What to Expect in Texas Politics in 2022
2021 was quite a ride… even after many of us thought things might quiet down after 2020.  Now that 2022 is upon us, will the political news calm down at all?  Not.  A.  Chance.  In our first episode of the new year, the Jasons speak with a couple of expe...
43 min
Rewind: Dale Hansen Unplugging
The holiday season is upon us and the Y’all-itics team is taking a break to spend time with family.  But for a couple of weeks, the Jasons wanted to share their favorite episodes of 2021 with you.  It’s now Jason Whitely’s  choice and his rewind episode ...
63 min
Rewind: We’re Out of Houses in Texas
The holiday season is upon us and the Y’all-itics team is taking a break to spend time with family.  But for the next couple of weeks, the Jasons wanted to share their favorite episodes of 2021 with you.  We start with Jason Wheeler.  And naturally, bein...
51 min
I Figured I’d See a lot of Penguins
This is the farthest away from home Y’all-itics has ever been!  Legendary and award winning former WFAA journalist Byron Harris joins the Jasons from the Drake Passage, one of the stormiest bodies of water on Earth.  Byron had just left Antarctica after ...
34 min
Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines, and the Texas t...
In less than 60-days, one of the titans of Texas business is retiring. Gary Kelly will depart as CEO of Southwest Airlines on February 1, after 17-years leading the company. He helped transform it to the largest domestic carrier in the country, opened Ha...
44 min
The Texas Growth Model
Known as the Texas Triangle, the area from Dallas to Houston and over to San Antonio/Austin would be the 15th largest economy in the world, producing $1.2 Billion in economic output.  That’s equivalent to Mexico or Spain.  And seven in 10 Texans live the...
38 min
The New Abnormal in Texas
If you’re waiting for the supply chain to return to normal, stop immediately.  This is the new abnormal.  And our experts say it’s going to stay this way for a while.  The problem is worldwide and can be found in factories, on cargo ships and inside port...
49 min
Our Boss gave us Six Months... You gave us Two ...
Y’all-itics is celebrating a birthday!  The unofficial podcast of Texas is now a two-year-old.  And in this special release, we celebrate with you… and our boss.  We asked for comments from our listeners and you delivered.  And the Jasons are also joined...
20 min
Beto’s Back… on Y’all-itics
Only 90-minutes after his official announcement that he’d be running for Texas Governor, Democrat Beto O’Rourke joined the Jasons for this early episode of Y’all-itics.  And one of the first things they noticed was a different candidate than in the past....
40 min
A Short Message From The Jasons
You say it’s our birthday?  Well, yes it is. Y’all-itics is turning two and we want you to be a part of our birthday podcast!  Tell us why you listen, your favorite episode, who you’d like for us to interview, what beer we should try, even what you’re ho...
6 min
This Is What We’re Headed For. Period.
You don’t have to live near the Texas coast to soon start seeing the effects of climate change. The next decade or two mean more flooded parking lots, water in roads, and beach erosion from sea level rise. The ocean has already risen two feet in Galvesto...
44 min
The Death Divide in Texas
It is an alarming statistic: rural Texans are twice as likely to die of COVID than their urban counterparts.  While the pandemic has heightened the mortality disparity, the reasons behind it go much deeper than the disease itself.  Secret vaccinations an...
45 min
How the Supreme Court could Strike Down Texas L...
November 1 could mark a historic moment at the U.S. Supreme Court.  That’s when Texas goes to D.C. to defend its new abortion law and the ruling could change 50-years of legal precedent.  The Justices even took the rare step of fast-tracking two cases br...
41 min
Why the Texas Power Grid could still be Vulnera...
Better get ready for winter.  Electric providers and some state lawmakers tell the Jasons they remain concerned that Texas could again experience a large-scale failure if the state suffers through another deep freeze in the coming months.  State Represen...
51 min
Collier v. Dowd on Texas’ two biggest problems,...
One came tantalizing close to victory in the same race in 2018.  The other was a Democrat, turned Republican and is now a Democrat again.  And both have very specific ideas for Texas.  In this episode of Y’all-itics, the Jasons share a beer with WFAA anc...
51 min
Will Election Audits be our New Normal?
As the Texas Secretary of State spins up an audit of the 2020 election, it’s important to remember this is a road we’ve been down before. In this episode, the Jasons are joined by SMU professor Matthew Wilson, Ph.D., an expert in politics and elections i...
43 min
Talking to the two ‘yahoos‘ suing over Texas‘ a...
There are two folks you have not heard from in all the news coverage of the state’s new abortion law; these are the two out-of-staters who are suing a San Antonio abortion doctor. So, the Jasons cracked open the White Pages, pulled out their long-distanc...
40 min
The Lincoln Project: Gov. Abbott more Dangerous...
The Lincoln Project is going after Governor Greg Abbott.  This is the group of former Republicans well known for blistering attacks on President Donald Trump and later, Senator Ted Cruz.  And this latest battle is already getting juicy.  The Lincoln Proj...
