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Hello, I’m Howard. I’ve been a financial industry entrepreneur and investor for over 20 years. I am a General Partner at Social Leverage - we invest in seed stage software companies. I was a co-founder of Stocktwits and a seed investor in Robinhood and Etoro. On this podcast, you will hear interviews with great entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, traders, and friends about their companies, their track records, and their new fave ideas and trends. This includes best ideas, worst investments, biggest failure, daily habits, and recommended reading. I know your time is precious, so I promise to keep it simple and on point.

Kelvin Beachum Jr of The Arizona Cardinals on o...
It's Arizona Cardinal Kelvin Beachum Jr's second appearance on Panic with Friends, but he also holds the distinction of being the first in-person guest in our brand new studio! Kelvin is now in his 10th season in the NFL, and he's an investor at heart. He caught the bug early in his NFL career from teammates; there were many locker room conversations on traditional investing, real estate, and of late, even NFTs. He's into startups too, always looking for what's new and innovative. Basically what's next, whether that's crypto, web3, or the metaverse. Kelvin continues to build an incredible network in the venture capital world. I hope you enjoy our conversation. 
48 min
Jeff Richards of GGV Capital on the Cloud, Digi...
We're off to a bit of a rocky start to the new year. And that's why I called in my friend Jeff Richards to help make sense of it all. This episode marks Jeff's fourth stop on Panic with Friends since we started almost 2 years ago. People talk about bubbles all day, and I've been talking about these tiny bubbles we're witnessing right now --the ones that just pricked. So Jeff's here to talk about fundamentals versus valuations and the big picture as we come 70, 80, 90 percent, whatever it is, out of COVID for better or worse.
51 min
Sam Jones of on the Live-Stream Econo...
We welcome Sam Jones, Co-founder and CEO of OOOOO, back to the show to discuss his evolving plans for building a technology platform that helps brands and entrepreneurs share their products and services through live, interactive, shoppable videos.  I’m a small investor in the company, and hope you’ll be OOOOO so excited about the future of the live-stream.
50 min
Panic With Friends: The Year Ahead in Public an...
It's our last Panic of 2021. Knut and I take a look at what’s coming in 2022. But you can’t look ahead without taking a look back, so we discuss what we’ve learned from traders and investors and operators over the past year; and some themes like Miami, NFTs, TANG, Crypto, tiny bubbles, and speculation is entertainment. Looking ahead at the new version of the web, web3 or whatever you want to call it, it’s more than just ‘decentralization’ and the blockchain. We’ll need great companies that will be defined by skilled operators.
38 min
Frank Rotman of QED Investors - Fintech Operato...
My guest today is a fintech operator turned investor. Frank is the real deal. He spent almost 13 years at CapitalOne, is the co-founder of QED Investors, and made the Midas List of Top 100 Investors four times. Everybody is a fanboy of somebody, and I’m a fanboy of Frank for sure – because he’s just raised a billion dollars, and he has the amazing ability to spot leaders in the fintech space. So sit back and listen and learn. 
55 min
Matteo Franceschetti of Eight Sleep on Founding...
As long term listeners know, I struggle with sleep. I'm in perfect health with an incredible body and an incredible mind, yet perfect sleep continues to elude me. Luckily, the O'Shaughnessy's chimed in on one of my twitter rants and pointed the way to today's guest, Matteo Franceschetti. Matteo is the co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep. Part of our discussion is a fascinating look into sleep, an area that consumes about a third of our lives; and has a massive impact on our health and longevity. In addition, we cover Matteo's previous startups, his experience with Y Combinator, and what it takes to grow a 'hardware' company in an environment where software is eating the world. 
43 min
Eren Bali & Russell Fradin of Carbon Health on ...
On this episode we’ve got not one, but two legends; Eren Bali and Russ Fradin. Now they're both working together on a company called Carbon Health. Eren founded it and Russ invested in it. Eren’s last company, Udemy, recently filed to go public. Russ was an investor in Udemy. We can’t talk much about Udemy since that’s a quiet period, but we dive into Carbon Health and learn a bit about healthcare from somebody who actually understands it and is trying to fix the system. 
54 min
Justin Overdorff of Lightspeed on Increasing th...
In a Panic with Friends first, I give myself the applause dub for some advice I’d passed to Justin back in 2014. I told him there are so many interesting things happening in fintech broadly, in the big picture, that if he wanted to go work on something for ten years that was really interesting and unknown, but with high asymmetric upside; then making that bet is probably a good move. And that’s just what he did. Justin spent about five years at Stripe, the biggest company you’ve never heard of, unless of course you’re in fintech. He’s now at Lightspeed, and we’re in our first deal together, Payitoff. We discuss all of this, how Justin sees a post-Stripe world, and his inevitable transition to venture capital. Enjoy!
47 min
Roy Erez & Roy Rubin of R-Squared Ventures on H...
What’s better than one Roy? Two! We’ve got Roy Erez and Roy Rubin from R-Squared Ventures on the show today. The two have teamed up to invest in Fintech, Enterprise/SMB SaaS, Marketplaces, and Digital Commerce. They’ve both founded, run, scaled, and sold businesses where they stayed on as corporate executives post acquisition. As angels, they’ve invested in over a few dozen startups, and they’re both passionate about supporting the companies and founders they back. I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode.
51 min
Michelle Zatlyn of Cloudflare on Building a Bet...
On this episode, my good friend and fellow Canadian, Michelle Zatlyn, stops by to talk about building a better internet. This feels like the right time in the right moment to talk about the internet, and Michelle is just the right person to talk with. She’s the Co-Founder, President and COO of Cloudflare, the company that helps the internet work. We discuss security, how things really work on the internet, where Cloudflare is headed, and how you grow even faster during COVID.
60 min
Dave Girouard of Upstart on AI-enabled Lending,...
Dave is the founder and CEO of Upstart, the first consumer lending platform to use Machine Learning (ML) to price credit and automate the borrowing process. Prior to founding Upstart, Dave was President of Google Enterprise and built Google's billion-dollar cloud apps business worldwide, including product development, sales, marketing, and customer support. He started in Silicon Valley as a Product Manager at Apple and was an associate in Booz Allen's Information Technology practice. We cover the joy and glory of building a $25 billion plus company in just about nine years, and as we rarely get a public CEO on, I’ve got a lot of questions. We talk about business and the markets and lending and interest rates – pretty much how all these things work. Plus we get into remote work, raising venture capital, and the long slug of it all. Enjoy! 
49 min
Alex Danco of Shopify on Biotech, E-commerce, F...
We’ve got Alex in the house for Round 2. He’s one of my favorite reads, one of my favorite thinkers; and works for one of my favorite companies: Shopify. (Well, maybe second only to Netflix) Alex has some real in-depth experience because of his time at Social Capital, he reads endlessly, thinks about fintech, and obviously understands e-commerce. We cover all that, discuss the joys of parenting, and round out with his really big passion around biotech. 
49 min
David Sacks of Craft Ventures on the Future of ...
This week’s episode features a new friend, David Sacks. Maybe you’ve heard of PayPal? David was their first COO. He’s been in the room with Elon, Peter, and Max. David’s the founder of Yammer, turned around Zenefits as interim CEO, and founded Craft Ventures. Add investments in Facebook, Uber, Space X, Palantir, Airbnb and Houzz. He’s also co-host of the All-In Podcast. But today he’s here to talk about the future. And it’s so bright, we’re gonna have to wear shades!
61 min
Charlie Bilello of Compound Capital Advisors on...
Charlie Bilello is a veteran of the show and is back to talk markets, markets, markets. I like to catch up on the markets once a quarter – I could talk about the markets every day, but we’ve got a lot of stuff going on. And we love having Charlie on because he’s always prepared. We discuss zero percent rates and why the Fed is buying mortgages, the stealth bear market, and the delta wave impact on micro trends. So, come fly the friendly skies with me… Investing is easy!
67 min
Rob Petrozzo of Rally on Classic Cars, Dinosaur...
