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Hello, I’m Howard. I’ve been a financial industry entrepreneur and investor for over 20 years. I am a General Partner at Social Leverage - we invest in seed stage software companies. I was a co-founder of Stocktwits and a seed investor in Robinhood and Etoro. On this podcast, you will hear interviews with great entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, traders, and friends about their companies, their track records, and their new fave ideas and trends. This includes best ideas, worst investments, biggest failure, daily habits, and recommended reading. I know your time is precious, so I promise to keep it simple and on point.

Trung Phan - Twitter Legend, Content Creator an...
I’m excited to have creator Trung Phan on the show today. He’s mastered Twitter, even getting Elon Musk to talk to him, and that’s impressive. Trung’s one of the funniest and interesting feeds I follow on Twitter – covering business, the media, and tech. I wanted to find out how it feels to be in the center of a hurricane of memes and pick his brain on what he’s thinking about media moving forward. It’s always fun talking to someone at the top of their game, so I also wanted to find out about his new AI startup, Bearly AI. I've managed to pull a few tips from him on the magical mystery of going viral, and a few twitter feed tips everyone should find useful. Enjoy!
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Pranav Kanade - Moving from TradFI to Web3 and ...
In today’s episode I’m talking to a friend of mine, Pranav Kanade, who happens to work for another really good friend of mine, Jan van Eck. Pranav was in the financial industry for a while, and like many, went down the crypto rabbit hole a couple of years ago. Jan, who’s a good friend, mentor, and a legend in the financial industry, went down the crypto rabbit hole himself and has been forever trying to do a Bitcoin ETF — doing the good work of dealing with the red tape and corralling the regulators.  Jan’s tasked Pranav with building a crypto fund; and I’ve been trying to learn all this since forever, so I wanted to check in with Pranav. 2022 was obviously one of the most wild, fraud-ridden years in financial history, so I wanted to continue learning from someone who now makes his full living from this – and find out how he’s reacting in the bear market. As we try to dissect the industry here on Panic with Friends, I’m asking the same type of questions I ask him each month after reading his analysis. And you can be certain Pranav will be a regular on the show. Let’s learn together as new entrepreneurs and investors continue to build out the future of the web. Enjoy!
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Howard Lindzon - The Wolf of Wallstrip (EP.236)
No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. Yes, I’m the host of Panic with Friends, but in today’s special episode, I’m the guest. My producer Knut Jensen has turned the tables and put me in the hot seat. With so many questions about how and why I started Wallstrip, I felt it was time to lay it all out. And hopefully this answers a lot of those questions. We cover the good, the bad, and the funny times building my first internet company – and how those lessons carried over when I started Stocktwits – lessons like finding the right mentor and having domain experience around an idea,  and the three key ingredients: product, team and timing. It’s a different spin on Panic with Friends where we’re going back and telling these types of stories with our best founders, so you’ll be seeing more episodes like this in the future. And of course, the big question on Wallstrip, would I do it again? You’ll have to listen to find out!
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Douglas Boneparth of Bone Fide Wealth on Person...
Today’s guest is a friend of mine, Douglas Boneparth – a financial advisor, and some would say if the Olympics had a hair category, a shoe-in to represent Team USA. As long time listeners know, there are two fundamental things I believe with respect to money; Jim O’Shaughnessy’s perspective about young people being time billionaires, so get going and just steal from yourself and start investing – take it right off the top of your paycheck. Get started now. The second thing is to get an advisor, someone working for you and explaining how things work. I’m always recommending people speak to somebody – to find the right person, and Doug is at the cutting edge as an advisor. We cover some really good stuff, some good lessons, and hope 2023 will be fantastic for everyone. Enjoy!
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Going the Distance in Fashology with DSTNC Co-F...
I’m always excited to interview a portfolio company founder on Panic with Friends, so I’m doubly excited to have Nave Avimor, co-founder of DSTNC (Social Leverage Fund IV) on today’s show. The company is at the forefront of fashion and technology, or as I like to call it, ‘Fashology’ – for the modern cyclist. DSNTC (pronounced 'distance' - vowels removed) is a first of its kind global marketplace and content destination, curating the largest selection of high-end brands and performance products from around the world.
Nave and the team have done a phenomenal job over the last eight months or so, and with the site launched and a seed round raised, this is the right time to have him on. Not everything is about unicorns, and I finally get to dabble in fashology, something I’ve been talking about since the Oakley days. I’ve been able to invest and really try building a full-on Lifestyle brand without the hassle of the day-to-day. Nave’s traveled the world, knows the sport, and his partner has an eye for culture. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. 
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Panic With Friends - The Year Ahead (EP.233)
In this episode I sit down with my producer Knut Jensen to take a look ahead as we turn the calendar to 2023. Knut’s panicked about his portfolio, and we sift the current landscape to find some reasons to be optimistic, though I’m not even sure I want to look back at 2022 – everything made sense, and nothing made sense. The biggest story happened towards the end; that was crypto and fraud. But my job here at Panic with Friends is to keep talking to really smart people and stay an inch ahead, a week ahead, a month ahead of where the trends are. We have to get back to the fundamentals, pick ourselves up and push forward into the new year. So it’s a good time to turn the page, clean things up, and start fresh.
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Surfboard Founder and CEO Chuhan Wang on Cultiv...
My subject for today is governance, a pet peeve of mine. The lack of governance this funding cycle hasn’t been a good thing. We’ve got a lot of young people who’ve received capital and don’t know how to structure governance, prepare a board deck, or interact with their advisors and investors. Most of us learned from doing, and this generation will learn too; but when you put a lot of money in people’s hands you need to have governance, something we’re seeing more of with the WeWork breakdown and the FTX fraud. To stem this, we have to create tools and software that makes the process of governance tenable. My guest is Surfboard (Social Leverage Fund IV) founder and CEO Chuhan Wang. Her mission is to help founders, boards, and advisors stay in the loop with a better system for communication, board deck access and retrieval, and compilation – the overall world of corporate governance. Chuhan’s vision is to empower founders for success by responsibly harnessing the power of their boards and investors. With founders emerging from all corners of the world, and remote work being a trend, her modern board and investor experience will spark innovation in the next generation of founders.
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Sami Issa of W3BCloud: Lessons Learned Post-FTX...
We’re here in late 2022 with a complete meltdown in crypto, and I’ve no idea what to make of it. So I wanted to bring Sami back on the show to get a gut check. Post FTX fraud I need to make sense of it all, because I’m still super bullish on this next iteration of the internet – web3, crypto – or whatever we’re calling it. They’re solving real problems for people like me, and I’m trying all these different products around NFTs and communities – but a lot has changed since Sami was here a short time ago. And infrastructure, where W3BCloud is focused, still has to happen if the next set of winners and entrepreneurs are going to build. I have a different set of questions for Sami who’s been in the hardware, machine, infrastructure side of computers for a very long time. It’s good to hear him explain things about this compute/infrastructure side of web3 and what it’s going to take to grow and scale in an era of decentralization and the blockchain. 
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Pro Golfer Anne van Dam on the Business of Golf...
Normally on Panic I’m talking with investors, venture capitalists, traders, and entrepreneurs, but on today’s episode I’m bringing on professional golfer Anne van Dam. Her manager is a good friend of mine who discovered her back in her teens, and now she’s an LP in Social Leverage. We get into some investment talk with her interest in real estate and cover Colony Cooks, a ghost kitchen and virtual restaurant in Los Angeles founded by her boyfriend. Anne discusses her favorite places to visit, her favorite golf courses, and of course getting Social Leverage on her bag. She’s not superstitious, but with Social Leverage in her corner, I’m predicting victories this year for her on tour. Anne has a good head on her shoulders and knows what she wants to do. I hope you’re as inspired by our conversation as I was. I'm looking forward to a round with her the next time she's in Phoenix. Knut has offered to caddie for me.
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Lewis Johnson of Capital Wealth Advisors on Deg...
My fishing buddy, Lewis Johnson, is back for his third round of Panic. As I’ve been saying frequently now, I’m just having friends on the podcast. People who have seen things that interest me, not famous – or infamous – people, for the sake of their fame. While Lewis isn’t particularly famous, he’s a steady hand and understands diversification and how cycles work. We touch on the “Bernie Madoff” moment that is now FTX. Lewis isn’t really active in crypto, but has been watching it play out. Swindles go on all along, and in a bull market no one seems to care. A bear market is the usual catalyst for these frauds. People start wanting their money back. We’ll check back with Lewis in three to six months, because this show is still about how we position ourselves; and he’s got a vision of how the world might look moving forward.
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Jan van Eck of VanEck Funds on Global Markets, ...
I’ve been dying to get Jan on the podcast, and he’s finally here. After my brief podcast break, I've decided to have a lot of my friends on – people I like talking to about markets. Jan is one of those people. He’s super smart and well educated. I’m in the lucky position where I don’t have to be in the market, but because I’m fascinated by markets, started Stocktwits, love talking about them, and want to continue banging out some alpha, I invited Jan on the podcast.  We have a great discussion about debt. We talk about money flows, and while Jan wasn’t the earliest, but early enough with directionally putting his firm on a path towards crypto, he has a lot of insights there as well. People need to be thinking about the market in just a little different way than what worked in the past. You’ll learn a lot from our conversation. I know I did. 
