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Dealing with Digital Burnout
Josh and Jesse have had just about enough of the new digital world we're all part of now. Don't get us wrong: we know it's here to stay, and we embrace that fact, but one thing is undeniable: there's a drain that happens when you spend a lot of your time online, doing the things you used to do in-person. So, let's talk about that.
56 min
What 3 Years of BtH Has Taught Us
This week, Josh, Laura, Josh, and Jesse look back on 3 years of the podcast. and reminisce on our favourite memories. Despite the multitude of highs and lows, it's been an amazing ride. Seeing as this is our last episode before we go on our long-needed hiatus, we hope you'll join us for this livestreamed episode! From all of us at Burn the Haystack, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and an amazing 2021! Hopefully we'll see you soon.
81 min
Lentz Talk about Hillsong NY
This week, Josh and Jesse talk about Carl Lentz. He's the latest in a line of pastors falling from grace due to moral indiscretions, but this time, it hits a little closer to home. The guys also talk about the impact this controversy has had on the church, and how things simply must change if we're going to reach a skeptical culture with the Gospel.
82 min
Matthew Korpman, Saying No to God
This week, Josh and Jesse interview Matthew Korpman on his new book, Saying No to God. In this book, he seeks to help us reevaluate our understanding of how we relate to God, and how he relates to us. Is God truly unmoved and sovereign, or does he change his mind based on us, humans?
81 min
Climate Change: So Hot Right Now
This week, Josh and Jesse talk to Daniel Cocking about climate change. A somewhat controversial topic in the polarized world of today, it is nonetheless vital that we grapple with this important issue. No matter your stance on climate change, we hope that this episode is interesting and informative! We definitely learned a lot.
72 min
Nathan Brown is Wiseman Number 3
This week, Josh and Jesse talk to Nathan Brown about his new book, Advent: Hearing the Good News in the Story of Jesus' Birth. This Advent book takes readers on a journey from the first whisperings of the Messiah to his death and resurrection. Designed to be either read devotionally Dec 1-31, or in church community, this book is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to recapture the wonder and awe of the Advent season.
68 min
Kevin Wilson wants you to Chai Jesus
This week, Josh and Jesse talk to Kevin Wilson, aka Cross Culture Christian, aka the guy who makes Chai on Tik Tok. He has 144,000 Tik Tok followers, and is reaching hundreds of thousands of people every month through his social media presence. Join us as we talk to Kevin about ministry, life, and why Chai?
82 min
Andre Afamasaga: Being Gay, and Follower of Jesus
This week, Josh and Jesse interview long-time friend and mentor, Andre Afamasaga. After having been a pastor in the Adventist Church for 11 years, Andre, though a Kiwi, came out as gay in a column in the Sydney Morning Herald. He is no longer a pastor, but is still a dedicated follower of Jesus, and in this episode we explore the tricky landscape of sexual identity and the place it has in the Church. WARNING: Whilst this episode is clean, we do talk about some fairly heavy topics, such as sex, gender identity, suicide, among others. If your kids usually listen to the podcast with you, please be aware of the content in this episode. The viewpoints shared in this episode may not necessarily reflect the official views of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, or Josh and Jesse.
75 min
Red vs Blue: The Election Episode
This week, Josh Wood and Jesse talk to Emily Weber and Linda Biswas all about the American Election! Emily is a Republican supporter, whereas Linda bleeds blue. We talk to them about why they believe what they believe, and their perspectives on 2020 and the election from their respective sides of the political aisle.
87 min
Spooktober Special 2: The Spookening
This week, Josh and Jesse revive a classic episode they did 2 years ago: we're doing our Spooktober Special! This year, we decided to feature 6 more heroes of the Christian faith to celebrate and commemorate their contribution to Christianity, as well as much, much more. So, sit back, relax, and listen to this decidedly NOT spooky Spooktober Special!
65 min
The Sunday that Cried Wolf
This week, Josh and Jesse talk about one of the cultural ideas that has been prevalent in Adventism from the very earliest days of our beginnings. We're talking about Sunday Law, of course! What is it, is it coming, and is it the best we can do in our interpretation of prophetic Scripture? Let's find out!
67 min
Tim and Sam, Sam and Tim
This week, Josh and Jesse have the distinct honour of welcoming Sam Leonor and Tim Gillespie onto the podcast. Tim and Sam are both pastors and educators who host a podcast called... Tim & Sam. The guys talk all about ministry, the craziness that is 2020, and a lot in between.
