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A New Command I Give You: Comply with One Anoth...
This week the guys talk to Josh Wood (aka 'The Bald Ginger, aka 'The Bald One,' aka 'Something Something Bald  and Ginger). They talk all things Annual Council, compliance committees, and what the future holds for the SDA Church.Like us on FacebookFoll...
62 min
Taking the Spookiness out of Spooktober
Halloween is upon us, but fear not! Josh and Jesse are here not to scare you with stories of murder and mayhem, but rather reclaim the origins of Halloween: Hallow's Eve. The guys take a deep dive into an ancient Christian tradition of remembering and ho...
57 min
Kaleb Eisele is an Adventist Human
This week we interviewed Kaleb Eisele, the mastermind behind Humans of Adventism. We talked to him about how HoA started, as well as his vision for the project. We also took an unexpected turn and dug into part of his story, his loss of faith in the chur...
58 min
You Need a Break
This week, we tackle one of the most important cornerstones to Adventism, and perhaps one of the most overlooked spiritual practices in Christianity - Sabbath. We talk about our experiences growing up with the Sabbath, but more importantly - why we shoul...
58 min
Off the Record with Jarrod Stackelroth
This week we talk to the half-man, half-bear, all legend Jarrod Stackelroth. Jarrod is the editor of the Record in the South Pacific. We talk about the Record, as well as his study in trauma. If you'd like to get in touch with Jarrod or learn more about ...
71 min
Should Christians be Nice to Everyone?
Let's be honest; most Christians spend more time trying to be 'nice' than building healthy boundaries. This week we talk about just that: how do we love like Jesus has loved us, but prevent ourselves from becoming a doormat for everyone around us? It's a...
59 min
Matt Lucio Reveals the True History of the Hays...
This week we talk to Matt Lucio at the Adventist History Podcast. We talk (surprise, surprise) Adventist History, lessons from the past, and how we can learn from where we are before.If you want to check out Matt Lucio and Adventist history, visit his w...
67 min
The Bill Hybels Situation
This week's episode was heavier than usual. Bill Hybels is a pastor, church planter, leadership guru, and something of a personal hero to pastors and leaders around the world, including Josh and Jesse. Recently, he has been at the target of a host of all...
48 min
Marcos Torres: People Don't Hate the Church; It...
Marcos Torres is a pastor, blogger, and activist hailing from WA, Australia. He runs The Story Church Project, which has an ambitious goal of reinterpreting Adventism and Christianity into a language that modern, secular people can understand and receive...
68 min
How to Have 100% Young Adult Involvement In You...
Ryan Becker is a pastor and podcaster from Florida, USA. We talk to him today about Taco Bell, living in the shadow of Elevation Church, being a pastor of two small Adventist churches, and striving to share the message of Jesus in a new way. Ryan can be...
66 min
Would the Real Tulaga Aiolupotea Please Stand Up?
Tulaga Aiolupotea is a pastor, hip-hop artist, and graffiti artist from Wellington, NZ. Today, he pastors in Christchurch, is a family man, and has an incredible ministry that touches the lives of people who wouldn't be caught dead in a church. He does t...
69 min
Tim Gillespie: The Future of Adventism
Today we conclude our 2-part interview with Dr Timothy Gillespie. In particular, we talk about church structure, resource allocation, and pastors' wages. At the heart of it though, is the future of our church. What is it going to look like 10, 20, even 3...
62 min
Tim Gillespie: The One Project & Daring to Thin...
This week we had the honour of interviewing Dr Timothy Gillespie. Tim is based in Loma Linda, California, and is the Lead Pastor of Crosswalk Village, a vibrant and fast-growing church in a diverse community. He is also an original co-founder of The One ...
58 min
Is Being an Adventist Just Harder?
'Many will fall away.' 'Ours is a more difficult faith.' These are just some of the statements and attitudes that pervade Adventism. Many a well-meaning defender of the faith has used these excuses to justify why people 'fall off the wagon' of Adventism ...
50 min
Digital Discipleship Conference 2018
Both of us go to a lot of conferences, meetings, and professional development days. However, this one was different. On July 20-22, we attended Digital Discipleship Conference in Sydney, Australia. We met a lot of amazing content creators, digital evange...
45 min
Andrew Strickland on what Maori Culture can Tea...
Andrew Strickland grew up in a Maori/Cook Island family where the tension between Pacifica culture and the church were more apparent than in many other homes. Today we talk to him about what it was like growing up Maori as well as Seventh-day Adventist, ...
60 min
Craig Nelthropp is from the Hollow Earth
Today, we interview Craig Nelthropp and are joined once again by last week's guest: Mitchell Strahan in a round table discussion on conspiracy theories. From the mundane to the insane, Craig is a connoisseur of many weird and wonderful conspiracy theorie...
64 min
Mitchell Strahan is a Libertarian
This week, we have back our first ever guest, and all-time fantastic person, Mitchell Strahan. This time we talk about politics, your role and responsibility as a Christian, and why Adventism is an inherently libertarian expression of faith and religion.
65 min
Tweeting with Joel
A couple days ago, Joel Houston of Hillsong fame stirred the Twittersphere for sharing his thoughts on Evolution, Creation, the origin of life, and the big picture as he sees it. In this episode, we discuss our thoughts on the issue, what we think Joel w...