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Jim O’Shaughnessy on Twitter, Navigating the Cu...
The GOAT himself, Jim O’Shaughnessy is back for a record fourth appearance on Panic with Friends! And this time he’s slightly panicked by not being panicked. I convinced him to put on some slippers and start showing up for work. The last time he was on, we talked about the real panic; I’d come back from vacation fired out of a cannon – only wanting to talk to my close friends or pimp some of our companies. But today I’ve got a lot to talk to Jim about. He was guest number one on the show, and he was on just a few weeks ago – since then the Fed’s hiked another 75 basis points, Facebook’s imploded, and we have a new owner at Twitter. So sure, it makes sense if Jim might be a little panicked about not being panicked. Once again, Jim is the calm voice of reason helping me navigate the turbulent times we’ve found ourselves in. I hope you learn as much from our conversation as I did. 
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Sami Issa and Maggie Love of W3BCloud on Poweri...
I’m excited to be doing this first episode in a series of shows over the next few months on blockchain, crypto, web3 – whatever you want to call it. As long-time listeners know, I’m a drafter behind smart people on web3. I’m learning as I go, yet being skeptical, and probing through it. I have my angle of attack and know how I want to spend the next few years working on blockchain, infrastructure, web3, NFTs, and community. And while I haven’t talked often enough about it, in full disclosure, Social Leverage Acquisition Corp ($SLAC), the company I’m CEO of, has announced a proposed merger with W3BCLOUD. In addition, Social Leverage (Fund IV) (where I’m a GP) is a shareholder and member of the sponsor group – but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. So who better to have on to make sense of all this?
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Ben Hunt of Epsilon Theory on Turning Layups in...
My good friend Ben Hunt is here for the fourth time on Panic with Friends. He’s my go-to macro guy, and one of the smartest people to talk about the market with. And if I were going to do a show with any two people, like the All In podcast, it’d be Ben and Jim O’Shaughnessy for sure.  Ben has been dead on with so many topics, and we’ve got a ton of topics to talk about in this episode. I wanted to talk about the FED, inflation, and what would turn him bullish. I wanted to get some pointers on the global macro and the SPAC market, to include thoughts on Fat Nixon. I wanted to talk about Robinhood and Citadel, and I want him to chime in on Apple having a monopoly. I also wanted to get Ben’s thoughts about monetary policy as it relates to the UK pension debacle. I think you're going to get a lot out of our conversation. Enjoy!
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Bobby Matson of on Navigating the C...
I’m excited to have Bobby Matson, founder and CEO of, back on the podcast. The last time he was on the show was in April of 2020, less than a month into the global COVID panic. Since then, 45 million plus Americans with student debt have kicked the can down the road. Until now.  Bobby is a self-taught coder. He and his wife had student loan debt to deal with, so they built a product called to help sort it out. Their API allows financial apps to empower borrowers with ways to assess and address their student debt while freeing up cash to invest or spend.  And while there’s been a “pause” in repayment, student debt did not go away. The problem was just brushed aside for a couple of years. During those few years, Bobby and his team went and built other debt API products. But as repayments are starting up again, the “phones have been ringing off the hook” as everybody tries to catch up. Bobby and his team stayed in the game, didn’t overspend their VC money, and kept things under control. Full disclosure – Social Leverage is an investor in
47 min
Dave Finocchio of The Cool Down on Building End...
I’m excited to have my new friend Dave Finocchio on the podcast. I met Dave on my golf trip to Ireland, and we hit it off on the long bus ride. He stands out because he’s focused and insanely smart. He’s the founder of the Bleacher Report, which was acquired for north of $200M, and is now working on The Cool Down – his attempt to build the world’s first mainstream climate brand. Dave’s taken everything he’s learned in sports and media over the years and is applying it to climate change.  We have a wide-ranging conversation on what it was like to start a media company back in the day, and what it takes now. We discuss new trends that are emerging in media, like TikTok, his investment in 5-Iron Golf, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!
55 min
Wall Street Legend Jim O'Shaughnessy - A Calm V...
My good friend Jim O’Shaughnessy is back for a third appearance on Panic with Friends. He was my very first guest on the show way back in March of 2020, right at the start of the Global Pandemic. He wasn’t panicking then, and he’s not panicking now. I wanted to check in with Jim to see how his spider tingly sense feels around the markets right now. He’s more of a systems guy and doesn’t time the market, but I wanted to get his calm assessment of what the world looks like.  One thing the 'yutes' need to keep in mind during this market turmoil is that they’re “time billionaires”. And you should use that to your advantage. You definitely want to exchange that time for risk.  I hope you enjoy our wide-ranging conversation on life, family, investing, and the markets.
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Best of Panic: Jason Hirschhorn of REDEF (Part ...
In this episode, Jason covers the future of new media and streaming and the explosion of the creator economy. Looking back, I believe that YouTube created the first explosion in the creator economy and today it is a bunch of new media platforms combined with decentralization and tokens that will create an even bigger explosion which Jason predicts will be a ‘more equitable’ version of the creator economy.
48 min
Best of Panic: Jason Hirschhorn of REDEF (Part ...
As long time listeners know, I’ve taken a few weeks off from the podcast to go climb mountains on my bike. The bike phase is over, and it ended with a crescendo when I spent my 57th birthday climbing Stelvio. So far I’ve gone from San Diego to Toronto, to New York, to Italy, to Germany and I’m now in Tel Aviv – nearing the end of the third week of five weeks on the road. To fill the gap, I’m doing reruns of some of my favorite Panic with Friends episodes. This one with my pal Jason Hirschorn is from March of 2021. Best of Panic: I was excited about having Jason Hirschhorn on the ‘Panic’ podcast and he did not disappoint. This interview turned into a two part series so lean back for this first part which covers Jason’s long history at MTV, Slingbox, News Corp and MySpace. Jason has some great stories that were fun for me to listen to because I have met a lot of the same people in my short media stint at CBS. I have not met another person who is so passionate about movies, music and streaming.= In the second interview (rerunning next week), Jason covers the future of new media and streaming and the explosion of the creator economy. Looking back, I believe that YouTube created the first explosion in the creator economy and today it is a bunch of new media platforms combined with decentralization and tokens that will create an even bigger explosion which Jason predicts will be a ‘more equitable’ version of the creator economy.
58 min
Best of Panic: Ted Merz, Journalist Turned Prod...
Long time listeners know I’ve taken a few weeks off to go climb some mountains on my bike. I’ve just departed Lake Como, wrapping up this leg of my crazy cycling ‘adventurecation’. You can follow my rides on the Strava app. In the meantime, I’ve been doing reruns of some of my favorite Panic with Friends episodes. This episode from January of 2021 is with my good friend Ted Merz. He’s moved on from Bloomberg, but his insights on social media and data are spot on. Best of Panic: (January, 2021) My friend Ted Merz at Bloomberg has one of the most interesting jobs in the world. Ted has been at Bloomberg since 1991 and today heads Bloomberg’s Global News Product. That is a complicated job and this is a complicated era of news considering the 24/7/365 flow of information, misinformation and of course news. Ted makes it all look easy. I miss visiting with him at the Bloomberg HQ. I love talking to Ted about Twitter and the rest of social media and the deals he has had to cut and the way he thinks about data. One of the best compliments I have gotten is having Ted tell me he enjoys my writing style and reading my daily blog. That is not why I invited him on as a guest, but it is definitely one reason I am so happy I started to write in the first place and a motivating factor for me to keep writing!
52 min
Best of Panic: Frank Rotman of QED Investors - ...
I’m still off from the podcast circuit climbing mountains on my bike, but will be back in the studio soon. The reruns of some of my favorite podcasts continue for now. This one from December of ‘21 with Frank Rotman of QED Investors is one you’ll want to listen to a few times for sure. It’s great historical perspective for where we’re at now, and evergreen enough to inform any evolving investment strategy.   Best of Panic: My guest today is a fintech operator turned investor. Frank is the real deal. He spent almost 13 years at Capital One, is the co-founder of QED Investors, and made the Midas List of Top 100 Investors FOUR times. Everybody is a fanboy of somebody, and I’m a fanboy of Frank for sure – he has the amazing ability to spot leaders in the fintech space and has done it for a long period of time. In our business you get rewarded with a lot of money to manage and QED has just raised a fresh billion dollars. I learned a lot from this conversation and think every investor can do the same.
55 min
Best of Panic: Michelle Zatlyn of Cloudflare on...
Long time listeners know I've taken a few weeks off the podcast circuit to go climb some mountains on my bike. In the meantime, I'm doing reruns of some of my favorite Panic with Friends episodes. This one with Michelle Zatlyn aired back in November of ‘21. If you missed it when it came out, now is a good time to catch up. And don't worry, I'll be back in the podcast booth soon. I’m excited to have my friend and fellow Canadian, Michelle Zatlyn, on the show. We’re going to talk about the internet today. Podcasts wouldn’t exist without it, and you’d be unable to appreciate the banter between Knut and I. But this just feels like the right time in the right moment to talk about the internet. Michelle is just the right person to talk about it with. She’s the co-founder, President, and COO of Cloudflare – the company that helps the internet work. We discuss security, how things really work on the internet, where Cloudflare is headed, and how the hell you grow even faster during COVID.