79 min
Are Algorithms affecting our Theology?
This week, the guys talk all about algorithms, The Rabbit Hole podcast, and The Social Dilemma. The rise of the internet and the 'Wild West' of social media has definitely affected the way we interact with each other and our politics. But one question remains for us: is it affecting our theology and faith practices?
53 min
Catalina Arevalo on Injustice, Privilege, & Dig...
This week, the guys interview Catalina Arevalo. Catalina is the host of the CONNECTED Adventist podcast. She also is the creator of SDA Insider on Youtube and Living with J on Tik Tok! In this episode we talk all about digital Injustice, Privilege, & Digital Entrepreneurship, as well as the sociology degree she's currently studying. Josh and Jesse come face-to-face with their own privilege, and their own oppression!
65 min
Should we Retire the Sermon?
This week, Josh and Jesse talk all about preaching: preaching that sucks, preaching that inspires, and every brand in-between. The vital question we want to answer this week is: should we retire the sermon? Is it still fulfilling the goal it originally was trying to achieve? How should followers of Jesus relate to the sermon?
70 min
Dr John Skrzypaszek and the Prophetic Voice
This week, Josh and Jesse talk to Dr John Skrzypaszek. Dr Skrzypaszek is a newly-retired senior lecturer at Avondale University College, and for the last 15 years has been the director for the Ellen White Research Center at Avondale. In this episode, we talk to John about Ellen White's life and ministry, and what we often get wrong when we talk about her and the Prophetic Voice. Whether you're an ardent student of Ellen White, or you're skeptical of her methods and ministry, this episode has something for you!
67 min
Does all Scripture Need an Application? (Readin...
This week, Josh and Jesse finish with their final thoughts on Reading Scripture Responsibly, and answer the questions you had in regards to this series! Thank you all for participating alongside us in this series! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.
54 min
Kirsten Lundqvist Feeling Inspired (Reading Scr...
This week, Josh and Jesse welcome Pr Kirsten Oster-Lundqvist on to the podcast. Pr Kirsten is a Danish pastor currently working and living in Wellington, NZ, and comes with a wealth of knowledge and ministry experience. In this episode, we talk all about inspiration and interpretation. One thing we all need to grapple with is the fact that we all bring cultural, gender, and racial presuppositions to the table when reading the Bible, and Pr Kirsten helps us grapple with this in this episode.
69 min
Herman Who? (Reading Scripture Responsibly)
This week, Josh and Jesse tackle one of the most tricky parts of Biblical reading: forming a Hermeneutic. If you've never heard the word before, essentially it's the process of interpretation. Once I know what the text meant to its original author and audience, how do I translate that intent into something I can apply to my life? Though it's not a word we use in our everyday vernacular, it's something we do every time we engage with Scripture. To read the Bible is to form a Hermeneutic. So, let's find out how we can form a faithful and honest Hermeneutic by using all the tools and principles we've learned so far.
78 min
Exegesis in Action (Reading Scripture Responsibly)
This week, Josh and Jesse use the tools they talked about last week to exegete a passage of Scripture. Follow along at home!
64 min
Context, Context, Context (Reading Scripture Re...
This week, Josh and Jesse talk all about context, exegesis, and eisegesis! In order to truly understand the story of the Bible, we first need to understand the original context that produced the Bible. So today, we touch on the process by which we discover that original context, as well as giving you a few tools to help you discover it for yourself.
68 min
What the Bible Isn't (Reading Scripture Respons...
Welcome to Season 4 of Burn the Haystack! To kick off the season, we're starting a brand-new season called 'Reading Scripture Responsibly.' This week, we tackle some of the misconceptions and half-truths many of us have come to accept as Gospel. Hopefully we'll also discover some of what the Bible IS along the way.
53 min
The Great Disruption
This week, Josh Hacko steps into the co-host chair for our final episode of Season 3. Josh is a luxury watchmaker from Sydney, Australia, and his fiance, Maryellen Fairfax, joins us for a conversation about COVID-19, their experience with it, and their hopes for the future. We hope you've enjoyed this trilogy of Joshes and can't wait to see you again once we start Season 4 on August 4!
65 min
Entering the Ice Age
This week, Josh Stadnik steps into the co-host chair (along with his fluffy son Sampson), to talk about all the leadership shifts we're experiencing post-COVID. Will the church continue to innovate and change as a result of this worldwide pandemic, or will we go back to the way things used to be?