Today’s guest is Rob Petrozzo. He’s the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Rally. I’m a seed investor in Rally through Social Leverage going way back, and Rob knows his topic so well. He's a marketing culture person. I’m not saying you can’t learn this stuff, but it really just oozes out of his skin. Collectibles are 'right now'; and it's just opened up to the masses. It feels like it's on a rocketship about to take off. There's big money looking for the best in class and finding their way back to historic rarities. That on-ramp now exists for everyone at Rally.
53 min
Nick Adler of The Unified, on Crypto, Collectib...
On today’s episode I’m hanging out with my new friend, Nick Adler. I’m not sure the best way to describe him - he’s a lawyer, entertainment wiz, and works with the one and only Snoop Dogg himself. They’ve gone on a massive run together, and we get into crypto and NFTs and collectibles and digital. There’s so much movement, there’s so much happening, and celebrity culture is at the center of it. It’s a blank canvas if you’re willing to be adventurous and take chances. Nick also has his own Podcast: Who’s buying this sh!t.
44 min
Garry Tan of Initialized Capital on Crazy Cap T...
Today we're excited to have Garry Tan from Initialized Capital. His resume is bananas. Garry is a Stanford grad, a Y Combinator alum, and a seed investor in Coinbase. We cover his early days with Posterous, cutting his teeth at Y Combinator, founding Initialized Capital, and his media moves on YouTube. Get an inside seat on what makes a great entrepreneur, founder, and investor. Garry's a big fan of the show, and it's safe to say he'll become a regular.
55 min
Greg Bettinelli of Upfront Ventures on 'Walking...
On this episode we discuss how the movie Let it Ride is the original speculation meme - long before Wall Street Bets was cool. We talk about why Greg’s panicked about fires. And of course, we talk markets – finding those markets where the secondary market can be bigger than the primary market. How this is all leading to the fractionalizing of shares; and the eventual need for a regulatory framework. We close with the figurative fires of how much is happening around consumer and business behavior, particularly post COVID, and Greg’s search for great teams in what he calls the “founder-market fit”
63 min
Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt and Weekend Fund on...
In this episode we cover the early days building Product Hunt in the Tenderloin district, Ryan's move to Miami, and raising money naked in the age of Zoom. After a stint at a video game company in Eugene, Ryan found his way to San Francisco where he worked at a startup called Playhaven. He spent three and a half years building a network, relationships, and blogging. He was curious about discovering great products and wrote a newsletter, which led to Product Hunt. Once he sold Product Hunt to AngelList, Ryan switched hats to become an investor with Weekend Fund. We talk a little crypto, building communities, and round out our conversation with the three favorite public companies he’d buy tomorrow, regardless of price.
55 min
John Street Capital on the Markets, Retail Inve...
On this week’s episode, we brought back a very special guest and probably one of the top 5 smartest people I know — John Street Capital. While he remains anonymous on the internet, he’s a good friend of the podcast. What makes John Street so unique is his deep understanding of everything from infrastructure, tech, banking, corporate development, VCs, trading, and more. John Street spends most of his time producing some incredibly thoughtful content on Medium. If you listen to John Street, I promise you’ll have a more clear understanding of how the markets work. On top of having such an insightful guest, I also had Don Nitti, a former Panic guest and portfolio manager, join me to help co-host this episode. In this episode, the guys and I talk about liquidity, private and public markets, exchange and crossover funds, why John Street is bullish on crypto, DeFi, regulations, buying the dip, retail investing, Coinbase, Citadel, Robinhood, Square, and more. Enjoy!
60 min
Ram Parameswaran of Octahedron Capital on China...
Ram Parameswaran has been dominating growth and “crossover” investing for years. He’s got an incredible mind and is a fantastic sharer of ideas, trends, themes, and insights. I’ve had Ram on the podcast in the past to discuss his background and investing thesis. So I figured it was about time to bring him back on to talk about the future, markets, and more. Ram’s firm Octahedron Capital is a crossover fund that invests in the internet economy. But before striking out on his own to start his own firm, Ram was doing big things at the multi-billion dollar firm Altimeter Capital (I’ve actually been a fan of Altimeter founder Brad Gerstner for some time and have shared links to his work in the past). Ram also has some big names in his past investments, including a pre-IPO Uber, Google and TikTok parent Bytedance. In this episode, Ram and I talk about investing in and demystifying the media’s views of China, regulation, building infrastructure, investing in tech, no-brainer investments, SPACs, and companies like Amazon, Uber, Roobinhood, and more. Enjoy!
63 min
Julie VerHage-Greenberg of Fintech Today on the...
If anyone knows fintech — it’s Julie VerHage-Greenberg. She was one of Bloomberg’s first fintech reporters and even covered Robinhood from before it was a billion dollar company. Since her time at Bloomberg, Julie has gone on to build her own media and newsletter company. Fintech Today is a community and media/content company focused on the fintech startup ecosystem for investors, entrepreneurs and operators in the space. On top of her founder duties, Julie is also an angel investor, startup advisor, podcast host, group fitness instructor, running coach, and yoga teacher. It’s alway fun to have reporters and fellow podcast hosts like Julie on Panic with Friends and ask them some questions for a change. In this episode, Julie and I talk about her jump to and building a fintech product, API, Robinhood, BNPL, Bitcoin, the gamification of trading, financial education, and more. Enjoy!
53 min
Raoul Pal of Real Vision on Blockchain, Asset A...
Raoul Pal leads Real Vision as co-founder and CEO. I’m a big fan and investor in Real Vision — a company with the goal of democratizing the very best of financial intelligence through media and video. Raoul has a history of managing hedge funds, and he was also one of a relatively small number of investors to predict the mortgage crisis of 2008–2009. Basically — he knows his stuff. I’ve also had Raoul on as a past Panic with Friends guest, and I loved getting his insights on the markets and crypto. So I figured it was time to give him another call and chat about what’s been happening in everything from the markets to tech since our last time together. In this episode, Raoul and I talk about the growing blockchain space, decentralization, crypto, the power of Twitter as a community, growing companies like FTX, asset allocation, inflation, and more. Enjoy!
56 min
Yoni Assia of eToro on Dogecoin, the Rise of Re...
I brought back Yoni Assia for another guest appearance on Panic with Friends. He is a good friend of mine who's been in the crypto space for a while now. Recently, I even got to catch up with him in Miami, which you can read about on my blog. I first met Yoni back in 2010. He was one of the first people to talk to me about Bitcoin, and I was immediately sold on the brokerage he was starting, eToro. Back then, I was telling all the venture capitalists I knew eToro was like “Zynga, but for men.” So, we invested. And I’m glad I did. EToro is now an over $10 billion Israeli social trading and multi-asset brokerage. They recently added 3.1 million new users in the first quarter of 2021 and clocked in 5.2 million users for the full year 2020. In total, eToro has reported 20 million registered users. In this episode, Yoni and I talk about Dogecoin, the most interesting characters in crypto space, eToro, capital markets, the rise of retail investors, “fashionology,” blockchain, SPACs, trends, liquidity, art, and more. Enjoy!
53 min
JC Parets of All Star Charts on the Bull Market...
JC Parets is a good friend of mine who I first met back when I started Stocktwits, and he’s back for his second Panic with Friends episode. As the founder of All Star Charts, JC lives and breathes all things charts. If there’s a chart in front of him, you can bet he’ll have a strong opinion about it. His company All Star Charts is a technical analysis publication for everyone from hedge funds, to financial advisors, to individual investors. I was more than happy to bring JC back on to get his perspective on the markets and have a few laughs with him in the process. It’s fun to have market pros with such infectious energy like JC on that I can talk to for free, but I’d be happy to pay for his ideas and thoughts too. In this episode, JC and I go deep on the bull market, option strategy, the best technical indicator, gold, risk management, data, paying for ideas, and more. Enjoy!
55 min
Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX on Futures, the Global...
For this week’s episode, we’re chatting with Sam Bankman-Fried. He’s a 29-year-old vegan living in Hong Kong. Oh, and he’s also a crypto billionaire with a huge cult following of fans around the world. Sam is the founder of two impressive companies: Alameda and FTX. His claim to fame came after capitalizing on the South Korean crypto kimchi premium (not the fermented food) and building FTX. Founded just a few years ago in 2017, FTX is one of the fastest growing digital asset exchanges in the world. I’ve had my eye on FTX for a while now and was excited to sit down with Sam to get his thoughts on the state of crypto markets and where he sees it going. In this week’s episode, Sam and I talk about his background, how he gets it all done, his preferred way to relax, living in Hong Kong versus the United States, stablecoins (and why they matter), crypto, defi, blockchain, derivatives, regulations, who he looks up to in the crypto space, and more. Enjoy!
