2nd and 26: A show about the Alabama ...

The Athletic's Aaron Suttles shares his insight and discusses the latest Alabama Crimson Tide football news. Tune in for some of the biggest names in college football, SEC breakdowns and 'Suttles Thoughts'; stay for the lip-smacking BBQ talk. Roll Tide.

Alabama: State of the Program
Welcome back to 2nd & 26! Aaron dissect the state of the Crimson Tide program from the question at quarterback (3:15) to the offensive weapons, including the best returning back in college football (9:00). Is Alabama's bullishness on defensive linemen in the last two recruiting classes about to finally pay off (10:45), and will the secondary, that's experiencing a transition in starting talent, meet expectations (15:15)?
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Revisiting Tua's Legacy
In the spirit of draft day, Aaron characterizes Tua's time at the University of Alabama and attempts to paint the legacy left behind by one of, if not the, best quarterbacks in Crimson Tide history in this throwback episode. Also, make sure to check out The Athletic's 'Andy Staples Show' as the future NFL quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, himself, joins Andy to discuss his path to the draft.
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The Pandemic's Impact on Bama
Aaron returns to discuss the obstacles Alabama has and will endure in lieu of COVID-19. Which shortened Tide's Spring is most costly (3:30)? Is Tua's draft affected by the outbreak (8:00)? What means are David Ballou and the Strength and Conditioning program using to aid player's development while school is out (11:30). Plus, just how surreal has this NFL free agency period been #DrakeDollas #CooperCash #HenryHundreds (13:45)?!
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Why Scott Cochran Left + The Future of 'Bama's ...
Aaron discusses the reasons behind Scott Cochran's departure from Alabama, and the mark he left on the program (1:00). Who along with David Ballou will be the guiding force for the Tide's strength and condition program (8:00)? Lastly, Aaron talks the tech revolution that will influence Alabama's S&C (11:00).
16 min
Defense Dominates Signing Day & Retaining Coaches
Aaron dissects Alabama's defense latent signing class (1:30), and reacts to Carl Scott's recruiting prowess (6:30). Aaron opens his mailbag and answer your questions (8:15): Shula v. Saban showdown, will 'Bama move away from QBs holding kicks (11:00), and why is it difficult for 'Bama to retain assistant coaches (13:30).
19 min
10 Predictions for 2020!
Welcome back into 2nd & 26! Aaron shares 10 predictions for 2020 (:45), including (among others): A grad transfer will come to Tuscaloosa (1:15), Alabama will start the season 3-0 (5:00), Dylan Moses will be an All-American (9:30), and 'Bama will win the SEC West (16:45).
18 min
Goodbye Burns & Roach Runs the DL
Welcome back to another edition of 2nd & 26! Aaron analyzes the departure of running backs coach Burton Burns, and shares his insight into the indelible mark Burns left on the Crimson Tide program (1:15). Freddie Roach returns to Tuscaloosa in a coaching capacity, as he stewards the defensive line (7:30). Aaron uncorks the bottle on other coaching related news (13:30), before evaluating Jalen Hurts chances as a future NFL quarterback (14:40).
17 min
Sarkisian Stays & Derrick Henry's Domination
A merry welcome back to 2nd & 26! Aaron shares the CliffsNotes version of the Steve Sarkisian news, plus 2020 returnees and Pete Golding's untenable position (2:15). Derrick Henry has guided the Titans to the AFC Championship game (6:10)! Aaron revisits some old takes (some more unflattering than others) about the ex-Tide back.
16 min
Tua's Decision
Welcome back to 2nd & 26! It's official, Alabama Crimson Tide Junior quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is NFL Draft bound! Aaron reacts to the star signal caller's decision and dissects what factors went into his choice (1:00). Tua is sure to be coveted by a gamut of NFL clubs, but where will he land in the draft (5:30)? Lastly, Tua's list of assets aren't limited to his play on the field, but his character off gridiron (8:15).
14 min
Bama's Bowl Blowout & Optimism in Tua's Return
Aaron ushers in the new year by diving into the minutia of Alabama's Citrus Bowl victory over Michigan: Mac Jones' performance may have bolstered his chance to start in 2020 (2:00), though there appears to be real optimism in Tua's return (4:30). There's a lot of smoke with these Juniors returning (9:50) & where do we stand on Pete Golding (16:00)?
20 min
Citrus Bowl Breakdown with Austin Meek
From sweltering Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, Aaron shares the latest on Alabama players who are forgoing the looming Citrus Bowl (1:00). After, The Athletic's Michigan writer and co-host of the RPM podcast, Austin Meek, joins Aaron to dissect the upcoming Crimson Tide v. Wolverines match-up (4:30). What's the collective sentiment from Michigan's fan base on Harbaugh (6:15), and what is his and Don Brown's dynamic like (10:15)? Has Josh Gattis' presence aided Michigan's offense (16:00)? Plus, Austin serves up his thoughts on Clemson/OSU (19:15).
24 min
The QB Situation: Michigan & Beyond
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear...and discussing Alabama football, particularly the quarterback room, which Aaron delivers on in today's show. Which quarterback has the best chance to start in 2020 (2:30)? Is there a gun slinger who holds a decisive edge over there other QBs, and what does Saban covet in a passer? Kirby Smart's and Nick Saban's relationship contains more friction upon further review (14:30), and what does negative recruiting says about a program (18:30)?