60 min
Best of Panic: Nicholas Adler on Crypto, Collec...
Howard has taken a few weeks off the podcast circuit to go climb some mountains on his bike. In the meantime, we’re doing reruns of some of our favorite Panic with Friends episodes. This one with Nick Adler aired back in October of ‘21. If you missed it when it came out, now is a good time to catch up.  Today’s episode is with a new friend, Nick Adler. I’m not sure the best way to describe him – he’s a lawyer, entertainment wiz, and works with the one and only Snoop Dogg himself. They’ve gone on a massive run together, and we get into crypto and NFTs and collectibles and digital. Tons of people can talk about the technical side of it, Nick lays out the culture and community. There’s so much movement, there’s so much happening, and celebrity culture is at the center of it. They’re not passengers anymore. This crypto, digital NFT boom will have a million different use cases for a million different categories: from insurance to real estate, and more. And IP and creative and art and content, is all going to change radically due to these tools and technologies. It’s a blank canvas if you’re willing to be adventurous and take chances.
44 min
Best of Panic: Garry Tan of Initialized Capital...
I’m taking a few weeks off to go climb some mountains on my bike. In the meantime, I’ll be doing reruns of some of my Panic with Friends favorites, like this one with Garry Tan. This episode aired back in September of 21. If you missed it when it first came out, now is a good time to catch up. I think you’ll really enjoy it.  Garry is a unique individual I’ve only met a couple of times. He says he’s a fan of the show, so he knows how to sell. His resume is bananas – something we love on Panic with Friends; they may not be famous to everyone, but they’re famous to me! Garry is a Stanford Graduate, was at Y Combinator in the heyday, and was partners with Alexis Ohanian (founder of Reddit). If that weren’t enough, Garry was a seed investor in Coinbase. Oh, and Garry’s now part of my go-to list on the crypto space along with Fred Wilson and Chris Dixon.
55 min
Erik Groset of BetFully on Building a Legal Spo...
Today’s guest, Erik Groset - Co-founder of Fantasy Sports Company and CEO of BetFully, is a friend of mine from San Diego. He’s a cool founder – a grinder, and he’s in our fund too – Social Leverage Fund II. I met Erik while still living in Coronado, back in the dog days of legal battles with DraftKings when everybody was trying to get gambling approved. Erick stayed alive building a cash flow business around the edges with BetFully, which is why I wanted to talk with him about what it’s like being a successful founder.  In addition, I wanted him to give us the lay of the land on this inflation apocalypse he’s worried about as the summer of 2022 rages on. Founders everywhere are worried about layoffs, and there’s a lot of young money in the market over the last 10 years – Erik has been through a few cycles, so we catch up to share some wisdom for other founders out there. I really think you’ll enjoy this episode, so have a listen. One fun fact, Erik has also written a children’s book – Bruce the Lumberjack: Fun Interactive Bedtime Book for Toddlers
35 min
Will Ahmed of WHOOP is on a Mission to Unlock H...
Today’s guest is Will Ahmed, founder and CEO of WHOOP, a wearable technology/fitness company that fits smack in the middle of what I like to call ‘fashology’ – technology meets fashion. The device tracks and measures strain, recovery, and sleep. The brand is well received by pro athletes like LeBron James, Michael Phelps and over half of the PGA Tour; but can it help Howard? Those who have followed me for a while know I’m fascinated with sleep fitness and I have a WHOOP, but there are difficult customers, and then there’s me. We discuss what it would take to have Howie back on the WHOOP wagon.  Will started the company in Boston right after graduating from Harvard – his first company, and his first full time job. Ten years later the brand continues to unlock human performance and save lives. Some of the smartest people I look up to on things like fitness, brains, and style are super bullish on WHOOP; to include Arizona Cardinal Kelvin Beachum, Jr., Brad Feld, and Ryan Spoon.
49 min
Rob Petrozzo of Rally on a Panic with Friends D...
I’m excited to have my good friend Rob Petrozzo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Rally on this special episode of Panic with Friends. It’s the first Panic with Friends dual podcast, so it won’t be a format you’re used to. A lot more of me as Rob dual tracks this episode for Rally’s new podcast, The Best Money I Ever Spent. Rob’s spent the last several years building Rally into an amazing platform that makes fractional investing safe, easy, and accessible. 
61 min
Back to the Future with Om Malik of True Ventur...
I’m excited to bring my good friend Om Malik back for a third round of Panic. Om is a partner at True Ventures, a $2B venture capital firm in San Francisco. They have made over 300 investments including WordPress, Peloton, Fitbit, and Blue Bottle Coffee. He’s a super smart guy to talk to. He worries about the future, invests in the future, and talks about the future. It’s important to talk about the future especially when the current situation is bleak – with a tech crash and valuations coming down. I don’t think there’s a panic, we’re just witnessing the end of an era. We could whine about it, or we could look past it and figure out where technology is going next; which is what I’m doing. I don’t think what’s worked for me over the last 12 years will work going forward. Om is here to help me sort it out.
43 min
Lewis Johnson of Capital Wealth Advisors on the...
I’m excited to have my fishing buddy, Lewis Johnson, back for another round of Panic. He runs a couple billion dollars as the CIO of Capital Wealth Advisors. Lewis was first on in November of 2020 when we realized we might not die from COVID and the Fed was printing money and we were in market Nirvana. Back then we talked value and growth and commodities because Lewis understands cycles. He’d seen the worst stretch of value stocks versus growth stocks in the last 200 years. In this episode we talk cycles and supply chains and commodities and a strong dollar and valuation and the deglobalization cycle we find ourselves in now. What Lewis has is expertise, which is why I enjoy talking to investors like him at different points in time to expand my knowledge.
44 min
Serge Kassardjian of StayTuned and 6th Man Vent...
Today’s guest, Serge Kassardjian, is the co-founder and CEO of StayTuned Digital, and a partner at 6th Man Ventures. He got his MBA from Harvard and Bachelors and Masters in Engineering from Stanford, where he was the President of his class. Serge is a fighter, an entrepreneur with irons in the fire of two incredibly volatile sectors – e-commerce and crypto, so he’s the perfect guest to come on Panic with Friends. As the pundits at CNBCq say ‘the markets are in turmoil’; and it’s not just crypto, but our beloved e-commerce stocks, including Amazon $AMZN and Shopify $SHOP, that are taking a beating. We discuss StayTuned Digital, which is a Shopify roll-up, but not in the classic sense of rolling up e-commerce stores – they’re rolling up software companies on the app side. We get into Serge’s love of STEPN – the crypto/web3 lifestyle app, and what the future crypto/web3 ecosystem might look like for us ‘normies’. (Full disclosure: StayTuned is a Social Leverage (Fund III) portfolio company.)
40 min
Matt Ober of Social Leverage on Embracing Data,...
Today’s guest, Matt Ober, is a really good friend of mine. We laugh about everything – but now we’re laughing on the same team, which is the best. Matt joined Social Leverage as a GP a few months ago – and he’s the upgrade we’ve needed to think about the future as the surface of tech continues to expand. Matt was most recently the Chief Data Scientist at Third Point. Prior to that he was head of Data Strategy at WorldQuant and part of the WorldQuant Ventures founding team focused on private investments. Matt is based out of New York City, which gives us boots on the ground there as the web evolves into the next web. He’s also started his own company, which we talk a little bit about; I’m always excited to have people on our team who have companies – it keeps the entrepreneurial juices flowing. Matt is wicked smart and knows the business. We overachieved by bringing him on board. He’s got all the gifts – he knows how to be social, and how to ask the right questions.
38 min
Abe Finkelstein of Vintage Investment Partners ...
I’m excited for today’s guest, Abe Finkelstein. For over five years I’ve been picking his and his partners' brains, which is why I love this job – I love being able to tap into the wealth of knowledge from people like Abe. He’s a GP at Vintage Investment Partners based out of Israel – a $3 billion fund of funds with an interesting model. We talk Israel, we talk growth, we talk about tech and how all this stuff works – all the parts of the system and how you get capital. Prior to joining Vintage in 2003, Abe was an equity analyst with Goldman Sachs covering Israeli technology companies. Before Goldman, Abe was Vice President at US Bancorp Piper Jafray, where he helped start and then headed their Israel technology shares institutional sales effort. Abe has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.
41 min
The WSJ's own Spencer Jakab - Research Analyst ...
My special guest today is Spencer Jakab from the Wall Street Journal – I say special because I’m doing something I rarely do – talking about stuff that’s fascinating to me. Normally I’m fascinated by the people, but don’t understand half the stuff we talk about because I’m learning; whether it’s crypto or trading. This episode is near and dear to my heart because we’ve got a true journalist on the show, not because he went to journalism school, but because after spending a decade at Credit Suisse, Spencer went out and learned journalism on the job. He’s the editor of the Wall Street Journal’s Heard on the Street column, and he recently published The Revolution That Wasn’t. And Spencer is one of the good guys. We’ve hung out quite a bit – he’s always been supportive of community and he understands what it’s like to build brand and how hard it is to survive in the financial world. It’s safe to say he’ll be a recurring guest here on Panic. Enjoy the episode.
50 min
Ross Mason of Dig Ventures on Going Down the Cr...