67 min
Michael Sonnenshein of Grayscale Investments on...
On this week’s episode we brought on Michael Sonnenshein. He is the CEO of Grayscale Investments, a company that entered the world of crypto back in its earliest days. Starting as an account executive in 2014, Michael worked his way up under the guidance of Grayscale founder Barry Silbert and recently took the reins as their CEO earlier this year. He is an impressive, driven, and smart guy with formidable experience. Grayscale Investments is a big player in the crypto space, with the largest bitcoin investment product ($GBTC) and plans to ramp up an ETF. Grayscale is the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, which currently has $40 billion in assets under management and 14 different investment funds. They’re making crypto mainstream and helping everyday investors looking to buy Bitcoin on the stock market. In this episode, Michael and I talk about Grayscale’s success, crypto, retail investing, security, ETFs, decentralized finance, volatility, and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Ben Hunt of Epsilon Theory on Inflation, Financ...
Ben Hunt is back for his third Panic with Friends appearance. Ben is co-founder and writer for Epsilon Theory, a newsletter and website that examines markets through game theory and history. He is is a great writer, investor, and an activist for people to stop being dumb (my words, not his). Ben wants you to invest with your head on straight, which is something I am a strong supporter of. He has helped navigate us through the ups and downs of the crypto space in his past appearances, and this episode is no exception. You can listen to his first and second appearances anywhere you get podcasts. This time around – and following our crypto conversation with Vinny Lingham from last week’s episode – Ben is giving his take on the bitcoin narrative. In this episode, I talked with Ben about his farm, raccoons (the real and financial kind), decentralization, the markets, how the bitcoin narrative has changed posts-crash, gold, the influence of Elon Musk, pricing power, why inflation is here to stay, and more. Enjoy!
52 min
Vinny Lingham of Civic on What’s Next for Crypt...
In this week’s episode, I brought on Vinny Lingham – an entrepreneur, founder, prolific crypto investor, and decentralization pied piper. Vinny is an old friend who I first met back at a fintech conference in Ireland. We quickly hit it off after a round of golf and idea pitching. He has been in the crypto space since the beginning and has even been called a crypto ‘oracle’ due to his accurate bitcoin predictions. I figured he would be the perfect person to catch up with and get a point of view from following the recent epic crash in crypto. Vinny puts his crypto knowledge to use as co-founder and CEO of Civic, a blockchain-powered tech company that Social Leverage was also an early investor in. I truly believe in Vinny and the work he’s doing. In addition to his work at Civic, Vinny is a general partner at Multicoin Capital (a name you may recognize from past Panic guest Kyle Samani) and co-founder of the South African VC Newtown Partners. In this episode, Vinny and I talk about decentralization, crypto, the long-term scalability of bitcoin, blockchain, virtual intelligence, data privacy, and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Jeff Richards of GGV Capital on Why He’s Bullis...
For this week’s episode, I brought on my friend Jeff Richards for his third Panic with Friends appearance. In case you can’t tell, I never get tired of talking to him. Jeff is a great friend and an even greater thinker. And he just keeps picking winners. Jeff is managing partner at GGV Capital, a $9 billion global venture firm. He focuses mainly on enterprise, cloud, and marketplace investments. It’s been great having him on the podcast during different stages of the pandemic to get his thoughts and assess where we’re going. In Jeff’s first Panic appearance, he offered a sense of much needed calm back when everyone was panicking. In his second appearance, Jeff gave insight into the fintech boom and the post-COVID future of investing. This time around, I wanted to check back in with him about tech, growth, and the future. In this episode, I chatted with Jeff about infrastructure, fintech, the digital economy, crypto, cloud, ecommerce, and categories and trends coming strong out of the pandemic. And of course we had to talk about golf for a bit too. Enjoy!
52 min
Justin Reis of WatchBox on How Tech is Revitali...
This episode we’re talking about a subject near and dear to my heart: watches. Watches continue to be a timeless investment piece synonymous with value. And as someone who has collected over 50 watches, I was super excited to bring on Justin Reis of WatchBox to learn more about the growing tech-enabled luxury commerce market. WatchBox is the world’s leading platform for the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned luxury watches, with offices in the U.S., Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, and Dubai. In this episode, Justin talks with my co-hosts and I all about the luxury commerce market, WatchBox’s hybrid high-tech high-touch model, how their service works, the typical WatchBox customer, having value in brand equity, WatchBox TV, collectability, the rise in Apple and other tech watches, NFTS, and more. I also offered up some great dating tips this episode, which I know everyone was dying to hear about!
47 min
Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder, on the Internet’s B...
Jim Lanzone is somewhat of a legend in the internet industry. He’s racked up over 20 years of experience in the space, with former CEO titles at companies like (formerly Ask Jeeves), Clicker Media (which he founded) and CBS Interactive (where he was my boss for a brief moment). Currently, he is the CEO of the popular online dating and networking app, Tinder. It was great to have someone like Jim on to not only offer his insights on all things media, streaming, and the internet – but also help give some tips to our Panic co-host Nikita on her own adventures into the world of online dating. In this episode, we chatted with Jim about branding, growth, the early days of video, his experiences as a CEO, content consumption, generational trends in dating, brands he’s rooting for and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Charlie Bilello of Compound Capital Advisors on...
My good friend Charlie Bilello is back for his second episode of Panic with Friends. He originally came on way back for episode two of our show and offered insights on the markets during peak COVID panic. If you go back and listen, you’ll see Charlie actually got a lot right. So now I figured it would be a good time to check back in with him as we make our way out of the COVID panic. Charlie has over a decade of experience as an analyst, lawyer, CPA, and overall nerd about the markets and money. But he’s more than just my crazy smart friend, I’ve also partnered with Charlie at his company Compound Capital Advisors. There, he oversees all facets of the firm, from research, to portfolio management, to product development, to content creation, to investor relationships. In this episode, we talk about inflation, the markets, crypto, shifts in trends, SPACs, irrational exuberance, bonds, the next generation of investors, and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Dan McMurtrie of Tyro Partners on Information O...
Dan McMurtie is a 28-year-old founder, portfolio manager, and Twitter legend more commonly known to his nearly 60,000 followers as @SuperMugatu. He’s an insanely funny, original and inspiring guy who knows a lot about social media, maintaining an audience and the behavioral side of investing. Dan’s New York-based hedge fund, Tyro Partners LLC, focuses on trends and supply chains driving technology, healthcare, industrial, and consumer markets. In this episode, we cover a lot of topics: Dan’s big social media break, Wall Street culture, crypto, information overload, the 90% rule, Warren Buffett’s cult-like branding, the markets, and more. Enjoy!
53 min
Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital on the future ...
Happy 150th episode of Panic with Friends! Thank you all for putting up with me 150 episodes; here’s to the next 150. For this episode, we are continuing to dive into crypto – a topic I’ve been fascinated by and discussing on the podcast for a while now. I’ve been astounded by the traction crypto has gotten, and there’s no better person to help give some context to what’s going on in this growing space than Kyle Samani. Kyle is co-founder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital, a firm that invests in all things crypto (including companies and tokens). I am a personal LP in his fund starting in 2017, and they have had positive results for me so far including the brutal bear market in crypto that began in January 2018. His firm is continuing to see excellent growth, just recently raising their second fund. He also came on the podcast back in October to discuss the “Wild West” of crypto and express his skepticism. A lot has changed just in those 8 months since his first appearance. This time around, we talked about how the crypto industry has evolved, what we can expect from crypto in the future, spotting trends, raising his second fund, decentralization and more. Enjoy!
63 min
Nithin Kamath of Zerodha on India’s Growing Mar...
