{Queer} Pride and Prejudice

When Elizabeth Bennet met Miss Darcy, it was loathing at first sight - unless, of course, it wasn't? {Queer} Pride and Prejudice is the story you know and love, only significantly gayer than most other adaptations. Using Austen's words and setting, {Queer} Pride and Prejudice retells the classic romance with a reminder that we have always been here.

The Honor of a Private Audience
The bachelor's giving a ball!
21 min
Pleasing Attentions
Two more bachelors in Meryton? Mrs. Bennet must be over the moon.
24 min
A Pair of Fine Eyes
Elizabeth remains resolved to hate Miss Darcy. We'll see.
22 min
A Truth Universally Acknowledged
The most eligible bachelor the county has seen in ages arrives with a small party. Cue the Bennet family.
21 min
{Queer} Pride and Prejudice - Trailer
2 min