My buddy Ross is back for round two of Panic. He’s the open source guru who started Mulesoft – which was well covered in our previous interview (EP.103) – but today we’re going down the crypto/NFT rabbit hole. And if there’s anybody outside of Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon, and the people at Multicoin I’d trust on this topic, it’s Ross. That’s because he’s the king of open source. A crown I’ve bestowed on him, mostly because he’s the only one I know in open source. Not only is Ross a unicorn founder, he’s also a seed investor in a unicorn through his fund, Dig Ventures. He’s been on both sides of the table, which is why I brought him in as a board member for $SLAC the SPAC. Nowadays Ross splits his time between Switzerland and Amsterdam, one of my top five favorite cities in the world. I’ll be catching up with Ross in Amsterdam this week! Be sure to follow along on Twitter.
52 min
Market Technician Helene Meisler of RealMoney.c...
Today’s guest is a master of the markets. I’ve been following her work since the start of To say she’s a fan of the markets is an understatement. Helene got started in the markets in 1982 at Cowen and Co and then moved on to Goldman Sachs where she was their first ever technical analyst. And she learned early on that if you're going to work at Goldman you're going to put your money where your mouth is. Today she’s a mentor to thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people that like to think clearly about the markets and learn about technical analysis and price and sentiment – all the things that make markets work. The stories are fantastic – the weird dynamics you have to deal with when running people's money, being an analyst, and building stock charts by hand – she’s a legend with a great sense of humor. You can find her on FinTwit talking about all this stuff every day.
47 min
Mike Dudas of 6th Man Ventures on Crypto/NFTs, ...
Today’s guest is someone I’ve hung out with a few times, but mostly we’ve banged into each other on Twitter over the years. Mike Dudas is a fireball of creativity. He got the nickname ‘Foodas’ because his weight bounces around like Oprah. And I call him the White, Jewish Oprah. I’m an LP in his fund, 6th Man Ventures, which he started with his pal Serge Kassardjian. Before that Mike was the founder of The Block, where I was a small personal investor who tried to talk him out of doing that. He’s been on every side of the field, up and down and around; VC Investor, Founder, Trader, you name it. Mike was the co-founder of Button, a mobile marketing platform. He’s worked at Google, Braintree/Venmo, and PayPal. Mike started his career in corporate M&A at Disney. He’s got a BA from Stanford and an MBA from Kellogg. There’s a lot to learn here, and I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it.
43 min
Ryan Spoon of Sorare on the Intersection of Fan...
In this episode my good friend Ryan Spoon makes his Panic debut. We’ve known each other forever on the internet and met in person about seven years ago when Greg Bettinelli introduced us at the Upfront conference. Ryan is a great connector – a super connector; and a platinum Social Leverage investor in all of our funds. Ryan is an operator extraordinaire. He was a senior vice president of digital and social at ESPN for eight years. He’s seen growth, he knows sports, he knows mobile, he knows entertainment.  And now he’s the COO of Sorare – the intersection of fantasy sports, blockchain, and community. You’ve heard me say it often: the world needs operators. Everybody can start a company, everybody has an idea, and until a few months ago, everybody could raise money; put all this together and no one knows what the hell they’re doing and what we need are operators.
51 min
David Woo, former Wall Street Investment Strate...
Today’s guest is David Woo, a former Wall Street Investment Strategist and now the CEO of David Woo Unbound, where he’s leveling the playing field for Main Street. His blog, podcast, and YouTube are a global forum promoting fact-based debates about markets, politics, and economics. David was previously the Head of Global Rates, Foreign Exchange, and Emerging Market Fixed Income and Economics Research at Bank of America. He holds a Ph.D in Economics from Columbia. We’re just over two years from the last market panic, and I thought it was important to bring him on to talk global macro since we find ourselves smack in the middle of another panic – inflation, rising interest rates, markets melting, and the possibility of total war. He’s got some really strong opinions, ideas, and forecasts I thought I should share. Enjoy!
44 min
Former NBA Player Omri Casspi on Moving from th...
Today’s guest is former NBA player Omri Casspi. Notably, he’s the first Israeli drafted to play in the NBA, he’s the managing director of the Omri Casspi Foundation, he’s got a VC fund, he’s even got his own podcast. Omri is now part of this crossover group of athletes in the right place at the right time. Less than a year after retiring, he co-founded his fund Sheva (seven in Hebrew) with David Citron. Their $50 million fund is focused on pre-seed and seed stage high-tech startups. I had a chance to spend time one on one with Omri in Tel Aviv and am suitably impressed. (Full disclosure: I’m an investor in his fund.) And now he’s back for an in-depth discussion on moving from professional sports to investing. Enjoy. 
46 min
Horace Dediu of Asymco on Humility as a Busines...
Today’s guest is one of my favorite follows, and the reason I started following him is because in the old days everybody linked to everybody. That’s how the internet just worked. To get smart we linked, we shared, we discovered. Luckily I discovered Horace. He understood Apple. He studied and wrote about the company and helped me stay with Apple, not from talking specifically about the stock, but writing about what made Apple great. Horace now runs one of the best twitter streams, with a podcast arm, centered around micro mobility. If you like smart people and you like stuff that will actually help you make money, even though he’s not talking specifically about stocks, Horace will be your man. I hope you enjoy this episode, and you can be sure Horace will be a recurring guest here on Panic with Friends.
43 min
Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, on Fighting Giant...
Today’s guest is an incredible leader building an incredible company. Patrick Spence is the CEO of Sonos ($SONO), a $3.5 billion dollar hardware audio company. I get excited because this is one of those companies I like to call fashology – where fashion meets technology. Patrick made his bones at Blackberry, fighting in a land of giants; taking on Apple and Google and Microsoft and Qualcomm. And at Sonos he continues to wage war in a world of giants, competing against the likes of Apple and Google. It’s a great growth story and I hope you enjoy it.
49 min
Marc Rubinstein of Net Interest on the Fed, Mar...
I went a little selfish with this episode and geeked out with a super smart person on the Fed, the markets, tech, fintech, lending and the economy. I’m talking with one of my favorite financial bloggers, Marc Rubinstein. Marc is retired from Lansdowne Partners, one of Europe’s largest hedge funds. While there, he advised on a US $4 billion global long/short financials equity fund. Now Marc is an active value investor and early-stage fintech investor, as well as the author of the popular weekly financial newsletter, Net Interest. He’s also a contributor to Bloomberg Opinion. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.
42 min
Sina Nader of FTX on Crypto, the Compounding Po...
I haven’t met today’s guest in person, yet I consider him a brother. He’s a master of business development. He’s a master at brand. Sina has seen inside the belly of the beast as Robinhood’s first head of crypto during a period of hyper growth where millions are signing up and you have to hold on just to stay alive. Prior to that, he co-founded one of the earliest crypto fund of funds. But he started his career on the dark side with Morgan Stanley, and later Credit Suisse. Now Sina is performing magic in the fast-paced world of crypto on behalf of FTX. He got his BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from USC. Needless to say, Sina will be a regular on Panic with Friends.
58 min
Josh Guttman of Small Door on Reimagining the V...
My good friend Josh is the co-founder and CEO of Small Door, a startup that is completely overhauling the pet care industry with a tech-infused membership model. It’s a magical bricks-and-mortar meets software experience. And we go deep on what it takes to build a retail-physical-software company smack in the middle of a global pandemic. Prior to co-founding Small Door, Josh was a successful investor at Softbank, and before that he was part of the management team at public company Outbrain ($OB). I’m a personal investor in the company, so let’s just say Josh is probably going to need a bigger door when I bring my horse in to his West Village location.
43 min
Jack Abraham of Atomic - The Startup Studio Lau...
I’m excited about our guest today. Jack’s been doing startups from a young age. In his early twenties he started a company called Milo, which ended up being acquired by eBay for around $80-90m. Since then he’s been using a studio model at Atomic; the “two pizza team” principle. His dynamic teams have been busy churning out innovative ideas that scale into billion dollar companies. Jack moved the firm to Miami over the pandemic and hasn’t looked back. I would encourage anyone young listening to this to definitely go out and build. There’s a lot to build, lots of problems to solve and things to fix. Just do it.
61 min
Dorrian Porter, CEO of Vestaboard, on Pushing a...
You know what we do here on Panic. We talk about entrepreneurs and founders and investors looking for inspiration and trends. Today’s guest is the epitome of a grinder. Dorrian Porter is the founder and CEO of Vestaboard. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a small personal investor, but it took him a long time to create the hardware. It’s really where art meets science meets technology. And I love it. It’s rare you meet a founder who is truly pushing a rock up a mountain. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed my conversation with Dorrian.
56 min
Kyle Samani of Multicoin on Accelerating the Ad...
I’ve got Kyle Samani back for his third appearance on Panic with Friends. As unusual, Kyle does a fantastic job of breaking down crypto with compelling use cases that will leave you with a better understanding of where we’ve been and where the promise of Web3 will take us. I’ve been a personal LP in his fund since it started in 2017, with positive results even through the brutal Crypto Winter of 2018/19. This episode piggybacks last weeks episode with Tushar Jain, Kyle’s co-founder at Multicoin Capital. Listen to them both. You’ll walk away realizing the inevitability of Web3 and where the major trends in technology are developing.
48 min
Tushar Jain of Multicoin on Crypto: Sovereign S...