Not only are we on the heels of our 150th episode, but we’re bringing in a new face (or rather voice) to join Knut and me in hosting Panic with Friends – Nikita Arora. Nikita is a fellow Canadian working at Social Leverage in a Principal role helping us as we raise fund four and grow our firm. In this episode of Panic, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Zerodha Nithin Kamath calls in and joins us all the way from Bengaluru, india. Nithin spent over a decade trading the markets for a living since he was 17 years old. After feeling the fatigue of day trading, Nithin started his company Zerodha with the intention of being a catalyst for change and started a brokerage firm that traders didn't have. Zerodha focuses on building the best tools and services for traders and investors in India. In short, Zerodha basically puts Robinhood to shame. On top of the amazing work Nithin does at Zerodha, he’s also a great person to look to for thought leadership. You can check out his views and insights in building businesses and trading the markets through his podcasts, social media, and blog posts over on his website. In this episode, the Social Leverage team and I talk with Nithin about trading in indian markets, entrepreneurship, his company and their overall strategy, crypto, India’s COVID crisis and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Katherine Rosa, Social Leverage’s SPAC (SLAC) B...
In this episode I had the pleasure of bringing on Katherine Rosa, a great investor, advisor and friend. Katherine is the former Global Head of Alternative Investments at JP Morgan and a current Board Member for Social Leverage’s SPAC. She has been in the banking world for quite some time, starting out at JP Morgan as a product specialist in the early 90s. So it’s great to have someone who is as knowledgeable and experienced as Katherine not only a part of our Social Leverage team, but also as a guest on Panic with Friends. And even more exciting, this is Katherine’s first ever time on a podcast! In this episode, we talk about the world of alternative investments, retail and institutional investors, her time working at JP Morgan, the best and worst parts of her work, risk, her first great investment, what trends she’s excited about and more. Enjoy!
49 min
Gregg Spiridellis of HiHo, StoryBots and JibJab...
Gregg is a super talented and creative entrepreneur, founder and storyteller. A former Goldman Sachs analyst, Gregg had a career shift and now works at the intersection of all things art, tech, and entertainment. Gregg is the co-creator, former CEO, writer and producer of Netflix’s StoryBots and co-founder and former CEO of JibJab, which was founded in 1999 and became somewhat of a legend in the history of the Internet. Now, Gregg is creating the Internet’s next best thing: HiHo. Gregg is HiHo’s CEO and co-founder, and I am also one of their investors. HiHo allows you to be in control of the conversations you engage with online, offering “asynchronous, threaded, vertical video conversations organized around areas of interest.” In this episode, Gregg and I talk about the future of video, apps, entrepreneurship, his companies, the old internet, what makes good content, algorithms, NFTs, decentralization and more.
48 min
Brad Feld of Foundry Group on Decentralization ...
I had the joy of having my great friend Brad Feld join me for his FOURTH appearance on Panic With Friends. Brad is Boulder-based early-stage investor, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. More specifically, he is managing director of Foundry Group, founder of Techstars, and writer for the Startup Revolution series and his blog Feld Thoughts. Brad has also been a mentor and supporter of mine, investing in my previous company Wallstrip as well as Stocktwits. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Brad has dealt with and invested through his fair share of panics. So I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk to about the future coming out of the COVID pandemic. In this episode, Brad and I talk about his family and what their past year has looked like, building stronger communities, our post-COVID future, startup culture, decentralization and more.
56 min
Daniel Cohen of Cohen and Company on the Past, ...
If you want to learn about SPACs, look to Daniel Cohen. He has been with the SPAC phenomenon since the beginning and has been a major player in really innovating this space. He even inspired me to launch Social Leverage’s SPAC. In this episode, Daniel helps give some context into how the SPAC craze got to where it is today. Daniel is the Chairman of Cohen & Company and Managing Member of FinTech Masala, two SPAC powerhouses focused on Insurance and FinTech SPACs, president and CEO at FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp, chairman of Bancorp and former CEO of RAIT Financial Trust. Daniel’s a hustler, having launched 10 SPACs since his first deal in 2015 and currently working on his next. But as impressive as his resumé is, the most impressive aspect of Daniel’s career to me is that he works with his family. In fact, Daniel’s most notable and high-profile merger deal with eToro was with his mom Betsy Cohen. In this episode, Daniel and I chat about the SPAC craze’s opportunities and areas of concern, big data, money management, COVID’s impact on tech and business travel, working with his family and more.
46 min
Jens Hilgers of BITKRAFT Ventures on the Future...
Jens Hilgers is a Berlin-based serial gaming entrepreneur. He’s been investing at the center of tech, gaming and esports since the late ‘90s – so he has seen esports journeys to the mainstream and sees where it’s going. Over the years, Jens has racked up a laundry list of titles, including co-founder and former CEO of ESL, co-founder and Chairman of G2 Esports and co-founder and former CEO of Bayes. Most notably, he is the founding general partner of the global early- and mid-stage gaming-focused investment company BITKRAFT Ventures. Jens has helped the firm reach impressive and success numbers. He oversaw the firm’s growth to a portfolio of over 50 companies. More recently, he helped BITKRAFT raise a $165M Venture Fund I in 2020. For someone who is widely considered one of esports’ first entrepreneurs, I can firmly say Jens lives up to the hype. In this episode, we talk about how COVID accelerated the esports trend, predictions of the future of esports, gaming EFTs, cloud gaming, virtual reality, digital citizenship, emerging markets and more.
34 min
Jason Hirschhorn (Part 2) of REDEF on the Futur...
I was excited about having Jason Hirschorn on as last week’s ‘Panic’ guest and am even more excited to bring him back on for round two! I have not met another person who is not just passionate about the media, but is eager and willing to share that knowledge with others. In part one, we covered Jason’s long history at MTV, Slingbox, News Corp and MySpace. In this episode, Jason and I talk about the future of media, the fall of cable, the creator economy, NFTs, newsletters, social media streaming, decentralization and more.
48 min
Jason Hirschhorn (Part 1) of REDEF on Digital C...
It’s always fun when we can take a break from talking about investing and veer toward other topics, especially when the person we’re talking to is such a legend in the field. So as a media geek, I was excited (and dare I say giddy) to have media extraordinaire Jason Hirschhorn on this episode. Jason has been around the media for a long time, holding previous presidential titles at MTV and MySpace. He’s also sat on some impressive directors and advisory boards, including MGM, Sundance Institute and Pandora. Jason has also probably watched every show across Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or any other streaming platform you can think of. So, he’s taken his vast knowledge of the intersection of tech, media and culture to create REDEF – a curated mix of the best and smartest articles, videos, movies and music across a range of fields. Think of Jason and REDEF as like your own personal DJ, mixing the best of all the media out there for an incredibly thoughtful and engaging experience. In this episode, Jason and I go in depth about all things media, the coolest job he’s had, how to fight unfair battles and his take on streaming platforms. He also shares a story about Bono you absolutely don’t want to miss (but you’ll have to wait until the end of the episode to hear it).
57 min
Jamie Wise of BUZZ Holdings on Measuring Social...
On this week’s episode, I got the chance to talk with Jamie Wise, a fellow Canadian and the brains behind the hottest ETF on the markets right now. The VanEck Vectors Social Sentiment ETF, trading under $BUZZ, garnered a lot of buzz (pun intended) when it started trading on March 4 thanks in-part to backing from influential Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. What’s exciting about the BUZZ ETF is that it uses AI to analyze investor sentiment across over 15 million online posts a month. The ETF currently holds 75 stocks with at least a $5 billion market cap. The power of measuring sentiment has been on my mind for a while; we even announced our own sentiment tracker at Stocktwits back in 2012. And on the heels of the GameStop event, conversations about sentiment and its power have never been more important. In this episode, Jamie and I chat about his company BUZZ Holdings, ETFs, measuring sentiment, algorithms, the GameStop event, the rise of the retail investor, how we approach the markets and more.
43 min
Sam Jones of OOOOO on His Radical Social Commer...
This week’s Panic guest, Sam Jones, called in all the way from Oxford to chat with me. Sam is a good friend, unbelievable entrepreneur, and co-founder of the social commerce app “OOOOO.” I was lucky enough to be a small investor in the company. To put it simply, OOOOO is basically “Only Fans” meets commerce – enabling live entertainment commerce. While Sam started “OOOOO” only about a year ago, it has seen impressive growth and success. The work Sam is doing is fascinating and he thoughtfully explains it so well on the podcast. In this episode, Sam digs into ecommerce, OOOOO, his company’s growth and retail share model, China & Pinduoduo, his plans for a documentary, the culture and business of live streaming, and more.
