Bring Back V10s - Classic F1 stories

Bring Back V10s celebrates a classic era when Formula 1 was loud on the track and off it. Join us for a series of deep-dive episodes revisiting memorable stories where we recall information from the time and previously-unknown details about some fascinating tales from F1's history

S1 E4: Hungary 1997 - How Hill nearly won a rac...
Join us for an in-depth look at one of the most famous heartbreak stories from F1 in the 1990s: The 1997 Hungarian Grand Prix. Glenn Freeman, Matt Beer and Edd Straw revisit all the key talking points in F1 from before, during and after the weekend,...
69 min
S1 E3: McLaren MP4-18 - The car too flawed to race
How can one of the top teams in F1 at the time produce a car that was never able to race? Glenn Freeman is joined by Edd Straw and ex-McLaren F1 mechanic Marc Priestley to discuss the McLaren MP4-18, which was supposed to race in 2003 but never made...
61 min
S1 E2: Prost fired by Ferrari (part 2)
Our monster first story from F1's past reaches its chaotic conclusion as we reach the final weeks of Alain Prost's time at Ferrari. Karun Chandhok and Edd Straw return to help Glenn Freeman chart the total downfall of this relationship. Why did...
51 min
S1 E1: Prost fired by Ferrari (part 1)
Our first episode revisits the famous saga that led to Alain Prost being fired by Ferrari at the end of 1991. Glenn Freeman is joined by Karun Chandhok and Edd Straw to trace this story back over the course of more than 12 months. How did Nigel...
43 min
Welcome to Bring Back V10s!
What is Bring Back V10s? Host Glenn Freeman explains what you can expect from our new classic F1 podcast, and gives you a little preview of a clip where we revisit one of the less-famous Senna vs Prost moments from their epic rivalry. Make sure you...
4 min