I’m really excited to have special guest Tushar Jain on the pod. He’s the co-founder and managing partner of Multicoin. We talk about the current crypto market, what it was like in the 2018/19 bear market, and what we can expect with crypto/web3 on a 2 to 5 year time horizon. We discuss The Graph, Helium, and Render. We’re still at the beginning with crypto, which means volatility is here now, but the future is out there; we’ve been in a blackberry moment, web3’s iPhone moment is coming. This tech bear market we’re in right now may be the catalyst that gets people focused on the next big thing.
50 min
Panic Special with Howard - A Hint of Panic Ove...
The markets are in turmoil, and while this is an evergreen podcast, I thought it was important to put this episode out now and address what’s currently going on in the markets because we’re having our first real Panic since March of 2020. We kept our cool back then, but this panic we’re in now is very focused on a specific group of companies. It’s mainly focused on technology companies that are doing well, but are just overvalued.
25 min
Yoshi Yokokawa of Alpaca on Fintech, ReCaps, an...
I'm excited to bring one of my favorite guests back for his second round of Panic: Yoshi Yokokowa, founder of Alpaca, a Social Leverage Fund III portfolio company. Coming to you all the way from Japan, Yoshi is here to talk fintech, the stress of a recap, and the stress of losing momentum at an early stage. And to all those founders out there listening, we don't talk about recaps or losing momentum much because it's not fun. But people pricing their companies to perfection in the first year, should be careful what they wish for; things can and do go sideways. 
43 min
Justin Reis of WatchBox on Creating Value throu...
It’s 2022 and the memes will go on, but hopefully investors will get wiser and smarter. But a world in which energy is the best performing asset bores the hell out of me, so I decided to bring Justin Reis of Watchbox back for a second round of Panic. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorite guests. I’ve long been fascinated by all things watches, and Justin is my go-to expert on buying, selling, and trading pre-owned luxury watches. I hope you enjoy our chat on creating value through the power of community and passion.
45 min
Rob Koyfman of Koyfin on Fundamentals, What’s H...
I last sat down with Rob back in April of 2019 and we discussed the best tools for researching stocks. A lot has changed since then. 2022 is going to come down to fundamentals. Up until now it’s been a party, but the Fed is deciding to rein in the 50 year party of loose money. Stocks trading at 100 times revenue are now at 40 times, or even 20 times revenue. We’re at a point where it’s time to look at the numbers. Rob and I discuss fundamentals, what’s happening in the market, and how he thinks about building a product for a world that hasn’t cared about fundamentals for a long time.  
59 min
Mark Gerson of GLG on Charity, Investing, Infla...
You yutes have it so good. Mark and I used to walk up hill in the snow both ways to school, we had Hebrew class 8 days a week, and we had to read actual books at an actual library. I first met Mark about 15 years ago in the early days of Stocktwits; at the Macanudo Cigar bar. We talk charitable work, market cycles, investing, inflation, and valuation. It was good to catch up. I hope you enjoy our conversation and appreciate how good you have it.
42 min
Kelvin Beachum Jr of The Arizona Cardinals on o...
It's Arizona Cardinal Kelvin Beachum Jr's second appearance on Panic with Friends, but he also holds the distinction of being the first in-person guest in our brand new studio! Kelvin is now in his 10th season in the NFL, and he's an investor at heart. He caught the bug early in his NFL career from teammates; there were many locker room conversations on traditional investing, real estate, and of late, even NFTs. He's into startups too, always looking for what's new and innovative. Basically what's next, whether that's crypto, web3, or the metaverse. Kelvin continues to build an incredible network in the venture capital world. I hope you enjoy our conversation. 
48 min
Jeff Richards of GGV Capital on the Cloud, Digi...
We're off to a bit of a rocky start to the new year. And that's why I called in my friend Jeff Richards to help make sense of it all. This episode marks Jeff's fourth stop on Panic with Friends since we started almost 2 years ago. People talk about bubbles all day, and I've been talking about these tiny bubbles we're witnessing right now --the ones that just pricked. So Jeff's here to talk about fundamentals versus valuations and the big picture as we come 70, 80, 90 percent, whatever it is, out of COVID for better or worse.
51 min
Sam Jones of on the Live-Stream Econo...
We welcome Sam Jones, Co-founder and CEO of OOOOO, back to the show to discuss his evolving plans for building a technology platform that helps brands and entrepreneurs share their products and services through live, interactive, shoppable videos.  I’m a small investor in the company, and hope you’ll be OOOOO so excited about the future of the live-stream.
50 min
Panic With Friends: The Year Ahead in Public an...
It's our last Panic of 2021. Knut and I take a look at what’s coming in 2022. But you can’t look ahead without taking a look back, so we discuss what we’ve learned from traders and investors and operators over the past year; and some themes like Miami, NFTs, TANG, Crypto, tiny bubbles, and speculation is entertainment. Looking ahead at the new version of the web, web3 or whatever you want to call it, it’s more than just ‘decentralization’ and the blockchain. We’ll need great companies that will be defined by skilled operators.
38 min
Frank Rotman of QED Investors - Fintech Operato...
My guest today is a fintech operator turned investor. Frank is the real deal. He spent almost 13 years at CapitalOne, is the co-founder of QED Investors, and made the Midas List of Top 100 Investors four times. Everybody is a fanboy of somebody, and I’m a fanboy of Frank for sure – because he’s just raised a billion dollars, and he has the amazing ability to spot leaders in the fintech space. So sit back and listen and learn. 
55 min
Matteo Franceschetti of Eight Sleep on Founding...
As long term listeners know, I struggle with sleep. I'm in perfect health with an incredible body and an incredible mind, yet perfect sleep continues to elude me. Luckily, the O'Shaughnessy's chimed in on one of my twitter rants and pointed the way to today's guest, Matteo Franceschetti. Matteo is the co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep. Part of our discussion is a fascinating look into sleep, an area that consumes about a third of our lives; and has a massive impact on our health and longevity. In addition, we cover Matteo's previous startups, his experience with Y Combinator, and what it takes to grow a 'hardware' company in an environment where software is eating the world. 
43 min
Eren Bali & Russell Fradin of Carbon Health on ...
On this episode we’ve got not one, but two legends; Eren Bali and Russ Fradin. Now they're both working together on a company called Carbon Health. Eren founded it and Russ invested in it. Eren’s last company, Udemy, recently filed to go public. Russ was an investor in Udemy. We can’t talk much about Udemy since that’s a quiet period, but we dive into Carbon Health and learn a bit about healthcare from somebody who actually understands it and is trying to fix the system. 
54 min
Justin Overdorff of Lightspeed on Increasing th...
In a Panic with Friends first, I give myself the applause dub for some advice I’d passed to Justin back in 2014. I told him there are so many interesting things happening in fintech broadly, in the big picture, that if he wanted to go work on something for ten years that was really interesting and unknown, but with high asymmetric upside; then making that bet is probably a good move. And that’s just what he did. Justin spent about five years at Stripe, the biggest company you’ve never heard of, unless of course you’re in fintech. He’s now at Lightspeed, and we’re in our first deal together, Payitoff. We discuss all of this, how Justin sees a post-Stripe world, and his inevitable transition to venture capital. Enjoy!
47 min
Roy Erez & Roy Rubin of R-Squared Ventures on H...
What’s better than one Roy? Two! We’ve got Roy Erez and Roy Rubin from R-Squared Ventures on the show today. The two have teamed up to invest in Fintech, Enterprise/SMB SaaS, Marketplaces, and Digital Commerce. They’ve both founded, run, scaled, and sold businesses where they stayed on as corporate executives post acquisition. As angels, they’ve invested in over a few dozen startups, and they’re both passionate about supporting the companies and founders they back. I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode.
51 min
Michelle Zatlyn of Cloudflare on Building a Bet...
On this episode, my good friend and fellow Canadian, Michelle Zatlyn, stops by to talk about building a better internet. This feels like the right time in the right moment to talk about the internet, and Michelle is just the right person to talk with. She’s the Co-Founder, President and COO of Cloudflare, the company that helps the internet work. We discuss security, how things really work on the internet, where Cloudflare is headed, and how you grow even faster during COVID.
60 min
Dave Girouard of Upstart on AI-enabled Lending,...
Dave is the founder and CEO of Upstart, the first consumer lending platform to use Machine Learning (ML) to price credit and automate the borrowing process. Prior to founding Upstart, Dave was President of Google Enterprise and built Google's billion-dollar cloud apps business worldwide, including product development, sales, marketing, and customer support. He started in Silicon Valley as a Product Manager at Apple and was an associate in Booz Allen's Information Technology practice. We cover the joy and glory of building a $25 billion plus company in just about nine years, and as we rarely get a public CEO on, I’ve got a lot of questions. We talk about business and the markets and lending and interest rates – pretty much how all these things work. Plus we get into remote work, raising venture capital, and the long slug of it all. Enjoy! 
49 min
Alex Danco of Shopify on Biotech, E-commerce, F...
We’ve got Alex in the house for Round 2. He’s one of my favorite reads, one of my favorite thinkers; and works for one of my favorite companies: Shopify. (Well, maybe second only to Netflix) Alex has some real in-depth experience because of his time at Social Capital, he reads endlessly, thinks about fintech, and obviously understands e-commerce. We cover all that, discuss the joys of parenting, and round out with his really big passion around biotech. 