47 min
Jason Wild of JW Asset Management on Why You Sh...
This episode is a continuation of my quest to learn more about the growing trend toward investing in the cannabis industry. A former podcast guest and industry expert CB1 Capital’s Todd Harrison actually helped me connect with the guest of this week’s episode – Jason Wild. Jason is a former pharmacist turned cannabis investor extraordinaire. He is Chairman of the Board at the Canada-listed cannabis company TerrAscend and President of JW Asset Management. Currently, 70% of his over $2 billion under management is invested in cannabis. Jason not only understands the cannabis industry, but also the long history behind it, rooted in racism and bad laws, that has had a major impact in the U.S. In this episode, Jason and I chat all about the cannabis industry, including: its growth, financing, misconceptions, impact from COVID-19, the types of people who do well in this industry, Jason’s work and investments, licensing, changing laws, CBD, education, and criminal justice reform in this space.
41 min
Jason Gardner of Marqeta, Inc. on Making It as ...
I had the pleasure of chatting with fintech entrepreneur – and more importantly fellow ASU alum – Jason Gardner on this episode of Panic with Friends. Jason and I were originally introduced through our mutual friend and former Panic guest Ryan Gilbert. While it was fun to reminisce about our time at ASU on this episode, it was even more fun to talk about fintech and Jason’s insights on this booming sector. Jason is at the center of all things fintech. His unicorn company Marqeta, Inc. is “the world’s first open API modern card issuing platform,” which basically means his company makes your payments a whole lot easier. You probably already use Marqeta without even realizing it, with clients such as Uber, Instacart and DoorDash to name a few. In this episode, Jason and I talk about how he got interested in fintech, Marqeta’s origin and success story, open APIs, building capital, neobanks, China, Bitcoin and more.
38 min
Shopify President Harley Finkelstein on the Fut...
I’ll jump on any opportunity to bring a fellow Jewish Canadian who shares my love of startups and tech on as a podcast guest. So after sliding into Shopify president Harley Finkelstein’s Twitter DMs and a couple calls later, I got to do just that. Harley’s hustle, spirit and overall success story perfectly embody Shopify’s mission. At only 35 years old, Harley is leading a company that has collectively driven more than $40 billion worth of sales and holds the title of “second largest check-out in America'' after Amazon. But Harley doesn’t want Shopfiy to just be an e-commerce/retail company; he wants it to be the go-to place for entrepreneurs. I hope after listening to this episode you’ll also understand Shopify and why I love it so much. In this episode, Harley and I chat about Shopify’s journey and success, his career path, law school, turning passion projects into the next big thing, scalability, the evolution of e-commerce and retail, entrepreneurship and more.
49 min
Joanne Wilson of Gotham Gal on How She’s Invest...
Joanne Wilson is a powerhouse. She’s a prolific investor, mom and wife and a champion of female entrepreneurs – not to mention a tough cookie who knows New York better than anyone I know. When she’s not crushing it in the investing world, you can find this self-described “insatiable foodie” cooking over on her Instagram. I met Joanne about 14 years ago when she and her husband/previous Panic guest Fred Wilson invested in my company at the time WallStrip. Joanne’s investing portfolio has grown since investing in me back in the day to include more than 130 companies. It was a blast to have someone as smart, quick and entertaining as her on the podcast. In this episode, Joanne and I chat about angel investing, New York, tech, real estate, the restaurant industry, entrepreneurship and more.
47 min
Zach Weinberg of Operator Partners on the Futur...
I’ve listened to a lot of impressive people on this podcast, but Zach Weinberg truly blew me away. Zach’s made some incredibly smart investing moves in his life, and he’s only 34 years old. He is a grade-A hustler, habitual entrepreneur and prolific angel investor. Zach and his business partner Nat Turner sold their second start-up venture, an advertising technology company called Invite Media, to Google for $81 million in 2010. After taking a turn toward a foray in the healthcare sector, they sold data and software company Flatiron Health to Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche for $2 billion in 2018. Flatiron Health, founded in 2012, makes software that pools patient data from electronic health rec­ords for cancer treatment centers. Zach was the company’s co-founder, president and COO. He oversaw research, product, engineering and recruiting initiatives. He’s currently invested in over 30 tech startups throughout the U.S. In this episode, Zach and I chat about his backstory, healthcare, biotech research, connecting with founders, Google, Shopify, education and more.
51 min
Former GoDaddy CEO Scott Wagner on the Domain I...
In this episode, I chatted with the former CEO of what I deem as one of the most important real estate companies in the world – GoDaddy. That’s right, I’m talking about digital real estate. And who better to talk about this with than former GoDaddy CEO Scott Wagner. Wagner was President and COO of the company for over 4 years before serving as CEO from 2018-2019. With his years of experience in the domain industry comes a font of knowledge and insights he was kind enough to share with us on the Panic podcast. In this episode, Scott and I talk about his career path, the domain industry, the state of the markets, content syndication, ecommerce, digital real estate, SPACs, Scottsdale National, branding and more.
43 min
Bloomberg’s Ted Merz on Financial Journalism an...
I always love getting to interview people who typically ask the questions. And this episode with guest Ted Merz is no exception. Ted has spent 30 years at Bloomberg, first as a journalist and later overseeing application and product building. Now, he works as their Global Head of News Product. Ted was there at the early days of Bloomberg when financial journalism was at its infancy. It was fascinating getting his perspective on this sector and how it has changed and grown over the years. In this episode, Ted and I talked about how he landed his first role at Bloomberg, the biggest story he’s covered, financial journalism, the value of content, integrating Twitter into Bloomberg, data and more.
51 min
Douglas Boneparth of Bone Fide Wealth on How He...
If our last guest Tiffany Zhoug was the Gen Z whisper, then Douglas Boneparth might just be the Millennial version. And he has the titles to prove it, including the newly named millennial voice of CNBC’s Digital Financial Advisor Council. After spending well over a decade in the financial planning industry, Douglas noticed a gap – a Buzzfeed reading, avocado toast eating, Slack using gap. Millennials weren’t getting the same level of thoughtful time and advice as other older players in finance. Douglas stopped chasing after old money and started finding young people to invest in. He is the founder and president of Bone Fide Wealth, a Manhattan-based wealth management firm specializing in high achieving Millennials, young professionals and entrepreneurs. They currently advise more than $80 million in assets. Douglas is a funny, charismatic, driven and smart guy (even for a Millenial). In this episode, Douglas and I talk about high earning millennials, financial education, when he got interested in the financial world of business, his comedic perspective on his professional and personal life, what a day in the life of a financial planner looks like, his plans for the future, marketing, SEO and more. Enjoy!
54 min
Tiffany Zhong, Gen Z Whisperer and Zebra IQ CEO...
OK boomers, we’re kicking off our first episode of 2021 with Gen Z whisper and Zebra IQ CEO Tiffany Zhong. I’m a big fan of Zebra’s annual Gen Z report and I recommend all my listeners take a look at it too. It’s important to stay in touch with audiences and perspectives other than those similar to you (something Tiffany talks about in this episode). Tiffany’s company Zebra IQ helps brands create communities to understand Gen-Z and Millennial consumers by offering real-time feedback. They’ve worked with more than 20 companies including Snapchat, Levi Strauss and Turner Broadcasting. Zebra IQ is just one example of how Gen Z can help you make a lot of money if you just listen to them. In this episode, Tiffany and I talk about Zebra IQ, dropping out of college, her twitter strategy, her “five Cs,” moguls, monetizing an audience, TikTok, startups, ecommerce and more.
50 min
Rajat Bhargava of Jump Cloud On the Future of C...
Rajat has been an entrepreneur for a while now. He started his first company in college with the help of angel investor (and mutual friend/previous Panic guest) Brad Feld. The pair have now launched around eight companies together. Rajat mainly builds and invests in software companies, with his latest venture being Jump Cloud – a cybersecurity startup building a next-generation cloud directory platform. One of the things I love about Rajat’s company is that they foresaw remote work being the future before COVID-19 even hit. In this episode, Rajat and I talked about his company Jump Cloud, e-commerce, remote work, software, building a zero-trust network, SPACs, what companies he’s got an eye on, content marketing and more.
