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I Don't Give A Rip!
No surface chat here with these famous Housewives! This podcast has all the feels! Join television personalities D’Andra Simmons , Momma Dee Simmons and Amy Vanderoef for real conversations on Money, Sex, Parenting and more.
Driving under the influence... of hot fudge?
44 min
Lift and Separate... it's a full figured show!
37 min
Sometimes we DO give a Rip! Season 4 is official!
36 min
You just can't TOP this!
39 min
Deep in the Heart of Depression
32 min
Bull in a China Shop
41 min
Road Trip!
44 min
They try to make me go to rehab...
42 min
Doctor Doctor, gimme the news!
45 min
Pee pee pee all the way home!
48 min
Women who don’t wear underwear... never get the...
42 min
Hold em' or Fold em'
52 min
Time Management, Travel and Donut Sex Toys
This week find out why D’Andra and Jeremy are called The Later Lock’s, how to successfully negotiate...I mean manipulate what you want when you travel and the reason D’Andra may have the next big idea in flavored sex toys!
46 min
If You’re On Time, You’re Late!
This week we find out how Momma Dee tricks D’Andra to stay on time! Also- learn the Simmons family secret to making the perfect Holiday dressing. Plus, why the F’Bomb could be dangerous to your health.
37 min
If You’re Happy and You Know It, Thank You’re Ex!
D’Andra, Momma Dee, and Amy V have a raw conversation about ex-husbands. Plus, find out what major fashion DON’T D’Andra committed last week! And… you have how many handbags in your closet Momma Dee?
39 min
Momma Dee: The Bachelorette
We tackle the sensitive subject of Momma Dee’s love life. What is she looking for in a suitor? We also find out who D’Andra does not approve of!And what does it mean if a guy is gouchy!? Another fun Momma Dee “ism” explained!
47 min
Financial Infidelity
Does your significant other know about the shopping bags you’re hiding in your trunk? Do they think you're a size 6 when you’re a 12? Join D’Andra Simmons , Momma Dee Simmons and Amy Vanderoef as they navigate the seas of Financial infidelity, and why ...
47 min
On our debut podcast, we talk about mother/daughter relationships. D'Andra says what it was like growing up with Momma Dee and how they work together now!Plus, how did D'Andra's hair turn orange?And do you give a rip about Nutrition/Wellness? C...
50 min
Sneak Peek
Coming soon from D’Andra Simmons , Momma Dee Simmons & Amy Vanderoef! Be sure to subscribe and listen weekly!
0 min