49 min
David Sacks of Craft Ventures on the Future of ...
This week’s episode features a new friend, David Sacks. Maybe you’ve heard of PayPal? David was their first COO. He’s been in the room with Elon, Peter, and Max. David’s the founder of Yammer, turned around Zenefits as interim CEO, and founded Craft Ventures. Add investments in Facebook, Uber, Space X, Palantir, Airbnb and Houzz. He’s also co-host of the All-In Podcast. But today he’s here to talk about the future. And it’s so bright, we’re gonna have to wear shades!
61 min
Charlie Bilello of Compound Capital Advisors on...
Charlie Bilello is a veteran of the show and is back to talk markets, markets, markets. I like to catch up on the markets once a quarter – I could talk about the markets every day, but we’ve got a lot of stuff going on. And we love having Charlie on because he’s always prepared. We discuss zero percent rates and why the Fed is buying mortgages, the stealth bear market, and the delta wave impact on micro trends. So, come fly the friendly skies with me… Investing is easy!
67 min
Rob Petrozzo of Rally on Classic Cars, Dinosaur...
Today’s guest is Rob Petrozzo. He’s the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Rally. I’m a seed investor in Rally through Social Leverage going way back, and Rob knows his topic so well. He's a marketing culture person. I’m not saying you can’t learn this stuff, but it really just oozes out of his skin. Collectibles are 'right now'; and it's just opened up to the masses. It feels like it's on a rocketship about to take off. There's big money looking for the best in class and finding their way back to historic rarities. That on-ramp now exists for everyone at Rally.
53 min
Nick Adler of The Unified, on Crypto, Collectib...
On today’s episode I’m hanging out with my new friend, Nick Adler. I’m not sure the best way to describe him - he’s a lawyer, entertainment wiz, and works with the one and only Snoop Dogg himself. They’ve gone on a massive run together, and we get into crypto and NFTs and collectibles and digital. There’s so much movement, there’s so much happening, and celebrity culture is at the center of it. It’s a blank canvas if you’re willing to be adventurous and take chances. Nick also has his own Podcast: Who’s buying this sh!t.
44 min
Garry Tan of Initialized Capital on Crazy Cap T...
Today we're excited to have Garry Tan from Initialized Capital. His resume is bananas. Garry is a Stanford grad, a Y Combinator alum, and a seed investor in Coinbase. We cover his early days with Posterous, cutting his teeth at Y Combinator, founding Initialized Capital, and his media moves on YouTube. Get an inside seat on what makes a great entrepreneur, founder, and investor. Garry's a big fan of the show, and it's safe to say he'll become a regular.
55 min
Greg Bettinelli of Upfront Ventures on 'Walking...
On this episode we discuss how the movie Let it Ride is the original speculation meme - long before Wall Street Bets was cool. We talk about why Greg’s panicked about fires. And of course, we talk markets – finding those markets where the secondary market can be bigger than the primary market. How this is all leading to the fractionalizing of shares; and the eventual need for a regulatory framework. We close with the figurative fires of how much is happening around consumer and business behavior, particularly post COVID, and Greg’s search for great teams in what he calls the “founder-market fit”
63 min
Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt and Weekend Fund on...
In this episode we cover the early days building Product Hunt in the Tenderloin district, Ryan's move to Miami, and raising money naked in the age of Zoom. After a stint at a video game company in Eugene, Ryan found his way to San Francisco where he worked at a startup called Playhaven. He spent three and a half years building a network, relationships, and blogging. He was curious about discovering great products and wrote a newsletter, which led to Product Hunt. Once he sold Product Hunt to AngelList, Ryan switched hats to become an investor with Weekend Fund. We talk a little crypto, building communities, and round out our conversation with the three favorite public companies he’d buy tomorrow, regardless of price.
55 min
John Street Capital on the Markets, Retail Inve...
On this week’s episode, we brought back a very special guest and probably one of the top 5 smartest people I know — John Street Capital. While he remains anonymous on the internet, he’s a good friend of the podcast. What makes John Street so unique is his deep understanding of everything from infrastructure, tech, banking, corporate development, VCs, trading, and more. John Street spends most of his time producing some incredibly thoughtful content on Medium. If you listen to John Street, I promise you’ll have a more clear understanding of how the markets work. On top of having such an insightful guest, I also had Don Nitti, a former Panic guest and portfolio manager, join me to help co-host this episode. In this episode, the guys and I talk about liquidity, private and public markets, exchange and crossover funds, why John Street is bullish on crypto, DeFi, regulations, buying the dip, retail investing, Coinbase, Citadel, Robinhood, Square, and more. Enjoy!
60 min
Ram Parameswaran of Octahedron Capital on China...
Ram Parameswaran has been dominating growth and “crossover” investing for years. He’s got an incredible mind and is a fantastic sharer of ideas, trends, themes, and insights. I’ve had Ram on the podcast in the past to discuss his background and investing thesis. So I figured it was about time to bring him back on to talk about the future, markets, and more. Ram’s firm Octahedron Capital is a crossover fund that invests in the internet economy. But before striking out on his own to start his own firm, Ram was doing big things at the multi-billion dollar firm Altimeter Capital (I’ve actually been a fan of Altimeter founder Brad Gerstner for some time and have shared links to his work in the past). Ram also has some big names in his past investments, including a pre-IPO Uber, Google and TikTok parent Bytedance. In this episode, Ram and I talk about investing in and demystifying the media’s views of China, regulation, building infrastructure, investing in tech, no-brainer investments, SPACs, and companies like Amazon, Uber, Roobinhood, and more. Enjoy!
63 min
Julie VerHage-Greenberg of Fintech Today on the...
If anyone knows fintech — it’s Julie VerHage-Greenberg. She was one of Bloomberg’s first fintech reporters and even covered Robinhood from before it was a billion dollar company. Since her time at Bloomberg, Julie has gone on to build her own media and newsletter company. Fintech Today is a community and media/content company focused on the fintech startup ecosystem for investors, entrepreneurs and operators in the space. On top of her founder duties, Julie is also an angel investor, startup advisor, podcast host, group fitness instructor, running coach, and yoga teacher. It’s alway fun to have reporters and fellow podcast hosts like Julie on Panic with Friends and ask them some questions for a change. In this episode, Julie and I talk about her jump to and building a fintech product, API, Robinhood, BNPL, Bitcoin, the gamification of trading, financial education, and more. Enjoy!
53 min
Raoul Pal of Real Vision on Blockchain, Asset A...
Raoul Pal leads Real Vision as co-founder and CEO. I’m a big fan and investor in Real Vision — a company with the goal of democratizing the very best of financial intelligence through media and video. Raoul has a history of managing hedge funds, and he was also one of a relatively small number of investors to predict the mortgage crisis of 2008–2009. Basically — he knows his stuff. I’ve also had Raoul on as a past Panic with Friends guest, and I loved getting his insights on the markets and crypto. So I figured it was time to give him another call and chat about what’s been happening in everything from the markets to tech since our last time together. In this episode, Raoul and I talk about the growing blockchain space, decentralization, crypto, the power of Twitter as a community, growing companies like FTX, asset allocation, inflation, and more. Enjoy!
56 min
Yoni Assia of eToro on Dogecoin, the Rise of Re...
I brought back Yoni Assia for another guest appearance on Panic with Friends. He is a good friend of mine who's been in the crypto space for a while now. Recently, I even got to catch up with him in Miami, which you can read about on my blog. I first met Yoni back in 2010. He was one of the first people to talk to me about Bitcoin, and I was immediately sold on the brokerage he was starting, eToro. Back then, I was telling all the venture capitalists I knew eToro was like “Zynga, but for men.” So, we invested. And I’m glad I did. EToro is now an over $10 billion Israeli social trading and multi-asset brokerage. They recently added 3.1 million new users in the first quarter of 2021 and clocked in 5.2 million users for the full year 2020. In total, eToro has reported 20 million registered users. In this episode, Yoni and I talk about Dogecoin, the most interesting characters in crypto space, eToro, capital markets, the rise of retail investors, “fashionology,” blockchain, SPACs, trends, liquidity, art, and more. Enjoy!
53 min
JC Parets of All Star Charts on the Bull Market...
JC Parets is a good friend of mine who I first met back when I started Stocktwits, and he’s back for his second Panic with Friends episode. As the founder of All Star Charts, JC lives and breathes all things charts. If there’s a chart in front of him, you can bet he’ll have a strong opinion about it. His company All Star Charts is a technical analysis publication for everyone from hedge funds, to financial advisors, to individual investors. I was more than happy to bring JC back on to get his perspective on the markets and have a few laughs with him in the process. It’s fun to have market pros with such infectious energy like JC on that I can talk to for free, but I’d be happy to pay for his ideas and thoughts too. In this episode, JC and I go deep on the bull market, option strategy, the best technical indicator, gold, risk management, data, paying for ideas, and more. Enjoy!
55 min
Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX on Futures, the Global...