37 min
Romeo Power’s Lionel Selwood and RMG’s Robert M...
Well, it finally happened. I bought a Tesla. I fancy myself a trend follower, but I think this is the latest I’ve entered a trend. But this is about more than getting a self-driving car that I can nap in. There has been no hotter sector than that of electric vehicles. And lucky for my listeners, I brought on not one, but two experts – Lionel Selwood and Robert (Bob) Mancini – to talk about this booming sector and the SPAC taking it to another level. Lionel’s energy tech company, which specializes in EV battery production, Romeo Power and Bob’s SPAC RMG Acquisition Corp. recently announced a merger allowing Romeo Power to become a publicly listed company. In this episode, Bob, Lionel and I geek out over EV batteries, Tesla, Elon, SpaceX, NIO, SPACs, Romeo Power, electrification, market opportunities, who they would love to drive around for a day and more.
38 min
A Special 2020 Year in Review with Stocktwits’ ...
A year ago on my blog, I asked: “Could 2020 be as good as 2019?” From where I’m standing now, that’s going to be a different answer depending on who you ask. So, I called on two pretty cool kids over at Stocktwits to put something together and help us all make some sense as to what exactly happened this infamous year. That’s right, this isn’t just any episode of Panic – it’s a Stocktwits and Panic with Friends pandemic special! In this episode, Stocktwits’ Riley Roseberger and Tommy Tranfo break down what was going on in the markets from the pre-COVID days in January to the dark days of March to where we stand as of December. We talk about the industries, trends and stocks that dominated conversations on Stocktwits and beyond in 2020, including Tesla, oil, SPACs, EV companies, solar, gambling, social platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, crypto, weed and more. I want to thank Stocktwits again for putting this all together and continuing to put up with me as I make this podcast. I hope you’ve had as much fun listening as I’ve had making Panic with Friends this year!
42 min
Epsilon Theory Co-Founder and Author Ben Hunt o...
I’ve had Ben Hunt on the podcast before, but I felt it was time to bring him back on to get his insights on the financial, cultural and political state of our country as of late. When I’m not talking his ear off, Ben is busy writing nonstop for Epsilon Theory, a newsletter and website that examines markets through the lenses of game theory and history. It’s a treat to have smart, thoughtful people like Ben on the podcast. He isn’t trying to spin a narrative, but genuinely wants to inform others about what’s going on and what they can do about it. I may even need to bring him on as a co-host – I love talking to him that much. Last time I had Ben on we talked about zero interest rates, writing and the politicizing of the stock market. This time around, Ben and I talked about his life as a publisher, media culture, the markets, the ‘mendacity’ of the world, crypto, SPACs, capital and what’s been going on with his company. This was a fun one to record. Enoy!
43 min
Christie Marchese of Storyspaces On the New The...
If you have missed going to the movie theater as much as I have during the pandemic, then this is the episode for you. I brought on Christie Marchese in this episode to talk about how her company Storyspaces is helping keep the spirit of the movie-going experience alive. As the founder of Storyspaces, she works to organize both virtual and in-person movie events with new and critically acclaimed films (basically the COVID-world answer to not getting to go to movie theaters). As founder and CEO of Picture Motion, she leads a team of impact producers, marketing strategists and communication specialists to develop grassroots marketing and social action campaigns for films. In this episode, Christie and I talk about all things film – how she got into movies, her favorites, working directly with filmmakers, virtual cinema and the post-COVID future of film. We also chatted about Storyspaces, human-centered distribution, the logistics of planning screening events, creativity and culture, social change and more.
38 min
Ram Parameswaran of Octahedron Capital On Why I...
I had the pleasure of having Octahedron Capital founder Ram Parameswaran on this episode of Panic. His firm Octahedron is a crossover fund that invests in the internet economy. Previously, Ram was a partner at the multi-billion dollar firm Altimeter Capital, focusing on public and private tech investments. He also has some big names in his past investments, including a pre-IPO Uber, Google and TikTok parent Bytedance. Ram has been inside the beast and is now applying it to his own markets. He’s a smart guy and public investor who knows a lot about a lot. In this episode, Ram and I discussed growth, the culture of Silicon Valley, tech, his work at Octahedron Capital, SPACs, trends in the public & private markets, crossover funds, global investing and more. Enjoy!
55 min
Rick Heitzmann of FirstMark Capital Joins Me to...
If anyone can stay calm in the face of panic, it’s Rick. He founded his VC firm FirstMark Capital, which focuses on consumer technologies, during the 2008 recession. Twelve years later, I think it’s fair to say Rick is doing pretty well. He’s invested in a variety of industries, ranging from commerce to gaming to data services to media and sports. His investments include big names like Pinterest, Airbnb, DraftKings and Discord. Rick’s a kind and generous guy who I can always count on to give thoughtful advice and insights. He’s even been kind enough to talk with me in the past about VC investing at Stocktoberfest East in 2018, so I was happy to have him on this episode of Panic to share all that sage wisdom with my listeners. In this episode, Rick and I talked about public and private markets, DraftKings’ success, his company FirstMark Capital, SPACs, the anti-portfolio, open source, being a dad, what sectors have surprised him, the future of gaming and healthcare and more. Enjoy!
50 min
Glenn Solomon of GGV Capital On Investing in th...
This episode is an extension of the open source software conversations we’ve been having on Panic with guests like Chetan Puttagunta and Ross Mason. I brought on Glenn Solomon, a legend in the software community, to keep this conversation going. Glenn has been in the VC business for over 20 years, with most of that time spent at the venture firm GGV Capital. He has an impressive portfolio, investing in companies such as Slack, Airbnb and Square. Glenn is not only a strong investor but a strong writer — with his insights on the software industry featured in places like Forbes. Check out his podcast Founder Real Talk as well. In this episode, Glenn and I talk about his investing journey, how he thinks about trends, open source/software investing, public markets, mentorship, the value of MBA programs, founders, SPACs and more. Enjoy!
57 min
Former NFL Player Ryan Nece of Next Play Capita...
I was so psyched to chat with a living legend, great investor and I guess a pretty good football player – Ryan Nece. He’s had some big wins on and off the field, from winning a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to starting his own foundation. Ryan knows how to play the game with heart, determination and drive. His two decades worth of experience as a professional and disciplined athlete, entrepreneur and investor gave him the foundation to start Next Play. Ryan connects his passion and knowledge of sports and tech at Next Play; leveraging those relationships to provide investors with a diversified pool of venture funds and companies. In this episode, Ryan and I discuss the transition from football to investing, Next Play’s backstory, Ryan’s current role in his company, missed investments and ones he is excited about, the mindset that goes into being a founder and an athlete, a time he’s panicked, winning a Super Bowl, and supporting the next generation of investors and more.
38 min
TubeMogul Founder and Entrepreneur Brett Wilson...
Spoiler Alert: There’s no panic this episode. Why? Because I had Brett Wilson on, someone who doesn’t panic, but rather finds solutions and different ways of doing things. I first met Brett back in 2007 and quickly became a seed investor in his company, TubeMogul. He’s a special guest, and not just because he’s made me some money. Brett is an amazing investor, entrepreneur, board member and thought leader. No one has been at the center of video (specifically digital) quite like Brett. Since selling TubeMogul to Adobe and leading advertising efforts there for a bit, Brett is now an angel investor, partner at Swift Ventures, and board member at companies such as Tubi, WeTravel and, more recently, Arize AI. In this episode, Brett and I had a great discussion about being at the center of the video bomb, TikTok, Netflix, Tubi, life as a CEO and entrepreneur, company pivots, TubeMogul’s journey, resurfacing trends, AI and what excites him as an investor as of late. We talked about a lot of great companies, trends, industries and the types of people who make them great. Hope you all enjoy it!
43 min
Lewis Johnson of Capital Wealth Advisors and Fu...