51 min
Take Charge of Your Faith
This episode is somewhat of a follow-up from last week's dive into stages of faith development. Today, we ask a crucial but in our opinion overlooked question: Do you want to have a spirituality? And if so, what does that look like for you? Is it up to y...
53 min
Should You Give Up on Your Faith?
Let's be honest: not all faith is created equally. Some of us have a vibrant spirituality. Many of us, on the other hand, have a difficult, if not toxic relationship with faith, church, and God. In this episode, we explore different stages of faith using...
60 min
Kofi Amoah Wasn't Born On a Friday
This week, we announce the winners of our book giveaway. Listen to the intro to find out if you're one of the winners!Also this week we interview Kofi Amoah. He's a dean at Longburn Adventist College, a teacher by trade, and all-round just a great guy. ...
68 min
Are Church Buildings Irrelevant in the Digital ...
This week, we talk about church in the digital age. Specifically, how church has changed, and ways in which it needs to change further to reach the generation that has grown up with iPads, digital assistants, and on-demand media. Are physical meeting pla...
62 min
What the Hell?
This week, we talk about hell. It's one of the most controversial topics in the Christian conversation - many people hold to an eternal torment interpretation, whilst others have left the church completely because of it. Josh and Jesse both have a slight...
55 min
A Bishop, A Wedding, and Fire
Jesse's wife made him watch the Royal Wedding from start to finish. He wasn't into it all that much - that is, until Bishop Michael Curry stood to the podium and delivered a sermon on love, power, and FIRE! We break it apart and talk about what we though...
48 min
Keira Bullock Sees Only Potential
Well, this one was awesome. We interview Keira Bullock. She's been a teacher, worship pastor, and chaplain. We talk to her about her theology of creativity, what it says about God, and what it says about us. Keira's InstagramCompelling Creativity Serie...
47 min
Let's Be Street Preachers
We're back after a few crazy weeks of travel and interviews. This week we talk about evangelism. It's a word fraught with misconception, so in this episode we talk through what evangelism is, what we do with it, and whether it has a place in our Christi...
60 min
Ben Reynolds Loves the KJV Bible
A sticking point for many of who grew up in church or find ourselves surrounded by church culture is the Bible. It's an incredible anthology made up of dozens of individual documents, each of which has hundreds of different manuscripts, copied down and c...
50 min
Julene Kapao Has Left The Bubble
Julene is a pastors' kid, a mum, a teacher, a youth pastor, and much, much more. Josh and Jesse talk to her this week about her life, growing up in the church, contributing to youth ministry and finally, leaving the bubble and venturing out into the unkn...
56 min
Jedi and Drunk Pigeons
In this episode, Jesse talks about his recent trip to the beautiful Kapiti Island in the North Island of NZ, and Josh rants about Star Wars: Episode 8. Jesse puts up with it. They hope you will, too.
58 min
A Theology of Architecture
Josh and Jesse have a problem: they're both pastors, but they're losing faith in the architecture. From thinking about 'church' as a building or organization, to the way we're indoctrinated about how we should express ourselves and our faith, the guys fi...
59 min
Is Easter Really Pagan?
This week, Josh & Jesse talk about Easter; most notably, its origins. Is Easter really pagan in origin? And if so, should we still celebrate it, or toss it out completely? If you disagree with the opinions expressed in this podcast, write us. We're keen ...
46 min
Easter Special: Resurrection
Join Josh and Jesse as they meditate on the story of Easter in this 3-part series. Starting Friday and ending Sunday, we'll be reflecting on the story from start to finish. We hope that these meditations help and enrich your experience of Easter this wee...
9 min
Easter Special: Rest
Join Josh and Jesse as they meditate on the story of Easter in this 3-part series. Starting Friday and ending Sunday, we'll be reflecting on the story from start to finish. We hope that these meditations help and enrich your experience of Easter this wee...
11 min
Easter Special: Death
Join Josh and Jesse as they meditate on the story of Easter in this 3-part series. Starting Friday and ending Sunday, we'll be reflecting on the story from start to finish. We hope that these meditations help and enrich your experience of Easter this wee...
11 min
Are Videogames Just Rotting Our Brains?
Josh and Jesse both grew up in an environment where videogames were blamed more often than not for violence among teenagers. At best, they were just barely tolerated. So, are videogames the problem when it comes to teen violence? Are they destroying our ...
71 min
Horrible Histories made Mitchell Strahan a Bett...
This week Josh and Jesse got to interview Mitchell Strahan. Mitch is a pastor, theology teacher, and history buff. The guys talk videogames, TV & the influence of history on how we live our daily lives. Josh and Jesse both really enjoyed the conversation...
59 min
Church Isn't Working, And You Know It
Josh and Jesse are both pastors, and so they're not blind to the ways in which it just doesn't work. In this episode, they talk about the fact that church just isn't hitting on all the cylinders, and how it could do what it's actually called to do.
47 min
A Dog Eats Cake
Let's face it; beeing religious can be hard work sometimes. Join Josh and Jesse as they talk about life, faith, and memes, and hopefully uncover something meaningful in the process. 
30 min