For this week’s episode, we’re chatting with Sam Bankman-Fried. He’s a 29-year-old vegan living in Hong Kong. Oh, and he’s also a crypto billionaire with a huge cult following of fans around the world. Sam is the founder of two impressive companies: Alameda and FTX. His claim to fame came after capitalizing on the South Korean crypto kimchi premium (not the fermented food) and building FTX. Founded just a few years ago in 2017, FTX is one of the fastest growing digital asset exchanges in the world. I’ve had my eye on FTX for a while now and was excited to sit down with Sam to get his thoughts on the state of crypto markets and where he sees it going. In this week’s episode, Sam and I talk about his background, how he gets it all done, his preferred way to relax, living in Hong Kong versus the United States, stablecoins (and why they matter), crypto, defi, blockchain, derivatives, regulations, who he looks up to in the crypto space, and more. Enjoy!
67 min
Michael Sonnenshein of Grayscale Investments on...
On this week’s episode we brought on Michael Sonnenshein. He is the CEO of Grayscale Investments, a company that entered the world of crypto back in its earliest days. Starting as an account executive in 2014, Michael worked his way up under the guidance of Grayscale founder Barry Silbert and recently took the reins as their CEO earlier this year. He is an impressive, driven, and smart guy with formidable experience. Grayscale Investments is a big player in the crypto space, with the largest bitcoin investment product ($GBTC) and plans to ramp up an ETF. Grayscale is the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, which currently has $40 billion in assets under management and 14 different investment funds. They’re making crypto mainstream and helping everyday investors looking to buy Bitcoin on the stock market. In this episode, Michael and I talk about Grayscale’s success, crypto, retail investing, security, ETFs, decentralized finance, volatility, and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Ben Hunt of Epsilon Theory on Inflation, Financ...
Ben Hunt is back for his third Panic with Friends appearance. Ben is co-founder and writer for Epsilon Theory, a newsletter and website that examines markets through game theory and history. He is is a great writer, investor, and an activist for people to stop being dumb (my words, not his). Ben wants you to invest with your head on straight, which is something I am a strong supporter of. He has helped navigate us through the ups and downs of the crypto space in his past appearances, and this episode is no exception. You can listen to his first and second appearances anywhere you get podcasts. This time around – and following our crypto conversation with Vinny Lingham from last week’s episode – Ben is giving his take on the bitcoin narrative. In this episode, I talked with Ben about his farm, raccoons (the real and financial kind), decentralization, the markets, how the bitcoin narrative has changed posts-crash, gold, the influence of Elon Musk, pricing power, why inflation is here to stay, and more. Enjoy!
52 min
Vinny Lingham of Civic on What’s Next for Crypt...
In this week’s episode, I brought on Vinny Lingham – an entrepreneur, founder, prolific crypto investor, and decentralization pied piper. Vinny is an old friend who I first met back at a fintech conference in Ireland. We quickly hit it off after a round of golf and idea pitching. He has been in the crypto space since the beginning and has even been called a crypto ‘oracle’ due to his accurate bitcoin predictions. I figured he would be the perfect person to catch up with and get a point of view from following the recent epic crash in crypto. Vinny puts his crypto knowledge to use as co-founder and CEO of Civic, a blockchain-powered tech company that Social Leverage was also an early investor in. I truly believe in Vinny and the work he’s doing. In addition to his work at Civic, Vinny is a general partner at Multicoin Capital (a name you may recognize from past Panic guest Kyle Samani) and co-founder of the South African VC Newtown Partners. In this episode, Vinny and I talk about decentralization, crypto, the long-term scalability of bitcoin, blockchain, virtual intelligence, data privacy, and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Jeff Richards of GGV Capital on Why He’s Bullis...
For this week’s episode, I brought on my friend Jeff Richards for his third Panic with Friends appearance. In case you can’t tell, I never get tired of talking to him. Jeff is a great friend and an even greater thinker. And he just keeps picking winners. Jeff is managing partner at GGV Capital, a $9 billion global venture firm. He focuses mainly on enterprise, cloud, and marketplace investments. It’s been great having him on the podcast during different stages of the pandemic to get his thoughts and assess where we’re going. In Jeff’s first Panic appearance, he offered a sense of much needed calm back when everyone was panicking. In his second appearance, Jeff gave insight into the fintech boom and the post-COVID future of investing. This time around, I wanted to check back in with him about tech, growth, and the future. In this episode, I chatted with Jeff about infrastructure, fintech, the digital economy, crypto, cloud, ecommerce, and categories and trends coming strong out of the pandemic. And of course we had to talk about golf for a bit too. Enjoy!
52 min
Justin Reis of WatchBox on How Tech is Revitali...
This episode we’re talking about a subject near and dear to my heart: watches. Watches continue to be a timeless investment piece synonymous with value. And as someone who has collected over 50 watches, I was super excited to bring on Justin Reis of WatchBox to learn more about the growing tech-enabled luxury commerce market. WatchBox is the world’s leading platform for the buying, selling, and trading of pre-owned luxury watches, with offices in the U.S., Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, and Dubai. In this episode, Justin talks with my co-hosts and I all about the luxury commerce market, WatchBox’s hybrid high-tech high-touch model, how their service works, the typical WatchBox customer, having value in brand equity, WatchBox TV, collectability, the rise in Apple and other tech watches, NFTS, and more. I also offered up some great dating tips this episode, which I know everyone was dying to hear about!
47 min
Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder, on the Internet’s B...
Jim Lanzone is somewhat of a legend in the internet industry. He’s racked up over 20 years of experience in the space, with former CEO titles at companies like (formerly Ask Jeeves), Clicker Media (which he founded) and CBS Interactive (where he was my boss for a brief moment). Currently, he is the CEO of the popular online dating and networking app, Tinder. It was great to have someone like Jim on to not only offer his insights on all things media, streaming, and the internet – but also help give some tips to our Panic co-host Nikita on her own adventures into the world of online dating. In this episode, we chatted with Jim about branding, growth, the early days of video, his experiences as a CEO, content consumption, generational trends in dating, brands he’s rooting for and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Charlie Bilello of Compound Capital Advisors on...
My good friend Charlie Bilello is back for his second episode of Panic with Friends. He originally came on way back for episode two of our show and offered insights on the markets during peak COVID panic. If you go back and listen, you’ll see Charlie actually got a lot right. So now I figured it would be a good time to check back in with him as we make our way out of the COVID panic. Charlie has over a decade of experience as an analyst, lawyer, CPA, and overall nerd about the markets and money. But he’s more than just my crazy smart friend, I’ve also partnered with Charlie at his company Compound Capital Advisors. There, he oversees all facets of the firm, from research, to portfolio management, to product development, to content creation, to investor relationships. In this episode, we talk about inflation, the markets, crypto, shifts in trends, SPACs, irrational exuberance, bonds, the next generation of investors, and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Dan McMurtrie of Tyro Partners on Information O...
Dan McMurtie is a 28-year-old founder, portfolio manager, and Twitter legend more commonly known to his nearly 60,000 followers as @SuperMugatu. He’s an insanely funny, original and inspiring guy who knows a lot about social media, maintaining an audience and the behavioral side of investing. Dan’s New York-based hedge fund, Tyro Partners LLC, focuses on trends and supply chains driving technology, healthcare, industrial, and consumer markets. In this episode, we cover a lot of topics: Dan’s big social media break, Wall Street culture, crypto, information overload, the 90% rule, Warren Buffett’s cult-like branding, the markets, and more. Enjoy!
53 min
Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital on the future ...
Happy 150th episode of Panic with Friends! Thank you all for putting up with me 150 episodes; here’s to the next 150. For this episode, we are continuing to dive into crypto – a topic I’ve been fascinated by and discussing on the podcast for a while now. I’ve been astounded by the traction crypto has gotten, and there’s no better person to help give some context to what’s going on in this growing space than Kyle Samani. Kyle is co-founder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital, a firm that invests in all things crypto (including companies and tokens). I am a personal LP in his fund starting in 2017, and they have had positive results for me so far including the brutal bear market in crypto that began in January 2018. His firm is continuing to see excellent growth, just recently raising their second fund. He also came on the podcast back in October to discuss the “Wild West” of crypto and express his skepticism. A lot has changed just in those 8 months since his first appearance. This time around, we talked about how the crypto industry has evolved, what we can expect from crypto in the future, spotting trends, raising his second fund, decentralization and more. Enjoy!
63 min
Nithin Kamath of Zerodha on India’s Growing Mar...
Not only are we on the heels of our 150th episode, but we’re bringing in a new face (or rather voice) to join Knut and me in hosting Panic with Friends – Nikita Arora. Nikita is a fellow Canadian working at Social Leverage in a Principal role helping us as we raise fund four and grow our firm. In this episode of Panic, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Zerodha Nithin Kamath calls in and joins us all the way from Bengaluru, india. Nithin spent over a decade trading the markets for a living since he was 17 years old. After feeling the fatigue of day trading, Nithin started his company Zerodha with the intention of being a catalyst for change and started a brokerage firm that traders didn't have. Zerodha focuses on building the best tools and services for traders and investors in India. In short, Zerodha basically puts Robinhood to shame. On top of the amazing work Nithin does at Zerodha, he’s also a great person to look to for thought leadership. You can check out his views and insights in building businesses and trading the markets through his podcasts, social media, and blog posts over on his website. In this episode, the Social Leverage team and I talk with Nithin about trading in indian markets, entrepreneurship, his company and their overall strategy, crypto, India’s COVID crisis and more. Enjoy!
