Not Your Century

On hiatus as of March 2020 because of the coronavirus crisis. Get unlimited access to the Chronicle. | A daily celebration of the news — and the news media — of years gone by. King Kaufman takes you on a quick tour of the Bay Area and the world as it used to be, which often colors the world of your century.

1933: "Alfalfa Bill" Murray Empties the Jails
Imagine the surprise for the prosecutor when he looked out at the law class he was teaching and saw the face of the man he'd just put away for murder. Why was Oklahoma's controversial governor freeing so many prisoners?
5 min
1942: The Battle of Los Angeles
Weeks after Pearl Harbor—and one night after a minor attack on a Santa Barbara oil field by a Japanese submarine—Los Angeles is thrown into a panic by reports of an air raid on the city. There's no raid, but five people die, and calls for Japanese internment intensify.
4 min
Coming Soon: Not Your Century
Not Your Century launches February 25 from the San Francisco Chronicle, celebrating the news—and the news media—of years gone by.
1 min