44 min
Republicans think Gov. Abbott is vulnerable. Wh...
Texas Republicans are lining up to run against Governor Greg Abbott. So, why isn’t there a single Democrat in the race yet? Veteran Texas Democratic consultant Harold Cook hammered out a harsh Tweet about the lack of a candidate in his party. So, the Jas...
50 min
Texas Bullet Train CEO: The details you haven’t...
The Texas bullet train could finally happen sooner than you think. In fact, a vote in Congress this month might determine its future. The CEO of Texas Central, Carlos Aguilar, answered the Jasons call for this episode of Y’all-itics and gave them the low...
48 min
After Afghanistan: The Paperwork War
Y’all-itics: August 30, 2021   The deadline for the U.S. to withdraw from Afghanistan is upon us: August 31.  Since the rapid collapse of the Afghan government, Americans in that country, Afghans who hold Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) and anyone who help...
41 min
Concerts, COVID and Cold Ones
Will you need a ticket and a Covid status card for concerts? Before they could listen to the music recently, some Texas concertgoers first heard: What’s your vaccination status? With the Delta variant of the coronavirus still ravaging Texas, country mus...
32 min
Legal Purgatory: What Texas Courts Say About Yo...
Are you as confused about the local mask mandates in Texas as we are? Who can order what and when is about as clear as mud at this point.  Even the courts can’t seem to agree.  So we decided to turn to a constitutional law expert for some clarity.  Steph...
38 min
The Masked Resistance Fights Back in Texas
The resistance is underway in Texas and growing by the day.  And more cities, counties and school districts are expected to challenge the Governor’s ban on mask mandates in the coming days.  For many parents who’ve already sent their kids back to school ...
59 min
Redistricting: ”What used to be a dark art has ...
Passions have already been flaring in Austin.  But the temperature may get hotter under the Capitol dome as new Census numbers arrive and the thorny process of divvying up the state's 38 Congressional districts commences.  Before he became the senior cou...
34 min
Why the right is running against Greg Abbott an...
Conservatives are lining up to run against incumbent Governor Greg Abbott and incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton. Who has a shot? Does anyone have a shot? Could Abbott or Paxton face a loss? The Jasons called up two Texas Republicans from different si...
49 min
Could this school year actually be more challen...
When the first school bells ring across Texas just weeks from now, students, parents, and educators will head back into the pandemic unknown. The Jasons check back in with Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa. He was on Y’all-itics a year ago w...
56 min
D.C., Miller Lite, & Monopoly: The Politics of ...
There’s no end in sight to this political standoff. Texas House Democrats remain in D.C. Austin remains at a standstill. The inevitable is likely only delayed. But is there any room for compromise? Will this legislation change how you vote? And what’s up...
47 min
Are Republicans Unraveling a Texas President's ...
In a special legislative session underway right now, Texas Republicans are once trying to change voting laws in this state.  And the Supreme Court of the United States just dealt another blow to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That watershed law was pushe...
43 min
Can Texas Republicans even agree with each othe...
On Thursday, Texas lawmakers are returning to the state capital for a special legislative session. Changing voting laws is paramount for Texas’ Republican leaders who are intent on avenging Donald Trump’s defeat. But the bill they consider during the 30-...
42 min
The New Political Party in Texas
There’s a new political party in Texas looking to shake things up.  But instead of running towards the edges, the Serve America Movement (SAM) has its roots planted firmly in the middle.  While SAM already has parties established in four states, Texas co...
44 min
You Might Not Recognize Downtown Dallas In A Fe...
Inside the skyline, the transformation has been subtle and taken time but downtown Dallas has a new story to tell. In their first in-person podcast episode in almost a year and a half, the Jasons pile into a booth at the stylish Catbird restaurant and ba...
51 min
Texas has a different kind of ‘foundation probl...
We use it every day for freeways and foundations, pools and patios. In fact, Texas uses more cement than any other state, says Ed Sullivan, the Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Market Intelligence for the Portland Cement Association. But Covi...
38 min
“We Have Stepped Out of the Shadow of Dallas”
On June 15, 2021, the city of Fort Worth will have its first new mayor in 10 years.  And even Mattie Parker understands she’s now the youngest Mayor of a major U.S. city (12th largest according to new Census Bureau estimates).  In this bonus episode of Y...
25 min
“We Have No Idea Who the Good Guy is”
Texans are one signature away from being able to carry their handguns in public without a permit.  And many members of law enforcement say permitless carry will make their jobs far more dangerous… and the consequences are coming.  The President of the Da...
57 min
You Can’t Even Find Dirt to Build Homes on in T...
Whether you’re building or buying, it’s a brutal housing market in Texas.  And it’s about to get even tougher as we enter the summer season, when people really start looking for a new home.  Texas leads the country, by far, in new housing permits.  But d...
35 min
Wasted Energy?
Following the catastrophic power failure in February, Texans heard all sorts of promises from lawmakers and other state leaders.  They’ll fix this mess, they told us, so it never happens again.  Another legislative session has nearly come and gone, and l...