89 min
Is the Church Guilty of Spiritual Gift Abuse?
This week, Josh Wood is subbing in for Josh Stothers as our co-host! In this episode, Josh and Jesse discuss how we exploit people in their giftings for the benefit of the Church. What's the healthy tension we need to manage better and how can we more effectively help release people in their giftings rather than driving them to burnout?
78 min
Exploring an ex-Adventist Community
This week, Josh and Jesse review the Ex-Adventist subreddit community on Reddit. We explore the anonymous stories of Adventist upbringings, the strangeness of the Adventist subculture, and ultimately what led to so many people leaving the denomination altogether.
73 min
Church Post-COVID, Part 2
82 min
Q&R - Finding Grace in the Old Testament
In this episode, Josh and Jesse respond to your questions on our three episodes on Finding Grace in the Old Testament series.
70 min
Church Post-COVID
This week, Josh and Jesse talk with their team about the implications of COVID-19 on the church, what is going to have to change post-lockdown, and what we'd like to see stay the same.
58 min
Ben Reynolds and the Real Star Wars
This week, Josh and Jesse talk once again to Ben Reynolds. This time, they talk about the theme of the Cosmic Conflict, and how this worldview can influence the way you live your Christian experience.
61 min
Ben Reynolds and the Jesus of History
This week, Josh and Jesse welcome back a longtime friend of the show: Ben Reynolds. This time, they talk about the historical figure of Jesus in a way that removes the hyper-spiritualization, mythologization, and misinformation that we often have to wade through to talk about him.
65 min
Crises Reveal our True Motivations
76 min
Finding Grace in Old Testament Sacrifice
73 min
Finding Grace in the Old Testament Genocides
71 min
Grace in the Old Testament
This week, Josh and Jesse talk about one of the most oft-asked issues people have with the Bible: the seeming huge emphasis on grace in the New Testament, and the seeming lack thereof in the old. This is going to start a conversation about the perceived lack of grace and love in the Old Testament, and how maybe there's more grace than first meets the eye.
52 min
Is This the New Normal?
53 min
Keeping it 100
67 min
How Worried Should you Be about COVID-19?
51 min
Justin Khoe is Listening
67 min
Big Church, Small Church
70 min
Ray Moaga is our Uso
In our final episode in The Gatehouse Recordings, we talk to Ray Moaga, or Ray Ray (as his friends call him). Ray has been a university chaplain, youth director, and is currently serving in Brisbane, Queensland as pastor of several churches. He's also the founder of USO, a clothing brand that has been making waves not only in the faith community, but in the sporting world as well. In this episode we talk fitness, ministry, entrepreneurship, and finding time for margin.
64 min
Chris Oberg Says Goodbye to Last Generation The...
In our second installment in The Gatehouse Recordings, we talk to Chris Oberg. Chris is an influential leader, teacher, and pastor of La Sierra University Church in Riverside, California. Chris speaks to us about Last Generation Theology and its impact in her life and in her ministry. She also guides us through the process of letting go of beliefs and theologies that are no longer serving us well.
58 min
Ty Gibson Wants You to See Like an Atheist
We're starting the year with a trilogy of episodes we're calling The Gatehouse Recordings. In our first installment, we have the privilege of sitting down with one of the most sought-after public communicators in the Adventist world: Ty Gibson. Ty is a pastor, communicator, author, and entrepreneur hailing from Eugene, Oregon. We talk to Ty about seeing the world through atheist eyes, and the mental hoops we often force people to jump through when engaging them with faith.
67 min
Season 3 Trailer
Season 3 is about to drop. Let's get hyped!
2 min
Saying Goodbye to the 2010s
In this episode, Jesse and Josh are joined by the whole team: Josh Wood and Laura, to discuss their top memories of the last decade. Prepare for some serious nostalgia and reminiscing as we celebrate the end of another year, and the end of the decade!
76 min
Matthew Hunter went Full Francis
Today, Josh and Jesse talk to Matthew Hunter. Matthew is a pastor, church planter, and thought leader originally hailing from Victoria, Australia. He is now a pastor living and ministering in Adelaide, SA. The guys talk to Matthew about church planting, missional living, and his experiences learning about organic church from Francis Chan. Enjoy!
70 min
Are Independent Ministries Bad for Us?
In this episode, Josh and Jesse talk all about independent ministries.