I had the pleasure of catching up with my good friend Lewis Johnson on this episode of Panic. Lewis has a strong background, with titles like UPenn Wharton MBA grad, money manager, stock picker, researcher and entrepreneur. Lewis’ company, Fundamental Global, is an alternative asset management firm which advises on over $2 billion of assets through its affiliates and deals in research, portfolio diversification and investment experience. If you’re looking for advice about asset management – or just someone to go fishing with – he’s your guy. In this episode, Lewis and I had a wide-ranging conversation, discussing managing alternative assets, the value of research and data, his work at Fundamental Global and Capital Wealth Advisors, the markets, the industrialization of China, gold, the Next Big Thing, supply and demand, cycles, crypto, decentralization, SPACs, education, silver lines in COVID-19 and more. It was clearly a smörgåsbord of a discussion. Enjoy!
48 min
Invesco’s John Hoffman and Nasdaq’s Sean Wasser...
I had the joy of having not one, but TWO guests on for this episode of Panic. We brought on Invesco’s John Hoffman and the Nasdaq’s Sean Wasserman to talk about the ETF of all ETFs – QQQ. Invesco, a global asset management firm, is the father of the QQQ ETF, which launched with the Nasdaq over 20 years ago. John says the company now manages just north of $1.2 trillion (no big deal). Now, Invesco and Nasdaq are expanding their partnership to launch the Invesco QQQ Innovation Suite. This will offer investor access to the NASDAQ-100 and NASDAQ Next Gen 100 portfolios. In other words, the QQQ just outdid itself. I won’t go into too much detail because Sean and John are the real experts in this space. But I will say after listening to this episode, you will feel like an ETF and QQQ expert. In this episode, the three of us have a wide-ranging discussion about all things QQQ, ETFs, Invesco and Nasdaq’s new partnership product, investor relationships, managing & building portfolios, the democratization of investing, network effects, emerging tech companies, the next generation of young investors and more.
36 min
Troy Prince of Wall Street Bound On Investing i...
Troy Prince is a native New Yorker, first generation Carribean immigrant, world traveller, veteran trader and founder of the incredible nonprofit Wall Street Bound. No words can express how much I admire and respect the work Troy does. His nonprofit, Wall Street Bound, teaches the technical “hard” skills of finance and the “soft” skills of corporate culture to help get inner city youth into front office intern positions on Wall Street. In short, Troy is helping connect marginalized and underrepresented groups to capital markets. In this episode, Troy and I discuss all things Wall Street Bound: the 15 year journey of starting the company; what services, programs and curriculum is provided; their progress; where Troy sees the company in the next five years; their success and more. We also talk more holistically about onboarding the next generation of investors, leveling the playfield and the value of social capital. I hope you learn something new after listening to this episode.
30 min
Woodrow Levin of Extend On Recovering from Fail...
This episode I interview Woodrow Levin, or Woody as I like to call him. He’s a great entrepreneur, good friend and founder and CEO of Extend. His company, which was founded a little over a year ago, builds and handles extended warranties on their products in an effort to remove roadblocks for smaller merchants. Extend already works with companies like Peloton, iRobot and some 150 others. Not to mention, Woody even invested in our first fund for Social Leverage. I’m grateful for his friendship and business partnership. Woody has had the entrepreneurial bug for a while and has even had previous roles such as Vice President of Growth at DocuSign. He is also currently a board member at DraftKings (shout out to our previous Panic guest Jason Robins). In this episode, Woody and I discuss what it's like growing a company, crypto, DraftKings, Extend, dealing with failure, Shopify, markets, AppleCare and more. Enjoy!
42 min
Savneet Singh of PARTech on the Accelerating So...
Savneet Singh is not only a great friend, but he’s also one of the most driven workers I’ve ever met, who offers such an interesting perspective on life, entrepreneurship and business. Overall, he’s just incredible at what he does. Savneet and I met through our mutual friend, Sonny Singh, and I’ve been a fan of his for a while now. Savneet is the CEO of PARTech, a provider of point of sale software to the retail and hospitality industry. I was so excited to have a CEO like Savneet on because his company is actually a publicly traded company, trading under $PAR on the NYSE. Savneet has accomplished quite a lot before even starting at PARTech. His investments range from real estate to Uber to cryptocurrencies to websites. Not to mention, he’s also a partner with Ali Hamed, a past guest on Panic, at the VC firm CoVenture. Savneet has so much vision around the software space, some of which he shares with me on the podcast. In this episode, Savneet and I also discuss his admiration of Warren Buffett, public companies, fintech, PARTech’s origin story, Saas businesses, COVID-19 impact on restaurants, SPACs, ecommerce, bitcoin and more.
47 min
Stuart Sopp of Current on the Future of Digital...
Current CEO Stuart Sopp is doing some incredibly innovative things over at his company. So, I wanted to check back in with him since our last chat back in March to see if he can offer any new insights. Current is a digital, consumer-friendly banking company targeting groups of people typically overlooked at larger banks, including Millennials and Gen Z. And while big banks focus on lending and deposits, Current focuses on spending. Before starting Current, Stuart made a name for himself developing financial systems as a senior trader for banks like Morgan Stanley, Citi and Deutsche Bank. Now, Stuart’s company is basically the antithesis to these big banks. Current has seen incredible growth this year — surpassing over 1 million active users at the height of the pandemic. In this episode, Stuart and I discuss stocks, cryptocurrency, big banks, what neobanks like Current are and where they’re heading, fintech, his competitors, the wealth gap, stimulus and more. Enjoy!
45 min
Rishi Khanna of Stocktwits Makes His Podcast De...
This was a very exciting episode because not only did I have Stocktwits CEO RIshi Khanna on, but it was also his first podcast ever! We were initially introduced through our mutual friend Dave Moon, and I guess you could say the rest is history. He’s a great guy whom I’ve really enjoyed working with as part of our growing Stocktwits community. Before leading the team over at Stocktwits, Rishi has worn many hats ranging from engineering, product, sales, client service, finance and operations. On this episode, we discussed the markets, data, fintech, working in New York during COVID-19 (and what has surprised him most about the pandemic), how he got his start in fintech, the culture of media, ecommerce and what we can expect from Stocktwits in the future.
36 min
Chris Hulls of Life360 on How He Became TikTok ...
Chris Hulls is a good friend with an arsenal of interesting stories and life experiences, and apparently he’s also a TikTok celeb now. I had the pleasure of having the Life360 CEO on for an episode of Panic with Friends. Chris describes Life360 for families as what AAA is for drivers. It’s essentially Find My Friends on steroids (his words, not mine). While Life360 is currently ranked as the eighth most popular social networking app on IOS, it hasn’t ranked so high in the hearts of Gen Z. And in this episode, Chris explains why this was the case. I won’t spoil the whole story, but let’s just say it starts with basically all of Gen Z using TikTok to vocalize their desire to punch Chris in the face and sabotage Life360’s app store reviews. Beyond telling the story of how he got Gen Z’s respect, Chris also talks with me about IPO-ing on the Australian stock exchange, founders, SPACs, Life360’s origin story, COVID-19’s impact on the digital landscape and more. Enjoy!
41 min
Steven Rosenblatt of VC Firm Oceans on Working ...
Not many of my podcast guests can say they got (indirectly) yelled at by Steve Jobs, but luckily my guest on this episode, Steven Rosenblatt, can. Steven is a great friend, incredible venture capitalist and NYC tech legend. He built the company Quatro Wireless during the financial crisis in 2010, which pioneered WAP long before Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. By WAP of course I mean wireless application protocol. Apple eventually bought it and from there Steven even launched a product under Steve Job’s supervision. Steven has more than 20 years of experience scaling startups, building technology companies and supporting founders. Today, he is the co-founder and general partner of the venture capital firm Oceans. In this episode, Steven and I had a fun discussion about his new firm, how he looks in a black turtleneck, the culture of Apple, meeting founders, scaling businesses, his time as President of Foursquare, what it's like to transform a consumer app to an enterprise company, why he’s bullish on new york and more. He also gracefully snuck in a little humblebrag, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the episode to figure out who it is!
48 min
Josh Elman, Veteran Consumer Product Leader, On...