47 min
Katherine Rosa, Social Leverage’s SPAC (SLAC) B...
In this episode I had the pleasure of bringing on Katherine Rosa, a great investor, advisor and friend. Katherine is the former Global Head of Alternative Investments at JP Morgan and a current Board Member for Social Leverage’s SPAC. She has been in the banking world for quite some time, starting out at JP Morgan as a product specialist in the early 90s. So it’s great to have someone who is as knowledgeable and experienced as Katherine not only a part of our Social Leverage team, but also as a guest on Panic with Friends. And even more exciting, this is Katherine’s first ever time on a podcast! In this episode, we talk about the world of alternative investments, retail and institutional investors, her time working at JP Morgan, the best and worst parts of her work, risk, her first great investment, what trends she’s excited about and more. Enjoy!
49 min
Gregg Spiridellis of HiHo, StoryBots and JibJab...
Gregg is a super talented and creative entrepreneur, founder and storyteller. A former Goldman Sachs analyst, Gregg had a career shift and now works at the intersection of all things art, tech, and entertainment. Gregg is the co-creator, former CEO, writer and producer of Netflix’s StoryBots and co-founder and former CEO of JibJab, which was founded in 1999 and became somewhat of a legend in the history of the Internet. Now, Gregg is creating the Internet’s next best thing: HiHo. Gregg is HiHo’s CEO and co-founder, and I am also one of their investors. HiHo allows you to be in control of the conversations you engage with online, offering “asynchronous, threaded, vertical video conversations organized around areas of interest.” In this episode, Gregg and I talk about the future of video, apps, entrepreneurship, his companies, the old internet, what makes good content, algorithms, NFTs, decentralization and more.
48 min
Brad Feld of Foundry Group on Decentralization ...
I had the joy of having my great friend Brad Feld join me for his FOURTH appearance on Panic With Friends. Brad is Boulder-based early-stage investor, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker. More specifically, he is managing director of Foundry Group, founder of Techstars, and writer for the Startup Revolution series and his blog Feld Thoughts. Brad has also been a mentor and supporter of mine, investing in my previous company Wallstrip as well as Stocktwits. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Brad has dealt with and invested through his fair share of panics. So I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk to about the future coming out of the COVID pandemic. In this episode, Brad and I talk about his family and what their past year has looked like, building stronger communities, our post-COVID future, startup culture, decentralization and more.
56 min
Daniel Cohen of Cohen and Company on the Past, ...
If you want to learn about SPACs, look to Daniel Cohen. He has been with the SPAC phenomenon since the beginning and has been a major player in really innovating this space. He even inspired me to launch Social Leverage’s SPAC. In this episode, Daniel helps give some context into how the SPAC craze got to where it is today. Daniel is the Chairman of Cohen & Company and Managing Member of FinTech Masala, two SPAC powerhouses focused on Insurance and FinTech SPACs, president and CEO at FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp, chairman of Bancorp and former CEO of RAIT Financial Trust. Daniel’s a hustler, having launched 10 SPACs since his first deal in 2015 and currently working on his next. But as impressive as his resumé is, the most impressive aspect of Daniel’s career to me is that he works with his family. In fact, Daniel’s most notable and high-profile merger deal with eToro was with his mom Betsy Cohen. In this episode, Daniel and I chat about the SPAC craze’s opportunities and areas of concern, big data, money management, COVID’s impact on tech and business travel, working with his family and more.
46 min
Jens Hilgers of BITKRAFT Ventures on the Future...
Jens Hilgers is a Berlin-based serial gaming entrepreneur. He’s been investing at the center of tech, gaming and esports since the late ‘90s – so he has seen esports journeys to the mainstream and sees where it’s going. Over the years, Jens has racked up a laundry list of titles, including co-founder and former CEO of ESL, co-founder and Chairman of G2 Esports and co-founder and former CEO of Bayes. Most notably, he is the founding general partner of the global early- and mid-stage gaming-focused investment company BITKRAFT Ventures. Jens has helped the firm reach impressive and success numbers. He oversaw the firm’s growth to a portfolio of over 50 companies. More recently, he helped BITKRAFT raise a $165M Venture Fund I in 2020. For someone who is widely considered one of esports’ first entrepreneurs, I can firmly say Jens lives up to the hype. In this episode, we talk about how COVID accelerated the esports trend, predictions of the future of esports, gaming EFTs, cloud gaming, virtual reality, digital citizenship, emerging markets and more.
34 min
Jason Hirschhorn (Part 2) of REDEF on the Futur...
I was excited about having Jason Hirschorn on as last week’s ‘Panic’ guest and am even more excited to bring him back on for round two! I have not met another person who is not just passionate about the media, but is eager and willing to share that knowledge with others. In part one, we covered Jason’s long history at MTV, Slingbox, News Corp and MySpace. In this episode, Jason and I talk about the future of media, the fall of cable, the creator economy, NFTs, newsletters, social media streaming, decentralization and more.
48 min
Jason Hirschhorn (Part 1) of REDEF on Digital C...
It’s always fun when we can take a break from talking about investing and veer toward other topics, especially when the person we’re talking to is such a legend in the field. So as a media geek, I was excited (and dare I say giddy) to have media extraordinaire Jason Hirschhorn on this episode. Jason has been around the media for a long time, holding previous presidential titles at MTV and MySpace. He’s also sat on some impressive directors and advisory boards, including MGM, Sundance Institute and Pandora. Jason has also probably watched every show across Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or any other streaming platform you can think of. So, he’s taken his vast knowledge of the intersection of tech, media and culture to create REDEF – a curated mix of the best and smartest articles, videos, movies and music across a range of fields. Think of Jason and REDEF as like your own personal DJ, mixing the best of all the media out there for an incredibly thoughtful and engaging experience. In this episode, Jason and I go in depth about all things media, the coolest job he’s had, how to fight unfair battles and his take on streaming platforms. He also shares a story about Bono you absolutely don’t want to miss (but you’ll have to wait until the end of the episode to hear it).
57 min
Jamie Wise of BUZZ Holdings on Measuring Social...
On this week’s episode, I got the chance to talk with Jamie Wise, a fellow Canadian and the brains behind the hottest ETF on the markets right now. The VanEck Vectors Social Sentiment ETF, trading under $BUZZ, garnered a lot of buzz (pun intended) when it started trading on March 4 thanks in-part to backing from influential Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. What’s exciting about the BUZZ ETF is that it uses AI to analyze investor sentiment across over 15 million online posts a month. The ETF currently holds 75 stocks with at least a $5 billion market cap. The power of measuring sentiment has been on my mind for a while; we even announced our own sentiment tracker at Stocktwits back in 2012. And on the heels of the GameStop event, conversations about sentiment and its power have never been more important. In this episode, Jamie and I chat about his company BUZZ Holdings, ETFs, measuring sentiment, algorithms, the GameStop event, the rise of the retail investor, how we approach the markets and more.
43 min
Sam Jones of OOOOO on His Radical Social Commer...
This week’s Panic guest, Sam Jones, called in all the way from Oxford to chat with me. Sam is a good friend, unbelievable entrepreneur, and co-founder of the social commerce app “OOOOO.” I was lucky enough to be a small investor in the company. To put it simply, OOOOO is basically “Only Fans” meets commerce – enabling live entertainment commerce. While Sam started “OOOOO” only about a year ago, it has seen impressive growth and success. The work Sam is doing is fascinating and he thoughtfully explains it so well on the podcast. In this episode, Sam digs into ecommerce, OOOOO, his company’s growth and retail share model, China & Pinduoduo, his plans for a documentary, the culture and business of live streaming, and more.
47 min
Jason Wild of JW Asset Management on Why You Sh...
This episode is a continuation of my quest to learn more about the growing trend toward investing in the cannabis industry. A former podcast guest and industry expert CB1 Capital’s Todd Harrison actually helped me connect with the guest of this week’s episode – Jason Wild. Jason is a former pharmacist turned cannabis investor extraordinaire. He is Chairman of the Board at the Canada-listed cannabis company TerrAscend and President of JW Asset Management. Currently, 70% of his over $2 billion under management is invested in cannabis. Jason not only understands the cannabis industry, but also the long history behind it, rooted in racism and bad laws, that has had a major impact in the U.S. In this episode, Jason and I chat all about the cannabis industry, including: its growth, financing, misconceptions, impact from COVID-19, the types of people who do well in this industry, Jason’s work and investments, licensing, changing laws, CBD, education, and criminal justice reform in this space.
41 min
Jason Gardner of Marqeta, Inc. on Making It as ...
I had the pleasure of chatting with fintech entrepreneur – and more importantly fellow ASU alum – Jason Gardner on this episode of Panic with Friends. Jason and I were originally introduced through our mutual friend and former Panic guest Ryan Gilbert. While it was fun to reminisce about our time at ASU on this episode, it was even more fun to talk about fintech and Jason’s insights on this booming sector. Jason is at the center of all things fintech. His unicorn company Marqeta, Inc. is “the world’s first open API modern card issuing platform,” which basically means his company makes your payments a whole lot easier. You probably already use Marqeta without even realizing it, with clients such as Uber, Instacart and DoorDash to name a few. In this episode, Jason and I talk about how he got interested in fintech, Marqeta’s origin and success story, open APIs, building capital, neobanks, China, Bitcoin and more.
38 min