52 min
Blizzard, Blitzchung, and China
In this episode, Josh and Jesse talk about a recent controversy that started in a humble Hearthstone tournament, and has quickly become a major talking point in the Hong Kong conversation. This episode is a bit different from what we've touched on in the...
58 min
TJ Sands is the Bling King
Show NotesThis week, we talk to TJ Sands. TJ is a pastor working in the Oklahoma Conference, and leads the second-largest church in his conference. He's also passionate about discourse and honest conversations, and boy do we have one for you today! Jewe...
61 min
Beth Moore vs John MacArthur
Show NotesIn light of our conversation about women in ministry, new expressions of Christianity, and the constant struggle between established power structures and emerging voices in the Christian space, we thought it appropriate to address a recent co...
58 min
Who Gets to Define Christianity?
This week, Josh and Jesse springboard off their conversation last week on Kanye West to a conversation about power and influence in Christianity. Put simply: who gets to define what are appropriate expressions of Christianity, and what aren't?Website an...
57 min
This Episode is Water
So, Kanye West just released an album. And it's a Christian album. What are we to make of it, and what does this mean for the Christian world? Let's talk about that!Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthe...
63 min
Female Pastors, Gender Roles, and the Church
This week, Josh and Jesse tackle one of the more controversial topics of our church today - women and pastoral ministry. Currently in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, women can not be ordained into pastoral ministry. The guys have refrained from tackli...
68 min
Shantel Smith has Left the Building
This week, Josh and Jesse talk to Shantel Smith. Shantel was, until very recently, a pastor, speaker, and content creator working for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In this episode, we talk to her about her resignation from being a fulltime pastor - w...
61 min
The Three Angels' Messages, Part 3
This week, Josh and Jesse finish up their series on the Three Angels' Messages. Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.
66 min
The Three Angels' Messages, Part 2
This week, Josh and Jesse are all about Babylon. Get ready for a deep dive!Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.
58 min
The Three Angels' Messages, Part 1
This week, Josh and Jesse return from their time at South Queensland Big Camp. Never fear though, because They have new content to share! We're about to embark on a 3-week journey talking about The Three Angels' Messages from Revelation 14.Website and b...
64 min
Josh Wood on How to Feel More Invested in Your ...
This week, one of our awesome teammates, Josh Wood, joins Josh and Jesse to talk about 4 ways to feel more invested in your church. This is our final episode in our September-long deep dive into helping your local church. We hope you've enjoyed this mont...
54 min
5 Destructive Behaviours that could Kill Your L...
This week, Josh and Jesse continue their series on building up your local church with 5 toxic behaviours that could end it all (cue dramatic music here)! Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehaystackpod...
69 min
How to Incite an Insurrection in Your Local Chu...
This week, Josh and Jesse finish their two-part 7 Steps to Change your Church conversation. If you haven't already, check out episode 77 for part 1!Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcas...
53 min
How to Incite an Insurrection in Your Local Chu...
This week, Josh and Jesse start a 2-week conversation on how you too can start a youth revolution in your local church! There are 7 key points to cover, which you'll be able to find in a blog article on the website. Website and blog!Like us on Facebook...
53 min
Jess Shipton Unlocks the Wonders of Blogging an...
This week, Josh and Jesse talk to Jess Shipton, creator of Smile Without Reason Blog, as well as the founder of JES Solution Marketing. We talk blogging and marketing; Jess's two big passions and areas of expertise! To check her blog out, or to enquire w...
60 min
Why are these Christian Leaders Suddenly No Lon...
This week, we take a dive into the controversy surrounding two influential (ex) Christian leaders: Joshua Harris and Marty Sampson. In the same month, both have come on the record saying they're abandoning their previously firmly-held beliefs, are no lon...
58 min
Kaleb Eisele is BACK!
This week, Kaleb Eisele from Humans of Adventism comes back. We talk what's changed since last time, his new job, and his new home on the other side of America. Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehays...
54 min
How Jordan Peterson Can Change the Way you Read...
This week, Josh is taking a break, and Jesse talks about how watching Jordan Peterson's Biblical lectures changed the way he reads the Bible.Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.co...
49 min
"What Does the Bible Say?" isn't Enough Anymore
This week, Josh and Jesse tackle a phrase that many a Christian has found themselves saying: "What does the Bible say?" On the outside, it seems a perfectly reasonable, and fairly spiritual thing to say, and yet there's a problem. Western society, partic...