It was great to have my long-time friend, fellow Twitter fanatic and product builder extraordinaire Josh Elman on this episode to get some insights from the man who has a lot of experience at basically every social company imaginable. Josh is someone who is ahead of his time – he’s philosophical, creative and has seen growth on the ground floor of some amazing companies (in another time he was even an intern at Microsoft). Josh is a product leader who has been involved in the early stages of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Robinhood. In his many years as General Partner at Greylock Partners, he has served on the boards of some of the most innovative social companies, including Discord, (currently TikTok), Medium, Mammoth Media and more. I wish Josh and I could have touched on even more topics during our conversation this episode. But, it was fun getting his unique perspective on everything from his time working at some of the biggest social product companies, what tech company he thinks is the most evil, his most fun job, TikTok, rocket ships and more.
48 min
Michael Porat of Cohesity On the Power of Data,...
There wasn’t any panic this episode, but more so a restrained enthusiasm from our guest Michael Porat. Michael is the VP of Strategy and Business Development at Cohesity, an innovative and modern data management company. Like a lot of my guests, I met Michael through the fintwit community, and he has now become a good friend. He’s been in the data game for awhile, spending over 6 years at Cisco before moving to Cohesity. What’s great about having someone like Michael on is that he brings this extensive knowledge of tech and data, but explains it in a way that can be understood by the average Joe Shmoe. I had a great conversation with Michael about his career path, his love of sports and gambling (shout out to DraftKings), the power of data, cybersecurity, the cloud, QQQ, the investor ecosystem and the future of data.
51 min
Patrick O’Shaughnessy of Osam, and Host of Inve...
I was so appreciative of Patrick O'Shaughnessy for taking the time from hosting his widely successful investing podcast to join me on this episode of Panic. I’ve had the great pleasure of being a guest on Patrick’s podcast Invest Like the Best and now I have the opportunity to turn the tables on him. I guess you could call us podcast experts; although Patrick has been doing his since 2016 so he’s got a couple years on me. He had an unusual route that led him to finance, a success he attributes to his competitiveness and curiousness. As someone who talks to lots of investing and fintech people, it was great to pick Patrick’s brain on a number of topics, including what led him to start his podcast, the gaming market, advice for new investors and founders, the world of software and fintech and more. Of course, I had to end by asking the question he asks all his guests: “What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?” You’ll have to listen to the episode to hear his answer!
54 min
Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital on the History...
If my guest ends the episode saying they want to panic “more frequently,” then I think I’ve done my job as host. In this case, the guest in question is Kyle Samani. Kyle is the founder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital, a firm that invests in all things crypto. This industry can sometimes seem like an abstract thing people are either too tired of talking about or don’t want to understand. No one takes the time to truly slow down and explain it, but Kyle does just that in this episode. I had a fascinating conversation with Kyle on the past and present of crypto, decentralization, Web3, blockchains and his predictions for the future of crypto. I give Kyle major props for surviving in a bear market like the crypto space. Kyle has such an interesting point of view on an oftentime complex subject. I hope you learn something new (and maybe are less intimidated by crypto) by the end of this episode!
49 min
Barry Ritholtz of Ritholtz Wealth Management On...
You know that line in Hamilton — “why do you write like you’re running out of time?” Well if anyone embodies that, it’s Barry Ritholtz. He's a Bloomberg columnist, podcast host, fanatic tweeter in the “FinTwit” community, blogger, author, and founder of a wealth management company. But to me, he’s my favorite wonk (you’ll see what I mean by that when you listen to the episode). While we did go off on some tangents, Barry and I hit a lot of fun topics, including: our dream “FinTwit” dinner guest list and menu, what he misses about recording in person, Mike Bloomberg’s “impish sense of humor,” APIs & open-source, the creator economy, Seinfeld, the art of the interview and more. Hope you have as much fun listening to this episode as we did recording it!
57 min
Kelvin Beachum of Arizona Cardinals on life and...
I had a great time sitting down to chat with my friend, great investor, human and NFL Athlete Kelvin Beachum
56 min
Patrick O’Connor of Summit Peak on how a fund o...
Inside the world of how a fund of funds work in the venture capital markets with Patrick O’Connor
40 min
Yoshi Yokokawa of Alpaca on the global growth i...
Yoshi Yokokawa drops by to talk about the global growth in trading and investing, and about his company Alpaca which powers commission free stock trading in apps all over the world
50 min
Ross Mason of Dig Ventures on the continuous so...
Ross Mason (founder of Mulesoft - acquired by Salesforce) joins me to explain that we are still in the early innings of the software revolution.
52 min
Chetan Puttagunta of Benchmark on Software Eati...
Chetan Puttagunta of Benchmark Capital joins me to discuss the world of Open Source Software and its role in ‘software eating the world’
51 min
Richard Betts of CKBG on Tequila and the Specia...
Richard Betts is a great entrepreneur focused on one-of-a kind Spirits and joins me on Panic with friends to talk about his new company CKBG (Casa Komos Beverage Group) which just launched the Tequilla Brand ‘Komos’ and Superbird, a canned Paloma cocktail.
51 min
Amit Sharma of Narvar on the eCommerce explosio...
Narvar founder Amit Sharma Joins me to discuss the continued eCommerce explosion. Narvar is a software company that helps retailers perfect the customer journey especially around returns.
52 min
Ali Hamed of CoVenture on building a Venture fi...
Ali Hamed joins me to talk about building a Venture firm at a young age and about the future of New York City.
40 min
Jason Robins of DraftKings on the future of spo...
DraftKings CEO and co-founder Jason Robins joins me on this epic conversation about their long journey to IPO and the future of sports and betting.
65 min
Nicole Glaros of Techstars on the amazing bootc...
Nicole Glaros joins me to talk startups and building a massive technology accelerator and brand over the years.
43 min
Sean O’Brien of Overline on the Atlanta Technol...
Atlanta Has Venture Capitalists Too! My old friend Sean O’Brien joins me to discuss a lifetime of investing in public and private markets and why Atlanta is going to boom with technology startups.
50 min
Heather Hartnett of Human Ventures on the Human...
I have a great conversation with Heather Hartnett of Human Ventures in Manhattan. They invest in the ‘human needs economy’ - health, wellness and the future of work.
44 min
Alex Danco of Shopify on all things Tech and Mo...
Alex Danco works for Shopify Money and also has a masters degree in Neuroscience. He offers great takes on all things Tech and Money. Relax and enjoy.
59 min
Don Nitti of Sender Company on Stocks and the M...
I love talking stocks and markets with Don Nitti my old friend who has been having a great year navigating the volatility.
44 min
Brad Feld of Foundry Group on the Democratizati...
Brad Feld of Foundry Group in Boulder joins me to talk about Startup Communities and the Democratization of Innovation throughout the world. Brad coined the term Startup Communities with his book on the subject in 2012
59 min
Samantha LaDuc takes a Deep Dive into the Marke...
I take a deep dive into the markets with Samantha LaDuc - the Master of intermarket analysis to time markets - as the March Panic becomes the Summer FOMO, -and a look ahead.
45 min
Brett Bivens of TechNexus on the Massive Audio ...
Brett Bivens is Venture Investing from Paris for TechNexus and joins me for a conversation about the Massive Trend in Audio Led by Spotify
43 min
Billy Libby of Upper90 on Structured Financing ...
Billy Libby of Upper90 joins me for a great conversation on the merits of Delaying the A round of venture capital using structured finance. Every founder and investor should understand their financing options.
56 min
JC Parets of All Star Charts goes deep on the B...
If there is a chart my pal JC has an opinion. JC Parets is the founder of All Star Charts and we go deep on the bull market in stocks, rare assets and life.
66 min
Tom Lydon of ETF Trends on the direction of ETF...
The ETF industry continues to grow and evolve. Tom is an ETF veteran and joins me for a conversation about where the industry is heading, and the unbundling of the S&P.
46 min
Todd Harrison of CB1 Capital on the future of c...
The US Cannabis industry is set to Zoom in the years ahead. I had a great conversation with Todd Harrison who manages a Cannabinoid Wellness fund.
50 min
Web Smith of 2PM on eCommerce and DTC (EP.85)
I am a big fan of Web Smith and really enjoyed our eCommerce and DTC (direct to consumer) conversation. He is the founder of 2PM.
66 min