40 min
Dale Hansen Unplugging
By now you’ve likely heard the news, legendary WFAA sportscaster Dale Hansen is retiring.  But we’re pretty sure you haven’t heard the stories that Dale shares on this special episode of Y’all-itics. Exactly 24-hours after the announcement, Dale cracked ...
61 min
Why Nobody Knows Exactly How Many Texas Teacher...
A new study says re-opening schools in Texas led to an additional 43,000+ cases and 800+ deaths across the state.  In fact, one of the lead researchers says it was a stronger connection than they would have guessed.  What isn’t clear, is exactly how many...
46 min
Could Gender Parity Help Texas Lawmakers Get Mo...
A record number of women are currently serving in the United States Congress, but to many, it’s just a mirage.  And they say true parity remains distant, especially here in Texas.  A few years ago, two women launched the Lone Star Parity Project to not o...
32 min
How Texas Could Replace Property Taxes
If so many Texans are angry over their property tax appraisals, has anybody ever considered scrapping the entire system?  A lawmaker from East Texas has. He even has such a bill in Austin to do just that. In this episode of Y’all-itics, the Jasons find o...
41 min
How to lower your property appraisal (and hopef...
It’s “the season” again… that magical time of year when Texans walk to the mailbox with a mix of resentment and trepidation, take a deep breath, and then dare to look at their property appraisal. Even if you have no plans to move, the red-hot housing mar...
52 min
The Chauvin Verdict: “There’s Still Hope”
The conversation in this episode was real, raw and recorded live as the verdict in the Derek Chauvin came down on Tuesday afternoon. In this emergency release of Y’all-itics, the Jasons are joined once again by the politician and the educator, both fathe...
32 min
Is Texas Ready for the Steep Cost of the Electi...
HB 6.  SB 7.  That simple combination of four letters and two numbers could have a profound impact on Texas for years to come.  Those are bills that lawmakers are debating in Austin that could change Texas voting laws.  A recent report by The Perryman Gr...
40 min
The Ghost Residents Who Live All Over, But Vote...
Ready for a change?  A growing number of Americans are exchanging four walls for four wheels.  The fast-growing subculture is full of folks looking to redefine the American dream while living exclusively in their RVs, vans and campers.  And one of the ol...
33 min
Race, Violence and Medicine
Race, violence and medicine. Those three words intersect in Dr. Brian Williams’ emergency room. Gun violence is more than a headline or political talking point for him. Dr. Williams sees the aftermath of it every day. What’s most concerning, he says, is ...
44 min
We’re Out of Houses in Texas
It is a seller’s market on steroids right now in Texas.  Healthy housing inventory is typically six months.  But some cities in Texas are down to days.  If you’re a seller, you’re likely receiving multiple offers, some significantly above asking.  If you...
48 min
The Fight To Vote or The Right to Vote
Election security?  Or voter suppression?  The rhetoric is heating up in Texas as the battle over election reform begins in earnest this week.  While there is a spate of bills lawmakers will consider, Senate Bill 7 is the granddaddy of them all.  Among o...
36 min
“Duct Tape Immigration Policy”
A Republican leader along the Texas-Mexico border calls the latest migrant surge a repetition of a crisis, the result of “duct tape immigration policy.”  The Democrat leading the oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the U.S. calls it “Biden’s pol...
44 min
Bonus Podcast: Dr. Fauci’s Texas Report Card
On the day Texas returned to 100% occupancy and eliminated the mask mandate, Dr. Anthony Fauci sat down with WFAA reporter William Joy to provide his report card for the state.  And William joined a Jason for this bonus podcast to discuss that discussion...
27 min
Coastal Distancing, Big Expectations and Fainti...
Fatigue from COVID-19 and last month’s polar vortex are expected to drive millions of people to Texas beaches as spring break begins this week. Even though Governor Abbott is lifting the mask mandate and allowing businesses to return to 100-percent capac...
46 min
Texas is Losing 1,000 Restaurants Every Month
Call it the Texas restaurant massacre.  The industry has taken a beating during our year of pandemic lockdown.  In human terms, it amounts to 150,000 Texans who have lost their jobs.  And those restaurants that did survive took another hit during the his...
35 min
How the GOP Remembers… the Bill that Died Befor...
In our last episode, a former state lawmaker told the Jasons that Texas missed a golden opportunity six years ago to start planning for extreme weather events.  Current Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson explained how he thinks his bill would have helped prevent ...
22 min
The Bill That Died Before The Power Did
Texas lawmakers are meeting on Thursday in Austin – pledging to get to the bottom of the massive statewide power outages last week. But a former state lawmaker tells the Jasons that Texas missed an opportunity six years ago to start planning for somethin...
27 min
Emergency Podcast: ERCOT's CEO Talks to Y'all-I...
ERCOT called the Jasons super early on Tuesday to offer the first interview with CEO Bill Magness. He’s probably the most sought after newsmaker of the week in our state. Magness manages ERCOT, which is the Texas power grid. And millions of Texans are in...
26 min