55 min
Keira Bullock is Single
There's a lot of single people in the world, and Keira is one of them. Back for a second interview, this time Josh and Jesse talk to Keira about singleness, the stigma that surrounds it, and how we need to learn to listen better and be more open to diffe...
79 min
What's so Bad about Hand-Raising?
This week, Josh and Jesse talk about one of the most egregious sins affecting the church today. Is it alcohol? No! Pride? Not a chance, bucko! It's raising hands! *queue sinister music* But seriously, what's the deal with all these hand-raising, emotiona...
68 min
Alex Dion Wilson Started the First Instagram-on...
This week, we talk to pastor, Instagrammer, and social media influencer Alex Dion Wilson. Alex hails from California, USA, and has become recognized on the Instagram platform for his innovative 10-second sermons. Recently he started instachurchlive, the ...
67 min
What is my Purpose?
This week, Josh and Jesse wax eloquent about purpose, meaning, and the essence of life. Yeah, it's really deep.Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.Check out The Scratch News
57 min
Ben & Kim Lundquist: Building a Marriage that L...
This week, we conclude our two-part conversation with Ben & Kim Lundquist on a deep dive into marriage, co-habitation, loyalty, and building a relationship that stands the test of time. Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend u...
67 min
Ben & Kim Lundquist: Dating on Purpose
This week, Josh and Jesse begin a two-part conversation with Ben and Kim Lundquist. They talk about dating on purpose (as opposed to on accident), their story, and how to navigate the complicated, awkward world of relationships in the 21st century.Webs...
71 min
Have we been Breaking the Law this Entire Time???
This week, Josh and Jesse talk about one of the most fun topics ever - the Law! Love it or hate it, the Law makes up a huge chunk of our Bible, and we can't ignore it; yes, even those weird, seemingly immoral, and awkward ones. The Bible Project Podcast...
75 min
Nathan Brown's Journey to the Holy Lands
This week, we had the chance to talk to Nathan Brown about his travels to the Holy Lands over the last few years, as well as his new book, Of Falafels and Following Jesus. If you've ever been interested in seeing the sites of so many well-known Biblical ...
72 min
The Music Episode
This week, the guys talk about one of the more hotly contested issues in the church: music. Though it causes major arguments, one thing's for sure: everyone has a strong opinion on it, and virtually no-one agrees. So, let's talk about that!Check out 'In...
74 min
Getting Your Church Online with Laura Hutchinson
In this episode we talk to Laura Hutchison. Laura is a marketer, podcast addict, and Jesus follower from Sydney, Aus. She talks to us about how to take your church from invisible online to a real presence. We also talk Facebook groups and communities, an...
71 min
Is Adventism Doomed?
It's no secret that Josh and Jesse love to talk about the denomination they find themselves in, its systems, and ways it can get better. In this episode, we look at the future of Adventism, and ask the all-important question: can it survive the future, a...
64 min
How Church must be Redesigned if it's going to ...
The future of church, property, and buildings isn't looking good. In this episode, we look at ways you and I can get ahead of the ball and set about redesigning church for the 21st century.Re-designing Church for the 21st CenturyWebsite and blog!Like ...
58 min
Emily Weber teaches you how to Laugh at the Chu...
This episode, we were lucky enough to interview Emily Weber from Adventist Millennial Podcast. We talk about comedy, humour, and how that interacts with the way we see ourselves and Christianity.Check out Emily on Facebook and InstagramWebsite and blog...
69 min
We Answer Your Questions!
This week, we answer ALL of your questions! Even the weird ones! Thanks to everyone who left us a question on Insta and FB. If you’d like to do another Q&A episode in the future, let us know by sending us a message on Social or just by going to our websi...
81 min
Real Life and Real Ministry in London with Paul...
This week, we interview Pastor Paul King Brown. He’s the pastor of London Live in Notting Hill, UK. We talk leadership, the start-up of London Live, and doing real ministry with real people in one of the most cosmopolitan, diverse, and dynamic cities in ...
67 min
Do we Worship the Bible?
In January of 2019, Bible teacher and influencer Beth Moore fired a string of tweets critiquing the way we have a tendency to study the Bible without allowing it to point us to the one it's all about. In this episode we examine what she meant, how we vie...
54 min
Benjamin Lundquist and Young Adult Ministry in ...
Our guest this week is Benjamin Lundquist. He's a pastor, Young Adult leader, and currently hails from Portland, Oregon. We talk to him about life, leadership, and reaching young adults in the hipster capital of the world. For more on Benjamin and Growin...