27 min
Talking the Tide's Signing Class
Bama boasts one of the best recruiting classes in the country. Aaron introduces the newest Crimson Tide players, and compares Alabama's signing class to other promenant programs' (2:15). The Tide offer one of the best linebacking classes in the nation (7:45). How important is the character of this class (11:00)? Will incoming Freshman quarterback Bryce Young start next season (16:30)? Plus, what is Tua deciding on (17:50)??
29 min
Bama is Citrus Bowl Bound!
The Crimson Tide are off to Disney World, well, Orlando, to compete in the Citrus Bowl (1:30)! Harbaugh's shortcomings with Michigan and his past dust-up with Saban (3:30). Is Bama appropriately ranked (14:00)? Plus, the door opens for new SEC coaches (20:00).
22 min
Alabama's Status after Auburn
Aaron jumps back into the mix after Alabama's loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl: just how out of character has this season been for Bama (2:15), was Saban out coached last Saturday (8:00), the only direction this defense can trend is up, right (16:00), and is there a chance players will sit out of the bowl game (19:15)?
24 min
The 2010s: Bama's Best of the Decade
Aaron presents his picks for the top Crimson Tide players of the 20-teens! Who ranks No. 1 under center (1:30)? Who tops the list among the first-round wide outs (7:30)? The most impactful d-linemen (10:30), linebackers (12:00) and DBs (14:00) are? Plus, the most memorable moment (15:45) and best player of the decade (18:00).
20 min
Tua's Legacy & What's Next?
On this somber Monday edition of the show, Aaron discusses Tua Tagoaviloa's legacy at Alabama following a season-ending injury sustained against Mississippi State (:30). Where does Alabama go from here, and who will be the compass that guides this team in the right direction (if there is one -- 11:30)? The scapegoat that is the "Tua shouldn't have been in the game" argument (18:15) is followed by discussing the epidemic sweeping Alabama football: injuries (23:15).
26 min
The Fallout
Aaron is ready for a postmortem breakdown of Saturday's disappointing loss (1:00). Also, what's the matter with the defense (9:30)? Lastly, what can we glean from Tuesday's CFP rankings (20:15)?
26 min
The countdown to LSU begins!
After recharging during the bye week, Aaron returns to deliver the latest Alabama and LSU news and notes, including an update on Tua (1:00). Why won't Saturday's bash be as monumental as 2011's meeting (11:00), and can the weekend's loser still feel good about the CFP (18:30)? Aaron shares his Alabama X-factors against LSU before wrapping today's show (27:00).
31 min
Razing the Razorbacks & Quit trying to predict ...
It goes without saying, but Bama took care of business this weekend. Aaron appraises Mac Jones' outing and dissects Sarkisian's game planning against Arkansas (3:00), plus, the Razorbacks are pretty bad (11:00). Saban seems optimistic about Tua, but that's not a confirmation as to when he will play (12:00), so pay no heed to the speculative masses on social media, because it's a fool's errand (16:15). The defense is rounding into form (22:00) and Aaron glances at the movement in the top-10, including the new No. 1 (30:15).
36 min
Tua's injury & Mac Jones + Terrell Lewis: SEC s...
Tua and the Tide were trouncing Tennessee...until Tua left the game injured. Aaron updates us on Tua's status (:45), and considers the potential offensive game plan for back-up QB, Mac Jones, headed into Saturday's game against the Razorbacks (7:30). Terrell Lewis is decimating teams right now (17:45). Plus, Bama's freshman walk-on punter, Ty Perine, has gone viral (21:30).
26 min
Axing the Aggies and Terrell Lewis' big game
Before examining the Tide's win versus A&M, Aaron surveys Alabama's remaining match ups leading to a, potential, No. 1 vs. No. 2 clash against LSU (1:00), and discusses the trend in diminishing stinginess SEC defense (6:15). Bama may have concocted a perfect rushing formula for Najee Harris (12:15), Terrell Lewis shows out (20:30), and the Tennessee/Alabama rivalry (26:30).
30 min
What can Bama take away from A&M?
Coming off their bye week, Bama, and Aaron to a lesser extend, is ready for action. Aaron reacts to Tide's center, Chris Owens', injury (2:15) and the impact of being down a key offensive linemen. Pick up a 5-Hour Energy or Red Bull before tackling Bama's late night game versus Tennessee (8:00), and Aaron explains what Bama can gather from their game against Texas A&M (12:15), including dulling a mobile quarterback's impact (14:00).
22 min
"I guess a win is a win"
Aaron presents a new edition of 2nd & 26 and discusses Nick Saban's comments following the Tide's double-digit win over Ole Miss (:45), the defense's lack of identity (10:00) and there are glaring weaknesses in the run defense (11:25), also, Aaron answers your mailbag questions (23:30).
30 min
Judging by the Alabama standard, this team has ...
Alabama is held to a National Championship standard. So, even after a blowout win against South Carolina on the road people in the media and fans of the program are asking 'what's wrong with the Tide?'. Why does Tua Tagovailoa's record passing day get overlooked by Jalen Hurts' performance in the Rose Bowl vs. UCLA. Special teams continues to be an issue. Najee Harris needs to see more of the football. Subscribe now to hear new episodes of The Lead each weekday morning: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-lead/id1478448344
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