80 min
What's a Zeitgeist?
This week, Josh and Jesse talk about Christchurch, moral relativism, and the cultural zeitgeist. This episode really has it all!Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.Check out ...
65 min
Why Christian Movies are so Bad
This week, we talk to Jordan and Scotty from WeMovies Podcast about film, TV, which of the Star Wars Prequels they'd prefer to watch under duress, and why Christian movies are usually so terrible.Check out WeMovies Podcast here!Website and blog!Like u...
82 min
This Episode is Frivolous and Wrong on so Many ...
This week, the guys talk about the Avondale Barn Dance controversy. Apparently the Barn Dance, which has been running for the last 30 years, is problematic in the eyes off some people. So, let's talk about it.Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow...
64 min
Why we Burn Haystacks, Revisited
This week, the guys revisit the place where all this started. Why should we burn haystacks? Is it still relevant? What have we learned a year on? Strap yourselves in for some reflections and nostalgia people!Website and blog!Like us on FacebookFollow ...
57 min
Stanley vs the World
This week, the guys interview the one and only Stanley Pomianowski: director, writer, and filmmaker. He's worked on many fantastic projects, and his latest project is Ellen versus the World; a webseries that focuses on a conventional Adventist family who...
72 min
Should You do the Daniel Fast?
This week, the guys check out one of the hottest trends so far this year: the Daniel Fast! Also known as the Daniel Diet, it's been popularized in the last few weeks by actor Chris Pratt, and it turns out to be really prolific in the evangelical world, e...
68 min
Building Bridges in the Deaf Community feat. Je...
This week, the guys interview one of Josh's best friends, and sign language learner, Jess Laws. She's been learning Auslan (Australia's official sign language) for a while now, and she's also been learning a lot in the deaf community. In this episode, we...
59 min
Have you been Institutionalised?
This week, the guys talk about institutions vs movements. Is one exclusively better than the other? 
65 min
Leading in a Church that Millennials Love feat....
This week, the guys talk to Junior Broodryk; a local from Palmerston North, NZ, and together with his wife Leah are the Young Adult Pastors of Vision Church. Junior has an incredible story of faith, coming to Jesus, and helping creating environments wher...
66 min
What is Prooftexting, and is it Safe?
In this episode, Josh and Jesse tackle one of the biggest problems in Christianity - prooftexting. The usage of Biblical literature and other sources to prove one's point not only is a bad idea; it's also potentially incredibly damaging. In this episode,...
61 min
Nimrod Maua Gave Up Being Lead Pastor
Burn the Haystack is BACK for 2019, and we're super excited to hit the ground running with this INCREDIBLE episode! Nimrod is a pastor and leader hailing from Cooranbong, Australia. In this episode we talk leadership, hard conversations, and how he gave ...
60 min
Absurdistack Christmas Special, Part 1
For our final episode of 2018, we thought we'd bring you a two-part series on everything Christmas, and everything Absurd. We talk to Ryan Becker from Absurdity about the things that matter - gifts, family, Christmas traditions, and more. To check out Pa...
59 min
Should We Stop Celebrating Christmas?
This week, Josh and Jesse talk about Christmas. Is it really pagan? Should we stop celebrating it? Should we care about the origins of Christmas? Turns out the answer is 'yes,' just not in the way most people think of the question.To dig deeper into the...
55 min
Ben Reynolds has Traded Certainty for Trust
This week we talk to Ben Reynolds - a friend of the podcast, and a returning guest. Today we talk about certainty, doubt, and ambiguity, and why you and I should abandon the word 'faith' and replace it with 'trust.'Check out other messages from Ben.Lik...
67 min
Martin and Alina Want to Grow Young
This week we conclude our 2-part conversation with Martin and Alina van Rensburg. We talk about Alina's ministry as Director of Tertiary and Young Adult Ministries in the Seventh-day Adventist Conference of South Queensland. We highlight in particular a ...
65 min
Martin and Alina Accidentally Started a Church
This week we begin a 2-part conversation with Martin and Alina van Rensburg. They hail from sunny South Queensland, Australia, and are involved in a ministry that specially targets young adults. We talk about all sorts of stuff, from their personal strug...
66 min
'Do Something' - Live from Palmerston North
This week we get to share an exciting live episode that we recorded in October during a Youth Rally in Palmerston North. Enjoy!Like us on FacebookFollow us on InstagramSend us an email at burnthehaystackpodcast@gmail.com.
56 min